tagGroup SexVacation Ch. 02

Vacation Ch. 02


Chapter 2 The pool

The Middle

You, Kali and Brian went out the door first each wearing absolutely nothing. I called after you to say I would be right behind. I needed to use the restroom so it took me several minutes to find the beach. Walking around nude was a new experience. Being at home, naked, is no big deal. Going for a naked swim with you has always been fun. Here at this resort, we were able to walk the halls nude. That was different.

The moon was out and it was very warm. Not a cloud in the sky. I walked along the beach looking for the three of you. I noticed several people out for a midnight swim, but you weren't around. After ten minutes, I gave up and returned back to the room.

On the way I wondered by the pool. I got caught up watching a couple laying on a towel kissing. Rubbing their nude bodies together. It was very distracting. I noticed a few people in the pool playing, but didn't want to be distracted from the couple on the towel. Another ten minutes went by and I went back to the room. I was quite tired so I fell asleep.


Back at the pool Kali was watching a couple kissing on the side and asked me if you had just walked by. I broke off from kissing Brian and asked her to repeat herself. It was difficult to concentrate with Brian's hard body pushing up against mine. She said, did your husband just go by. I think he went back to the room. Oh, I said. I think he went to the beach looking for us then.

All three of us were in the deep end of the pool pushed very close together. I was in the middle of two very warm bodies. I told Kali not to worry, we would have time to play with you later. Where were we? Oh, Brian was kissing me. Kali smiled and went back to kissing my neck and back while Brian kissed my lips, neck and breasts. His hard cock was between my legs, rubbing against my thighs. I could feel Kali reach between my legs and begin to jack him off. Every stroke would brush against my pussy and send a thrill through my body.

I felt her shift against me and she began to rub his cock against my pussy. It felt so hard and firm against me, I couldn't stop myself. I pulled his body closer and kissed him passionately. With a steady moan, I could feel his cock going deeper into me. The pressure felt so good. He was so big inside of me. I took him into me. After a long moment he was completely in. I didn't think I could take someone so big, but earlier proved I could. It was great.

We began to move with a steady motion. The whole time, Kali was behind me pushing my body against Brian's. She kissed my neck and rubbed my body until I came. I wanted more so I asked him to fuck me from behind. I turned around to see Kali smiling at me. She started to kiss me, slow and deep. Our tongues touching and caressing. Her lips were so soft and her tongue was smaller than yours. We were kissing like this when Brian pushed his cock into me. This time he wasn't gentle.

He pushed so hard it took my breath away. I was amazed at how good it felt. He was fucking me with such strength and pressure I couldn't breath. Kali was holding me and kissing me while her husband fucked me. I could only smile and wish you were there to watch. We will have plenty of time to play later so right now I concentrated on his cock.

After what felt like a long time, I could feel him building to a climax. I asked him to cum inside of me and Kali moaned in delight. He asked me if I was sure. I said, yes please cum in me. Please fuck me. I want you to cum in my pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock. Cum. Oh my. It was so good. He began fucking me harder. I couldn't breath. He finally came and I could feel his cock pulsing inside of me. His cum was so warm. We both shuddered and he pulled slowly out of me.

I could feel him kiss my back and neck. Kali kissed my face. She quietly said it was time to go to bed. We got out of the pool and dried off a little. They walked me back to the room and I opened the door slowly. I looked in and saw you on the bed. Face down and nude. You look so good there, laying on that bed. Your nude body so exposed and beautiful. I kissed Kali and Brian goodnight. Kali only smiled at you, but Brian seemed more interested. I looked at him and asked if you turned him on. He grinned and said yes.

I closed the door thinking that you two would be a site to see. I walked to the bed and curled up next to you.

I heard you get up, but I didn't want to move. The sun was shining in through the curtains and I was happily still sleeping. You came back from your morning shower and I looked up with a smile. How is my love today I asked? You replied with a smile that you were in love. I got up and kissed you good morning.

After my shower we got dressed. You in a nice pair of shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Me in a light top, shorts and sandals. We walked to breakfast then to the beach. We were going to start the day off with a nice tan.

