Summer was hitting everyone particularly hard this year. Several times had the thermometer topped 110 which was uncharacteristically high for the particularly region. Clothing had become more and more optional all throughout the city and not always for the better. No one said anything though too busy fighting the heat themselves to worry about others. Stephanie was driving home from running her errands, just finishing her last stop at the dry cleaners. How they could handle to work in that near sweat shop was beyond her, but she was glad they were doing it and not her. She turned the corner and preceded down Brown Street, her friend Anna lived there, A beautiful Italian woman with just the most luscious breasts ever. Stephanie and her husband had taken many trips over the years with Anna and Mitch but nothing ever resulted of it. Sure there had been tons of innocent flirting and the occasional glance but it never went further than that.

Almost as an afterthought, a last minute decision she decided to pull into the driveway and pay Anna a visit, see how she was doing. With Sam on a business trip Stephanie was feeling a little lonely and felt that visiting a dear friend would help perk her up. She rang and no one came to answer the door. Someone was home as the car was in the driveway and both Anna and Mitch were notorious for not going anywhere unless they were driving. It had been a long standing joke that Mitch was known for taking the car to the end of the driveway to check the mail. She rang once more and waited a few minutes before heading into the yard hoping to see them in back having a burger or something.

The yard was large, spacious, almost secluded from the other yards with the high fence and wooded area just beyond the back part of it. Only two neighbors flanked them, one was an old lady who was a shut in, the other was never home, he had a job for the government and somehow managed to work seventy three hours a day. Mitch was in back lying down upon a lawn chair, towel over his lower half, upper half completely naked, sunbathing.

"Anna home?"

"Mitch. Is Anna home?"

Mitch looked up from his relaxing pose and noticed Stephanie standing a few feet away. She looked good as ever. He noticed her feet, only sandles, god he loved her feet and so many times had wished that Anna had feet that looked that good. But Anna had other strengths and he was more than a happy man.

"Sorry, no, she's on a cruise with her old alma matter, Go Tri-sluts"

In college Anna had been part of Pie Pie Pie, how the school approved such a name no one knew, but just the name was enough to get so many people's imaginations running on what the sorority was really all about; and the girls didn't work hard to change perspectives either. Stephanie herself had declined the invitation to join saying that it would only serve as a distraction and she needed to focus. Two degrees later and a job at one of the most elite law firms in the city had definitely rewarded her decision.

"Dan's out of town again I heard leaving just the two of us to hold down the forts. Why don't you join me?"

"Sorry, no suit"

"I won't look"

Stephanie thought about it for a while, they had all been to Europe together where it was customary to swim topless to Mitch had seen breasts before but it was still inappropriate, especially considering the situation with both of their spouses out of town for the foreseeable future. She began to walk away then decided against it.

"No peeking"

He turned his head away and she removed her clothing, keeping just her panties on but even those were practically see through choosing to wear her sheerest pair just to help a little against the heat. She lay down on her stomach choosing one of the other lawn chairs and rested her head upon the cushion tilting it to face Mitch so they could chat. The conversation was pleasant enough, mostly idle chat about how Anna and Sam were doing. What their plans were. Ideas for the next group vacation, probably South America this time, both Stephanie and Anna had been hinting rather strongly about wanting to see the Mayan temples. An hour passed before either of them even knew it and the timer Mitch had set rang loudly.

"Time's up. Can't stay out too long."

He tossed her a towel and headed inside. She followed and went upstairs straight to the guest bathroom and decided to take a shower to clean off all the sweat. She knew Sam wouldn't mind so she didn't ask. Getting out she went to grab her clothes and cursed beneath her breath that she had forgotten them outside on the small table. She wrapped the towel around her body as well as she could and headed down the stairs to retrieve her clothing. When she got down she noticed Sam lying down on the couch with his towel still watching television.

"Going to get my clothed, want something to eat on my way back" She asked.

"Your clothes are in the wash, sorry, seems they got dirty outside. But ya sure, I'd love a sandwich; Provolone, turkey and mayo, bottom shelf."

She leaned over and took the food off the bottom shelf, Sam couldn't resist a peek as bent over the towel his nothing and he could clearly see her pussy and her ass. He stared down at her feet as well, freshly cleaned, washed, and beautiful. Eventually she made her way to the couch and had him scoot over a little as she handed him his sandwich. She put her feet up on the couch and placed them on top of Sam's lap.

"Hope you don't mind" She said and then laughed to herself.

As the two of them sat on the couch eating their sandwiches and watching some documentary on the possibilities of a third world war and what would happen globally should there be one they spoke little. More than once Stephanie's towel had opened up when she bent over to get her glass and sip some wine or when she just yawned and stretched. Each time she had to excuse herself, slightly embarrassed at having flashed Mitch, and quickly refasten the towel.

