My wife of 30 years Terry and I had planed our vacation for weeks. We were going to take our 26' sailboat the Four Kings out and spend 2 weeks sailing around Lake Mead. The 2 youngest of our 4 kids had planed on going. Scott 24 and Mary 28 were both at the house with us planning what all we would do when the phone rang.

Terry walked back into the family room frowning. She looked at Scott. "That was Marty from planning. It looks like our trip is off Scoot. They want to open that new store this week."

"Shit! Now what." He said shaking his head, as he looked at as her then his sister and me. He and terry had gone into business with each other right after he had gotten out of school and were doing very well.

"Well I for one am still going. I can't change my vacation and if you get loose from this thing the 2 of you can call us to sail back and met you when you come up later." I looked at Mary. "That is if you want to go sailing with an old fart like me."

"Oh stop it!" there was a sparkle in her eye as she laughed. "Don't put your self down I think it will be fun. Besides it will give us time with each other and I think I would like that!"

So it was set and the next morning we pulled out of the driveway in Chino Hills CA. at 4:00 AM and headed to the lake. Mary and I spent a nice morning driving along with her feeding me snacks and coffee while I told her all the dirty jokes I knew and her mother would not listen to. She looked so sweet turned side ways in the truck seat with her shoulder length hair pulled back out of her face and despite my self I let my eyes run over her body.

She had lovely full 38c breasts we braless this morning and her slightly darker than pink nipples pushed nicely at the soft cotton top she was wearing. She had nice wide hips with a grate ass and a little waist. Her legs were in all honesty the best I had ever seen and she loved to show them off like she was doing that day in some very short cutoff jean shorts and flip-flops. But it was her eyes that got to me, she had the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen and she had always known how to work me with them to get what she wanted out of me.

"You know you can really piss me off some times dad." I looked at her as she handed me a cracker with some hard salami on it. "You are such a good looking man and when you put your self down like you did last night I just want to choke you!"

"Well thank you tink," I had always called her Tinker Bell when she was young and it had just turned into Tink along the way. "But I am 54 you know and I can see what is looking back at me in the looking glass."

"Ya well I can see it to and it looks dam good even if I am you daughter. Now find a place for me to pee and don't put your self down like that any more."

I was smiling as I pulled us off the freeway and up and over an over pass. I pulled us off to the side and had not hardly even stopped when she through open the door and jumped out. She stepped back by the trucks back wheel and all though I knew I should look away I watched her in the mirror as she dropped her shorts getting a good long look at her soft round ass before she squatted down out of my sight.

When she stood up she turned facing me and our eyes met in the glass as she pulled her tiny shorts up over her closely trimmed pussy. She just smiled at me as she zipped them and walked back to the cab. "Sorry but I really had to go."

"I don't guess I should have looked but I couldn't help it. So I am sorry to."

"Well I wanted to talk to you about something any way." She said as I pulled us out onto the highway. "I don't want to spend the next 2 weeks calling you Dad. Umm, I mean is it ok if I just call you Mike or sweetheart or something?"

"Well I guess if that's what you want."

Mary put her hand on my shoulder as she slipped closer to me. "I just want people to think you're a guy with a young girl friend and us to have a good time with out people thinking we are weird. Besides I was also thinking I'd try to get naked as often as I can." I gave her a side ways look. "I mean it just seams like such a good time to get some all over sun and I don't think people would under stand me running around naked with my dad."

"Well I am not sure I under stand either but I am ok with it as long as it's your idea."

We spent the rest of the trip planning where we would go on the lake and when we arrived did a little shopping in the marina store before we launched the boat. True to her word Mary hooked her arm in mine walking with me as we shopped. It made me feel good knowing all the people in the place thought she was with me.

When we launched the boat Mary got into the water and held it by the launch ramp as I pulled the truck up and parked it. I walked back and went down the dock to where she was standing and as she went to give me the rope to tie up the boat she slipped and fell going under over her head in the waist deep water.

She came up sputtering and laughing as she walked up the ramp and around onto the dock. "God Mike the water is so worm!"

My eyes were on her tits as she walked up to me because her little white cotton tom had become very sheer! It was clinging to her chest like a second skin letting me and every one else get a good look at her wet titties and nipples!

I tried to act cool as I let my eyes run over her. "Well we will have plenty of time for swimming but if we are going to find the hole in the rock cove before dark we need to get going."

Mary made no effort to cover her breast as she climbed on board the boat and sat in the copilots seat as I got us under way and out of the marina.

