tagFetishVacation Fantasy in Vegas

Vacation Fantasy in Vegas


Dave had a business trip planned for Las Vegas and I was able to rearrange my schedule this time to go along. He surprised me by reserving rooms at a really nice hotel. It felt good to get away from it all. Plus, it had been awhile since we had the chance to get a little naughty away from home.

Dave took care of his business Friday which included a round of golf at a really nice club just outside of town. It's amazing what they can do with the desert. We had Saturday free to do anything that we wanted.

After a wonderful day of sight-seeing, dinner, and a show, Dave and I headed off to the hotel bar. This was no tacky hotel lounge. It was a nice bar with several small areas, developing a cozy, quaint atmosphere.

After a few drinks and some slow dancing, I was really beginning to relax and feel warm all over. I was feeling really flirty and was teasing Dave by pressing my body against his crotch while dancing and rubbing his leg under the table.

I had just wrapped my tongue around the straw in my drink when my eyes saw two couples walk in. As it turned out, they were the friends that Dave had played golf with the day before. They were with their wives, a gorgeous blonde and brunette a few years younger than me.

They were from the area and had decided to go out and have some fun in the city. Dave invited them to join us at our table. Since both the guys were young and handsome and the two girls were rather stunning, I was happy Dave made the invitation.

We all had fun dancing and drinking and showing off just a little. All three of us girls were getting pretty tipsy and carefree. Pretty soon the teasing and flirting led the conversation to a sexual one and that's when I found out the two wives were attracted to both sexes.

To be honest, I even found myself checking them out as much as I did the guys. They were hot to say the least. Their bodies were smooth and tight, with flawless, tanned skin. I could feel their eyes on me as well. It's an odd feeling knowing that another woman is looking at you in a sexual way. Whenever we would move around in our seats, our legs, or thighs would touch and it would send a tingle through me.

Well, it started getting late, so Dave and I sadly excused ourselves. The fact that we were both incredibly horny sure helped us make our decision to leave. There was no hiding Dave's arousal as he stepped out from the table. The girls both giggled and wished me good luck. They both stood up to hug me and the blonde whispered, "I hope it's really good," in my ear.

Dave teased me on the way to the suite about checking out the wives. I couldn't deny it. He pressed me against the wall of the elevator and pushed my dress up my hips until I felt the cold wall against my panties. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly.

He leaned in and kissed my neck, sliding up to my ear and asked if he should go back and invite them up. I was so turned on that I could have told him to do it, but I was too nervous. I got out of it by telling him that I needed him inside me right now. Besides, they would still be around later and wouldn't it be naughty if we decided to join them again in the bar after we had sex?

By the time we go to our room door, I was so worked up. I couldn't help but think about what it would be like with one of those wives. Dave seemed to sense my thoughts and teased me about being a naughty girl. So naughty, that he thought we should get a little kinky. He blindfolded me and tied me spread eagled to the bed naked.

I made no complaints as he always takes care of my needs when I'm tied up. Besides, I was so horny by now that I would have let him do practically anything to me.

After going down on me and bringing me to a bed-shaking orgasm, he mounted me and slammed into me for all he's worth.

After my second time cumming, he blasts his load inside of me and it feels so good. His seed was so hot, and I could feel it pulsing from his cock.

Instead of untying me right away, he placed a pillow under my butt and says he just wants to admire my body, and maybe take a few pictures. Again, I was so into the sexual feeling of it all I didn't care what he did to me.

As I lay there drowsily relaxing in the afterglow, there's suddenly a knock at the door. Now here I am, still blindfolded, tied spread eagled and naked, with our juices oozing out of me and Dave asks me if he should answer it.

Before I have a chance to speak, he says it's our friends from the bar and he invites them in! Now I'm speechless so what else can I do but lay there on complete display for our new friends.

I hear them all come into the room and gather around the bed, knowing that they are staring at me. Dave informs me that they had planned all of this the day before while playing golf.

Then, one of the girls makes a comment about how sexy I look and that she too likes to be tied up from time to time. I can feel all of their eyes on me when the other wife says she thinks I'm lovely and asks Dave If she could have dessert.

I didn't know what she meant until I felt her warm and talented tongue between my legs. I can hear belts and pants being undone. The sounds of pants hitting the floor are combined with the silky sound of dresses doing the same.

One of the guys steps up behind the girl that is eating me and enters her from behind. Her tongue pauses for a second and she grunts approvingly as she adjusts to his cock thrusting into her. Soon she picks up his rhythm and she begins licking me in time with his fucking her pussy. It doesn't take him long before he shoots off inside of her.

The other wife says it's her turn, so she begins licking my nipples and works her way down to replace the other woman at my pussy. All this is happening so fast and I'm just enjoying all the attention.

Suddenly, I feel the bed move near my head and I think Dave may be wanting some of my attention. I turn my head, expecting to take his cock into my mouth, but instead it's the first girl. She tells me that it's her turn and the next thing I know she is straddling my face. I've never even kissed another woman on the lips and now I'm about to lick her pussy. What else can you do but enjoy the moment? I love the taste of her, but soon get another taste altogether as her husband's cum begins leaking out of her.

So here I am eating my first woman out and she has her husbands cum dripping out of her and the other woman is eating me out and now her husband is doing her from behind. All I can say is mmmm, mmmm, good.

When they both come, she swaps places with the first woman and I'm now eating out my second woman with her husbands cum dripping from her.

Wow, how much excitement can a girl take?

We are finally completely satisfied and exhausted and just all three women lay on the bed for a while with the women kissing me all over. Dave removes my blindfold and gives me a big kiss, telling me how much he loves me.

I couldn't help but notice that all three guys are sporting huge hard-ons. These are young men in their prime and I want to taste their cocks. By this time I'm so far gone over the edge, that I'll do anything. I tell them that if they would untie me, I would help take care of their situation.

All three sit on the edge of the bed and I get on my knees in front of the first and give him a blow job like he's never had before. When he's ready to explode, I let him pull out and spray me all over my face and breasts.

Then it's the second one's turn and I do the same for him. When it's Dave's turn, the other two wives take over and they both share his cock. When explosion time comes, he spurts all over their faces and breasts, too. It was so erotic to see that cock I know so well with another woman licking on it.

I wanted more cum, so I stepped over and rubbed my bare breasts against their chests and French kissed them. I loved the feel of my nipples rubbing against theirs. Soon I had mixed the cum from all three men all over my chest and face. I loved it.

Finally, exhausted and weak, we all lay back on the bed again while Dave takes a few more pictures.

We had a few drinks in the room and promised each other to get together again soon, real soon.

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