tagSci-Fi & FantasyUtopia Ch. 03

Utopia Ch. 03


Chapter 3: A surprise encounter

The sun was shining on the new dawning day in Utopia. Bright and early Daphne had woken up and was now on her way to the library. She was in a fairly good mood. She felt alive, even though she wasn't. Not completely anyway. For the first time in decades she had no idea what the future would bring, and that was just about as fun as it was scary.

On the way to the town centre she walked passed the police station, where she ran into Steve on his way to work, handsome as ever in his uniform.

"Hey," he greeted her with a broad smile. "How are you?"

"I'm good," she said, smiling as she leant to give him a kiss on the cheek.

He gave her a kiss and slowly moved back, as if he didn't want to separate himself from her. Daphne didn't understand what his strange look was for, and as she tried to think of what else to say, an awkward silence fell over them.

"Do you miss me?" he suddenly asked. It almost sounded hopeful. Almost as if her artificial ex boyfriend had the capability to wish to get back together. Daphne figured that was possible. She didn't delete the setup that made him like her.

"It's a little bit lonely sometimes," she confessed, looking at his dashingly handsome face. Even though it had only been two days since she kicked him out, it had been nice to have someone around in the house. She had made him look so perfect to the detail, from the colour of his eyes to the shape of his finger nails.

"You could come to my place tonight," Steve tried. "I'll make dinner. I'll keep you company..."

Daphne felt a little suspicious about how desperate that sounded. Was there a piece of programming that would make him attempt to get her back, or did he make the offer out of genuine kindness?

"No, I'm ok." Daphne gently refused. Steve was hot, but oh so boring. She would meet Jared tonight at the club. Even though he was a jerk she had to admit he was all she wanted. Nothing in this world was more exciting than Jared.

Steve looked a bit disappointed, but kind and understanding as ever.

"I should go to work," she tried to end the conversation.

"Yea, me too," he smiled helplessly, slinking off to the police station. "I'll see you..."

"Yes," Daphne said, "I'll see you."

Daphne continued her walk to the library, pondering. She figured it was possible she would someday want a guy like Steve again. She had liked parts of him. He could be so sweet. Sweet was something she wasn't going to get with Jared. In time maybe she could take Steve back or some other cutie and take Jared on the side. Although it was quite possible Jared wouldn't want that. She could imagine him walking into her house and take her on the kitchen table while Steve was watching. Steve probably wouldn't mind either, he'd hardly look up from doing the dishes. She always erased jealousy from all characters ever since she got caught cheating a few decades back and had to deal with upset virtual boyfriends. Jared however... he was truly unpredictable.

Daphne let go of her wandering thoughts when she arrived at the library. It was pretty pointless to speculate anyway. She had no control over the situation.

She said hello to Gwen, the middle aged head librarian, and started to clean up a few books, putting them back on the shelves. When she was done she sat down at her desk. There was nothing to do. Nothing to look up, nothing to order. No reason to be here whatsoever. Daphne leaned back in her chair.

Back in the times there were other people living in Utopia she actually had a job here, looking things up, helping people find all kinds of information. Now she just sat here, wasting her time by lack of anything better to do. She had tried a few other jobs over the years, but they had all been just as boring. The most interesting thing to do was designing new objects, buildings and especially parks and forests. She built quite a few. But in the end it was just sad that nobody except her would ever see it, and eventually she just started going back to the library, just to read or to browse the scientific database.

She picked up one of her favourite novels she was reading for the seventh time, and leaned back in her desk chair in the empty reading room. She couldn't wait for this day to end, so she could meet Jared again, and at least something would happen, good or bad.

To her own surprise she didn't need to wait all day. Somewhere in the afternoon he entered the reading room, walking straight up to her desk. When she noticed him she put down her book.

"Jared!" She brought out, pleasantly surprised. She realised too late she sounded way too eager, near desperate actually. So much for playing hard to get... again.

"Don't I get a kiss?" he asked as he sat down on her desk.

Daphne resisted the urge to jump up and kiss him. Instead she leant back further in her chair, giving him a defiant glare. "I can't. I'm working."

"No, you're not," he noticed. He looked at her calmly. Calculating.

"Don't you have a job?" she asked, rolling her chair back, slowly getting away. She realised she didn't assign him one, but he probably had a random job chosen by the character generator.

"Of course I have a job." He stood up, approaching her. "But I don't have to work today."

"What do you do?" Daphne asked curiously, trying to think of another way to get away from him. The idea of being chased and captured turned her on so much she was already getting wet.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Jared gave her a smug smile, suddenly leaning over her, grabbing the arm supports of her desk chair. "I'm a doctor."

"No way..." She stared into his eyes for a moment, then dived under his arm and slipped away.

He turned around and looked at her. "Why would I lie about my job?"

Perhaps it could be true, but Daphne found it strange. There was a small hospital in Utopia, but she always had wondered why, since diseases were inexistent and physical wounds were fixed overnight. She stepped back when he approached her.

