tagRomanceUtopian Desires Ch. 10-13

Utopian Desires Ch. 10-13


Chapter 10 " The trip"

Morning came before she knew what had happen. Half asleep she turned to the clock.

"HOLY SHIT!" she screamed, "I'M LATE!"

She grabbed her clothes, brushed her hair, called the taxi, got dressed and ran out the door. She had no choice but to hurry. Today she was going to see some one very special who lived out of town. This man had once changed her life, and now she is his lifeline.

The taxi drove her to her best friend's work, where she picked up a car and then hit the highway. After forty-five minuets of driving at seventy-five miles per hour she exited the highway. She pulled up the narrow drive and parked in the huge lot. With in moments she had walked through the huge gates of barbwire and into the tall building where he lived. She loathed this place and yet every chance she got, she found herself coming here. She couldn't forget how much she loved this man, no matter what he had done.

After three years she was still anxious to see him, and planned to spend the entire day. Yet, once she got there she realized evening visitation had been canceled and her visit would be cut short. She remained thankful for the time they had been blessed with. Two hours later, she hugged and kissed him and said her goodbyes. As she walked away she looked back, and the tears began to flow. She loved him dearly, but the new man in her life had created feelings that she had no choice but to explore. When she found herself thinking like this she felt guilty. Worse, she knew what her next move would be.

She jumped in the car, left the parking lot and got on the highway. She would get back to town five hours early. She didn't have a reason to go home, so she decided to stop by and grab a hug and kiss from her newest lover.

As she reached the exit, she took a deep breath. Sure she felt guilty, but at the same time she could not resist the pull to feel his touch. She pulled into the parking lot, called his cell phone and waited for his van to return.

Chapter 11 "Spare of The Moment Plans"

She felt her heart pound from her chest as the van turned into the drive. She waited patiently until he was closer and then jumped out into his arms. His touch made her quiver. His arms were so strong and when he kissed her lips she felt complete. Being a Saturday evening he had to hurry, but told her he would be off soon, and would love to spend time with her. That was all he needed to say; She started making plans. He would call when he got off work, and they would meet.

She drove to the local secondhand store. There, she knew she could find something to throw on that would entice him. She walked through the skirt isle, browsing the racks. She found several black skirts and chose a few to try on. She wandered over to the shoe isle where she found the cutest baby doll shoes.

"Perfect" she said as she ran to the fitting room to try them on.

Her first choices failed; She needed short and sexy, so she returned to the racks to find something else. She came across the cutest blue-jean jumper. She pulled it from the hanger, placed it against her, and decided to try it on. As she looked in the mirror she gave herself a sheepish grin. She looked great and she knew it. She removed the items and went to the cashier. Upon leaving the store, she had one more stop to make; she had to purchase some razors. Running late this morning, she didn't have a chance to take a shower, so she didn't get to shave. She couldn't meet him unless it was perfect.

She hurried through the store, grabbed what she needed, checked out, and ran to the bathroom. She shaved in a rush, redid her hair, and then added the finishing touch; vanilla perfume. She winked at herself in the mirror and smiled softly. This would be a night to remember! She left the store and sat in the car.

When the phone rang, he asked, "where are you."

They agreed to meet at a restaurant down the road. She said goodbye, started the car and took off to meet him.

Chapter 12 "The Comfortable Spot"

She pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, turned off the car and began to look around. She didn't see the van at first, but when she did her heart began to pound all over again. When she realized that it was him, she wondered why he didn't get out.

She reached over, dialed his number and said, "hey you."

By then, he realized she was there. They ended the call and he stepped out of the van. She could see his long hair flowing down his chest. She melted. As he approached her again he took her into his arms, looked deep in her eyes and then their lips met. The passion she felt was beyond words.

They entered the restaurant, ordered their meal to go, and then returned to his van. Like a gentleman, He walked around and opened her door. Once she was safe inside, he returned to the driver's door and entered the van. Instantly they fell into a warm embrace. She melted into his arms. Soon, they shared an extremely passionate kiss that sent shivers up her spine. There was nowhere else that she wanted to be more than with him.

After a short conversation, they pulled away. They spent the next hour driving up and down side streets while hunting for a secluded spot to spend quality time alone. Several times she found herself entranced by his handsome looks and soft voice. During their drive she realized he was ticklish, so she tortured him as he drove. She loved the sound of his laughter, and when he smiled it lit her world. She was having a wonderful time.