My emotions were running wild as we past the outer marker at the end of the brake water and Mary climbed up onto the for deck and began hoisting the main sail. Her top was almost dry but her braless breasts were free and on the move with each pull of the halyard as the big sail went up. She was slightly bent at the waist with her bottom pointed at me and her shorts had ridden up into the crack of her ass exposing a large amount of butt cheek to me as she worked.

Mary turned back watching my face as she stepped down from the deck and into the cockpit of the boat as I loosed the jib. She plopped her sweet ass onto the seat next to me as the wind filled the sail and the big boat healed over. I cut the motor and the instant quiet made me remember why I loved sailing so much.

Mary's voice brought me out of it. "Dad are you ok?"

"I thought I was Mike now."

"I have never seen that look in your eyes before."

"I have never felt this way around you before so we are even."

She looked disappointed. "I'm sorry," she looked out over the water. "I just thought it would be nice to be out having fun with the only man I have ever loved."

"Mary I am ok. It's just that you my daughter even if you want to play other wise and when I look at you like that, well being daddy is not what I am thinking. God girl you're beautiful, funny and I love being out like this with you. I am just afraid to fuck it up."

She smiled at me. "I'll tell you what. You relax and have a good time and I'll tell you if you do any thing I don't want you to do. Remember I'm 28 years old and a big girl daddy."

She went below and came back with a water for each of us and we spent the next hour talking about every thing from how the sun burns to what makes coffee smell so good. I also found that she was right about relaxing and just enjoying being with her.

When we reached our cove Mary pulled down the sail as I cranked up the keel of our boat. I started the dreaded motor and eased the nose of the boat up into the sand making us set for the night. It was still early after noon and I hopped over the side and began setting up what would be our little camp.

Mary handed me down the firewood and an ice chest and while got the fire ring ready and set up a sunshade she put out some deck chairs and a lounge. Every this was set as she put her hands on her hips and looked around surveying every thing.

"We did good and I am hot as hell." She watched my eyes drop to her chest ahs she began to open the buttons on her top. "I think its time for a swim." Her top dropped to the tarp we had spread out on the ground and I watched she her nipples hardened and grew up into 2 tight little rocks. "Want join me?" her shorts fell around her feet as she pushed them over her hips and for the first time in many years I was looking at her naked.

"UMM, ya ok let's go."

She was laughing as she turned and ran down to the beach. I was speechless as I watched her naked ass move with each step she took and slowly began to fallow her to the water. She dove in after splashing out a few feet and came up pushing her hair back from her face. My eyes went to her nipples and I watched them grow hard from the cool water.

She watched me as I climbed up onto the boat and made my way aft and as I stepped up onto the rail on the stern getting ready to dive in when she began to cluck like a chicken. "Puck, puck, peuuk!" she flopped her arms making her breast bounce as she flapped them like wings "Peuk, peuk peeekuck!"

I stopped looking at her and began to laugh. "OK, ok you win!" I stepped back down and dropped my shorts then climbed back up onto the rail. Her eyes never left my now half hard cock, as I got ready to dive in the cool water. It was both a shock and then a relief as I went under and came up next to her.

"I have to admit that even though I am not to sure about all this naked stuff the water is nice!" I said to her as I stood up in the waist deep water and walked next to her.

"God I know this is wonderful!" she fell back laughing as she kicked water at me. "Just relax."

Her legs opened so that I could not help but look at her pussy as she thrashed in the water and I realized I was stone hard! "I am not sure if I can Mary."

She could see I was hard and smiled. "Yes you can." She rushed back over to me and jumped up on my back like she had done as long as I could remember only this time her hoot naked woman hood was pushed into my back just above my ass and her bare tits felt like they were burning my skin they were so hot!

"To the shore my man! I am starving!"

"Well what the hell?" I thought was I walked to the shore letting my hard cock lead the way.

As Mary dropped off my back she let her breasts slide down it leaving a heat trail on my skin as they went. She made no bones about looking at my hard 9.5" cock as she stepped in front of me and gave a soft whistle.

She smiled as she looked at it sticking out in front of me. "Dame! Now wonder mom always has a smile on her face!" she started to turn away, stopped and came back to me pushing her tits into my chest as she kissed me on the cheek. "I didn't mean to do that if I did, but if I did do it I am very glad about it!" she kicked at the sand. "There I said it! I am glad I gave you a hard on!"

I watched her ass again as she turned and walked up the beach to our little camp. "I am so hungry I could eat a horse." she was saying as she walked away but all I could think about was how those tits had felt pushed into my chest.