The beach was not crowded at all. It was only 10 am so the day was early. I took off my clothes first. The cool ocean air flowing over my body felt so good. I stretched out on a blanket and smiled. I could only imagine how your hard body felt right now. You mentioned wanting the lotion and oil from the room and left for a minute to get it. A little while after you left the beach a young guy put down his towel near us. He was really cute, still in his teens, tan, a hard smooth body and a cute face. He was wearing a pair of board shorts and nothing else. I like to talk so I asked him if he wanted a drink because I was going to the bar to get one. He smiled and asked for a lemonade. I stopped and asked him his name. I walked off to get our drinks and returned a few minutes later.

He had taken his shorts off and laid on his stomach. He revealed a nice smooth ass with a tan little body. He was probably five foot ten and well built. I sat down and put down your drink and gave Drew his. It turned out the guy just turned eighteen that day and as a high school graduation gift his parents sent him and his sister to Florida for a month. So he's been hanging around at the local beaches. He wanted to give a nude beach a try so he ended up down here.

You came back and I introduced you to Drew and you both said hello. I could see your eyes go over his naked body and I smiled. You caught me smiling and returned it with an even bigger one. You put the lotion down and sat down next to me with your clothes on. I smiled and asked if you would mind putting some lotion on me. You obeyed like a good husband and rubbed lotion on my back, ass and legs. I thanked you and asked if you wanted some.

I watched you take off your clothes and lay down on your stomach. You look so good. Your tan, firm body always turns me on. I started on your ass and worked my way down to your legs then back to your ass and finishing with your back. You thanked me and put your head down.

I smiled an evil smile and asked Drew if he wanted some. I saw your head turn towards us and Drew said sure. I moved my naked body over to Drew's blanket and asked him where he wanted it. He simply replied, everywhere. So I started on his back.

I applied the lotion on my hands and rubbed them on his back slowly at first. I was trying to touch every inch. I locked eyes with you and all you did was nod a yes to me. I returned a nod back to you.

I moved my hands slowly down his body feeling every muscle and every inch. I asked him if this was ok. He moaned with pleasure and said yes please. I moved to his waste then his firm ass. I didn't stop because I was trying to be slow about it. I wanted him. That was for sure. I think you did too. I continued rubbing down one leg then the other.

I slowly ran my fingers along his skin. Each inch felt wonderful. He was shifting under my hands and I knew why. He was getting hard and needed more room.

I spent a little more time on his ass than necessary and he enjoyed it. I leaned down to his ear and whispered for him to role over. He shook his head a little to say no. I kissed his ear and said it was ok, we could do anything we wanted and right now I wanted him to role over. He asked me about you. I don't think you could hear him. I kissed him again and said all you wanted to do was watch. With a soft ok he rolled over.

I was very happy. His hard body slowly rolled to his back and I could see how happy he was. More lotion I asked.

He nodded.


I watched you smile down at him from where I was laying. I readjusted myself on our blanket to watch a little better. This kid had to still be in High School. You looked so amazing kneeling over him. Your knees were touching his side and you smile got bigger and you leaned down to kiss his ear. I watched as you pushed away a little then leaned down and kissed him again.

You were turning me on so I could only imagine how he felt. Then he rolled over and I saw your mouth open a little. You quickly closed it and looked my way. I rolled my eyes at you and smiled. When he wasn't looking you mouthed "I know" and applied some lotion to your hands.

You started on his chest and didn't even rub the lotion in while you worked your way down to his hard cock. I could see him move a little under your touch, but he remained still. When you got to his cock, you applied more lotion to your hands and began jacking him off. You used one hand at first. Long slow strokes up and down. I was amazed he wasn't moving. You kept that up for well over a minute just stroking his cock. You leaned down to his face, kissed him once and laid down next to him.

He picked up the lotion and straddled your back and came to a rest hovering over your ass. He looked at me with a slight smile. I smiled back and nodded.

He lowered himself so his cock was right on your ass. It was such a nice site. Your body looked so nice below his. He began rubbing lotion on your back, which didn't need any more but that wasn't the point. He moved his ass down a little and I knew what he was going to do.