Sam placed his hands on Stephanie's feet and began to massage them. Feeling each and every toe with his fingertips, touching the soles of her newly cleaned feet and admiring just how cute each individual toe was. More than once his mind raced with ideas of massaging them, licking them, even fucking them. Stephanie reclined herself slightly and let him massage her, allowing the calm relaxing feeling take over her body. The towel loosened once more but she didn't care, rather she didn't even think about it, focusing entirely on letting all tension go. Sam kept rubbing her feet, noticing the ever widening gap of the towel as more and more of Stephanie's flesh was exposed. Her welcoming 36D breasts, the near flat of her stomach with just a few curves to accentuate her figure, her slightly wet slit still not completely dry from the shower. He could feel his erection grow but instead focused on massaging her feet and feeling

Neither was sure how it started, what had led to this point though the near full bottle of wine they had consumed certainly a contributor.

"You like my feet don't you?"

The question took Mitch off guard momentarily but there was no sense lying about it.

"Yes I do. I have a thing for feet and well I've always found your to be exquisite. I know it's weird."

Stephanie giggled the kind of giggle that you can't help but be attracted to. "No I don't find it weird at all. I knew you liked my feet, Anna had mentioned it before. I just never knew how much." As she said the last words she ran her left foot over the towel and the noticeable erecting cock beneath it. She slid her right hand under the towel casually and let the bare sole of her foot touch the flesh of his manhood, running her toes along it and teasing his balls.

His body reacted reflexively as a droplet of precum flowed out and touched her foot. She noticed it as she grinned at him. She lifted her left foot again signalling for him to continue massaging it. He obeyed. Rather he welcomed the chance to keep rubbing her left foot as her right foot rubbed him. His lips kissed the bi toe, taking it in just a little suckling it. She moved her hand down and spread the towel out completely. He admired her form so much, taking in full view of everything. Her long brown hair that dropped to just below her mid back, her full chest, her near shaven slit with just a small patch to show womanhood. His cock swelled to full length as she masterfully rubbed it with her foot, she had done this before, many times before he could tell.

"Grower not a shower huh."

He blushed slightly understanding the full meaning of her words. Normally he was quite small and had often been mistaken to be below average length. In reality however, when truly aroused he grew to just over 9" in length and thick, something that had always pleased the ladies and certainly Anna time and again. Stephanie kicked her right foot and tossed the towel covering Mitch to the ground getting a full view of his massive cock, rivaling Sam's, standing at full attention being coaxed by her foot. Mitch's hands and lips kept touching her left foot, caressing it, suckling it. God that felt good.

"Stop a sec"

He looked at her puzzled but listened to her request. She placed both of her feet on his shaft, one on each side, simulating two hands taking a firm hold of his cock. She then brought both of her hands down to her sex, two fingers rubbing her slit and slowly making their way in, the other hand palm and fingers grinding against her clit and an inch above.

"Let's see if I can make us both cum at the same time."

Mitch's head began spinning at how turned on he was. Certainly Anna and he had played around before with foot fucking and massaging but never had they tried this. Not through fear just never thought of it before. He looked at her and watched her begin to touch herself. To rub her slit, her pussy. He saw the juices flow from her and begin to coat her fingers calling out primitively for her to explore more. Her feet curled themselves around his shaft and began to rise up and down pumping his cock. It felt good. Both of them writhed in pleasure she Stephanie focused on their arousal. A third finger slid into her cunt as her feet pumped his hard cock ever more. Finally he couldn't take it anymore as He arched his back completely his hot semen shooting forth, pouring out over the flesh of his cock and coating her feet. She screamed in response to his reaction and climaxed herself as wave after wave of pure bliss overtook her. She screamer louder as another wave, more powerful than the first came over her. She didn't slow down or stop but instead kept pressing her fingers into her slit. "Watch me" she pleased to Mitch still stroking his cock with her feet; her now cum covered feet, adding extra lubrication to the mix. He couldn't stand it anymore and tossed her feet aside. He grabbed her by the hands and forced her hands above her head holding them there as he plunged his still rock hard cock into her cunt hole. She screamed as the he thrust into her. Hurriedly he rubbed his cum off of her toes and began to suckle on them. He still tasted himself a little but the arousal overcame any preconceived notions he had. He kissed her feet, sucked on the toes, licking between the little digits. He worshipped them for having made him cum so hard. He thanked them for giving him so much pleasure. He kissed each toe in turn with every thrust he made into her hole.

"God yes, please fuck me."

He quickened his pace as he rammed into her harder with every thrust. His balls slammed against the opening to her ass. He felt it open and close needy. He knew she wanted him to drill her there too; or rather her body was open to the idea. He didn't slow. He went faster and faster with his hips as the couched made noises from the hard rocking. He kissed her feet even more and began to suck on her big toe specifically, fixating on it, almost giving it a blowjob somehow wanting it to explode. He swirled his tongue around it as he kept suckling on it. His fingers rubbed her other toes, the soles of her foot, the arch and her ankles. No longer could he resist, could he hold himself back. He climaxed once more, harder than the first time, this time straight into her womanhood filling her. He pulled out and watched the cum ooze out of her sex.

Her hunger wasn't satiated as she pushed him onto his back and began to ride him. She arched herself back, her head at his feet lying near flat so her feet were at his head in turn. She straddled him more shoving her feet into his face, her toes into his mouth. She fucked his mouth with her feet as she fucked him with her cunt. She came again and again, unable to keep count as she rode him hard. Finally, after countless times she collapsed onto her back, breathing heavy as he continued to just kiss her feet and caress them gently.

"Wow" She said, softly, lying down.

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