My dick grew soft as I went about getting the fire going and things ready to cook. We again made small talk and it was surprisingly easy being with her now that I had relaxed. We sat across from each other on the tarp eating hot dogs and this time she told the dirty jokes and some of them had me rolling laughing as she acted them out in funny voices for me. I had a few beers and we roasted Marshmallows over the fire and about 10:00 PM I told her. "Baby this has been a very fun day but I am done and going to bed."

"OK, let me pick up some things and I'll join you."

"I am going to wash up first so that should be just about right."

I washed in the lake then climbed up onto the boat and went into the cabin. It was small but had a birth up front that had always been big enough for the wife and I and then in the back of the cabin were 2 more single bunks the kids had always used.

I stood in the cabin watching Mary through the porthole as I dried my self and again grew hard as she moved in the firelight. "What the hell are you thinking you old coot? She is you daughter! God nock it off!" I told my self as I rubbed the towel over my balls a lot longer than was needed.

I could hear Mary splashing in the water out side and knew she was washing up to so I left the small cabin light on at the cabin door and was lying on top of the sheet when I felt the boat move as Mary came on board. I acted like I was a sleep and watched her from the darker part of the cabin as he picked up a towel and standing with the little light behind her dried off. My cock twitched as she ran the towel between her legs and then in the dim light ran it over her back making her boobs move on her chest. Mary stretched then reached back and turned off the light.

Fully expecting her to get into her bunk up front I almost had a stroke when I felt the bed move and her slip up behind me! As easy as a mouse in church she slipped up putting her boobs into my back as she rested her arm over me.

I was afraid to move both because I didn't want her to know I was awake and had been watching her as she dried her self and because I was afraid she would move away from me! God she felt so young and smooth against me! I slowed my breathing and that is how I fell as sleep.

The next morning I woke to the smell of coffee as Mary climbed up onto the bed shaking me. "Come one and wake up!" I rolled onto my back not thinking about my morning pee hard sticking strait up at her. "Well at least I can see one part of you is wake!" she smiled as she looked at my achingly hard cock. "We have company out there this morning." She hooked her thumb out to the side. "I watched them pull in a while ago. A man, a lady 30 some things not kids for sure."

As I tried to rise up she sat the cup of coffee on the little overhead shelf pushing me back as she leaned over me. "Not so fast my love." She quickly threw her leg over me planting her hot, hot naked pussy on my belly as she leaned down kissing me lightly on the lips. "I, I can't do this! Dad please! I have wanted this for so long!" she rose up slightly as she reached back took my cock in her hand making me groan softly as she pulling it down so it touched her open wet pussy. I looked into her lust filled face and at once knew this was going to happen. I was going to let this beautiful young lady, my daughter, fuck me!

With a trembling cry Mary slid my dick deep into her belly! "OH MY GOD!" She rose up taking me deeper. "SO FULL!"

I couldn't help my self and pushed up as she pushed down enjoying the feeling as the tip of my dick entered her womb. "OHH FUCK YESSSS!" she cried as I began to slowly piston up into her. I watched her face as I pulled her full tits into my hands pinching her nipples and she came. "Aaaummmpphhhoooooo! Ga Gaaagoddd daadddd! OH Hold me!" she fell forward onto me and as I wrapped my arms around her I came to. Pushing up hard as hard and deep into my sweet little girl as I could filling her with rope after rope of white hot cum!

I wanted more and rolled her onto her back! I began pounding into her as I finished. "God oh god Mary! Fuck ohhhhhhhh!" I gave one last long pushed as she shuddered through another small cum.

"Oh baby I feel it! OH MY GOD YESSS I FEEL YOU CUMING IN MEEee! Hooo hold me, ummm ohh yesss that's what I want! OH mike sooo deeep in me!"

We held each other for some time as we calmed down and as I looked down at her she ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed and nipped her neck. "I have wanted nothing but your dick in me for as long as I knew what dick was." She kissed me softly, "And it was worth the wait!"

I held her in my arms kissing her softly as my dick grew half soft. "Sweetie I have got to go pee." I slipped out of her and slid down the bunk looking back at her laying there with her legs open and my seed dripping out of her open pussy. "Umm, No regreats?" I asked.

"Nope." She sat up leaning back on her hand so her breasts rolled to the side, "You?"


"Good then lets get on with our vacation and have some fun!"

"Sounds good!" I said with a smile as I slipped into the little ship board head.

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