His hands went down toward your ass and back up to your hips. He moved so slowly I could almost miss it. He moved his hips and his cock slid down toward your pussy. He moved just a little and I knew he was entering you, but his hands kept rubbing lotion on your back and I watched you two with a big smile on my face. Your hands clenched and release as your body moved against him. I could see your face beneath your tussled hair. You were smiling.

He continued to fuck you. Slowly at first, but he continued to get deeper and harder. I watched him fucking you for over ten minutes. He continued until he noticed me get up and come over. He quickly pulled out and continued to rub your back. You looked toward me with a moan and smiled up at me.

I asked Drew if he wanted to go back to our room with us. He nodded with a smile and said yes. All three of us got dressed and walked back to the room.

When we get back to the room there was a message under our door. Brian said thank you for the night and they hoped to continue sometime this weekend. I folded the letter up and put it next to the door for you to read later. We walked into the room and I opened the balcony doors and curtain. We had a great view of the beach and the breeze was blowing a little from the west so the ocean air felt nice in our room.

I asked if Drew or you wanted anything. Water was the response so I went into the other room to get a glass and water for the three of us. I came back in and saw you two sitting on the couch talking and kissing. I paused for a minute to watch you. I admired how beautiful you were and how soft your skin looked. Your dark brown hair flowing over your shoulders. He was looking at you with a noticeable smile. He was tan, blonde and young. Like I said he must be in High School. Seventeen maybe eighteen. I didn't care. You were having fun so that was all that I cared about.

I walked in and offered you both the water. I sat down on the bed and continue to watch. I don't know what was being said. You were both just talking and kissing. After a minute Drew excused himself to use the bathroom.

As soon as he left, you stood up and started kissing me. You were so hot and turned on. Your tongue explored my mouth and I could just kiss you back. I took off your shorts first before you could object. Without hesitation you pulled your top off and stood me up. Within a few seconds we were both standing there naked kissing each other.

You wanted him to return and see us naked and kissing. After a minute we both turned to see him standing there watching us. He had been there for a while looking at us. My back was to the bed and we were in each others arms. I kissed your forehead and looked over you to watch Drew.

You push me to the bed and walk over to him. You quickly kissed him and lean over to say something into his ear.


As I walk toward Drew, I could only think of you laying there on the bed. I was going to give you such a show. We were going to enjoy this a lot.

I looked up at Drew and my mouth reaches his lips. I kissed him softly and firm. I move closer and kiss his cheek and ear. I whisper a question. Is this ok? Do you want to join us? He could only say yes. I move him one step closer to you and pulled his shirt off. Then I moved to his shorts and they easily fall to the ground. I held his cock in my hand as we kissed.

I stepped away for a second and move back to the bed. I lean over your naked body and brush against your hard cock. I kiss you and say there he is, lean and young and naked. He's standing there still as a statue, staring down at us, his eyes looking at my mouth as I kiss your ear. We both just look up at him with a smile.

I lean up and begin to move back to Drew when I notice him look at your cock. I stop for a second and I thought of a really good idea. I lean down and put your cock in my mouth. I did not move my eyes from his face. He looked right at my eyes and I could see his mouth open a little as I take your cock into my mouth. I feel you move under my touch as your cock enters my mouth. Drew doesn't stop watching as I move up and down on you. I didn't miss that look.

Come here Drew. That was all I had to say. He moved to my side and put his soft, cool hands on me.

I pull my lips from your cock and move against him. I could feel his cock swell as it pushed against my side. Your cock was so hard in my hand I could not think straight. I had never said this to you, but it would really excite me if I could watch a guy suck your cock, I just know Drew wants to.

I think you were getting the picture because you moved under my hand a little closer to us. You could see the way Drew was looking at you. You and I are so open with our sexuality. You have been with a guy before, but all I got to do was hear about it. I never got to see it and experience it.

I mean I've shared my fantasy with you about how I think it would be amazing to watch two guys having sex. I know it turns on a lot of women to watch two men having hot sex with each other. Why shouldn't we give this a try? Especially when there are two naked men with me right now who are looking at each other as much as they are looking at me.

