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Using Your Own Method


Alright, first off I would like to tell everyone that will say bad things to me or even try to threaten me (though I'm sure we can all respect other peoples opinions on life and won't get TOO mad) that I am not the most intelligent person on this planet, I am not the most emotional, but I have been known to give fairly good advice.

I know many people have searched though this "How to" column and have seen things that helped them with sexual positions, hypnosis... But if you truly want to try something that will always work, you have to try your own way. I was reading things on "How to give Ultimate Head" or "How to make a Woman Scream in the Middle of Passion" but when I read it, they made me laugh slightly. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad that these people had the courage to get up and talk about how THEY got THEIR girlfriend/boyfriend to have the best orgasm of their life, but I don't enjoy the fact that these people are trying to push it on US to do it. (Not all, and sorry if you are one of the few that don't)

When I was studying Hypnosis, and when I finally accomplished it, they were nothing alike. My way was very calming, like normal, but it didn't involve the focus of anything like a red dot, a watch, or anything of that kind. When I have phone sex with my friends it yields overpowering results, but it is MY way of doing it and nobody else's.

When I touch my girlfriends arm I am light and gentle at times, but rough at others. She is mostly into Rough but she enjoys gentle the most because she has never had a boyfriend that was gentle. When I held her and whispered in her ear sweet things, she smiled and laughed at my jokes because it was something that she hadn't had before. So hearing things on this site about "How to make your woman feel appreciated" does not work at all if your wife/girlfriend is constantly being treated gentle, and gets even more gentle... I've never met a woman would wants ONLY gentle.

Or, "How to fuck like a horse." True, a woman can often have her brains fucked out and enjoy every second of it, and be treated worse every time (using needles and blades for BDSM purposes) but I once had a girlfriend that loved to be choked during sex, loved cutting and scrapping herself with her nails. Then one day, I fucked her slowly, gently rocking my hips and she said that it was the most sensual moment of her life and she passed out after the sex (even though it was so slow she wasn't use to it and it was overwhelming.)

So, these "How to" folders truly aren't that helpful to a lot of people because they are trying to increase what their lady is already used to.

In truth, this is in the "How to" section because of my How To.

If you truly want to have the most sensual and sexual experience of your life, don't base what you do off of just ONE thing. If your girlfriend/wife loves it wild and hard then try going slow or Vice-Versa.

But in truth, don't take anyone's advice. Allow yourself to do what YOU think is right, not what everyone says is right.

When I say this I really am not trying to say that everybody is a perfect lover when they first start. In truth I am still a virgin and I have only had phone sex with a couple of good friends and a few girlfriends. I truly don't know if I am going to be a GREAT lover, but according to what my friends have said I will be. The way I was able to make these girls have orgasms is because I am a perverted person and I read up on positions and other types of things that I could possibly have these girls do.

I have sacrificed my own sexual need in order to make these girls so happy but I don't mind. I have a feeling I am just one of the few men that don't gain pleasure from masturbation. But instead I give girls advice and edge them on to do things that they wouldn't normally do. I have one friend in particular that has had sex with quite a few men and they have all left her sore, but she says that her strongest orgasm had come from when me and her had had phone sex a long time ago.

I am saying that instead of trying to take something and use it because it is convenient you should instead take something and look at it and look at your lover and try to find a way to use it and whatever you lover might like and make the best way to have your lover scream. So these "How to" files can help you, but they shouldn't give specific directions on what you should do.

For instance, if your girlfriend or wife enjoys to be tied up and you read something that makes you smirk in an evil way so you decide to try it, but when you do she doesn't like it as much. Try to implement whatever you wanted to do with her being tied up. Such as the feel of coldness against ones nipples. Of course if you feel cold you are going to shiver and try to warm yourself up but if she is tied up she will not have that opportunity and instead will have to deal with it while you bite and nibble on her neck, maybe afterwards applying some sort of heat source against her nipple, or vice-versa.

As I have said quite a few times. Don't take other peoples exact advice. Watch your lovers reaction to things and try to slowly nudge them in with YOUR OWN method.

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