tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Jill Ch. 06

Using Jill Ch. 06


Jill was sitting on the sofa watching reality television. For months, she had enjoyed watching shows about people who seemed so out of the mainstream. It was a great way to mindlessly laugh at the foibles of others. Now, it was not lost on the young bride that her life had become disastrous enough to qualify for a series herself although it could not be on regular cable. What would her life be called in a reality series, she wondered? "Housewife to Ho!" "Housewife by Day, Streetwalker by Night!"

Then the phone rang.

Jill looked at the number and realized that it was Bo. She let it ring and ring. As it rang, she felt chills run down her spine. She tried to think quickly! What if he was coming over? She knew how angry he'd be about her not answering. Finally, with great hesitancy, she answered.

She hated hearing his now familiar voice. He seemed a little frantic as he barked that he was going to pick her up in thirty minutes. He had two prospective clients that he was taking to the country club for a late afternoon round of nine holes. Apparently he had promised to pick them up earlier for 18 holes but had overslept. Now they were pissed and he was left to try to make things up to them. They needed a fourth person for the foursome. He couldn't afford to lose their account, he said. Jill almost laughed at how pitiful he sounded when he was under the gun. Now, he really needed her help.

It was lucky that Jill had already bathed. She quickly put on make-up and got into her golfing clothes. The young woman was almost pleased that she was being asked to really help with clients of the company. "This could help Tom," she told herself. That, and she was quite a good golfer! She was used to playing the public courses. The country club was the nicest in the area and she was happy to play, even if it was only 9 holes.

By the time Bo arrived, Jill was waiting by the door with her clubs. Dressed in a white, sleeveless form-fitting golf shirt, a mid-thigh khaki skirt and sneakers, her tanned, athletic figure was wonderfully on display. Her thick, blonde hair was stuck through the back of a golf cap, making her a stunning figure for these clients.

She knew from Tom that Bo was a pathetic golfer and she hoped to show him up on the course. If she could help Tom and make Bo look bad, it would be a nice afternoon!


The four teed off, finally. It was clear to Jill that the two clients were not happy with Bo, but when they saw the course - and Jill - their mood seemed to lighten. The two men were both very attractive, polite and well-spoken. The older of the two introduced himself as Bill and appeared to be in his late fifties. He was over six feet tall and very powerfully built. He had very neat, graying hair and was tanned and blue eyed. The polo shirt barely contained the fact that his body was muscled and fit. Jill looked at his thick forearms and wide chest which narrowed to a slim waist with admiration. Certainly he was a formidable athlete. She thought that she'd have to play her best to keep up with him.

His younger associate, Sean, was probably in his early thirties. He could not have been over 5'8" and slimmer than the muscled Bill. He had a bright smile and twinkling brown eyes that highlighted his handsome face. He was not tanned or muscular, though. Jill gratefully noticed that both wore wedding bands.

Despite his best efforts to look presentable, Bo failed miserably. He looked fat and unkempt and his golf game did nothing to enhance his appearance. He looked very out of place next to the three good golfers.

Jill was paired with Bill and he drove their golf cart. While he was polite, she found him to be direct in their conversation. He was the owner of the multi-national company and had come to town to fire the Bo's outfit. Over the past year, he had become very dissatisfied with the responsiveness of the their sales and service and with Bo, who was personally managing their account, in particular. Today's misadventure with Bo being so late had merely confirmed his feelings. Jill listened sympathetically and tried to tell him that there were others at the company, like Tom, who would love a shot at the account. She knew that Tom would do better, she said. She told him that she wished that he would wait for Tom to return in a few days so they could discuss remedying the issues before he made his final decision.

He was not swayed. Bill politely told her that he felt that he was at the end of his rope with the them and was in town merely to assure a smooth transition of his account to another firm. Jill decided to not press the subject. If she could have read Bill's mind, she would have known that he wondered how far Jill would go to keep the account. He assumed that she was just a delectable bauble to be looked at but not touched.

As they played, Bill regularly complimented Jill on her golf game. He teased her about out-driving Bo and keeping up with Sean. He told her that she "packed quite a bit of power" in her little frame. She responded that she intentionally did not outdrive him just because she wanted Tom to have a chance at his account. This drew a hearty laugh from the man. He enjoyed this spunky blonde gal!