You know how much I enjoyed hearing about your times with a man. I lean up to your ear and I whisper how much I'd love to see Drew suck on your cock. I can see just how badly he wants to suck on you, I say.

Drew is not saying anything, but he is watching both of us. His eyes are exploring our bodies. I ask again if you wanted to have Drew suck on your cock. Finally you give me a nod.

I look straight at Drew and move my body next to his. Do you want to taste him? He blushes, but then he nods. I think my heart skips a beat when I see him move toward your cock. I am so excited that this is really happening. This fantasy of ours is now finally coming true. You look at me and say you love me. I kiss you once and move down toward your cock to watch Drew. He begins to massage the shaft.

I move my body up close to Drew's, kissing him, licking his ear, running my hands over his body.


I watch as you move down toward my cock. I am so turned on thinking of the three of us. I smile at Drew and he smiles back. He moves his hands up my legs and starts to rub on my cock. I am in heaven. You are kissing his face and ear and rubbing his body. He slowly applies pressure to my cock and I throb in response. His hands are so much bigger than yours. I can see the lust in your eyes as you watch him rub my cock. I told you about another time I had been with a guy. It was at a beach and he was just some guy there. We had fun and that was that. You enjoyed that story. I had told you other times I played with friends from College and High School, but never anything like this.

I can hear you bring your lips to Drew's ears and whisper how excited you are.

Drew starts running his tongue up my cock and I shiver in pleasure. He looks up at me then at you and wraps his lips around the tip of my cock and starts sucking it. I gasp and moan as he puts his mouth around my cock and starts sucking on it. His head starts to move up and down, sucking on me while he moves his hand up and down my cock. I can see you move your hand up to his neck and push him down onto my cock forcing him to swallow more.

I can hear you moan and say suck on his cock. Please. His motions become faster and deeper and I watch him. You look up at me and smile a huge smile and tell Drew to suck on my cock. I moan again and move my hand to his head. Your fingers meet mine and we interlock our fingers and slowly move his head up and down on my cock. I can see you whisper in his ears and kiss his neck. I pull you up toward me and we kiss.

I feel your tongue tease my lips and pull back a little. You smile and kiss me again. I hold you next to my body as Drew continues to suck on my cock. He feels so good I whisper. You moan. Do you like it I ask. Yes you say. We kiss again. Do you like it you ask. I say yes, very much. We kiss again. You lean back and stop Drew. He slowly moves away from my cock.

In one motion you move on top of me and I am inside of you. You feel so good. Your pussy is so tight and wet. I see your beautiful body in the light and get even harder. You moan with delight as you move your ass and hips on me. Then you stop and moan. I feel Drew rubbing my balls and your pussy. I can feel him rubbing my cock from behind you. You move a little.

I look up and you have the biggest grin. What I ask. You move your lips but no sound escapes. You say he is rubbing my ass. I can read your lips and you are enjoying it. My cock is so deep in you, I can hardly think of anything else.

Your lips move again and with a lustful smile, you tell me he is licking your ass now. I am enjoying this a lot. Then I see Drew move up behind you and whisper something in your ear.


As soon as I get on top of your hard cock I move you deep into me. I couldn't stand it any longer. Watching Drew suck your cock was so nice. I just wanted you. Now Drew is rubbing my ass and my pussy. I think he is rubbing your balls by the look on your face. You really like this. I wonder what else I can have you two do.

Oh wow. He is licking my ass now. I lean forward toward you so he can do it more. Now I can feel him hard against me. His face is next to mine and he is kissing me. I move a little against his body and feel his hard cock next to me. He is only about 7 inches hard, but it feels good.

I look down at you and smile. Drew begins to push his cock against my ass and I can only moan. I push against it until it enters me. Oh my. It takes my breath away. Your huge 9 inch cock is so deep inside of me. And now this eighteen year old is fucking my ass. Oh I moan. You move your hands up my body to my breasts and a shiver moves through my body. I lean against your hands as I push against him. His hands are on my waste. I can feel him pull me toward his cock and deeper into my ass. I am all yours. I feel so filled and so good.

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