tagGroup SexVacation Ch. 03

Vacation Ch. 03


Part 3 The Weekend


The walk back to the room was entertaining. I stopped an watched two girls kissing by the pool. One of the girls helped carry our bags to our room the first day. The one that smiled at me waiting for you to get done with their friend in the bedroom.

It only took me ten minutes and you are already in the shower with Drew. You really like fucking him don't you? I don't want to spoil anything so I wait on the balcony. The sun is bright in the sky and the ocean is deep blue. There is a slight breeze still from the west and I can hear the palm trees blowing in the wind. It is a pleasant day.

Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring. I walk to the phone. Hi sir, I am sorry to bother you but there is a young lady at the front desk asking for your room. Ok, thanks. I will be out in a minute.


Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring. Should we get that Drew asks. No they will call back if they need something. Where were we? I was rubbing your back with this very soft sponge. Oh yes. Continue please. The water is running a little cool so I reach down and turn the heat up some. Drew is standing behind me with his hard cock pushing against my back. I push against him just to tease.

That feels good Drew. I agree he said. A lot has felt good today. Thank you for the lemonade on the beach by the way. If you hadn't bothered to ask, I wouldn't be here. I saw you walk up and I couldn't resist. Your nice body laying there was too much to hope for. I hope you are having a good time then. Oh yes I am he said. What would you like to do tonight I ask. I think we should go and have dinner and then continue with more fun.

I turn and kiss him. His lips are firm and wet. The water is running down our bodies and I move my hand down to his cock. His young body feels very nice. How about we move to the bed he asked. I smile and follow him.

He pushes me to the bed and I fall on my back with lust in my eyes. He smiles down at me and leaned down to kiss my thighs. He moves between and begin to rub my pussy. His soft touch makes me shiver. His tongue penetrates me softly. I arch my back and feel a firm pressure as he moves his finger inside of me. Oh is all I can gasp. He continues to push and lick. His finger continues to push in and out of me. More pressure. Oh. Another finger enters me. He is so beautiful and young. I can't believe he just turned 18. My hand reaches down to his head and I push against him to ask for more. He continues with the soft pressure and slow rhythm. More please I whisper. More. Fuck me more. Another finger goes deep into me. Oh. Fuck I whisper. I am coming. Oh. Fuck. Harder, I scream. Fuck me, please fuck me. I want your cock. He moves up my body and pushes his cock deep into me. He pulls out and pushes in so firm and hard. His body is so firm and warm. Oh. Fuck me harder. Drew smiles and kisses me. I reach down and pull his ass into me. With a smooth, steady motion he continues to fuck me. My hand stays on his ass to encourage him. Don't stop. Don't stop.

His cock feels so hard inside of me. I am coming again. As I quiver and moan he continues to fuck me harder. Oh yes. Yes. I am coming.

Drew smiles again and pulls out of me. His hard cock wet from my pussy. I pull him to straddle my chest and I take his cock in my mouth. I move my breast around his cock and he fucks my tits with his hard cock. Ten slow strokes with my mouth and breast make him come all over my face. I suck him until he stops shuddering. We kiss and go back to finish the shower. You go first Drew says, I will get in after or we will never get clean.

I finish and grab a towel and smack him on the ass when he walks by. Back in the bedroom I wonder where you went to. You will return to find a very happy wife.


As I walk to the front desk I figure this young girl must be Drew's sister and I don't know how much he told her. I walk into the lobby trying to figure out what to say. I think we will walk back to the room the long way, avoiding the pool and entertainment rooms. The lobby is partially full of people and I have no idea who the girl is. I walked to the front desk and asked for the young girl. The man behind the desk points to a girl in the corner and I walk over to her. She is a brunette with hair down to her shoulders. She looks similar to Drew and you and is extremely pretty. She is wearing a small dress that goes half way up her firm, tan thighs. She is maybe five foot three or four. Her mouth is soft and her face is very young. She has pink lips and bright eyes.

Stephanie I ask as I approach her. Yes, hi I am Drew's sister. I figured as much. How are you? Good, um is Drew around? Yes, I reply. He is back in my room with my wife. Oh. He mentioned going to dinner. Is that still ok. Oh yes I said. They um, he is taking a shower right now and I think they will be ready in a few minutes. Do you want to go back to the room I ask. Um. Yes that would be fine she replies.

