tagFetishVacation in Humiliation Ch. 01 - The Realization

Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 01 - The Realization


I wake up to the sound of footsteps on a concrete surface. Groggily, I lift myself up from the mattress I'm on and look around the room... at first, it's very dark, but then grows gradually lighter as my eyes adjust and some of my grogginess goes away due to a new sense of alertness and fright. The room is very plain, it has a concrete floor, concrete walls, a window with bars, and what seems to be a wooden ceiling with a plain light bulb hanging from the center. There is a single metal door without a handle on one of the walls. In many places in the walls, floor, and ceiling there are various metal hooks and loops scattered about the room.

I see Missy on another mattress next to me, I reach over and shake her gently to wake her up. "Missy... Missy... wake up"

She groggily begins to wake up too "Wha... Whats going on?"

"I don't know Missy... we're in some kind of cell I think"

"... a cell?" She opens her eyes. "Wait, where are we?!?!"

"I Don't know... are we under arrest? did we break a law or something?"

"I can't imagine what!" Missy is getting visibly upset now.

"Isn't there some kind of rule about women covering certain parts of their bodies in this part of the world?"

"I don't know!!"

"Well you're the one interested in other countries! Didn't you do any research before we came over here?"

"YEAH! But I focused more on the major cities we would be visiting and Europe! not each little town on the way!" Missy seems to be getting quite hysterical now

"Calm down Missy, I'm sure this is just some big misunderstanding, we'll talk to the police in a few minutes I'm sure."

We waited in our cell for what felt like hours, but with no way to tell, it could have just been half an hour. We looked out the window, and could see a large city below, whether we were still in Gaza or not, we didn't know.

Eventually we could hear footsteps approaching the door. Two Arab-looking men come in with large rifles on their backs. They begin speaking to us, we can't tell what they are saying of course, there is no way to know, but they seem to want us to come with them. We walk out of the room and down several long hallways; as we walk we can slowly hear the sound of a large crowd growing louder and louder.

Eventually we come to a large room, the size of perhaps half a football field. From the way we enter, we are on a raised platform which runs the length of the room about 4 feet high like a stage. From the stage there are two large catwalks that run parallel to one another that end in large circles near the middle of the room. On the floor of the room stands a crowd of men all talking amongst themselves excitedly as if they are waiting on a concert to start or something. The air here is cool, and a breeze seems to blow through the building like a brisk spring morning.

Missy and I look at each other puzzled, the men that brought us here suddenly become more aggressive and they push Missy over to one of the catwalks and me the other. I then feel the man push me from behind, forcing me to walk down the catwalk. As I slowly walk past, the men on either side stare at me, eyeing me like I am there to entertain them somehow. I nervously look over at Missy... she is looking over at me with a very worried look on her face.

We stop at the center of the circle, and the man with me signals someone at a control panel in the back of the room, a chain begins to lower from the ceiling above each of us, with a long black bar attached. When it gets to just a foot above my head it stops. At this distance I can see that there are small metal rings on either side of the bar. The man with me grabs my arms, I try to struggle, and I can see that Missy is doing the same with her opponent, but he pulls out a pair of handcuffs and he easily manages to overpower me and cuff me to the bars so my arms are spread above my head.

Someone from the crowd then hands the man another black bar with more handcuffs on it; to which he uses to cuff my ankles and spread my feet. I struggle hard to get out of my restraints, but the cuffs are too tight, I look over to Missy, and she appears to have given up, and is standing there sobbing. The men working with us walk away for a few minutes. While they are gone, the men on the ground look at me like I'm a piece of meat, Several of them position their heads over the platform and look up my skirt. I try to close my legs, but the bar prevents me from doing so.

"No! Stop! Don't Look at me!" I shout at them.

I try to kick at them, but my arm restraints keep me near the middle of the platform and the men laugh at me. An announcer comes out in the middle of the stage and addresses the crowd with a mic and PA system, then points to a desk near the back of the room. Several men immediately go to the desk, a small crowd gathers around it.

