tagBDSMV for Vagina

V for Vagina


In the year of our Lord 2024, Congress passed the 59th Amendment to the Christian States of America Constitution that read..."A well regulated population being necessary for the preservation of this Christian nation, the duty to bear children shall be enforced."

The amendment led to laws that outlawed all forms of sex that ultimately resulted in pleasure...sex could only result in procreation. In fact, most human reproduction was accomplished through artificial insemination, known as ArtSem and most Americans did not have sex anymore. Men's semen was drained from their penises during monthly visits to the ArtSem clinics and used to impregnate fertile women, who became their "wives". A man could have many wives, as many as bore him children, and the wives would all take care of the brood.

The 59th Amendment followed the Amendments that nullified the 1st, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 19th, and 21st Amendments, repealing most of the Bill of Rights, suffrage for women, and the repeal of Prohibition. Prohibition was reinstated for both of alcoholic and caffeine beverages. Women were not allowed to vote or have any say over their bodies and were once more forced to go back to being second class citizens of the Christian States of America, to cook, clean, and obey men according to the tenets of the Old, the New, and the American Testaments.

The Christian States of America was established after the war and the great pandemics, when the T Party came to power and promised to establish Heaven on Earth and the new Millennium, according to the Book of Revelation 20-21. This meant total obedience to God, mandatory happiness, and sex only for procreation. Sexual pleasure was sinful and happiness could only come from God.

"God is Watching You" the voice on the GodBox said to everyone.

This was a constant reminder to Jonathan, aware of the GodCams that were installed in every room of every house.

Jonathan sat up straight in his chair in front of the GodBox, but he was bored with what he was watching. When one wasn't working or going to church seven days a week, the only thing to do was watch the GodBox and let it watch you. Twenty four hours a day the only channel showed Christian Government broadcasting with readings from the Old Book, the New Book, and the even Newer Book . The only people who were on the GodBox were purposely fat and ugly so that no one would become attracted to them and have impure thoughts.

Even if one did have impure thoughts, men's penises could not get hard and women's vaginas could not get wet because of the water they drank, enhanced with chemicals to ensure impotency and frigidity. The water came in bottles, was provided to all citizens, and was called Purity of Essence. On the GodBox, there were constant commercials for it.

"Remember to drink your Purity of Essence holy water...it will satisfy your thirst, cleanse your mind, purify your spirit, and rejuvenate your soul."

In the most subversive, radical, treasonous, non-conformist, rebellious, defiant thing he had ever done, Jonathan had stopped drinking his Purity of Essence water.

After the Purity of Essence commercial on the GodBox, there was an emergency broadcast message...

"Be on the lookout for Mistress V, terrorist and the leader of the Satan's Underground. She is armed and extremely dangerous. She is guilty of kidnapping and raping both men and women and other acts of subversion, perversion, and crimes against God. If you know her whereabouts or she contacts you, you must report it to the God Squad. And remember, God is watching You."

Deep within the bowels of the subway catacombs underneath the city streets, Mistress V maintained her lair, divided into several rooms, each one with a different theme, décor, and equipment. Her hideout was completely impregnable to invasion by the God Squad, inside a cavern surrounded by stone walls, with a 12 inch steel vault door as the entrance, and an emergency escape exit just in case. The entrance room was a library, containing a fireplace, Persian carpets, a leather chair, and a Tiffany floor reading lamp, the walls covered with antique wooden bookshelves filled with the written and graphic works of banned literature. Pressing a concealed button opened the sliding bookshelf to reveal the first dungeon suite, a sparse room with bondage furniture, dildo machines, and erotic paintings on the walls. Another room was completely enclosed by mirrors on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, with a chained suspension swing hanging down in the center. Inside the glass cabinets, Mistress V kept her vast collection of leather whips, wooden paddles, bamboo canes, electric vibrators, double dongs, rubber dildos, strap-on belts, metal handcuffs, ankle chains, nipple clamps, titty suckers, urethral sounds, penis hoses, cock rings, cock and ball stocks, piercing needles, branding irons, violet wands, body bags, gas masks, sphincter pumps, ball gags, spreader bars, vaginal speculums, be wa balls, Mistress V was preserving the sex culture of humanity.

From her underground lair, Mistress V knew how to interrupt GodBox programming and have two-way interactive communication with specific viewers.

"Hello Jonathan.....Mistress V is watching you."

There, are on the GodBox screen, was a realtime video of a beautiful female in a black mask, black long latex gloves, black latex leggings, a black latex halter with two holes so her two tits stuck out, and a black latex garter belt that surrounded her completely shaved vagina.

I am interrupting your program. Mistress V wants to watch you masturbate for her. That's right, I want to watch you jerk off, wank it, beat your meat, pound the pud, spank the monkey, stroke it...do it for me. You are under my control now and you will get naked for me.

You are no longer under the control of the Government...now you are under my control, and I am here to liberate you.

Do you understand?

Yes Mistress

Good, good...I am watching you, take everything off, even your underwear.

See your penis...how does it feel...do you feel it getting hard and growing bigger?

Yes Mistress...I can feel it

Get it big and hard for me...as big as it will get.

Don't be nervous.

That's it, I see it getting big and sticking up. I see the big shiny helmet head, that long thick shaft, and those nice big bulging balls.

You know what those balls are filled with?...your big load of sweet cum.

All for me.

You have a nice big cock...almost as big as this one.....do you like it? It is what they call a dildo...do you like it?

Yes Mistress.

Show me your hand.....Now, grab hold of your cock, wrap your fingers around the shaft like a baseball bat...like this, watch me, now stroke it up and down .

Jerk it for me, as fast as my hand is jerking this dildo, lets get your cock as big and hard as it can get.

Now, stop and lay down on the bed...

You can slow down, now I want you to go slow, stroke it slowly, caress you shaft, gently squeeze and massage your balls.

My, my...I bet you did not know it could get that big. That is quite impressive.

The sight of it is making me wet and hot. I am going to take off my panties.

See my pussy, my twat, my cunt, my vagina....I am going to spread it apart so you can see how wet and pink it is.

Now I have a surprise for you...I am going to stand over your big hard cock and make it wet and slippery so you can stroke it faster.

Look up at me...stare in my eyes...this takes me a little time. I need to touch the right spot....there, there it comes, drenching your cock....Watch it.

Now, stroke that cock for me, stroke it faster, faster.


Now, I am going to tease myself with this dildo, rub it back and forth between my swollen lips, spreading them apart...going in and out.

Now, you know what I want you to do.... Squeeze the head.

Take your finger and touch your peehole and smear the pre-cum around the head of your cock, and then raise that finger to your mouth and taste the cum for me

That's right...do it for me.

Good, for doing that, I am going to let you cum for me.

But you have to cum in this glass.

Now stroke it, jerk it, beat it, wank it, jack it....get up on your knees before me, look in my eyes and shoot it into the glass, cum for me, do it, do it for me, fucking cum for me....

That's it....what a big load for me. Nice big cumload in the glass....now take the glass, open your mouth and pour the cum down your throat and savor every last drop.

Mistress V has gained a convert... a recruit to the Underground. One by one she would raise an army...an army to rise up, to rebel, to overthrow the Christian government, to resume the natural order, where men and women were free to pursue pleasure for its own sake in any way that they choose. One day there would be a revolution....the people would stand up and fight against the fear, the prejudice, the inequality, the injustice, the repression, the persecution, the hypocrisy, the conformity, the control....

The End

Copyright 2012

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