tagIncest/TabooVacation For Firsts

Vacation For Firsts


"I get the bed closest to the balcony!" Mandy exclaimed to her sister Brandy as they rushed into the hotel suite in Hawaii. The twin sisters were in Hawaii on a trip they had won off a local radio station. Their bodies hadn't done much changing even now that they had both just turned 18. Both girls still held the petite frame, only slightly taller then they were back when they were 16.

They were both only about 5' 4" with their tight bodies that every guy lusts over. All though they had fully developed sexually like all other women, their breasts had also remained small, just slightly larger then they had been when they turned 16. Now slight handfuls, they weren't big but perfectly round.

To put it simply, both girls were still breath taking. They were identical, however Brandy wore her blond hair slightly shorter and wavy at shoulder length. Mandy's was a bit longer and straight.

"Like Hell you do!" Brandy replied, and made a dBrandy for the large bedroom. Mandy got the idea and raced her to the huge bedroom, where two king-sized beds were made up nice and pretty. One of the beds was very close to the glass doors to the balcony overlooking the beach and ocean.

Brandy was in the lead and leaped for the bed jumping onto it. Mandy was just behind her and dived on it second.

"Beat ya!" Brandy proclaimed excitedly.

"You had a head start!" Mandy whined.

"You're just mad I beat ya-" Brandy started until she heard a knock on the door. Both girls got up and headed out of the bedroom back into the main room of the suite. This time Mandy beat Brandy, although it wasn't a race, and she opened the door. She was greeted on the other end by a large rack full of their luggage.

"Your things." The bags said to the twins standing in front of the door. Or rather, the person behind the bags said, as both girls realized when the big cart was wheeled into the room, and the person pushing the cart was revealed.

Mandy and Brandy looked at what they could both agree was the best looking guy they had ever seen. He had short and well kept dark blond hair and a handsome boyish face that was clean shaven. He wore kaki pants and a short sleeved hotel uniform. Even with the shirt on, judging by the arms alone both girls could tell he was built, but not overly built. He had broad shoulders and a knock out smile.

For once, both girls were speechless. The cute bellboy spoke first.

"You two are the contest winners right?"

"Yeah- yeah we are." Mandy replied dumbly.

"Yeah, thanks for bringing our stuff up!" Brandy added.

Brandy reached in her pocket seemingly looking for some sort of tip.

"Oh no! Forget the tip, it was my pleasure." He replied.

"Oh thank you!" Both girls answered at the same time.

"Again, the pleasure is mine, if you need anything don't hesitate to call, I'll make sure I answer the call."

"Thanks…" pausing to read his name tag, "Jeff, see you around!" Mandy called out as he shut the door behind him.

With him gone Brandy fell back into a plush leather chair sighing. "Yeah I know what I need from him!" She exclaimed.

Mandy beamed and sat on the arm of the same chair. "God he's the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen!" She stated.

"He's the reason we've been taking those birth control pills Mandy! Cause sometime this weekend we are gonna do him like crazy! That man is the reason we've been waiting!" She explained excitedly.

Attending a college on the island in Hawaii, Jeff had stayed on the island for the summer to work at the hotel and pick up some extra cBrandy before his junior year at college. Jeff headed down the hallway towards the employee's lounge. He pushed open the door and walked into a room with a table and a TV with a few other Hotel Bell Boys sitting around watching it.

"Those two contest winners are hot little gals!" He exclaimed.

"Really?" Another hotel employee about his age inquired.

"Yeah, and they're twins. And they want me so bad!" He stated cockily.

That night, Brandy lay awake in her bed next to the balcony. She tossed and turned but was unable to sleep thinking about the hot bellboy, Jeff, who they'd met earlier. She'd never felt such a sexual attraction to anyone. Sleeping in a XL t-shirts and her favorite pink panties, Brandy couldn't contain herself any longer.

Seeking release, she let her hand glide down her body, over her tiny breast mounds, her flat stomach to her pink panties. She began rubbing her aching sex through her underwear with one hand.

Soon Brandy's panties were soaked. She let her free hand wonder up under her shirt, where she squeezed her round tit, and tweaked her own nipple free of any bra. Her other hand found its way to the elastic of her pink underwear. Once inside her fingers touched the outer lips of her completely shaven pussy. At the slightest touch, Brandy quivered.

A virgin, Brandy had never even stuck anything up her vaginal canal. This caused her pussy to be sensitive even when she touched the outsides of it. Her hand was already soaked and she began rubbing her fingers in a circle over her virgin cunt.

"Oooooh Jeff!" She moaned aloud giving one of her supple young breasts an extra hard squeeze not even realizing how loud she had cried out. Groping her body, she suddenly felt hot and sweaty. To cool off she first kicked off the sheets from over top of her. Next Brandy pulled her nightshirt up over head and tossed it off into the darkness, leaving her in pink panties on her bed. with one hand still inside her underwear gently stroking her slit, she realized her panties were soaked with her juices, so with her free hand she slid them off and kicked them aside leaving her nubile body completely naked.

deliriously horney now, Brandy licked her two fingers from each hand and let her left wet fingers rub circles in her left, now hardened, nipple. Her moist right fingers found the surface of her hairless snatch again and she began rubbing in her saliva and pussy juices with a circular motion.