He tried to gauge what her role was without being overly aggressive. His talk with her convinced him that she was gorgeous but naïve. She had no idea what it would take to get Bo a second chance.

Despite being very polite, Bill knew that his account was very important to the company. As he watched Jill at the tee, her shapely legs spread, head down, gently wiggling her curvy hips before her swing, he imagined how delectable she would be in bed. He envied Tom. The first tee found him facing her as she teed off. From that point on, he positioned himself behind her so that he could have a good look at her curvaceous ass as she wiggled it slightly before she swung.

He felt his crotch tighten as he imagined the young woman bent over naked in bed, her head buried in a pillow and her ass up in the air taking his big cock, but he still had a job to do. The more that he watched her very tight ass the more interested he was in testing her limits and seeing just what her role was in keeping this account!

He enjoyed his time with Jill immensely, though, and didn't wish it to end. She was stunning, smart as a whip, and fun.

As they were finishing their nine holes, Bill was famished and willing to put the nut-cutting of Bo off until the next day. They stood briefly talking at the club house. Throughout the afternoon, it had become apparent to Jill that Sean was a young associate with Bill's company. He was very polite but spoke mostly when spoken to and seemed to just be happy to be on a trip with the boss. Jill picked up on the clear hierarchy between the two very quickly. She know that her efforts to convince the owner would start and end with Bill.

When Bill asked about dinner at his hotel, Jill jumped at the opportunity. She felt that she could persuade Bill to give Tom his company's account. Would Jill like to join him and Sean, he asked? Jill quickly accepted and before Bill could cut Bo out of the loop by saying that he would then take her home, Bo said they could be at the hotel in an hour. Jill could tell that Bill trying to cut Bo out upset Bo, but he made a good attempt to act as if it did not. Surprisingly, Bill didn't appear to mind.

Jill was driven home by Bo with the promise that they would meet Bill and Sean very quickly at their 5-star luxury hotel restaurant. She was very excited about actually being able to see if she could influence this nice gentleman and get this account for Tom.

Bo asked repeatedly about their conversation on the course. Jill told him the truth. There was no reason to lie. She told him that she would try to persuade Bill to stay with the company but that Bo would have to give Tom the account. Bo knew that she thought this was a major concession so he argued the point before finally giving in. In truth, he could care less.

As he dropped her off, he told her that she had to do everything in her power to keep the account. "Dress to kill, baby! If he wants you laying flat on your back all night long, you've got to give it to him," he said.

Jill finally had enough. "Look, Bo," she said, "he isn't like that! He isn't interested in sex with me! If you get crude, you'll ruin my chance to keep him as Tom's client! Let me try to convince him that Tom can do the job. That's the best way to keep them!"

"Yeah," Bo replied, "he don't want to fuck you! Ha, ha, ha!" He laughed cynically as Jill sat in the car waiting to finish the conversation. "But, in the off chance that he wants a piece of your ass, you better remember that if you don't give it to him -- and I mean that you smile the entire time he's fucking you - I'm gonna fire Tom!"

This last statement shocked Jill! "Bo, you know he wants to fire you right now!" she said. "How can you blame Tom if I can't convince him to stay with the company?"

Bo exploded! "Look, you stupid cunt, what you got between your legs can keep him if you don't fuck it up by being a frigid bitch! That's what I'm sayin'. You better do everything including getting on your knees and blowing him in the fucking restaurant to keep this account!"

Jill opened the car door and said, "you're horrible!" before slamming it and running to her front door.

Bo watched as her big titties and tight ass swayed girlishly as she ran. "If Bill don't fuck that hot bitch, we don't want a pussy like him as a client!" he said with a chuckle.


Bill could not have been any more impressed with Jill as he saw her approach. She wore a little black dress that showed off her hour-glass figure perfectly! He took a long look at her as she and Bo walked towards their private corner booth.

Jill had her blonde hair tied very neatly in a bun. Her beautiful face was expertly made-up in a very subtle way. He particularly liked her red lipstick and dangling earrings. Her slender neck looked elegant. Bill thought to himself that the hot blonde just exuded class. It was at this moment that it occurred to him that he might not be able to get her to spread her legs for him. She might be way too conservative and innocent for him to fuck. Still, his groin tightened as he watched her approach.

