tagFetishVacation in Humiliation Ch. 05 - Private Sessions

Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 05 - Private Sessions


Missy and I eat lunch sitting on the edge of our mattresses. After a couple of hours, we hear footsteps and something heavy on wheels rolling down the hallway towards our door.

Three men walk in through the door. The two stagemen that work with us are both carrying various amounts of handcuffs and rope. The third man I recognize. It's the CIA agent from yesterday. I want to say something, but know that I need to wait.

Missy and I stand up, the stagehands push us out of the way and re-position the mattresses so they are end to end. They then stand up and each of them grabs one of us. My stageman gets behind me and tightly holds my wrists behind my back while Missy's forces her to the ground on her back on the mattress. He grabs her arm, and Missy kicks him hard in the chest. He staggers back, but then jumps back on her and angrily smacks her cheeks several times. Missy manages to push him off again, he stands up and pulls a pistol from his belt.

He points it straight at her head. "NO!" I scream. My stagehand puts his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. Missy stops resisting, and he grabs her limbs one by one and ties them to the corners of the mattress. She is now spread completely open on the mattress.

My stageman forces me to the ground next and places my head under Missy's skirt with my arms under her legs, the top of my head just inches from her pussy. He ties my limbs down in the same spread position. The two stagemen talk with the agent for a moment before leaving and locking the door behind them.

The man immediately starts in a whisper "Kaitlyn and Melissa Holebrook?" he asks.

"Yes?" I say, not really able to see him because of Missy's skirt.

"Like I said yesterday I'm here to get you girls out of here. I'm working on a plan to get you out in about a week in another private session. It's too hard to explain right now, but there are a lot of moving pieces to this plan, and they won't line up until next week."

"So you're really going to get us out of here?" Missy says.

"Yes! of course!" He replies.

"Where are we?" She asks.

"We're in Gaza still, several kilometers away from where they picked you up."

"What is this place?"

"The CIA simply calls it "The Show", and we've been trying get evidence on this Mr. "M" for months now. You girls could be the ones to really stop him."

There is pounding on the door, and a man says something loudly through the door in Arabic. The agent yells something back.

"I can't talk any longer, I have to act like a normal client, but be ready."

After a minute of rustling, the man kneels down with his knees on either side of my armpits. I hear the snaps slowly come undone on Katie's skirt, and he slowly lifts the fabric off of my face, and then out from under her. As he lifts it off my eyes, I immediately see the man's huge pulsing cock and balls hovering just inches above my face.

He leans back and takes hold of his dick in one hand and points it towards my mouth. I keep my mouth closed... could this guy who is supposed to be freeing us really be demanding I put his dick in my mouth right now? I guess this is part of his cover. He smacks my cheeks with his cock to let me know he disapproves.

I open my mouth, and he quickly stuffs it with his huge member. It pushes all the way back to the back of my throat and stops. I barely have half of it in my mouth. I want to bite down so bad and make him take it out, but I know that it might hurt our chances of escaping, so I try to lie still. He then lets out a loud grunt and starts to slowly push his dick farther back into my throat until its starting to go down the back.

I cough and gag on the huge foreign object and he lifts up a little before coming down again. He begins to start a rhythm, sliding it in and out, I struggle to keep from gagging each time he goes down. A minute later he pulls all of the way out and leans forward. I position my head to look behind me, and I can see the head of his penis with the lips of Missy's pussy around it.

He pushes in slowly and I can hear Missy moan loudly "Uuuhhhh! No!" she cries. The man keeps pushing until his dick is all the way in her, then starts a rhythm, in and out. I lay there helpless, watching my cousin get screwed just inches away from my eyes, unable to do anything. I watch his long, thick cock plunge into her again and again, and his balls smack against her over and over again. The man slowly increases his speed over the next minute until he finally lets out a loud grunt and sigh of relief. He then sits back onto my chest and breathes heavily for a minute.

I look down at his huge cock, still dripping cum onto my chest. Is this the man that is going to get us out of here? I wonder. Is he really on our side after that? He stands back up and gets dressed. Before leaving he looks down at us and whispers "Next week... be ready."

He opens the door and walks out.

"Are you alright Missy?" I ask

"That man just raped me Katie." I can hear her crying.

Before I can get another word in, the door swings open again and the two stagemen walk back in again. One of them has a large plastic dome which he fixes to the floor, and the other a spreader bar and a pair of handcuffs.

I am the first to be untied, but they quickly grab me and lay me on the dome face up. My body is made to stretch over the dome, and my arms and legs are tied down really tightly to the edges. My legs are spread really wide this time, and I can barely see whats in front of me unless I strain to lift my head to my chest.

I manage to look forward long enough to see Missy kneeling in front of me again with her hands cuffed behind her back. They are fixing the spreader bar to the floor so she can't move around.

The stagemen leave, and another man walks in. I can't tell what nationality the man is, I don't recognize it at all. After the stagemen leave, the man quickly undresses. His dick isn't as big as the agent's, but he looks a lot more excited about the whole thing.

He pulls a small bag out from his clothes, and then pulls out two clamps. With one quick motion, he jerks Missy's shirt off of her, then he pulls the clamps open, and clamps them onto Missy's nipples. "Owww!" she whines. She tries to struggle, but they only hurt her more as they bounce up and down. "Not again Katie... ... I don't want to lick you again!"

