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Vacation Fun


I've been married for five years now to my best friend Rich. Throughout our time together he has always wanted me to be more "adventuresome", his word for exhibitionist. I was never comfortable showing off around town, someone might see and then the gossip would start.

For our fifth anniversary I agreed to let him dress me every day if we went somewhere tropical and far from home. He didn't tell me where we were going and wouldn't let me see what he packed. He was in control of everything, at least for a while.

When the plane touched down he handed me a carry-on bag and told me to change in the first available restroom. I found a bikini top a mid-thigh skirt and a sheer white thong. I was thinking it might not be too bad; after all I was reasonably well covered in a tropical climate. We left in a taxi for our resort and things started moving very quickly. Rich started kissing me and rubbing all over my body. I resisted slightly and he reminded me that down here it was his rules. He then pushed my top down and began sucking my nipples. He alternated between both breasts, first sucking the left while pinching the right then switching. The fear, adrenaline and stimuli to my nipples soon had me on fire. My pussy was so wet that my juices had soaked through my skimpy thong. Our driver was all over the road as he tried to drive and watch us at the same time. This only heightened my fear and desire. Finally Rich told him to pull over somewhere private before he killed us all.

The driver took us to a quite little park in the city. When we got there Rich told our driver that he could watch, but not touch. He said "that's fine" and proceeded to pull his dick out and start stroking. Then Rich quickly stripped me naked and started licking my clit. He used short hard flicks of his tongue and touched nothing but my clit. When he pushed a finger into my slit I was rocked with my first orgasm.

The driver had climbed out of the car and was watching through the window of the door. Then it got kinky, Rich had me mount him belly to back. The driver was getting to watch every inch of Rich's dick slide into my wet pussy. This the wildest thing I had ever done, getting banged with a total stranger watching from less than 3 feet away. Rich slowly pumped in and out, holding me up with one hand while the other pinched and rubbed my tits.

The driver opened the door and sat on the edge of the seat. He had out a dick that must have been 9 inches long. It was beautiful. The drivers face moved closer and closer to my pussy then Rich told him to rub my clit. My pussy nearly exploded when he touched me. I lost all track of time as my pussy contracted around Rich's dick. A strange man rubbing my clit, my husband fucking me out in the open in broad daylight, it was so overwhelming my orgasm seemed to last forever. Then Rich lost it, he must have pumped seven or eight times when he lost his load. My pussy was still contracting when he slide out.

The driver started to climb in, but Rich quickly said "no no no". For a moment I wasn't sure what would happen, I actually wanted to try the monster cock that was within reach. The driver then started begging us to help him. Then Rich whispered "Suck him off" and pushed me toward him. I opened my mouth and a stranger put his dick in. It was larger than anything I have ever put in my mouth. I tried to see how much I could take, but started gagging before half of it was in. Then I just started using my BJ skills to see how fast I could make the guy cum. I licked up the bottom and then down the top. I circled the head with my tongue and pumped with my hand while he fucked my face. He was so worked up that it only took about 5 minutes before he was grabbing the back of my head and holding on. His cum just kept streaming out. It filled my mouth and I swallowed only to have another mouthful a few seconds later. I had to swallow three times to get it all down.

I just crashed in the back seat while the two guys cleaned up. I don't remember much about the rest of the ride to the resort. The next thing I knew I was slipping on my skirt (no panties) and top and sliding out of the back seat. I had to hold my legs together as we checked in to help keep Rich's semen from running down my legs. What a start to a vacation.

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