We leave the lobby toward the front of the resort. I lead her out the door and turn to follow the path around the building. We enter the building from the side entrance and walk down the hall. Stephanie smiles at me as I close the door and laughs a little. What is funny I ask. She looks up at me and says that she would have been fine going through the hotel. I smile back and begin to say something. She notices that I am trying to figure something to say and she takes pity on me. I have been here before she says. I showed Drew the beach a few days ago and told him it would be fun for him to give it a try. I spend time at the pool and get free drinks. I nod and say I bet you do.

We continue down the hall and turn toward the room. We open the door and I see you standing at the balcony. You are so beautiful there in the sun. I will enjoy taking that dress off of you later and we close the door.


I continue wondering where you went to while I get dressed. I think the soft dress will be perfect for tonight. I don't plan on keeping it on for long so a dress and shoes will be just enough. I hope you take it off of me nice and slow.

Drew should be done soon so I should go get one more look before he puts his close on. I turn around and see you smiling at me with a very beautiful young girl next to you. She is small next to you and very young. I like your smile as you see my eyes light up. I move into the room and walk up to you both. That must be Drew's little sister I think. Stephanie I ask. She smiles and reaches out a hand. Hi she says. Would you like a drink? Um sure she says. Something cold would be nice. I have a wine cooler if you would like. Yes please. I walk to the other room and return with two wine coolers.

I reach to Stephanie and almost drop the cooler as Drew walks out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile. We all look up and just stare. Drew is so smooth and firm. He is completely hairless and looks like marble from this distance. His soft cock is still very big and looks so nice. I want to take him into me. Then I realize Stephanie is here and this situation may seem a little odd. Um she says. Hi Drew. I guess you are having fun. He smiles at her and walks back into the bathroom and returns with a towel around him. Hi Steph how are you? Not as good as you I guess. Ya, well I am having fun. So you guys have met Drew says. Yes, we have. How about you get dressed Drew. We can go out and get something to eat.


Drew standing in the doorway wearing nothing wasn't a surprise. The smile on my wife's face wasn't a surprise. The surprise was the little smirk on Stephanie's face. She likes this.

We walk out with all of our clothes on and find a nice place to eat. There is a little restaurant on the roof that serves Mexican food. We sit down at a table near the window. The sun will be going down soon so the view will be nice. You sit to my right and Drew and Steph sit next to each other on my left. We eat a nice meal and talk. It turns out that Steph is Drew's younger sister and they both graduated from high school last June and are going through Florida on a month long vacation. They have been back to this area several times and enjoy meeting people.

We finish dinner and dinner and Drew suggests we go down to the beach to watch the sunset. Why not everyone says and we make our way down to the beach. I start to walk behind everyone and watch all three of you walk through the hotel. I can see your dress flutter in the wind and I still can't wait to take that off tonight. Steph is a little behind you and Drew is in the front. All three of you have perfect asses. Steph slows down a little and you speed up to walk next to Drew. I see you brush his ass as you take his hand. I catch up to Steph and ask her how her night is going. She bumps into me a few times and we continue the small talk all the way to the beach. You and Drew walk down toward the private area of the beach and I hope you are planning on going for a swim.

After a few minutes of walking you stop and lean into Drew. I see you take his belt off, then his shirt. You start to kiss him deep and soft. You continue to remove his shorts and you drop your dress to reveal your beautiful naked body. I still can't get over how you look.

Steph and me stop short and watch as you two walk into the surf completely naked. Steph shakes her head and says, leave it to Drew. He finds every excuse to get naked. I look down at her and smile. Do you want to join them I ask. She nods and smiles.

I kick off my shoes and look up to see Steph removing her panties from beneath her dress. It is getting darker and the light will be gone soon. I want to see as much as possible before it does.