The man pulls a ball gag out of his bag and puts it around my head. I try to resist opening my mouth for it, but he holds my nostrils shut until I open for him. I then watch him pull a bottle of liquid out of his bag. He squirts some on his fingers, rubs it in, and kneels down in front of me. He pulls off my shirt and skirt. I am naked again... and there is one man in the room with me. He can do whatever he wants with me now and I can't stop it. He can see my whole body. My tiny breasts, my quivering little pussy, my ass. What is he going to do to me?

I didn't have to wait long to find out, he pulls a black rubber plug from his bag next. He squirts more of the liquid on it, and puts the tip to my butt cheeks. I can feel him slowly, forcefully pushing it in. Its much different than before. The angle isn't good, and it hurts a lot. He goes so slowly, it feels like I'm being torn apart. "NNNNNN!!" I moan, and try at my restraints, but I can't do anything. Suddenly the thick part slips in, and the small part locks into place. "NNN!!" He takes his hand away and the plug stays in place.

I can't close my asshole again. I hate this feeling. I am not in control of my own body. This man can hold it open for as long as he wants now, and I can't even tell him that I don't like it.

The man pushes his fingers into my pussy. Missy tries to look away, but the man reaches out and slaps her and makes it clear to her that he wants her to watch. He then begins to slowly milk me like the man had earlier today. He occasionally spits on and rubs my clit with his other hand. The wet, sloppy feeling is so disgusting, but so fulfilling at the same time. I can hear a disgusting lapping sound coming from my pussy with every thrust of his hand, and I can feel myself building to an orgasm already. He steadily increases his speed, and leans in to lick at my little clit. With every motion of his hand, I can feel the plug rubbing against the inside of my ass.

Its too much for me to handle, I try to hold it back, but I am held so tightly in place, there is no escape. I cum hard, my body tries to thrust into the air, and I shake violently, unable to lift myself off of the dome. The man pulls his fingers out, and I squirt a small white streams of liquid out of my pussy, onto the ground in front of Missy. "NNNNNNNNNN!!" I try to scream, but the sound is muffled and barely audible.

After I stop spasming, I feel the mans fingers thrust into me again, he keeps milking me, and I can feel it quickly build up again "NNNNNNN!!" I try desperately at my restraints, pulling them and thrashing about, but there is no way out. I scream through the entire orgasm as I feel wave after wave of pleasure rolling through my stretched body.

When my body finally relaxes, I look up to see Missy staring at my quivering pussy. The man is standing behind her holding her head. Missy is crying, she knows what he is going to make her do next.

He pushes her forward onto me. Her breasts cushion the blow and smash up against the plastic. The nipple clamps no doubt sting when they touch the plastic. "UHH!!" Missy cries out. I can then feel the man pressing her head into my pussy. "No! No no!" she cries. He then pushes her head against my pussy and holds it there so she can't breathe. After a few seconds he lets up. Missy gasps for breath, but still refuses to lick me.

The man then holds her against me again, for longer this time, she struggles, and her features wiggle against my clit and lips. He doesn't let her up until I'm sure she almost passes out.

"I'm sorry Katie" I hear her say. All I can do is moan back at her. She starts to lick my lips slowly.

The man takes a few steps back and sits on one of the mattresses stroking himself while watching us.

Missy starts to lick my clit occasionally, small flashes of pleasure shoot through my body. I flinch every time her tongue gets near it. "MMMMNNHHH!" I moan. I can feel another orgasm building, much slower this time. I can feel her pushing deeper and deeper between my lips with her tongue. I lay my head back and shut my eyes so I can't see her. Maybe if I can't see her I won't get so hot. No such luck. She tries sticking her tongue into my hole. Its not very deep, but very thick. I can feel her straining, and her tongue sliding in and out. Its hot, and so wet. I can feel a bead of her saliva roll down from my lips to my plugged asshole. "nnnnnn!" I moan as I move my hips side to side.

Missy then wraps her lips around my clit and starts to flick it with her tongue. I tense up at the feeling, I try to pull at my restraints hard, but they still don't budge. Every time I try to move my body I can feel the plug inside me.

"NNNN!" I start trying to thrash about again, but I'm held down too tightly, its not even a challenge for her to keep flicking my little clit this time. I try to hold it back, I don't want to cum from my cousin licking me, its so wrong. But she's too good with her little tongue. I start to convulse and scream out as waves of pleasure wash over me.

Missy stops licking me as I being to calm down. She rests her head against my thigh, and we both exhaustedly look over to our spectator to see if he is satisfied. He gets up, grabs the bottle of liquid, lathers up his dick, and kneels down behind Missy. "NO!" I hear her cry "Not in my butt! Please Don't!"

She starts crying again and moaning in pain. The man pushes her head against my pussy, forcing her to lick it again while she takes it in the ass. I was so tender from orgasming just a few seconds ago. It feels numb, but super sensitive. Every little motion makes me twitch, and my body naturally tries to avoid her attempts, though she isn't doing as well this time.

I hear the man grunt loudly, as he no doubt releases his load into Missy's ass. "Noo!" she cries and struggles to get free from him, but he holds her hips tightly and presses against her to keep it in. After a few moments, he gets up, puts his clothes on, and leaves without saying a word to us, or taking off any of his toys he had left on us.

I can hear Missy sobbing loudly now, she moved her face over to my thigh again. I want to comfort her, but I'm unable to speak from the gag. I can't stand the plug anymore, I try to push it out, but its very stubborn. I'm not in a good position, and it feels like I'm pooping. Suddenly, a thought crosses my mind as I can feel it approaching the threshold, what if I accidentally press too hard and poop myself while Missy is on me? The thought paralyzes me... I clench my muscles again to make sure I don't lose the plug.

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