The man that brought me out starts back down the catwalk towards me. He walks behind me and puts his hands on the sides of my stomach. He lifts up my shirt to just below my breasts and shows my stomach to the crowd. "No!..." I try twisting from side to side and try to pull my limbs out of the handcuffs... "Not in front of all of these people! NO! NO STOP!!" I begin to cry. He puts my shirt back down, holds my body tightly against his, and grabs my breasts through my shirt and bra. He aggressively squeezes and kneads my breasts and pinches my nipples. I can't help but think about my fantasy with Josh, I start to blush and feel hot when I realize that my "aggression fantasy" is coming true.

He backs off me suddenly, and stays behind me where I can't see him. After a few seconds I can feel him tugging at the back of my shirt. I can feel the cold open air slowly blowing up my back as my shirt tears straight up my back, then a tear up the back of my right arm, and the left until the cloth is hanging loosely on me as would a bed sheet.

"Please no... nobody has ever seen..."

What's left of my shirt is quickly ripped away and thrown into the crowd. The cold air in the room blows against my skin, it feels like I was just thrown naked out into the snow. I look down at all of the men on the ground, they stare at me, yell incoherently, and rub their genitals in anticipation.

The man walks in front of me and I see that he has a knife in his hand which he no doubt used to cut my shirt off. He puts the knife back in a holster in his belt, and walks up to me. He places his hands on my hips and rubs the bulge of his dick under my skirt and against my panties.

"NO!" I cry as I try to jerk away from him, but he pulls me closer to him and rubs harder. "Please... stop..." I say softly as I continue crying. I can't get away from this man. He has me exactly where he wants me, and there is nothing I can do about it at all. I stop trying to squirm and let him rub on me for another minute until he is tired. He then grasps the zipper to my skirt on my right hip. "NO!" I jerk my hips to get it out of his hands.

He wraps his right hand around me and hikes up my skirt in the back and grabs my butt cheeks, then pushes his middle finger between my cheeks pushing my panties up with it, and me into his bulge. I am paralyzed, I clench my cheeks together really hard to keep him from pushing his finger up any farther. After a few seconds, my skirt suddenly falls down. He was distracting me, he TRICKED me to get my skirt off.

He knows his ploy worked and he laughs at me as he releases his grasp on me and throws my skirt into the crowd. As he throws each piece of clothing off the stage, I get the feeling that I won't be seeing them ever again. I look over at Missy again, she is stamping her feet and thrashing about. Only her shirt is missing, her opponent must be taking his time.

I suddenly see myself from above in 3rd person spread so openly with just a bra, panties, and socks surrounded by a whole room full of seemingly sex hungry men. I look so vulnerable, so small and helpless to what is going on around me. This is just a nightmare right? Right?... I am brought back again when I feel the clasp on my bra being undone from behind. Then both of the straps are cut and it is left dangling on me. Without support my breasts lower so they are just visible below the scraps of fabric that used to be my bra.

The man walks back in front of me again and looks me up and down. He reaches down and pulls the rim of my panties toward him, then looks down at my privates. "STOP!" I begin to sob. He chuckles at me and quickly uses his knife to cut the sides off my panties. With one hand on my bra, and one on my panties, he quickly rips them both off at once leaving me completely naked except for my socks. Then he throws both back into the crowd.

He takes a few steps back and kneels down to look at my pussy. He looks up into my weeping face, stands up again and walks next to me. He puts his hand to my chin and makes me look him in the eyes. He points down at my pussy with his other hand and shakes his head disapprovingly, then walks back stage. I look around, and I see all of the men staring at me. My breasts, my ass, my pussy, all of them totally spread and in the open. My nipples were hard from the brisk, cool breeze. I've never let any man see me before. Not since I was a little girl and didn't know any better, and now, hundreds of men can all see me, all at once! This is the most embarrassing moment of my life!

A few of the spectators lift themselves up onto the stage and grab my feet. The touch of their hands on my skin is so offensive to me, I have to kick them off. I keep trying to kick their hands off my ankles, and more just seem to reach out and grab me. After a few minutes they give up in mocking laughter.

I see the man that took my clothes off walking back out to me. What could he have been unhappy about? I don't understand. In one of his hands he brought a bucket of liquid. As he walked toward me, he grins at me. He kneels down in front of me, sets down the bucket, and reaches out for my pussy slowly. I back up as far as I can until I am on my tiptoes trying to get away from his grasp. When I can't back up anymore, his hand catches up to me, and he cups my whole pussy with his hand.