I watch as Steph removes her bra and lets her dress fall to the ground. She walks over to me and I almost fall over. She reaches up to my shorts and undoes the top and slowly slides them to the floor. She moves her hands up my body and gently removes my shirt. Slowly she comes closer to me and pushes her body against mine. I am so hard and speechless. I look down to her and we lean in to kiss. She meets me with a soft, warm expression that turns hot as we kiss. She kisses me deeply with a passion I didn't expect. I pull away and nod to the surf. She smiles and we follow you into the water.


Drew lets stop here. Ok he whispers. I turn to him and begin to undress him. Is this ok, I ask. Yes he replies. As his shorts come down, I glance back at you and Stephanie. You are both walking and see me turn to Drew. I can see in your eyes how much this turns you on. I continue to undress Drew and ask him if Stephanie will be ok. Drew smiles and said it was Steph's idea to come down to the beach. When I talked to her on the phone I told her I met these two beautiful people who would be fun to hang out with. She asked what we had been doing all day. I told her every detail. She asked if she could come by and join us. I explained it wouldn't be a problem with me, but I wanted to make sure it was ok with you. She wanted to go swimming in the ocean as a way to break the ice. So yes. She will be fine.

I drop my dress hoping I could see you two from the ocean. Drew and I walked out to the surf quickly so I could turn and watch you. I get deep enough to begin to float and Drew catches up to me. He turns me and we start to kiss. I steal a glance over his shoulder and I see you standing over a naked girl kissing her. Oh. You two look so good. I want to join you so much. Drew continues to kiss my neck and I get a little distracted. You both start to walk toward us and my heart skips a beat. You are coming right at us. I can see your hard cock and her soft little body. You are both holding hands as you enter the warm water. She reaches us first and I smile and say hi Steph. You look so amazing. She looks at me with a wide grin. You catch up to her from behind and take her breath away before she can answer. Your arms rap around her and she continues to look in my eyes. Drew is kissing my neck and I can only look at you two. I can see your hands feel her soft breasts and move to her neck. She moans with pleasure and pushes against your arms and chest. You lean down to kiss her cheek and neck. She continues to look right in my eyes. I am so turned on. I watch her turn into your arms and wrap her legs around you. I do the same to Drew. I can feel his cock enter me as he moves slowly with the waves. She is still watching me. She knows I am looking at her. I can see your hand moving your cock against her pussy. You are going to enter her soon and fuck her right in front of me and her brother. Oh. Fuck. I am fucking her brother right in front of her. Oh. He feels so good. I can see her face and eyes as you enter her. She looks in pain. Your huge cock must be slowly going into her. Her eyes close as she grins with pleasure and pain. You move a little and she settles down a little. You move more and I can hear her moan. She locks eyes with me again. Lust filled eyes. She doesn't look away. Finally I can tell you are in her. Your body is still and her face is intent. She purses her lips together and begins to move in motion with your body. You hold her away from you a little to watch her little body in the water. I can see your eyes locked on her. Then she whispers something to you. You both turn and watch us. Drew is so focused on me that he hasn't noticed you two. I have. I can't stop looking at you and now you both are looking at me.


Steph and I walk toward you and enter the surf. She is walking me right at you and I enjoy every second of this. We make it out into the water and I pull Steph around to wrap her around my body. She flows around me with her warm little body. I can see her smile at me then look your way. I am so intent on her, I only hope you are having fun. I begin to rub her pussy with head of my cock. I ask her if this is ok. She nods and moans with pleasure. I hear her ask me to fuck her. That is all I could hear. I begin moving into her and the water flows over our bodies. Slowly I enter her deeper and deeper. She is so tight. I take it slow and she encourages me to move deeper. I can feel her accept more and more. Finally I get all the way inside of her and her face is a mixture of pain and pleasure. We stay like that for some time before she begins to move against me. I slowly move in and out of her the entire time she is moving her eyes between mine and yours. We continue to fuck and float which is something you and I are going to come back here to do alone. This is quite fun. The sun is down and the night has fallen. The moon is shining down on us as we continue fuck.


I watch you and Steph float closer to us and I get an idea. I am going to make this fun. Drew I whisper. Move us closer to them. He smiles and I kiss him. And a few seconds later I feel us bump into you. I move around and put my hand on your arm and pull us closer. I feel down your warm chest and feel between you two. Steph takes my hand and guides it to your cock moving into her. You are so big inside of her. She is moaning in my ear. She likes this. So do I.