She wore a dress held up by two spaghetti straps, which revealed her smooth shoulders, arms and wonderfully full breasts, diving down just low enough to expose some cleavage. Bill thought that they were certainly a full D-cup, but couldn't be sure because she was so petite otherwise that they may appear larger on her frame. The dress narrowed dramatically at her waist and only went to slightly above her mid-thigh. Her legs looked tanned and defined and he was very impressed with the fact that she wore stiletto heels. As innocent as she was, she clearly knew how to make herself look very hot!

Bill knew that she was dressed to seal the deal for the company, but his mood darkened because he also knew that she probably mistook him for a rube who might ask for nothing in return for his very valuable account than a polite dinner with a beautiful woman. He felt an anger build in him. He'd show her! "If they keep my account, she won't be leaving nearly as well put together as she looks now," he resolved to himself.

Bill and Sean rose from the booth and Bill motioned Jill into the spot next to him. He took her hand in his and for the first time Jill felt his touch linger just a bit. Her hands and feet wore matching red polish on the nails. "This is an exquisite young beauty," Bill thought. He noticed the large diamond next to her wedding band. "I wonder how difficult it might prove to be to get her to violate her wedding vows!" he thought to himself.

She scooted inside the booth and he sat beside her. Sitting next to him made Jill realize just how big a man he was. He was well over six feet tall and while not overweight, was very wide. Jill felt very small next to the man. A white table cloth covered the table.

Bo ordered expensive wine and insisted that the evening's tab would be on him. Bill protested but to no avail. Bo was working hard on keeping his client.

"Bill," he said ominously for the young blonde woman, "anything that you and Sean want is yours!"

Bill laughed, realizing that Bo was such a scumbag that he would pimp Jill to save the account. Bill was not sure that she would go along and felt his anger simmer because of Bo's statement. He hid it very well.

Without explanation, he asked, "I wonder if Jill agrees?" He turned to her and looked her in the face.

Jill tried to smile, but felt her neck redden with embarrassment! "I... I... don't know what to say!" she stammered!

Bill laughed again, this time a bit meanly. "It's really quite a simple proposition that Bo has made. He said that anything that Sean and I want is ours. It's quite a generous offer, but one fraught with danger and possibilities of us being bitterly disappointed, which is not good in the business world. But the question is: do you agree with Bo's bold offer?"

Jill hesitated as the three men stared at her.

Y... yes, of course," she stammered nervously. "Theoretically," she added, uneasily flashing her gorgeous smile.

"Ha ha ha," Bill laughed again, "theory is always much more appealing than reality! But I can't run my company on theory, can I Sean?"

Sean laughed. "No, theory doesn't pay the bills, last I checked!"

Bill, who was not usually a forward man, felt liberated by the fact that he intended to fire the firm. He was also intensely drawn to this beautiful woman and angry that she and Bo seemed to be trying to play him for a fool. Could he fuck her? It was worth finding out. If Jill rejected his advance, he wouldn't be dealing with them in the future anyway.

As the four joined in laughter, Bill's hand went to Jill's thigh beneath the tablecloth. The cloth hid so much that Jill was certain that neither Bo nor Sean was aware of his daring move, but it did shock her! As if to indicate that it was no accidental brush, Bill squeezed her soft skin gently. She was petrified! Even with her legs crossed beneath the table it was still so inappropriate! "He knows I'm a married woman!" she thought.

Bill was prepared for her to move his hand away. If she did, the decision would be made. He told himself that he'd get up and walk away, firing the company with a single sentence. Her hand did move to his and he sensed that she wanted to move his away from her thigh. She did not.

Continuing his thought, he said, "reality comes home to test theory very quickly, doesn't it, Jill?"

"Uh, uh," she stumbled for words but was saved by the approach of a waiter. As their attention was diverted, Bill pulled Jill's legs from the crossed position and put his hand between them on her inner thigh! His hand slid up her smooth leg, pushing the hem of her short, black dress dangerously high!