I have never felt another person's touch on my pussy before. His hands are cold and abrasive, and yet as offensive as his hand is, the fact that nobody can see my pussy anymore is comforting. He rubs his palm up and down against my clit which makes me instinctively push back against his hand. I close my eyes for a moment. "no... no..." I whimper "stop...".

He then takes his hand away, I open my eyes again and see him reach down into the bucket. I relax again, I am starting to ignore the crowd around me. When he pulls his hand back out, he has a sponge full of hot soapy water. He grabs my ass again and holds me close to him. With the sponge, he soaps up my entire pussy, and then he pulls a razor out of his pocket. He holds the razor in front of my face and stares me down as if to say "Don't Move or this will hurt". Slowly he begins to shave all of the hair off my virgin pussy. This is the most gentle thing he has done with me so far. It feels so strange in contrast to the sharp, forceful movements he has used on me so far.

I look over at Missy, it appears her show has caught up to mine, as they were in the middle of the same thing. The man continued until my pussy was completely bald, I hold as still as I can for fear that I might be cut if I move. After he finishes, he then pulls a lock out of his pocket and fixes a ring in the middle of my leg bar to a ring on the floor so I can't back up or go forward anymore. The air doesn't seem so cold anymore... maybe I am just getting used to it, or maybe all of the hot sweaty people in the room have heated the air. Either way, I am more worried about what they are planning on doing with me next now.

As he walks backstage I can hear another chain lowering behind me, but I can't turn around to see what it is because of the lock on the leg bar. The man walks back out quickly with a long cart about waist high. He places the cart directly in front of me, then walks over to my left side and disconnects the bar separating my arms from the chain on the ceiling. He violently pulls the bar down on the table and fixes it to the opposite end of the table, so that I am forced to bend over it.

My whole body slams quickly against the metallic table. It's so cold! The air may not feel cold anymore, but I feel like I was thrown out naked into the snow all over again! My tiny breasts smash against the table, and my nipples harden again. After a few seconds the table begins to warm from my body heat. I can see part of my slutty reflection in the smooth metal; my face, still with makeup on from last night, and my naked, open chest, and the tops of my little breasts. Why is this happening?

I feel the man's hand place between my butt cheeks and separate them. He then places a cold wet finger right in the middle on my asshole. My eyes widen as I scream "NO!! I'VE NEVER HAD ANYTHING IN THERE BEFORE! DON'T!" I hear him laugh as he presses against my hole. I cry as I try to tightly hold my hole closed. He quickly grows tired of trying to push his way in, and he begins spanking me, hard, really, really hard! 1... 2... 3... 4 slaps! It stings so bad, I cry softly to myself. I know what he wants, but I still don't want to give it to him. He tries to push his finger in again, but I still won't let him. It's so gross, I can't let him do that!

He gives up pushing his way in again. He is clearly angry this time, and spanks me even harder! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! I can not hardly stand the pain this time. I sob loudly and scream each time his hand lands on my ass cheek. When he tries to force his way in again, I tried to relax. I can feel his slippery finger going in. His fingernail nicks the inside of my asshole once and I cringe, but then concentrate on relaxing again. As he slowly wiggles his finger in, I can feel my hole tightening and loosening around it, pulsing over and over, trying to expel his finger. Finally he seems to get it all the way in, and he starts thrusting it in and out. It feels so weird and gross, like I was pooping over and over and over or something. I try to squeeze my hole again to make him stop, but it's no use. He's in now, and I can do nothing but lie there and wait for him to be finished. He eventually takes his finger out after just a moment of penetrating me.

A few seconds later, I feel a new, cold, hard object against my asshole. I know what will happen if I don't let it in, so I try to relax again, but this pokes and snags more than his finger and I tense up a few times. "UNH! Nuh! noo...". I lift my head up and try to look behind me. I suddenly become aware of the crowd again, and lock eyes with a couple of them accidentally. I can't believe all of these people are watching this guy put stuff up my ass! I put my head down again and crying softly to myself as he gets whatever it was he is trying to put in, all the way in.