"EEEEAT ME JEFF!" She groaned loudly feeling a wave of orgasmic energy coming on. Then with a click the lamb next to her bed came on and Brandy's gleaming sweaty body was cast into a dull light for her twin sister Mandy to see.

Startled, Brandy quickly fumbled to find a sheet to cover her with, but realized she had kicked them all off her bed. Crossing her legs and putting her arms over her small breasts, she tried dumbly to cover herself up, red with embarrassment. Mandy stood clad in a smaller fitting white undershirt and visible purple panties.

"Brandy... relax!" Her sister calmly assured her. Brandy looked at her funny, and seeing her calm manor, un-hid her tits and relaxed her legs.

"I couldn't sleep thinking about that hot guy either Brandy." Mandy informed as she eased herself down onto the edge of the bed.


"Oh! But I have something to help us out!" Mandy said as her eyes lit up and she popped right back up off the bed.

"What do you mean?" Brandy asked puzzled.

Not listening, Mandy moved across the large bedroom to the dresser next to her own bed. She opened the top drawer and began tossing aside underwear and socks with her back turned to Brandy. "Ah-ha!" she said as she found what she was looking for and turned back to the bed. She moved to it excitedly, and as she came back into the lamp light, Brandy saw what she brought with her. It shocked, and excited her at the same time.

"Where the Heck did you get that at Mandy?" Brandy asked wide-eyed as she stared at a ten inch long flesh colored dildo with a cock head on both sides in her sisters hands.

"I took it from mom's underwear drawer a few years ago." Mandy calmly explained, sitting back down on the edge of Brandy's bed again.

"Have you ever... with it?" Brandy tried to get over what she was looking at.

"Oh, yeah! It feels great!" Mandy informed her twin sister. "But I've never had another girl on the other end." Mandy said devilishly.

"Oh no... Mandy!" Brandy said, catching her sisters drift. However she already sensed the unachieved orgasm still inside her and craved release.

Like the twin sister she was, Mandy could sense Brandy's craving through her objection. "Come on Brandy, I can tell you want to."

Brandy knew her sister was right, as she glanced at the massive sex toy in her hands again she felt intimidated. "Even if I did want to, it's big and I've never stuck anything in my..."

"Pussy-" Mandy filled in for her as Brandy trailed off.

"Yeah, my pussy before."

"Well, I'll put it in first then you can follow me." Mandy decided. She still sensed slight apprehension from Brandy. "Don't worry, it only hurts for a split second, then it feels unbelievably great!" Brandy assured her, and then glanced down at her sisters exposed crotch, which was dripping. "Besides, you look more then ready for it!"

Brandy smiled sheepishly as she followed her sisters gaze to her slick smooth vagina. She suddenly felt compelled to see her sisters sex mound too. And she got her wish as Mandy set the dildo on the bed, and stood up shortly. Grabbing her little white undershirt by the bottom, she pulled it up off her head revealing practically identical small round luscious tits. Brandy then watched as her twin slipped off her purple panties to the floor revealing her young pussy. A pussy that with out yet being touched, was already getting wet.

Unlike Brandy's however, Mandy kept a very small, very light and neatly trimmed patch of hair just above where her pussy lips began. The hair was shaved so that it came to a point that directed itself at her sweet little pussy.

Brandy sat up in the bed with out saying a word as her sister sat back down on the bed with her legs spread out and took the sex toy back into her hands. Licking her lips, she aimed one side of the double dildo right at her opening. Brandy noticed that, all though still tight, Mandy's pussy opened a bit more with her legs spread from her apparent experiments with the toy in the past.

"Now just put the head right up against this hole right here," Mandy did as she explained, "and apply a little force..." She did so, "if your wet enough it will-" As she spoke with a slight suction sound, the swollen head of the end of the dildo disappeared up into Mandy's vaginal passage and she quivered. "-just pop right in." She concluded.

Mandy looked up at her sisters face, and realized she was transfixed on the large dildo hanging out of her cunt. "Would you like push it in and pull it out for me?" Mandy asked innocently.

Brandy stayed dazed for a moment then snapped out of it after hearing her sisters question. "You mean, do I want to masturbate you with that didlo?" She asked nervously.

"Yeah that's what I mean."

Brandy broke into a wicked smile, "Hell yeah I do!" She exclaimed.

With that she slid closer to her sister's naked body on the bed and reached out grabbing the double sided dildo by the other cock head.

"Just push it in?"

"Yeah! Come on please I can't wait anymore Brandy!" Mandy pleaded.

Brandy only hesitated for another brief moment, then pushed the dildo in, as it slid deeper into her twin sisters wet snatch, Mandy moaned. "Oooooh yeah! That feeeeels so good on my clit! Pull it out!" She begged. Brandy complied and pulled the 10 inch dildo back out after she'd pushed it halfway in, causing her sister to groan and quiver with delight.

