tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Laura Ch. 01

Using Laura Ch. 01


John had been watching Laura for a while now, she was eighteen and she always wore tight skirts, tops and even tighter bras that were clearly visible through her clothes. It certainly made life in the office more interesting. He was in his late thirties and had a thing about women with big tits and hers must have been at least 38DDs, she wasn't exactly fat but she had quite a fleshy build which he also loved. She had a nice round ass along with her huge tits and both seemed to be constantly straining against her clothes. She wasn't the most beautiful woman he had seen but she wasn't ugly either and he never could say no to tits like hers. He had made the decision to get a proper view of those tits and that ass. John had been planning for a while what he was going to do to her and she wasn't going to like it, but he didn't care, he needed a slut to use and abuse.

One night he followed her as she left work; he made sure she couldn't spot him as he tailed her home. Laura pulled into her driveway as John parked on the street close by. As she got out of the car and started toward her front door he crept up quietly behind her. Laura unlocked her front door. John made his move, he had to be quick before she knew what was going on he had grabbed her from behind by the throat and clamped a cloth dowsed with chloroform firmly over her mouth and nose. Laura tried to struggle against her attacker but she drifted into unconsciousness too quickly. John smiled as he carried her back to his car, he was about to turn this bitch into little more than a fuck toy to use to satisfy all his sadistic desires and fantasies.

He drove to the abandoned warehouse in which he had everything he needed to break-in his new slut. She would awake soon and he needed to prepare her. John carried her limp body inside and placed it down on a bed he had set up. First thing's first he thought as he pulled out a blindfold and tied it round her head. Next he set about -removing her plain white Lycra top and black calf-length skirt. Laura now lay there unconscious and almost naked; his removal of her outer garments had revealed a pair of white cotton panties and a fairly sturdy-looking bra. John was itching to strip those away from her body but he wanted to save that until she awoke.

He carried her to a wooden table he had created especially for this moment and upon it he lay her down. The table was small and lower at one end than at the other. He placed her on it so that she was resting on the padding between the top of her hips and just under her tits. She was face down so that her head was at the lowest end and her big round ass stuck up at the other end. He strapped her wrists to the two front legs and another strap went round her waist to hold her in position. John grabbed a bar with straps on either end and attached it to her ankles which kept her legs spread nice and wide. He stood back and admired his handy work, Laura was bound in the most humiliating and submissive position possible and there would be nothing she could do to stop him doing whatever he wanted to her soon to be naked body.

Laura was starting to wake up, she couldn't remember what had happened and she had no idea where she was. Something was blocking her eyes and when she tried to move her arms she found them firmly strapped down. She started to panic, she knew she was almost naked, she could feel and cold air on her skin but she had no idea who had kidnapped her. Very rapidly she realised she was in big trouble and there was only one conclusion to draw; she was going to be raped. She struggled but could not free herself, suddenly she felt something cold, metal and sharp on her back and a voice speaking to her.

John disguised his voice as he spoke so there would be no chance Laura wouldn't recognise it was him.

"Ok bitch here's the deal, I'm going to use you like a slut and the more you cooperate the less painful it will be for you. Do you understand slut?"

There was no reply. He decided she needed to be taught a lesson. John moved the knife slowly up her back and proceeded to cut the straps of her bra, it fell away and her huge tits swung free. He inspected them with a smile on his face; he was going to enjoy them. Her nipples were also quite large and hard from the cold air; they jutted out about half an inch from her dangling breasts. Laura squirmed in her restraints; she hated being exposed this way. Next he slid the knife down her back again to her panties. He cut them on either side and pulled them away from her body, she was now totally naked. He took a good look at her vulnerable cunt and ass. Her ass was totally smooth and her tight-looking hole was clearly visible between her cheeks from the way her legs were held wide open by the bar. He moved closer to inspect her cunt; to his surprise he found it was as smooth and hairless as her ass. He loved a shaved pussy with which to play. He used his thumbs to spread her cunt lips while she squirmed and fought against her violation; both her holes appeared to be rather tight and very appealing.

"Stop it you bastard! Let me go!"

"Quiet bitch, I haven't had my fun with you yet!"

"Let me go, I won't tell anyone! Please don't do this!"

"Your right slut, you won't tell anyone or you'll be in worse trouble than you are now!"

"Please stop!"

"You need to learn to keep your mouth shut bitch!"

With that he moved to her side and swung his hand down hard on her bare ass, she cried out at the stinging pain she felt. He slapped her again.

"Please, stop, please!"

"It will stop when you shut up and behave bitch!"

