tagFetishUSL Female Wrestlers: Roster 02

USL Female Wrestlers: Roster 02


Name: Anna Renner

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair: Long red

Eyes: Brown

Style: Humiliation/Submission

Preferred moves: Humiliation moves, smothers, sexual moves, leg locks, chokes, technical moves, dirty moves.

Personality: Anna is a very competitive fighter, desiring victory at any means necessary. If anything tries to take her victory away in any way, she will start using dirty tricks to try and win. She finds pure enjoyment in the prospect, and wants nothing more than dominating her opponent in or out the ring. Further more, she doesn't care who she's dominating, and is one of the few female wrestlers fine with wrestling both men and women.

History: Anna was always into the process of being dominant, having watched it as her mother being the "Alpha" in her parent's marriage. It didn't help the fact that her mother encouraged the desire to be dominant over everyone. In her eyes, it was just the natural way of things for her to always win. The friends she surrounded herself with also encouraged this, the one the most being none other than Mira Hekla.

Anna was the first to join the underground wrestling when she was 17. During her first year, the girl showed surprising amount of skill and knowledge, naturally gifted in the art of wrestling. Especially when it came to absolutely humiliating her opponents. The woman champion of the league was almost little more than a delicious appetizer to the redhead, having toyed with her the whole time.

While Mira went to college, Anna stayed in the wrestling league, enjoying every match she had brought forth. But it wasn't enough, years later it almost felt like the spark of enjoyment in humiliating her opponents go out. Until Mira created the USL and gave her an invitation to join. The new added excitement of battling opponents in front of a roaring crowd, and practically get out of jail card of knowing the owner of the USL sparked her love of domination once more.

Ring attire: Black bikini top and bottom.


Names: Naomi and Yami Coana

Gender: Females

Age: 27 /20

Height: 5'2 /4'11

Weight: 147 lbs./140 lbs.

Hair: Short black/bright blue(dyed)

Eyes: Bright blue(both)

Style: Naomi-Submission/Strikes.


Preferred moves: Naomi-Scissors, leg locks, arm locks, technical moves, smothers, sexual moves, tag moves.

Yami-Power bombs, technical moves, smothers, sexual moves, chokes, tag moves.

Personality: The two sisters are polar opposites of one another. While Naomi is stoic and to the point, Yami is free spirited and enjoys the thrill of things. Both have a deep connection however, with Naomi being heavily protective of her little sister and Yami looking up to her idol sister. Yami is rather kind and wishes to have both her and her opponent enjoy a match, Naomi looks solely to dominate her opponent, enjoying every second in control.

History: Both sisters enjoyed a normal life growing up, having both an interest in wrestling when they were teenagers. However, they couldn't find a proper league to take part in, and had to abandon their dream to pursue wrestling. While Yami went to college in pursuit of a medical degree, Naomi actually went into maid work, finding the work easy and well paying.

Not long into Yami's semester however, the sisters received a letter from the USL, asking for them to participate in their league. The two hastily signed up and went to prepare for the league's start, having a delay as they trained in different types of wrestling styles. It was ironic to see the two learn the styles they did, with Yami actually being physically stronger than her slightly larger sister. But the two have left their mark as the first tag team in the league.

And when Yami has lessons, Naomi will often fight by herself. But when Naomi is working, Yami doesn't wish to participate, enjoying the bonding time with her sister. The matches they duo mostly do are handicap or tag, the former preferred yet the latter is just as enjoyed.

Attire: Naomi-Black and white maid outfit with white boots, thigh-high black lace stockings and black panties.

Yami-A regular white schoolgirl uniform with a blue tie and a short grey skirt, and a pair of polka-dot panties.


Name: Cessna Henna

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 4'5

Weight: 75 lbs.

Hair: Short blonde

Eyes: Gold

Style: Submission/Agility

Preferred moves: Humiliation moves, agility moves, sexual moves, smothers, counters, rope holds.

Personality: Cessna is a mature and intelligent woman, although her appearance very much deceives that idea. Given the fact she almost looks like a child, it often throws her opponents off. She often is annoyed by the looks she gets from her opponents, with them taking a serious hint at her being a full fledged adult. She easily angered when her height is brought in, even more when you bring up her lack of developing breasts.

History: Cessna grew up mostly like any other person, albeit with the obvious lack of growth she had. Her development was hampered due to a rare medical condition, literally making her an adult in a child's body. During her entire school career, she was often mocked and insulted over this fact, to the extent she had enough.

It came as a surprise that the small girl had managed to actually beat up her fellow students, almost every single one being over a foot taller than her. What was more was how she managed to wear down one of the football linemen, embarrassing him by how she somehow beat him in a fight.

After suffering the punishment, Cessna started to take lessons on a more agile way of wrestling, finding enjoyment in the high-risk maneuvers and quick counters. It was no surprise that upon learning this, the USL sent her a request to join. Seeing this as a way to wrestle against all kinds of guys, and sedate the acquired lust she's built from never having an outlet (a product of her young appearance).

Attire: White tube top with white thigh-high stockings and a black pair of panties.


(A/N): I would like to apologize for my activity. I've been busy with work and countless tests that I had hardly any time to work on the USL. Along with wanting to make more characters, I've come to have a slow process. In fact, I'd like to make an offer. If you'd like, you can send a wrestler of your choice, male or female, and even different species of humanoids of any type, such as Nekos (one of which I'm planning) so go nuts. Just style the bio in my format and I'll review over it, send it as a comment. If I really enjoy it, that'll be in the next set of rosters. Thank you and hope you can bear with me for a little longer.

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