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My wife and I are a very happily married couple of 15 years. Our biggest regret during this time is not spending as much time with each other as what we should have. Work, church activities and children have always seemed to be higher priorities than taking time away together once in a while.

For our 15th anniversary this year we decided it was time to finally get away together. We had taken the odd weekend away but never a full week away since we had been married. We both decided a few months back that we wanted to go away to an adults only all inclusive resort. We chose adults only because we have 4 kids and did not want to have to see or deal with any children for a week. We spoke to a few friends who had been to some adults only resorts and were really excited about this week away. The resort we chose was in the Mayan Riviera area of Mexico. We were careful not to choose one that was classified as a "lifestyles" resort, but just one that did not permit anyone under 18.

As the plane landed at the airport in Mexico my wife squeezed my hand and told me that she could feel the stresses of her life already start to melt away and then gave me a very passionate kiss. From that point on I knew it was going to be an awesome vacation. About 2 hours later we finally arrived to our resort.

After checking in and being led to our room my wife and I both could hardly wait to look around the resort but we wanted to get unpacked first. I started to unpack our suitcases when my wife called me over to the balcony. She was already standing out on the balcony that overlooked the pool area at the resort. I came up behind my wife and wrapped my arms around her as we both looked out at the pool. There were a number of people relaxing by the pool as well as a number that were in the pool and hot tub. What surprised both of us was the number of women that were sunbathing topless. My wife turned and looked at me and just told me to keep my eyes where they were supposed to be this week. I laughed and told her that it would not be a problem.

I walked back into our room first to get changed into my bathing suit. I took both of our bathing suits out of our suitcase and threw my wife's suit over to her as she was walking in the door from the balcony. My wife shocked me for the first of many times that week when she began to take off her clothes in front of the open door. I asked her if she thought she should close the door. She smiled and said she liked the fresh breeze coming through the door and didn't think anybody could see us anyway.

I am always amazed how beautiful my wife is when she undresses. She pulled off her shirt first and then her shorts. She looked great standing there in her white mesh bra and panty set that is almost completely see through. I watched intently as she slid her panties down her legs and tossed them to the side. As she bent over I could see that she had recently waxed almost all of the hair around her pussy and the lips were just slightly visible. She then stood up and unhooked her bra. As she did this, she also looked up at me and smiled as she dropped her her bra to the ground. She then turned back around and stood in the patio doorway with nothing on but her birthday suit.

I was too stunned to move. She wasn't out far enough for anyone at the pool to see her but I had never seen her do anything like this before. When she turned back around she was obviously very aroused. Her face was flushed and her nipples looked like small rocks on her chest. My wife looked down at my full erection and told me that I needed to put it away for right now as she wanted to go to the pool for a while before it started to get too late. She walked over to me and gave me an amazing kiss as she slowly stroked my erection and then went over to the bed to put her bikini on. Groaning, I reluctantly put on my suit as well and then walked hand in hand with my wife out to the pool area.

The pool area was amazing. There was a small restaurant by the pool with a swim up bar as well as a very large hot tub. My wife and I also noticed that there were some outdoor showers off to the side of the pool. We found a few chairs to sit in by the pool and placed our towels there and then went swimming for a while.

We played around for a while and even got involved with a few other couples that were playing a basketball game in the pool. At one point during the game one of the guys was trying to get the ball away from my wife and accidentally pulled down on her bikini top which ended up down at her waist. My wife was so into the game that she didn't even notice and drove for the basket with her breasts swinging free. It wasn't until she made the basket that she noticed. She didn't seem as upset about showing her breasts as she was that her bikini top was now ripped. She laughed a little about it, took off the top completely and said that she was going to lie out in the sun for a little while.

I was once again stunned! My wife had never acted this free before. I watched my wife walk over to the lounge chairs and she laid down on her stomach first. The guy who had accidentally ripped her top off came over to me in the pool and apologized for what had happened. I told him that it didn't seem to be a problem and his apology was accepted.