After several attempts to find a perfect spot, she spoke up.

"I know where we can go."

He said, "Why didn't you say so."

She looked at him, smiled and softly said, "Because I thought you knew where to go."

She began directing him to a private ally behind an apartment building she once lived in.

Once the van came to a complete stop, he slid over on his seat and took her into his arms. He asked her if she would like to join him in the back seat where they could get more comfortable. She agreed, slid between the seats and she allowed her skirt to rise so he could get a glimpse of her thong. He reached over and felt her ass, then followed her on back.

Chapter 13 "The Best Is Yet To Come"

His hands felt like silk as he stroked the side of her cheek. His eyes glistened in the pail lights that bounced from the window. She reached down slid off her shoes, tossed them into the front floorboard and leaned back against the side of the van. As her legs parted, he positioned himself between them. Slowly he took her into his arms, and she could feel as his heartbeat became stronger.

While looking deep into her eyes, he unzipped her jumper, raised her shirt, and then lowered his head and began to kiss her breast. Parting his lips he took the then erected nipple into his mouth and gently sucked it in. She closed her eyes.

His lips felt like silk as he moved back and forth between her lips and her breast. Her body shuttered when he began lowering himself to the floorboard. He parted her legs, leaned forward, and moved her thong to the side. As his breath hit her wetness her body tingled.

In her mind she could hear herself screaming, "OH YES."

She bit down hard on her lip and grabbed her mouth to muffle the sound. Her hips began to tilt, raising and lowering to meet his talented lips.

He slid a finger into her wetness, and began to press in and out. The movement of his finger gradually increased. His lips tightened around her clitoris and he took it into his mouth. Between the hard and fast way that his fingers pressed into her and the constant stroking of the clit with his tongue, she began to lose control. He must have felt her tighten as her body contracted, because he slid a second finger into her ass. That was all it took, her orgasm escape. She reached down to hold the back of his head and stroke his hair. Before the first ended, a second began; her body trembled and she could not silent the moans that escaped her lips.

She felt him rise; he leaned across the front seat and rolled the window up. This was his attempt to lower the sounds that came from the steamy van. Before he could turn around she reached up, and took a hold of his manhood. She leaned forward and ran her tongue across it, and then took him all the way into her mouth. She could feel as he tickled her throat. He returned to the backseat, completely removed his clothes from the waist down, and again took her into his arms.

As his hardness pressed slowly, and deeply into her she let out a long, "yesssssssss!"

Her nails ran down his back and she held him tight. Her hands pressed firmly against the wall of the van. Her legs rested against the ceiling of the van as she used then to forcibly thrust to meet him. This Utopian experience out weighed anything she had ever felt before. This man was either an angel sent from heaven, or he was the Anti-Christ either way he held the power. In a matter of minuets his actions sent her body into an uncontrollable, drawn out orgasm. Ecstasy was the only word that she could think of to describe her feelings. She begged him to let go inside her. She told him she wanted to feel him. She wanted to feel as his cum exploded inside her and ran down the cheeks of her ass.

Their breath was heavy, their bodies sweaty, and the windows steamy. His cock pushed deep within her, over and over again. The van rocked from side to side. Her mind adventured into a spiritual land.

When she felt him explode he began to growl louder and louder. This aroused her even more, and she slipped into one last orgasmic episode, as she pressed harder against him. She could feel as every ounce of energy slipped from her fingers and toes. Her eyes remained closed, and her breathing heavy. They laid there holding each other for only a few minuets. After all, they were already taking the risk by making love in a van, in an alley, in the middle of the night. When he finally moved, he sat in the drivers seat. She rose up, and touched his shoulders, rubbing them lightly and looking deep into his gorgeous blue eyes. She smiled softly as she watched him try to recompose himself. They had definitely made up for lost time.

After they cleaned up and got dressed, they returned to the restaurant. She reached in the car and gathered her jeans and returned to the van where she changed. She couldn't very well go home dressed in the jumper; someone would get suspicious.

They embraced a few more times before she left the van, got into the car and drove to pick up her friend. The night had left awesome memories and a longing to share eternity with him.

She thought, "If this is what magic is made of, then the best would be yet to come!"

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