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Vacation Instruction


As arranged, a courier delivers an envelope to your work shortly before closing. Thanking the courier you return to your desk and open the envelope. Inside you find the address and key to the holiday cabin where you plan to spend the weekend. You pack up your desk and leave. You are soon on the freeway.

As you make your way up the drive you are pleased, the holiday cabin is charming, with dark green ivy tracing the windows. The chimney pumps out smoke indicating it will be warmer inside. Taking a quick glance at the dashboard clock shows that you are slightly early.

Once inside you remove your coat and stoke the fire. When it begins to crackle you look towards the dining table. Amidst the numerous flowers is a violet envelope. Inside, as arranged, are your instructions. You open the envelope. A card falls out and you read the calligraphic script.

Dearest, Make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a drink and take a seat place the wine, cheese and glasses on the table. Light the candles Drape the silk and satin scarves over the chair. Wear the clothes hanging in the cupboard. Find the next instruction.

You arrange the glasses and candles. Removing your clothes you open the cupboard. You pull on the sheer black stockings and move the attached garter belt around your waist. Putting on the black lace bra you look for underpants. Finding none in the cupboard you look in the drawer. Inside you find make-up and a note but no underwear. Assuming this to be intentional you smile and begin lacing up the corset. Lacing up the straps on the satin top you feel your breasts push above the smooth fabric and harden your nipples. You wrap the silver collar around your long throat, and smile. You open the next note.

Dearest When you are dressed accordingly reapply your lips and eyes. Sit down again and have some wine. Go to the fireplace and warm yourself. Feel the heat play on your exposed vagina. As it warms you, touch yourself until you are damp. Take some of the moisture and smear it around your neck and temples. Then your breasts and nipples. Kneel facing the chair with your arms resting on the arm chair When the clock strikes nine you will be fully prepared Pour more wine into both glasses.

You follow the instructions to the letter. The table is prepared, as are you.

You are ready a couple of minutes early. Taking a drink you then take a deep breath. You start to have slight doubts You know you agreed to this weekend and all that you discussed may or may not happen. You tremble a little, though the fire is making the room quite warm You refer to the note again.

Take the scarf from under the seat. Tie it over your eyes. All that remains to be done is for you to lick and moisten your lips. Part them and wait.

You shrug and smile. You feel beneath the seat, find the scarf and tie it above your eyes. In darkness you quickly notice that you feel completely vulnerable. You feel a slight trickle on your thigh and you smile. You hear footsteps and notice shadows moving outside. Quickly you pull the scarf over your eyes and take position at the front of the chair. Still kneeling you raise yourself up and lean forward. You remember the last instruction on the note. You decide to continue. You close your shielded eyes and part your lips.

And wait. For what seems like hours… but is only about ten minutes.

You hear the key turning in the lock. He arrives. You sense him lean toward you. You smile as he lovingly, lustfully and appreciatively kisses your forehead. He takes a drink and then places the glass in your hand and watches as you raise it to your lips. He sits in the wooden armchair. He moves and you feel his bare legs standing against your flushed cheeks. He takes the glass from your hand and waits. You open your mouth again. You kneel forward as he sits in front, legs widening. Placing your hands on his belt you begin unbuckling and unzipping. You feel your bum first tighten and then relax as he smoothes his palm over your exposed bum. As you loosen the pants your Master greets you. You gaze up at the oversized glistening, throbbing cock; your Master. Your insides thrill, as you taste the precum your Master provides. Sir guides your head towards and you begin to lick the head. He holds your head gently but firmly as He enters your mouth a little deeper.

His open palm explores your lips. He pats your clitoris as you give the bulging head a firm suck. He dabs a drop of saliva on his fingers and presses your nipple. It hardens and he squeezes the firm bud tightly before working on the other. All your remaining senses are heightened with the absence of sight. You can smell him and sense the flicker of candles beneath your shielded eyes.

