tagGroup SexVacation Getaway Ch. 04

Vacation Getaway Ch. 04


Meanwhile a few doors down, Papi was still involved in his orgy with the young eager sluts. He had already cum two times only to be brought back to hardness again by the mouths of his teenage whores, who were unwilling to let this thing come to closure until their appetites were sated. Papi knew he only had one more orgasm left and made the most of it by having the girls take turns sucking his cock to hardness to assure that it could stand one more round of fucking. As they sucked, he ate and fucked various others with a dildo, bringing them to orgasm as the rest were eating and fucking each other. Finally, Papi had enough and grabbed the closest available girl next to him, a tiny cheerleader about a hundred pounds in weight with tiny shaven pussy that much resembled his Mami's pussy; its lips were puffy and swollen. He pushed her legs up to her head and sunk his engorged cock into her as she begged him to fuck it, moaning as he did just that. One of the other girls rubbed his balls from behind as he pumped in and out of her friend.

"Have you ever been fucked in your ass?" Papi asked the girl that he was fucking.

"Um, no," the girl answered, almost nervously.

"Would you care to try?" Papi asked. "Because I would love to end my time here by fucking it."

"Yes," she replied. "Oh god, yes. Fuck my virgin ass."

Papi removed his cock and lowered her legs from the sides of her head, and turned her over. He lifted her ass into the air so that she was on her knees and reached under to her sopping pussy, using its wetness as lubrication for her pert waiting virgin ass. He took and rubbed her juices liberally onto the puckered hole between her ass cheeks then, slowly holding one cheek away from her asshole, he slid a finger in as she moaned slightly from discomfort. After several seconds of adjusting, she nodded at him to proceed, which he did and would have done, with or without her approval. Soon he had his finger sliding in and out with relative ease but as he began squeeze a second in, he was met with wince of pain.

"Owwie, it hurts!" the girl cried.

"The pain will lesson after a minute," Papi responds.

He took both fingers out and once again, applied her juices on them and returned them to ass, again an "ouch it hurts!" At that point, Papi had an idea. He had a girl who was fucking herself rapidly with a fairly small bullet vibrator stop, and grabbing a bigger dildo that lay within his reach, offered to swap with her.

"Sure," she said, removing the soaked vibrator from her dripping twat and trading him.

Now, Papi had the perfect tool to loosen that tiny ass for his cock and it was already lubed with pussy juice to boot. Firmly gripping her ass cheek and holding it away from the other he slid the vibrator between her ass cheek, lightly rubbing her clit in circles. He placed the tip at the entrance to her tight little hole and turned the speed up only enough to apply a light subtle vibration as he slowly and gently eased it inside her. At first her puckered virgin asshole tightened but she managed to relax it as Papi pressed the vibrator insistently against it. As the first inch slid little by little inside, several of the girls paused in their sex-capades to watch the vibrator slide inside her tiny virgin ass.

"Oh, umm, yes. Put it in my ass, baby," the young girl groaned.

"Do you want to try it yourself? My Mami always did because she could move it just how she wanted it and where it gives her the most pleasure until she was ready for my cock," Papi says, placing the girl's hand on the vibrator.

She takes control, slowly worked it in and out of her ass. Meanwhile, Papi lay on his back between her legs and licked her smooth wet shaven pussy and clit to help stimulate her and ease with any pain she may be having in her ass. As he did so, another girl knelt over him and began to suck his cock to help keep it hard and wet for when the time came to fuck that tight ass. The girl working the vibrator in her ass moaned over and over as I licked and sucked her clit and wet little pussy. She worked the toy deeper and deeper into her ass, losing her inhibitions and fear with every inch that squeezed inside her tiny virgin ass. Finally she eased the vibrator out of her ass and let it fall to the bed.

"I'm ready, baby. It's ready now. Come take my ass and fuck it."

Wasting not a minute, Papi released his mouth from its attachment on her pussy as pulled the mouth sucking off of his cock. He readied himself behind her; the head of his cock knocking on her back door before he sunk it slow and steadily as far as it could go. Papi knew that he had to slowly work it in because otherwise he may just hurt her as her asshole tried to return to its naturally tight condition. She gasped as the base of his cock hit her now stretched asshole and was met by his own gasp of relief to finally be position to take her ass fully. Papi gripped her hips and pulled them to meet his cock as he dipped in and out of her harder and faster with each stroke. She moaned for him to fuck her ass and to keep fucking her ass. He asked her if it still hurt but she moaned that now it felt so good and different than being fucked in her vagina. Those words had barely left her mouth before she was once again begging Papi to fuck her tiny ass and fill it with his cum. As Papi fucked the girl, one of his hands reached around and rubbed her clit as he tightly clutched her bony hip with the other, bruising her tender flesh with his fingers.

Soon Papi was beginning to cum from the tightness of her ass and the moans wailing from her mouth. He feverishly fucked her, his orgasm building faster and harder with each lunge into her ass until his cock sank in as deep as it could, reaching for more as he shot squirt after squirt of his cum into the bowels of her ass. The girl was having an orgasm as well from the combination her pussy pushed in tight circles against his hand and fingers and his cock slamming into her ass. He pumped every last drop of cum that he had in him as she coated his hand the sweet pussy juices that squirted out from her spasming pussy. After wiping his hand off on the bed sheet already drenched in pussy juice, Papi pulled his tired cock from her ass, his semen following it before running down her ass crack to the bottom of her pussy where it dripped down to join pussy juices on the bed below.

He kissed each of the girls and excused himself for a quick shower, thanking them for such a great time. He explained that he wanted to try to get back to his hotel room before his wife woke up. Those that weren't still entwined thanked him and told him it was no big deal. It was quite obvious that they were not anywhere near finished. Papi hurried back to the hotel room where he found me napping in the bed. He went into the bathroom, showered and threw on a bathroom, coming back into the room only to find me up, sitting naked at the table, eating and smiling up at him.

"Hi Papi. How goes it? Did you have fun? I'm dying to find out what their surprise was for you," I said, tilting my head up for him to kiss me, which he did.

"Could I order up some breakfast for myself? I'm starving. I promise that I'll tell you all about it over breakfast."

"Sure," I replied. "The food is good and the service is excellent," I said, smiling from ear to ear

"Oh it is? How so?" Papi asked curiously.

"It just was," I said.

"Well, good. You know how I hate it when service is slow and I have to wait."

"Yes Papi, I know how you hate that, but as I said the service was excellent," I said, giggling and smirking as I resumed eating.

"Ok. I will take your word for it," I said, chuckling back even though I was still not getting the meaning of your obvious inside joke about the room service.

Papi called down and ordered something to eat and 15 minutes later, there was a knock was at the door, followed by a voice yelling room service. He opened the door and had the boy bring in the food, watching the expression on his face as he asked how my meal had been. I smiled and said it was great. Papi told him that, in fact, you couldn't tell him enough just how excellent his service had been. He just looked at me and blushed, anxiously rubbing his hands together. It was now becoming apparent to Papi what my earlier comment about the service had been about. Tipping the embarrassed boy, Papi excused him and sent him on his way, sending me an understanding smile.

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