I am laying there, naked, on this table, in front of hundreds of sex hungry men, with something up my ass, and... I can't close my ass! There's something still holding it open! My hole feels warm, and as I lay there wondering what is going to happen next, I realize that my ass hole is getting hotter! Yes, it's almost burning now! My stomach starts gurgling, and I suddenly realize what is going on. "NOOOO!" I cry! I try to squirm away but it's no use, my restraints are just as sturdy as they were before, and the more I try to push away, the more difficult it is for me to keep my feet on the ground. I feel a sharp pain as my insides make another loud gurgling sound. "Uuuuh!" I cry out. I am paralyzed, every move I make seems to make it hurt more!

I try to push the hose out, but the man is holding it in place a few inches away so I can't push it out.

"Stop! NO!" I plead with him. "NO!... NO! Let me out! I'll do anything! Just get that out of me!" I beg him.

I try to squirm and shake my way out, but nothing helps. So I give up and just lay there, feeling the hot liquid rush into my body. My hole feels like it's on fire, and I need to get to a bathroom like now! I squeeze tightly around the hose to make sure I don't accidentally let any squirt out, but as each second goes by, it gets more difficult.

After just a minute, the man pulls the nozzle out of my ass. I suddenly feel empty without it, and squeeze hard to make sure my hole is tightly closed. I can feel the pressure continuing to build up, and I feel like I need to find a toilet or I'm going to explode! The man then quickly shoves something else back in. It takes me by surprise, but it's smooth, and non-abrasive so it doesn't snag. However, it's much wider, and it locks in place after he got it all the way in. It helps to have something to squeeze my muscles against, but it still feels disgusting, and horribly embarrassing! I pull at my restraints again... surely this has to be a nightmare or something. Before today I had never even put a finger in my pussy, and now I just let this random guy stick his finger up my ass and give me an enema? No way this can really be happening...

He then cups my pussy from behind with his hand again and rubs my now hairless cunt. The whole lower half of my body is throbbing with pain, discomfort, and heat. He starts to focus on my clit, and I notice that I am getting really wet from all of the abuse.

Why am I getting aroused by being raped? Am I secretly a slut who likes this sort of thing? I look over at Missy again for the first time in a while. She is bent over a table too; I can't tell what stage of the process they are in. When she looks at me, she has tears swelling up in her eyes. I'm not sure if I've ever seen her so upset. Then the man behind her does something that makes her yell and look away suddenly.

After a moment, I feel him pull back my skin and touch my clit directly. I squirm and squirm to get away, but can't, he has me tightly in his grasp, and although I can't stand it, there is nothing I can do about it at all. I suddenly feel a small vibrating sensation on the bottom of my pussy, it slowly gets more and more intense, and he begins moving it up near my clit. When he almost has it there, he stands up, does something behind me, and I can feel something cold between my thighs. He moves the vibration onto my clit and holds it there. I squirm and squirm trying to get away from it, but it is so hot, and so intense, I have never felt this before but, whatever it is, I can't hold it in! My heart starts racing, my whole body starts convulsing, and my pussy feels so amazing, but also so numb at the same time! For the first time ever, I think I am coming! I am spasming so hard that I can't focus on holding my ass muscles, and whatever the man put in there to hold the water in, he pulls out just as I start convulsing.

There is nothing I can do! My whole body tightens, and I feel amazing, then it loosens for a second, and I spray a huge gush of water from my ass! Then I tighten again! My body loosens for a second time, and I can feel big, soft chunks spraying quickly out my ass hole! My body uncontrollably spasms over and over again, and when it's finally over, I've shat out a ton of water, and what felt like a hundred chunks of diarrhea! I lay there on the table, trying to get my senses back, still convulsing and oozing small chunks from my ass for what seemed like an eternity. When I finally catch my breath and come to my senses, I lift my head up and look around to realize what had happened.

Hundreds of men just watched me crap myself in a moment of super private pleasure. I can't believe what had just happened, I lay my head back down on the table panting, my hot sweaty body now exhausted. I am now completely humiliated... how can my life go on after a humiliation like this? How can I ever face my parents, or Josh, or even my friends ever again after they find out all of this has happened to me?

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