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My wife Frances and I recently went on a vacation to a beachside resort. We both work hard and it had been years since we had a good long vacation. Three weeks into our vacation we both had a good tan and started to relax and spent a lot of time sunbaking by the pool. The resort where we stayed was small and had a secluded pool where we spend most of our time. On one particular occasion the day got hotter than expected. The sun was high in the sky as Frances lay there in the afternoon sun. I lay there besides her admiring her beautiful body, which shone like copper in the brilliant light. The skimpy bikini she wore barely covered her body, which had become a bronzed colour accentuating every curve

Frances lay there on her back in a half dream state enjoying the feeling of the sun on her body. She looked around to see if anyone else was around. We had the area to ourselves. She took off her top to reveal her firm breasts. I looked across and was surprised to see her half naked and began to become aroused at the sight of her erect nipples pointing skywards.

She moved her legs open to soak up more of the sun's rays on the inside of her thighs. The G-string she wore disappeared between her legs and barely covered her pussy. After a while she decided to slip off her G-string and fully expose her body to the sun.

I was mesmerised by the erotic sight of her sensuous naked body shining in the afternoon light. Her beautiful face had a slight smile, which indicated the tranquility and pleasure she was feeling in exposing herself fully to the warmth of the sun.

She noticed that I was looking at her naked body. As she rolled over onto her stomach she made sure that I got a rear view of her naked pussy which by this stage had become wet with sweat. She lingered slightly so that he could fully appreciate the delicious sight. Frances lay down again with her legs wide open to catch the sun on the inside of her thighs.

By this stage I was fully aroused and moved closer to her. She got up and embraced me feeling my hard cock against her body. It was time to change direction and she suggested that it was time for a coffee break. We both agreed. Frances put on the bikini, went inside and returned shortly after with freshly brewed coffee.

We sat at the table and chairs slowly sipping the coffee, enjoying the lazy warm afternoon sun and talking. I told her how much she had aroused me earlier by sunbaking naked. She decided that perhaps she would see just how far she could go in arousing me further.

Frances spread her legs slightly and asked me if I liked what I saw. I replied that I would need to move closer to fully appreciate her. I asked her to move her G-string slightly so as to reveal her pussy. She told me that if that's what he wanted I had permission to do it myself, so I slid the G-string aside to reveal her pussy.

I sat back to admire her beauty. Her face had a sensuous smile that invited me further. I suggested that she remove the G-string so that I could soak up her erotic beauty. She obliged with a cheeky smile. She lay back in the chair spreading her legs wide open so that I could get a full view of her pussy exposed to the warm sun.

This was more than I could resist and Frances knew it! I moved closer and began to lick her moist pussy. She groaned with pleasure. I then proceeded to pull my swollen cock from my shorts and slid it between her wet pussy lips. She lay back and gasped with excitement! It was more than I could possibly bear. Even my best attempts could not stop me from climaxing. I filled her with his cream and as I slid out my cock, the juices began to drip from her pussy.

We then laid back and had another coffee and cigarette. The conversation turned to sex and we began to talk about having sex with other people. She told me that she always wondered what it would be like to have another man's cock inside her. I told her that I wouldn't mind if she fucked with another man as long as it was a stranger and a one off session. She became very excited at this prospect and admitted that the thought of fucking madly with a strange hunk was making her wet. I could see that her pussy was visibly swollen and dripping at the thought. "I'm so excited that I want you to fuck me now," she said. I rammed my cock in her dripping pussy and fucked her from behind.

The next day I had to go into the city for some business and told Frances that I would be back in time for our afternoon sunbake by the pool, and that if I was held up she should go down and I would join her as soon as I got back. As it turned out, I was held up and got back to the resort an hour late. I went to our room and found that Frances was not there. I looked out our window that had a view of the pool area and saw her there sunning herself. She was wearing the skimpiest bikinis that she had and must have fallen asleep as her legs were spread apart revealing part of her pussy. There was no one else around and the thought of having another private session with my wife excited me.

I thought that I would let her sleep for a little while longer before I joined her. After about 15 minutes I went down to join her and to my surprise, by the time I got there she was talking with two men who had decided to go for a swim in the pool. She introduced them as Jake and Brad and we soon got friendly with them and had long conversations about how beautiful the area was. After a while, we all decided to relax in our tanning chairs and soak up some more sun.

I could tell that Frances was attracted to the young men, and she whispered to me "when you said that you didn't mind if I tried it with another man, did you mean it?" I was momentarily stunned. Sure we had joked about it, but the thought of my wife being fucked by another man was something that had up to now remained a fantasy. However, the pure excitement of the possibility drove me wild. She looked at me with a pleading look of a caged animal that wanted to be released into the wild.

"If it's what you really want baby, then go for it" I said. She smiled back with pleasure and from that moment I knew that what was about to happen would fill us both with excitement.