"You're so eager to play aren't you? You desperate slut!" his sudden dark sinister laughter gave her cold shivers. "You have no idea...."

"No idea of what?" Daphne asked, a little worried.

The moment she let her guard down Jared grabbed her and pushed against the book shelves by the wall. "... no idea of what I'm planning to do to you." He pinned her hard.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked a little softer now, partly scared of his rough attitude, partly dazed by overwhelming arousal.

He did not answer, but she felt his knees force a way between her legs.

A doctor? She looked into his eyes. "You're not some crazy gynaecologist or something are you?"

"What a sick and perverted mind you have, Daphne," his face showed signs of disgust when he looked back at her. "You should be ashamed." He leaned in even closer, his nose almost touching hers. "I'm a neurologist, if you must know. But enough with the small talk."

He kissed her hard, and Daphne surrendered. She loved his masterful tongue play. Yet somehow she couldn't prevent her brain from working. Why would he be a neurologist? It was so specific, too specific to be randomly selected by the character generator. She had a strange feeling, as if she should remember something but couldn't. She couldn't think of it any further, not while Jared was smothering her. Oh, it just felt too damn good.

"So, do we do it here or is there a broom closet around where we can fuck?" Jared proposed.

Daphne blinked at his bluntness. "W... we can't do 'it' here..." She wanted to suggest going to his place, but was overwhelmed when he forcefully turned her and twisted her arm behind her back. He pushed her against the nearest table and forced her head down making her bend until she felt the wood against her face.

"Who will stop me? Huh?"

Daphne couldn't believe how easily he managed to keep her down with one hand. She tried to think of how to reason with him. "I'll tell people you harassed me. You could lose your job!"

She heard his delighted laughter. "Why you evil vixen!" he joked as he slapped her ass.

She didn't really want it, but she got turned on anyway. There was something so arousing about being at his mercy. She didn't want it to happen here, but she did want him to ravish her. She moaned helplessly when she felt her skirt being lifted.

"I can't wait until tonight," he concluded, "I want you now..."

The sound of high heels echoing through the hall startled the both of them. Jared let her go, and Daphne could just in time fix her skirt before Gwen walked into the reading room.

"Daphne?" the other woman sounded worried. "Is everything ok?"

"Yes." Daphne answered, still aware of how close she and Jared were standing together. At this point Gwen probably realised more or less what was going on, but Daphne wanted to avoid having her see anything. "Just... helping a customer."

Gwen gave them a brief disapproving look, but then went back on her way, leaving them.

"Yea," Jared whispered in Daphne's ear. "Go on and help you customer."

She resisted as she felt his possessive hands on her again. "I'll take you to the storage room."

"Lead the way," he smiled deviously.

She quickly took him across the hall, looking around to make sure Gwen didn't notice them enter the empty maintenance corridor. Daphne opened the first door on the left. It lead to a dark room with a few boxes on the floor and some empty shelves.

"This is the..."

Jared did not give her time to finish her sentence. He threw her against the wall and pressed his body against hers, speaking in his deep, horny voice, "Let's get it on!" Without leaving room for discussion he grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, making all the buttons fly off through the empty room, making soft ticking sounds as they hit the stone floor.

"Jared!" Daphne exclaimed.

"What?" He asked with a grin, moving her bra down to expose her tits. "Don't you love it when I rip your clothes off?"

"No!" Though wildly turned on she couldn't help but wonder how she would get home with her blouse all torn apart.

"Liar," he said plainly. His right hand swiftly slid between her things, and his fingers made contact with her thong. With his left hand he had groped her breast and brushed his tongue against her hard nipple. His other hand stayed down to play with her moist pussy. She clung onto his shoulder, moaning.

"Mmh! You have such great tits!" he groaned, kneading her. He clenched her nipple with his lips, pulling it painfully hard, and then started sucking.

"Daphne?" Gwen's voice sounded from somewhere far away.

"Stop." Daphne squeaked. "Gwen can't see us here!"

"Why not?" Jared wondered while he pushed his fingers deeper into her pussy. "Maybe she wants to join us?"

"Ugh!" Daphne didn't even want to imagine it, but she panicked when she heard Gwen's footsteps getting closer to the door. She saw only one way out. Teleport! She closed her eyes, grabbing a very strong hold on Jared. "Hold on to me," she said.

In the blink of an eye they stood on the street in front of his apartment.

Absolutely overwhelmed by the experience Jared let go of her, and his fingers left her. He spoke slowly, looking around while half in a daze: "What..... How did you do that!?"

Daphne quickly pulled down her skirt and covered her breasts with her blouse. "I'm special." She smiled, but not heartily, figuring it probably hadn't been a very good idea to show off her teleportation ability to Jared.

"Oh you are, you ginger witch! You're incredible!" he looked at her with an expression she had not seen before, one of admiration. "How do you do it?" he asked again. "Explain!"

She blinked innocently. "I can't explain it. I just think of where I want to go..."

He placed his hands on her arms again. "Looks like I'll have to put you under my scanner one of these days," he said triumphantly.