He introduced himself to me. His name was Eric and he said that he was there with his wife Patty. It was their 20th anniversary. After talking for a while he said that we should get out of the pool so that he could introduce me to his wife. He pointed over to where his wife was at and we both laughed as it seemed that his wife had found my wife as well.

Both women were now sitting up in their chairs talking to each other. I noticed that my wife had put a towel over her breasts after she had sat up. Eric and I walked over to the ladies where Eric once again apologized profusely for what had happened in the pool. My wife forgave him again and we all laughed when Patty said that she thought Eric may subconsciously have done it on purpose. Eric then said that it might be true because he certainly could not have picked a nicer set of breasts to display. My wife turned a little red at his comment and Patty just hit Eric. Eric apologized again as he didn't mean to embarrass us, he just wanted to compliment my wife. My wife once again forgave him and we continued a very pleasant conversation with Eric and Patty for the next while.

About an hour went by and Patty asked my wife if she wanted to go for another swim. My wife looked down at her chest and said she was a little embarrassed to go without a top on. Patty just looked at her and proceeded to take her top off as well and said that they were now even.

Eric and I just sat there with smiles on our faces as we watched our wives jump into the pool. We soon joined them in the pool and started to play another game of basketball. Although the physical contact that occurred in the pool was not made on purpose it was inevitable due to the game that we were playing.

There were multiple times that Eric and I accidentally touched our own wives and each others wives breasts but nobody complained. At the end of the game, which my wife and I won, we all decided to have a drink at the swim up bar. By the time we were done our drinks the sun was almost completely set.

Eric and Patty asked us if we would like to join them in the hot tub later that night for a nightcap. We declined because we were too tired and arranged for a time to meet up with them again. We all got out of the pool and rinsed off in the outdoor showers. It was extremely sexy watching the two women topless under the showers. We all then said our goodbyes and my wife and I headed back up to our room. We were so tired when we got back to our room that we just both got undressed and wrapped the robes from the hotel around ourselves and climbed into bed and fell asleep.

I woke up at about 1 AM and noticed that my wife was not lying beside me anymore. I looked up and saw that she was standing out on the patio looking down at the pool area.

She heard me get out of bed and whispered for me to come over to the patio. I wrapped the robe tightly around me and went out on to the patio. My wife motioned for me to look over the side at the hot tub area. What I saw shocked me. Eric and Patty were both in the hot tub but Patty had just pulled Eric's swimsuit down and was currently sucking on his extremely hard erection.

My wife and I watched mesmerized for a few minutes. Eric pulled Patty's head up and then turned her around. It was at that point that I noticed that Patty was also completely naked.

Eric quickly looked around and not seeing anyone proceeded to enter Patty from behind. My wife, who was still standing beside me, was breathing fairly heavy and had now also bent over a little bit which caused her robe to partially open. I watched as she reached inside her robe and slowly began to pinch her already hard nipples. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she did this. I moved behind my wife and reached around her and opened up her robe all of the way. My wife then stood up and let it fall off of her as she continued to watch Eric and Patty make love. I then bent my wife over at the waist again and slowly entered her from behind as well. I watched my hard erection enter my wife's wet pussy and then thrust in as hard as I could.

My wife braced her hands on the railing of the balcony as I continued to thrust into her. Within a few minutes she started to moan louder. It was during one of those moans that both Eric and Patty looked up at us. They smiled up at us and waived and we laughed and waived back to them.

At this point I knew that I could not hold off much longer. My wife sensed this as well and reached down to stroke her clit. Within a minute we were both moaning as we came together. A couple of seconds later we also heard Eric and Patty come. My wife and I then went back to our room and snuggled together until we finally fell asleep in each others arms.

This was only the first night of a truly awesome vacation that we will never forget.