"Now fuck me with it faster!" Mandy commanded. Brandy replied by shoving the dildo back in and out quickly. She repeated the process faster and faster while Mandy bucked her hips to the fucking she received on the bed. All the while moaning in pleasure as her twin sister shoved the dildo in and out.

"Ooooh Yeah! OoOH! YeS!! WAit sTOp!" Mandy's voice bounced as her hips fucked the dildo. Brandy stopped in mid-pump. Sweating and panting, Mandy took a moment to regain herself.

"Let's get this thing inside you now Brandy." Mandy suggested slyly. Brandy looked hesitant. "Come on Brandy! I told you it won't hurt! How are you going to be ready to screw Jeff?"

Brandy smiled and nodded, "Okay lets try it." Brandy agreed.

"Alright, now I'm going to keep this half inside my pussy and we'll stick this end in yours, get closer." Mandy said. Brandy obeyed and pulled herself closer to her sister so that their naked bodies almost touched. With half the double sided didlo still inside her, Mandy took the other half and put it outside Brandy's tight slit.

"I like your pussy shaved Brandy." She complimented. "Now, I'm gonna push, and your so wet that it's going to go in. About an inch in is when you're gonna pop your cherry."

Brandy looked neverous. Mandy continued. "There will only be a little blood from breaking through and then it will feel great, I promise. Ready?"

Brandy hesitated again and then nodded. Mandy took the cue and applied force in pushing in the dildo's dick like head. With a squish it entered her tight slit and then hit the thin hymen.

"Here we go Brandy!" With a slightly harder push, Mandy pushed through the hymen.

"Ouch!" Brandy exclaimed as she winced. She looked down to see that Brandy had pushed the dildo about three inches in.

"Has it stopped hurting?" Mandy asked. Now that Brandy thought about it, she didn't feel any pain already. All she felt was a sense of fullness, and a tingle of intense pleasure.

Suddenly on a new level of pleasure, a sex machine side of Brandy surfaced as she smiled wickedly. "Now lets fuck the shit out of this dildo!"

Shocked and excited by her sisters sudden dirty talk, Mandy didn't reply, but rather pushed herself forward swallowing her half of the dildo with her cunt. Brandy followed the process and let out a soft moan as the dildo rubbed past her clit while it slid in.

Finally the two got to a point where their nubile soaking wet cunts actually touched in the center of the dildo. Brandy felt the tiny hairs on Mandy's trimmed bush tickle her hairless pussy and couldn't take anymore. Leaning back on both hands Brandy pulled almost completely out and shoved back into the dildo slamming her young pussy into her twin sisters and sending a shock wave of pleasure through both their bodies.

Mandy returned the favor and soon they were both fucking into each other bucking wildly on the dildo with their pussy lips slamming against each other. Each thrust at blinding speeds sent pleasure through them both. Brandy talked dirty the whole time as Mandy softly moaned.

"Fuck yeah! Fuck that dildo! Fuck it into my pussy! Oh shit yeah!" Brandy exclaimed frantically.

Twisting and grinding into each other's nubile pussies both girls went faster and faster until their cunts were slamming into each other with intense force.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmph Oooooooh!" Mandy moaned as a title wave of pleasure finally hit her and she erupted into orgasm.

"Oooooh Shit!!! Here it coooooomes!" Brandy yelled out as like her sister an intense orgasm hit her body hard. Both girls came together one last time burying the long fuck toy between them on the bed as their pussies began spewing their juices and their entire bodies convulsed. Mouths hung open and eyes rolled back the girls arms buckled and gave way as they collapsed to their backs on the bed still panting for breath from the incredible orgasm.

Sweating profusely, they stayed here panting while they regained themselves for a while. Finally regaining strength, Brandy pulled back on the bed, pulling the dildo completely out of her sister's sticky vagina with a slurp. Sitting up, Brandy grabbed the uncovered end of the slick sex toy and pulled it out of her own wet snatch.

Glancing down at her sister still lying on bed, Brandy eyed Mandy's dripping cunt that gleamed of pussy juice. She licked her lips, and with her new found sexually adventurous attitude crawled to her sister on the bed.

Turning around and moving over top of her twin's body she put her face in Mandy's crotch and lowered it with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. She began swirling around in the juices dripping from her sisters pussy lips.

"Ooooh God Brandy!" Mandy moaned. Then lifted her head to lick the dripping cunt that was now hovering over her own face.

69 style the sisters buried their faces in each other's pussies and began furiously eating each other out. With in moments of working each others' clits with their tongues they began another orgasm together. Thrusting their hips towards each others' mouths they erupted together spewing more sweet pussy juices straight into each others' mouths.

Finally they collapsed and Brandy rolled off from on top of her sister. Sighing and catching her breath, Brandy concluded. "Tomorrow, we've got to get Jeff!"

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