Jill's blue eyes widened and her red lips parted even as he turned and looked her in the face and grinned! His large hand was just an inch or two from her panties! She glanced down and saw her skirt hiked up, exposing her tanned, lush thighs.

"Look," he said to her softly, "let's cut to the chase. I came here to fire Bo's lazy ass!" He turned and looked at Bo and Sean, whose attention had been drawn by his voice. The waiter stood there awkwardly silenced by the man. "I need to figure out, right now, what I'm going to do."

When he said that, his hand pushed against Jill's panties. There was no mistaking it now!

"Do you want to try to prevent that firing?" he asked her directly.

Jill looked panic stricken! Her eyes sought out anyone at the table who might have an ounce of sympathy. Sean actually looked very concerned and her eyes fixed on his momentarily.

She hesitated, trying to comprehend his demand and his change in demeanor.

"She does," Bo interjected.

"I.. I...," she said. But before she could say another word, Bill looked at Bo and said, "shut the fuck up, Bo!"

Jill glanced at Bo who appeared ready to explode! "That will ruin everything" she thought. Quickly, the woman tried to mend things: "Yes... yes, I do, I will... I ... am fully invested... whatever," she said nervously. With Tom's job and the account on the line, the young blonde felt as if she had little choice!

Bill smiled and looked at Bo with disdain.

"You two wait here," he said to Sean and Bo.

With that he scooted out of the booth, tugging Jill along behind by the hand. Sean and Bo watched as Bill marched steadily away, Jill walking hurriedly behind trying to keep up with him pulling her. She looked strange -- so young and beautiful, dressed so elegantly - yet being manhandled slightly by the domineering man. The dress was tight around her hips and ass. Her high heeled feet moved quickly behind Bill trying to keep up with his strides.

Bo knew that Bill would give her a good workout! He looked at Sean and laughed.


Jill didn't know where they were headed until they reached the elevator banks. The ride up to the top floor seemed to take forever. He appeared agitated as he opened the door to the room. As they entered, Jill saw that it was a large suite with two bedrooms. He still held her hand.

The blonde looked at the tall man and sensed his seething anger.

"Please don't be mad," she said knowing that he was still livid. They were now facing each other. Bill pulled her close into his chest.

In fact, Bill was still agitated, but he also had a raging hard-on that he needed taken care of by this young married woman.

"So, you think you can make this better?" he asked. "Bo is practically begging to be fired!"

"I know," she said softly, "he's always so boorish. But if there is another company rep on your account, I'm sure that things will be corrected immediately."

"And, that person would be your husband, Tom?" he asked.

Jill just nodded. Bill's hand dropped to her ass and pulled her closer. He cupped her tight buttock in his hand. She could feel his very hard cock beneath his pants. Her heart raced as he pressed his dick into her body.

"The question then is whether the time can be bought to get your husband on board."

"I think you should consider..." but Jill's sentence was cut short by Bill turning her body away from him.

"Did Bo tell you he would fire Tom if you didn't do whatever I wanted?"

Jill was stunned! Why would Bo have told Bill that? Not only was it underhanded, but it served no purpose. Jill was upset, but what could she say?

"Uh, uh... yes," she said.

"That shit called me to tell me that. Can you believe he betrayed you like that?"

Bill grabbed both of Jill's breasts through her dress. After groping her for a moment, he took Jill's shoulders and bent her forward a bit. Jill's placed her hands flat on a table in front of her about a shoulders width apart. It was an awkward and disgraceful position for her. She struggled to not slip on her high heels.

"What is he doing?" she wondered even as she feared the worst as he manhandled her.

She felt her dress going up her legs. His hands reached her waist and brought the hem of her dress with them.

"Bill, please! We shouldn't do this! I'm married!" she cried. The cool air rushed against her upper thighs and ass when she felt the tight dress peel up over her buttocks.

"Just say 'no' and I'll stop ... but you know the consequences!" Bill didn't wait for an answer. Since she was in his hotel room, he was going to fuck her unless she screamed bloody murder! His hands went to her exposed ass and he felt the soft flesh of her hips and buttocks. She wore a tiny black thong and the only thing that kept him from a full view of her pussy was the thin strip of silk that separated her buttocks. He grabbed her tight ass and pulled the cheeks apart.

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