Chapter 2 – The Next Day

I was up by 6:30 am the next morning. I was more than a little tired from our late night but I just could not seem to sleep in anymore as my body seems to be set on waking up at the same time every morning for work.

I didn't want to wake up my wife so I quietly put some shorts on and left the room. I decided to take a walk around the resort to see what we may have missed yesterday. The resort was very beautiful and the view of the ocean was amazing.

As I walked along the beach I noticed a number of beds that were surrounded with thin curtains. I asked one of the groundskeepers, who was in the process of grooming the sand on the beach, if the beds were available to anyone. He told me that they were there for anyone from the resort to use but I should reserve one now by placing a towel or something on it or they would all be taken by 8 am for the day.

With a strange smile on his face he assured me that my wife and I would love to relax in one after sitting on the beach in the hot sun for a few hours. I thanked him for his help and placed a towel on one of the beds to reserve it. I then walked back to our room to check on my wife.

As I opened the door I noticed that she was no longer lying down in the bed and then I heard the shower running. I then walked over to the bathroom and opened the door to a sight that I never can get tired of.

My wife was lying back in the tub with the shower head in her hands and she had the water beating down on her pussy. She had her eyes closed and one hand rubbing her nipples as she was approaching her orgasm. Within a matter of seconds she was cumming. Her mouth opened slightly as she let out a moan of ecstasy. She didn't notice me standing there until she opened her eyes about a minute later. With a smile on her face she said that she had woken up very horny thinking about what had happened last night and she couldn't wait for me to come back to the room. I laughed and helped her out of the tub and told her that after breakfast I had a surprise for her at the beach.

We sat and enjoyed our breakfast on our balcony as we looked over the resort grounds. My wife kept on asking me about the surprise but I told her that she would have to wait.

We were soon done our breakfast and we both got changed into our bathing suits to head down to the beach. Of course my wife's bikini top was no longer available for her to wear after what happened the day before at the pool so she put a t-shirt on to walk down to the beach. The t-shirt was tight fitting so it was fun watching the looks on the faces of the men in the elevator as we went down to the lobby. My wife has fairly large nipples that almost always seem to be erect and they were protruding proudly through her shirt.

Being the tease that she is, just as we were walking out of the elevator, my wife turned around and flashed the men that were just exiting the elevator. The men let out some loud whistles at her and she just smiled at them and took my hand as we walked towards the beach.

When we finally made it to the beach my wife asked me again what the surprise was. I told her that she would still have to wait and that we were going to enjoy the beach for a while. The beach was not very busy yet so we found a spot and laid our towels down. I looked up at my wife just in time to see her taking the t-shirt off and baring her beautiful breasts. I wasn't the only one who noticed as there were a couple of guys walking by in their speedos who also looked over as she took off her shirt. My wife blushed as she noticed them staring at her. "See", I told her, "I'm not the only one who loves them." She smiled shyly back at the men and then laid down on the towel.

We continued to tan for a couple of hours but as midday came around we both felt like we were starting to cook. I asked my wife if she would like to find some shade to sit under. She sat up and looked around and mentioned that the only shade available were those beds on the beach but they were all most likely reserved. I smiled at her and said, "Surprise".

I took her by the hand and picked up our towels and drinks and walked over to the bed that I had reserved earlier that morning. As we walked to the bed she was excitedly telling me that she couldn't believe that I had thought about reserving the bed. I was walking slightly ahead of my wife listening to her thank me and then she suddenly stopped talking and walking. I turned around wondering what had caused her to go silent when she just looked at me and put her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. I walked back to her and she pointed at the bed that she was standing beside.

I couldn't figure out what she was trying to tell me until I heard it. It was the unmistakable moan of a woman receiving pleasure. The woman was trying to be quiet but we could hear the movements and the odd grunt from the man who was obviously making love with her. My wife went over to the bed and very carefully moved the curtain just slightly so that she could look in on the couple. She had moved the curtain so that only she could see in and I could not.