You feel hands on your buttocks before he begins a slow methodical, continual light spanking of your bum. You now feel a growing dampness of your inner thighs as his rhythm quickens and you feel your Master push between your lips. Your palms cup the firming balls below and your tongue feels a further expansion as he grazes your teeth. He pinches your nipples; your moan is muffled by your full mouth and straining lips. His groans, taking deep breaths, pace is quickening, balls tense and firm in your hands. He knows u will come any second. It takes all His willpower to extract His throbbing cock from her soaking grasping cunt.

Taking his fingers from your reddened tightened nipples, he gestures you back. He rises and leans forward to kiss you. The subtle aroma of your cunt smell on your neck further arouses him. The deep and frantic kisses further smear the lipstick around your mouth. He gazes at your flushed cheeks and tousled hair. He desperately wants to see your eyes and so removes the scarf. You blink even though the room is dark. He falls into your eyes for a long moment…and smiles. You return the smile, your eyes dancing in the candlelight. He then reapplies the scarf. You are then laid down in front of the fire. Using the poker on the smoking logs he adds wood and the fire blazes. Your whole body is soon heated and sweat begins to form under your arms. Handing you a pair of lace underpants he ingeniously apologizes for forgetting to include them in the cupboard and encourages you to try them on. The white lace sticks as soon as you put them on, as you are already dampened. He notices and traces his fingers over your lips and clitoris as they suggestively protrude out from the way too small panties.

He positions you above a bed of cushions with extra cushions beneath. This pushes your hips up towards him as he leans over and pulls your wet pants down a few inches. Marveling at the sight of your offering. His cock twitches.

Your ankles are bound to the bedpost He tightens his grip on the pants and they pull your legs together tightly. He licks your legs and begins to eat you. Your hard clitoris warms to the attention and he sucks deeply on it and continues to enlarge your lips. His cock is now inches from your pussy. It wet cunt somehow senses its Master is close; the lush cunt lips part in anticipation for its possession. Master throbs in anticipation of being encased in the wet blushing sheath.

He smiles broadly, teeth bared………..’Not so fast lil cunt, do not fret, you will be filled…eventually’

His hands reach up and encircle yours. He takes a scarf and ties your wrists together. They rest together just above. He tells you to touch your vagina as he places his tongue in you. As you reach a frantic stage he takes the scarf that is around your bound hands with his teeth and places them aside. Taking your cunt lips within his mouth he sucks deeply. He drinks of you. You feel the wave coming over. When you are almost there and clinging to his hair he slows and stops and laps at you playfully. He moves behind you. You open further as he enters you. Your clitoris is aflame as he works it with his hand.

He asks if you need more. You gasp and nods, shaking your hair, sweat flies into and singes as it hits the still raging fire. You ask to be fucked again as he withdraws and waits. You sweat and gyrate your hips toward him. He makes little teasing movements. ‘Fuck me’, you moan. You are entered. Then he stops. Again you ask. Again, deeper. Again. He doesn’t move. 'Fuck me', you moan plaintively, on the brink. This exercise is performed until she learns. He says that you like to beg. You agree that you do if that will make him let you come.

You are collapsed. spread forward over the cushions and floor. You blink at the light as he removes the scarf from your eyes. You grab clumsily as he pushes a note into your still bound hands. You look at the parchment wrapped in red ribbon. Taking off the ribbon you sense greater attention given to your raw clitoris and shiver as he moves further in. You are full. He is resting completely in, firm but still. You read the parchment.

six ways to beg

fuck your whore make her scream more Master fuck my cunt fuck your cunt make your slut come

You use these encouragements and are fucked harder and deeper at every wish. You come deeply and repeatedly. He holds you tighter and fills you. It causes you to shudder again. You cry out and then you both rest. He attaches your leash to the wooden bedpost. He pats you and you purr, and then sleep. He lies opposite you, holds your legs. His cock rests at your face, a gift for when you wake.

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