tagLesbian SexVacation! Pt. 01

Vacation! Pt. 01


We flew to the nearest, decent-size city, which has to remain nameless. Sorry about that.

We were in the back of a limo from the airport to the hotel. I was kind of leaning onto Blue's lap...kissing her as though I was having her mouth for dinner...my pussy throbbing harder and getting wetter by the second!

Blue had both hands on my ass, squeezing it hard, one finger teasing me between my ass cheeks...fuck, that feels so good! I was breathless against her lips...

"Ooooooooohhhhhh...Blue...my pretty baby...you cannot fuck my ass, here...you KNOW that makes me cum like hell...my dress will be soaked!"

I guess this is where I tell you what I was wearing: a loose fitting little skirt with no panties. I NEVER wear tight skirts and dresses. My skirts barely cover my pussy and about a third of my tanned ass shows. This makes Blue insanely hot for me...she always wants me to dress just as fucking slutty as I want to...and I don't hold back.

Blue looked DAMN good...she was wearing a very well-cut women's tux with a long jacket and no tails and a gorgeous, lacy, fitted white shirt which had a breathtaking contrast with her black hair.

At my urging...that shirt was unbuttoned to below her cleavage.

Oh...my...goodness! She looked good enough to eat...

In public, we hold onto each other...I'm always so proud to be seen with her. She holds onto me and takes possession of me...showing the world I belong to her. THAT makes me horny beyond belief...my pussy gets so wet when she does that!

Why? I don't know why. I don't suppose "why" matters.

I was also wearing a lacy little top that draped down over my breasts and covered most of my tummy, along with six-inch "fuck me" heels.

At that particular time...in the limo...I was savagely kissing my pretty Blue, fucking her mouth with my tongue...my hand inside her pants with my finger inside the sweetest pussy in the world, softly massaging her g-spot...

...Blue had a firm grip on my hair, pulling it hard and was already screaming into my hot mouth...her pussy muscles were gripping my finger and her juices were oozing freely into my hand...her body was shaking harder and harder...her ass was raised off the seat...

Oh yeah...my baby was going to have a very hard fucking orgasm any second...Blue pulled my hair real hard and screamed!


Blue fucked her tongue down my throat and her body went fucking insane...she came so hard, the limo was rocking...

When her body collapsed down onto the seat, I gently withdrew my finger from her pussy and sucked on it, giving Blue my "innocent" look.

"My sweet Blue, ya better put yourself back together. You know your fucking agent filled that hotel lobby with photographers and fans."

"Oh no...you know I hate that!"

"We'll discuss that fuckup with him. Too late for this time, though. It's okay, baby. I'll get you through it."

We arrived at the hotel, and Blue was doing better than I thought she would. "Okay, baby. You get out of this car with a million dollar smile on your face and keep it there until we get on the elevator."

"I think I can handle that...I think I can smile."

I leaned to her and spoke against her lips. "Why do you think I fucked you? So you would smile. Now, let me see that smile."

Blue did smile with her pretty blue eyes twinkling.

"There ya go! Now, don't forget, we have to stop in front of the photographers...they'll want pictures of you."

We got out of the car and went inside, holding hands, with me sort of leading her. Sure enough, there they were...photographers...fortunately, behind a ropeline and calling out to Blue so she would look at them for pictures.

Apparently, they didn't think she would stop for them. "Blue! Hello Blue! You look very nice today! A few photos please, Blue?"

I stopped us right in front of them and whispered to Blue, "It's okay, baby. You'll give them 5-10 seconds, then we'll move on. I'll be right over here."

I moved over about five steps and back a bit. This was all for Blue...she's worked for this...she's earned this. I was so proud of her!

After about eight seconds, I went over, took her hand and started to walk away.

I guess the photographers weren't quite finished. "You two are a sweet couple! Will you kiss for us please? Please Blue?"

Blue and I looked at each other...she gathered me into her arms and I held her...we kissed each other with her holding me tight, showing the world that I belong to her...taking possession of me.

Good thing, too. My skirt already left a third of my darkly-tanned ass not covered...and her holding me made it a little shorter...

Oh...FUCK...that made me hot as hell...I could feel my pussy getting wet right there...

We waved to them and moved on to a group of Blue's fans...most of them wanting her autograph on this or that or one of her books. Blue made sure each one of them got her attention.

I stood behind her with my hand in her back pocket, my pussy still throbbing from the sexual thrill I get when Blue shows me off and claims me as hers...

...there was a breeze blowing through the lobby and my hot little dress was blowing around a little...I could feel my pussy pulsating...I could feel my juices starting to soak my already-swollen outer lips.

How much longer would Blue take here? My juices would, very soon, be dripping down my inner thighs. I don't mind showing my ass in public with a nice dress, but my inner thighs shimmering-wet from my juices? Not so good...

...With my hand in Blue's back pocket, I poked her butt with my finger. She got the message. We each blew kisses and waved goodbye to her fans and got on the penthouse elevator. It goes straight to the penthouse without stopping...

...so, I backed against the elevator door and pulled Blue against me, holding her ass real tight. I kissed her hard, then spoke hotly against her lips, knowing I could drive her out of her mind.

"Oh...fuck...you made your baby sooooooo wet, Blue..."

I took one of her fingers and slid it up one of my silky-smooth inner thighs...I held that finger and spread my sweet juices on her lips...Blue kissed me again, then got on her knees between my legs...she started licking my inner thighs...sucking my skin...my clit was already sooooooooo swollen and hot...Blue's tongue slid across it, then she pulled it with her lips...I gripped her hair and SCREAMED LIKE HELL!!

Then, something happened that we hadn't quite counted on...and before you think it, it wasn't the elevator door opening with a lot people standing there. Remember, the elevator is a non-stop to the top.


I'll continue this in part two. Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


Copyright 2015 Sunny Johansen

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