Daphne's eyes grew bigger. She suddenly remembered he had just told her he was a brain surgeon. He probably couldn't wait to dissect her!

"Can we go inside?" Daphne suggested, still covering herself.

"Oh, yes!" he said, opening the door. "I want you even more now!"

The moment the door opened Daphne went inside. She ran up the stairs with Jared on her heels. When she almost reached the top she felt a hand grapple her right foot. She fell forward on her hands, and landed quite uncomfortably on the wooden stairs.

He still didn't let go of her foot. She turned, leaning sideways on the stairs and saw him bending over her, unzipping his pants. She whimpered as he pulled her leg hard and grabbed her skirt. She still hardly realised what was happening until she felt his big cock invading her. She moaned as he pushed in further. Her thighs were being spread so wide it was quite painful, but she didn't resist. She knew he would make her feel good.

"Oh yea!" Jared groaned, moving inside her. "Oh, this is what I longed for all day!"

Daphne rested her head on her hands, clenching the stairs while being fucked. She had to admit she had longed for it too, and she loved the sensation of having her pussy pounded by his huge cock.

As he fucked her he groped and slapped her tits. "Take that you slut! It's your fault you make me go crazy."

When he pulled out he made her lay down on her back against the stairs. He crawled up further over her and landed his cock between her breasts.

"Come on, push up your tits so I can fuck 'em!" he ordered while he grabbed her hand. She complied, and pushed up her full round breasts, squeezing his cock in between, looking down open mouthed at the pornographic sight.

"Yea that's it you filthy whore!" he groaned, riding her chest.

His fingers moved up into her mouth and she licked and sucked them. He soon moved up from her chest to reposition himself a little higher, until he was jerking off right above her eyes. He then lowered his balls on her face.

"Here, sniff my nuts, bitch!"

Now she finally was free to move the rest of her body, she tried to find a more comfortable position as she slowly licked his hairy sac, puzzled by the discovery it turned her on to do it. Was there anything about him that wouldn't?

He moved again, this time to aim his cock down, into her mouth. "Suck," was his simple, one word command.

She couldn't move her head, and he slowly moved in and out, going deeper and faster every time until he was forcefully fucking her face.

"Yea that's it, you cock sucking slut!" he yelled enthusiastically. "That's the way I fucking like it!"

She felt the large and slick flesh slide over her tongue every time he moved back inside, thumping against the backside of her throat, almost making her gag. She concentrated on her breathing as he submitted her to his relentless, hard-handed rhythm.

"Yea! Admit that's what you longed for all day long!" He suddenly pulled back to slap her face with his cock. "Come on, say it!"

"I wanted it." she gasped.

"Tell me what you want me to do next." He ordered.

"I... want you to fuck me!" she moaned. The stairs were so uncomfortable and painful she wanted to get it over with.

"Yea!" Jared smiled broadly while slapping her face. "Do you want me to fuck you sweetly, or fuck you hard?"

"H... hard," she panted. "I want it hard."

He clenched her throat, looking into her eyes. "Yea! I'll give you what you want."

In a second he moved down the stairs and pulled up both her legs. He moved her thong to the side to clear the way, and rammed his cock in, making her moan and squirm.

He quickly found the right pace and fucked her hard and deep, spanking her ass a few times in between. The stairs were too hard and uncomfortable, and Daphne knew she wouldn't come in this position, but she tried to focus on the feeling of penetration anyway, how good it was to be fucked by Jared.

It took a few minutes of his rough treatment before he slowed down.

"You want to taste my cum?" he asked just before pulling out.

"Yes!" Daphne sighed, somewhat glad it would be over soon. She moved two stairs down and opened wide to receive.

He took her by her hair, just like last time, and jerked off fast, groaning with delight.

"Ah, fuck yea!" His body tensed as loads of cum shot hard into her mouth. Daphne managed to keep herself from gagging. She licked his cock while he kept coming, there didn't seem to be an end to it, and after the fifth spurt her mouth overflowed, making the white fluid drip over her lip and chin.

"Yea, that's my pretty cumslut! Swallow it! Make sure you get it all!"

She swallowed a few times, tasting the sharpness of his copious semen. She kept licking his cock.

"Mmh," he groaned, still caught up in the bliss of his orgasm. "That's a good slut."

When he finally let go of her Daphne leaned back on the stairs. She honestly didn't feel so good anymore. She had thought she would do absolutely anything to get some diversion, but it began to bother her that Jared didn't really care if she enjoyed it. And some things he had said got her a little worried. This really wasn't going the way she would have wanted it.

"I... should get back to work..." she said. It was the best excuse she could think of to get away from him.

He looked at her for a few long seconds. Calculating. Ascertaining.

"Want to come up for a drink?" he suddenly proposed.

She was ready to refuse any sort of invitation, but this one really did surprise her.

"A real drink?" she asked. "As in... a beverage?" He had seemed to think of talking and drinking as a complete waste of time before, and it made her curious why he suddenly offered it.

He smirked and nodded. "A real drink."

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