Drew is moving so deep into me. I keep my legs around him moving with him. I watch you fuck her, your steady rhythm and I match my pace with yours. Every thrust you make, I pull Drew into me. He keeps a steady motion that makes me want to cum as soon as I touch your cock. I am watching your eyes as you fuck Stephanie. I can see the lust in them and it just pushes me closer to coming. With a low moan I cum. I feel his cock deep in me as my muscles contract and squeeze him tight. My whole body vibrates with the pleasure of his cock.

You see my eyes as I cum and your pace quickens. I can see her bouncing up and down on your dick and I want you. I know how good your cock feels and I want you in me. I hear Stephanie's voice telling you to fuck her more and it drives me crazy. I want you. Drew is still fucking me and all I can think of is your cock. I want you. I pay more attention to Steph's pussy now. I begin to rub her clit with my two fingers and I can feel her body tense.

She is going to cum soon. I can feel her. She grabs my arm to gain leverage as she pushes you deeper into her. With a gasp and a moan she tells us she is coming. Oh her voice is driving me nuts. Fuck me she says. Harder. Deeper. Oh. Fuck me. Yes. Harder. Oh. Rub my pussy. Please don't stop. Yes. She moans and comes with a tremor and shudder that runs through her body. She continues to shake as your cock rams into her. She relaxes into you as her orgasm stops. I want you so bad. You ask if we want to go back to our room now. Everyone smiles and says yes.

We walk back to the beach and pick up our clothes. We don't bother getting dressed. I walk in the back with Steph and we watch you two walk ahead with your nice asses and tan, fit bodies. I turn to Steph and smile. She grabs my hand and asks me if I enjoyed the swim. I smiled back and nodded yes. We fall back a little further and I tell her that watching you two fuck was the biggest turn on I had ever seen. Do you want to see it again she asks. Yes I do. I liked watching you and Drew too she said. I nodded and knew what she meant.


Drew you seem to enjoy my wife. He laughed and looked back at you and Steph walking a few feet behind us. He smiled and said yes. I enjoy you too he said. I thanked him and bumped him a little. He put his hand back and smacked my ass. I heard the girls giggle. On the way to the room we stopped by the pool bar and got a few drinks for the room. Drew and I ordered and the hostess said she would have the drinks sent up to our room. We walked the last few minutes in silence as we made it back to our room. All four of us nude with our clothes in our hands leaves very little to the imagination. Drew and Steph look so beautiful and young I feel a little guilty pleasure as we open the door. You know how I feel because you feel the same way. Anything goes in our relationship as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Right now the last thing we are doing it hurting anyone. You smile at me when we enter the room and smack my ass, like Drew did. Funny I said.

I close the door to look at three very beautiful people standing in my hotel room. You are the most beautiful among them. The balcony door was still open so the room was nice and cool. I move over to the table and pull out a chair. Sit down I said. The others obeyed with a slight smile of curiosity. What do you have in mind you ask. I think a game is in order. I pulled out the cards and laid them on the table. Nock, Nock.

I will get it you say. Your nude body gets up and walks to the door. The lights are low and the music is on. Our suite is laid out with the main room as a kind of split room with the bedroom. There is another room with a bed, TV and couch that leads to the large bathroom, shower and tub area. This room has a large bed, table, TV, couch and open area next to the balcony.

You open the door and there are our drinks along with the nice man who helped with the luggage. Your smile grows and I can't see your eyes, but I know where they went to. He nods and asks where would you like the tray of drinks. You motion him to the table with the three of us sitting and staring. He gently places the tray on the table and you tell him to follow you to where your wallet is. My wallet is on the table next to the bed, but you aren't interested in paying him. You lead him by the hand into the other bedroom. Two minutes later he walks out with a smile and thanks me for the tip again. I still don't know what he got the first time. He closes the door behind him and you walk back in with a grin on your face.


Knock. Knock. I will get it. I brush Steph's arm as I get up and we smile at each other. I open the door and there he is. I will fuck him before we leave this place. That boy is very good looking and his cock is very nice. That all goes through my mind as I say hello and yes please put those on the table. I look into your eyes and you nod.

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