As he spoke he hit her ass another couple of times. She struggled as each stinging assault on her helpless ass turned into a burning sensation. He continued slapping her, alternating between each side of her ass and making sure he hit every part of it along with the sensitive tops of her thighs. After about ten minutes of this abuse she was crying and still begging him to stop. Her ass and thighs were now bright red as she sobbed into her blindfold. He decided to stop the assault on her ass. He moved up to her huge tits, they hung down under her and every time she moved they jiggled and swayed. He reached under her and cupped one of those massive breasts, it felt good. As he squeezed he felt it was really quite a lot firmer than he expected considering the size. He turned his attention to the nipple and using his thumb and forefinger he pinched and pulled on it, she cried out again in pain and squirmed yet more. He moved round to the other side of her and repeated the same action on her other pendular tit causing her yet more pain. After giving her about twenty minutes of this abuse he switched to using his open hand to slap each of her breasts as hard as he could. She continued to scream and cry out. Her body shook and flinched as she was repeatedly hit harder and harder.

Laura's ass was still burning from his punishment and after around thirty minutes her tits were starting to feel worse even than that, by now they were bright red and bruised. Every fresh swat was an unavoidable and unbearable torture to her. Finally she couldn't take it any longer.

"Please stop, please, I'll do anything you want!"

"Good girl, that wasn't hard was it slut! Now tell me you're my whore!"

She no longer had the strength or energy to fight him.

"I'm your whore."

She whimpered the words between sobs. He gave her another smack.

"Address me as Master bitch!"

Yet another painfully hard slap told her he was serious and she quickly replied.

"Sorry Master, please stop Master, I'll be good."

Her will was broken, she felt completely humiliated but she would have done anything to stop the pain. John knew she was now ready, she had been broken and she had submitted to him. He quickly stripped down revealing his muscular athletic body and his eight inch cock, now he was going to take his reward for all his hard worth so far. He grabbed her short blond hair and forced her head back.

"Now you're going to lick my cock, do you understand slut?"

"Yes Master"

She replied timidly, she hated giving in to him but she knew what the price would be if she disobeyed him. He pushed his hard long cock up to her lips and she stuck her tongue out and licked the head slowly.

"Good girl, but you can do better than that whore!"

She ran her tongue over his cock faster and pushed harder while he slid it across her lips forcing her to lick all along the shaft.

"Very good my little bitch!"

He moved closer to her face pushing his balls up against her mouth.

"Now lick them slut!"

Laura obediently obeyed and ran her tongue all over his balled, he slapped one of her big tits and she instantly knew she had better improve her performance. She felt disgusted and humiliated at being forced to pleasure him and call him Master but the pain in her ass and tits was a constant reminder that the alternative was much worse. She just hoped she could make him cum quickly and that after that he would loose interest and let her go. What she did not know was that his plans were much more extensive. He had her, he had broken her and he was certainly going to take full advantage of the situation.

John was getting bored of her tongue and couldn't wait to use her mouth any longer. He pulled his balls away from her face and positioned his hard cock in line with her lips.

"Open wide slut!"

Laura thought about refusing but a tug on one of her sore and swollen nipples quickly changed her mind and she parted her lips. He pushed his cockhead past her lips and slowly began inserting it into her waiting mouth. He managed to get about half of his long thick dick inside her, at which point he ordered her to suck it. She started working her lips and tongue up and down the head and shaft of his swollen member. He let her continue this for a few minutes before he began thrusting into her, she was now struggling to accommodate his large cock and it was nearly hitting the back of her throat. He thrust harder and deeper and soon she was gagging as his dick rammed into her throat. She tried to pull her head back but he was holding it in place with one hand tightly gripping her blond hair. He was now fucking her mouth and throat with full force and she repeatedly felt his balls slap against her chin was he forced his full length into her. Although she was still gagging as he fucked her throat she had got used to it somewhat. Laura's mouth felt great on his swollen dick and he could feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming, he increased his pace and pumped into her harder still. Just as he was about to empty his balls inside her he pulled his cock back until only the head was left in her mouth.

"Listen carefully bitch, you're going to make me cum and then you're going to swallow it all and thank your Master like a good slut! Do you understand?"

Laura reluctantly nodded her head and then returned to working his dick with her tongue and mouth; she hoped that her ordeal would soon be over. After a few minutes of her sucking and licking she felt his cock swell and twitch as he came hard, his salty cum flooded into her mouth, she tried to swallow as much as she could but it leaked out from between her lips and dripped down her chin. John pulled out of her mouth and directed his cock at her face. The remainder of his load spurted out in jets hitting her hair, cheeks and nose. As his member began to soften he wiped it on her lips before ordering her to clean it off with her tongue. As he held his cock up to her mouth she began to lick the cum from the head and he squeezed out every last drop for her to consume. After he was satisfied she had done the job properly he pulled his dick away.

"What do you say slut?"

"Thank you master."

"Good work whore, now you can rest for a while before we begin again!"

Her hopes of the abuse ending and her being released suddenly vanished. She was too afraid to question him or resist so she just lay there bound, used, humiliated and with his cum dripping down her face, all the time fearing what else he might have in store for her.

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