My wife later told me that she has no idea why she opened the curtain but she was stunned by what she saw. She said that the woman was very beautiful and was sitting on top of the man but was facing his feet. My wife could clearly see the mans hard cock penetrating the womans wet folds of her cunt. She said that the womans head was looking down when she first looked in but then she lifted her head up and as she did that she looked right at my wife. The woman continued to look at my wife with lust in her eyes and then moved her hands up to pinch her own nipples. As soon as her hands touched her nipples she came. The entire time she was cumming she kept looking at my wife. My wife then watched the woman slowly lift herself off of the still hard cock and then she slowly backed away from the curtain and allowed the couple their privacy once again.

My wife looked back at me and her face was completely flushed with excitement. She quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed that I had reserved. We closed the curtain behind us and laid down on the bed. My wife was on top of me in an instant. She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and then placed her pussy lips on my face. Catching on quickly and began to kiss and lick inside and around her lips.

It did not take long of my wife riding my face for her to orgasm. She silently bucked against my face as she came and then rolled off of me. Still not satiated she took her bottoms completely off and then quickly pulled my swimsuit down as well. I was already hard and so she quickly sat on top of me and took the same position that the lady in the other bed had and sat down on me.

I could not believe how wet she was as I entered her completely with one thrust. My wife slowly began to move up and down on my cock as she repeated what she had seen in the other bed back to me. She was in the middle of her story when all of a sudden the curtain to our bed opened slightly and before he had even looked in we heard Eric ask us what we were doing sleeping on such a nice day. Just as he finished speaking he looked at us and realized what we were doing and started to apologize immediately but the funny thing was he did not close the curtain back up.

I was fully expecting my wife to get off of me and quickly hide under the covers but she shocked me when she asked him if he was going to leave or not. She told him that if he wasn't going to leave he might as well come in and close the curtains behind him so that nobody else could look in.

Somewhat stunned Eric quickly came in and closed the curtain behind him. He apologized again and just mentioned that he and Patty had seen us go into the bed and Patty had asked him to come over and invite us for dinner with them that night. The entire time he was talking my wife was still moving up and down on my cock.

She looked down at the tent that was in Eric's swimsuit and told him that he could take it out if he wanted to. Eric looked at me for the okay and I nodded to him. He slowly pulled down his shorts and began to pull on his erection. Not a word was said as he watched my wife and I making love.

My wife moved one of her hands down to her clitoris and started to masturbate herself in front of us. It didn't take long at this point for her to tell us of her impending climax. This caused Eric to begin to stroke faster and I could also feel myself about to cum. Just as she was about to cum my wife surprised all of us when she quickly reached over to Eric with her free hand and took his dick from her and continued to stroke it for him. Eric couldn't hold off any longer and told us he was about to cum. My wife continued to stroke him faster and he began to shoot his cum all over her breasts. When the first stream of cum hit her breast she also came and I came with her. Eric kept unloading stream after stream of cum on to her neck and breasts. She continued to stroke him until she had settled down from her orgasm and there was nothing left in his now limp penis.

My wife, now suddenly shy, lifted off of me and wrapped one of our towels around herself. She apologized to both of us and said that she had let things go too far.

Eric pulled up his bathing suit and sat beside her. We both told her that everything was okay. She continued to apologize until Eric put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to look at him. He then told her that she was beautiful and he was privileged to have taken part in this with her.

That seemed to settle my wife a little bit and she asked him if he was planning to tell Patti about what happened. He said that he and Patti had no secrets between them. He wasn't sure how she would react but thought everything should be fine and would still like us to come to dinner with them that night. My wife and I both agreed to go with them. Eric then bent down and kissed my wife on the cheek, thanking her again for the special time and then left the bed area. My wife and I snuggled and actually did fall asleep for a little while together as we lay on the beach. About an hour later we got up, went for a quick swim and then went back to our room to get ready for dinner with Eric and Patti.

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