She stood up and slowly walked to the pool swaying her hips in a seductive manner for my benefit, but more I suspected for Jake and Brad. As she swam in the pool all eyes were on my wife. When she finished, she walked back again in even a more seductive manner, this time staring directly at the two men. When she got back to the tanning chair she slowly and seductively laid down in the chair and whispered to me "why don't you go upstairs honey and change into your swimming gear and join me again?" "And by the way", she added, "take your time!" My heart started to race. We were both going into uncharted waters and the sheer excitement of what could happen nearly made me cum there and then.

When I got into our room, I went straight to the window overlooking the pool, where I had a perfect view of the pool area. By this stage, Frances had started to stretch and wriggle seductively in her chair and the two men had their eyes glued on her. I could tell from the bulges in their shorts what they had in mind. They didn't make a move as they expected me to return any minute. After a while, Frances stood up and again and walked seductively to the pool and beckoned Jake and Brad to join her. The men responded immediately. As they played in the water Frances made fake attempts to repel the men's advantages, and this made them even more aroused.

After about 10 minutes of cock teasing, Frances emerged from the pool closely followed by Jake and Brad. The two young men had full erections and my wife was laughing and giggling with them as they began to dry her off with a towel. Frances then went back to her tanning chair and spread herself out to absorb the warm rays of the sun. The two young men stood above her as she spread her legs to give them a glimpse of what was to come. By this stage her pussy was quite swollen she then began to rub her hands over her breasts and put her hand inside her bikini bottom and play with her moist and swollen pussy. The men were wild with excitement and I could see their erections getting even bigger.

I decided to go down to the pool to get closer to the action. There was a thick shrub near where my wife was sitting, and I hid behind it. I could still get a good view of what was happening and I could hear everything.

I could tell that Frances was going to excite these guys until they were to the point of cumming. She sensed this and decided to drive them wild with desire. Slowly writhing from side to side, she took off her bikini top revealing her taut breasts and erect nipples, which by now were dark and aroused. As the men looked on in excitement, she slowly began to pull her G-string up towards her belly button so that her swollen pussy lips were exposed.

At this point Jake began to rub the inside of Frances' thighs and then began to lick her swollen lips. She writhed in ecstasy and soon took Brad's cock in her mouth. Jake then slipped his engorged cock into my wife's pussy. The sight of my wife with a stranger's cock in her mouth and another in her pussy was too much for me to bear and I almost climaxed. As if she knew, Frances turned her head and looked up towards me. The look on her face was that of pure sexual lust. She was having what she had always wanted: wild, free sex with two young studs and she loved it.

I could see the passion welling up in her as Jake fucked her slowly and deeply. The sight of his huge wet cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy as his balls slapped her ass was incredible. Even more incredible was the sight of Frances sucking hungrily on Brad's cock. She ate his cock like a woman would eat a meal after a week of fasting. Finally Brad shot his load into her mouth. She slurped and sucked hid cock until not a drop was left.

Jake was going to enjoy this fuck for as long as he could. He fucked my wife for what seemed ages until he finally came. As he pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy, a load of cum began to ooze out and she rubbed it all over her belly and breasts. Frances was not finished however. She wanted more. By this time Brad had regained his erection and I couldn't believe what happened next!

My wife had always been adverse to anal sex and had never let me penetrate her from the back. Not so today! She got on all fours and was about to take Brad's hard cock up her ass. By now I couldn't stand it any more and decided to join the action. Brad was fucking France's ass so hard that she was screaming with a mixture of pain and pleasure. When she saw me she yelled out in pure sexual ecstasy "so how do you like to see your wife suck cock and get her pussy and ass fucked by strangers? Does it get you all horny? Can you smell my sex juices? Can you hear Brad's cock sliding in and out of my ass?"

I knew that this was all part of the fantasy. Not only was she fucking and sucking strangers, she also knew what a huge turn on this was for me and she wanted to me to enjoy it much as she was. "Yes baby, I said. "I love to see you get fucked up the pussy and ass by these young studs." By this time Frances had grabbed Jake's cock and began to suck it wildly. It wasn't long before Brad shot his load up my wife's ass and Jake got to the point of cumming in her mouth. This time however, instead of swallowing his come she let him spray it all over her face. He shot wads of cum all over her and she didn't take her eyes from mine the whole time. When he finished cumming, Frances slowly sucked Brad's cock and the two men lay on the grass exhausted.

Frances was not done yet. She lay down on her tanning chair, spread her legs and began to masturbate. Jake, Brad and I looked on in amazement as Frances lay there, legs spread in front of three men and played with her clit and pussy lips. She took her time, knowing what a big turn on it was for me. She looked up at each one of us in turn in order to see the pure excitement in each of our eyes. Finally, moaning with delight she came in the most amazing orgasm that I had ever witnessed. It went on and on in waves and she actually ejaculated juice from her pussy.

When she had finished, I could resist the temptation of licking my wife's pussy. Needless to say I then fucked her furiously. The excitement of what I had just witnessed resulted in me having the most explosive climax of my life and filled her with another load of cum. When we had finished and looked around the two men had gone. Frances lay there with a look of a woman who just had all her sexual fantasies realised. She then opened her eyes and gave me a seductive look and said "thanks honey, this has been the best vacation I have ever had." Something told me however, that this would not be the last such holiday that we would have.

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