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Vacation Switch-a-roo


The crack of another beer made Jim smile. He was on the beach in Mexico enjoying the mid-day sun and a refreshing beverage. Even better he was there with his wife and two couples of their friends. Jim and his wife Hannah and their friends were all in their thirties. They were old enough to have the means to afford to have a good time but young enough to know how to have a good time. The last few days had been nothing short of perfect. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere relaxing and unlike some trips with groups of people everyone had got along.

Coming with Jim and Hannah were Jim's old high school friends Jerry and his wife Linda. Jim had known Jerry since middle school and they were great friends. Although there had been times when Jim and Jerry did not see each other for months or years at a time, they always seemed to be able to pick up where they had left off. Angie and Roger were a different story altogether. Angie was a friend of Linda but she and her husband were more acquaintances really than friends to Jim and Hannah and they had mostly been invited just to fill in the need for a three bedroom condo.

Jim took in the scene around him. At the condo pool he saw strangers enjoying the sun by swimming or snoozing on a lounge chair. He saw the grounds crew scurrying around trimming hedges, emptying towel bins, pouring drinks, and going about their business. He sipped his beer and his stomach growled. Having skipped breakfast in favor of bloody mary's and Mimosas and piled numerous beers on top of it, Jim's stomach had decided it had enough.

"Hey babe?" he questioned his wife lying next to him. "You hungry?"

"Yeah, I am. Drunk too," she giggled. "We better get everyone in to eat. We sure don't want to be out in the sun all day with all booze and no food."

Always practical, Hannah was predictable but reasonably fun. Somewhat matronly, she took care of those around at all costs. Even at the cost of herself. Unselfish in all respects she was typically the one cooking, mending wounds, or talking through emotional issues with her friends and family. This resulted in her being somewhat reserved in the bedroom. Although Jim was taken care of there seemed to be something missing. Jim would never get around her but he had hoped one day an opportunity to liven things up would present itself.

"Hey you guys," Jim shouted across the courtyard. "We're gonna run up stairs and get lunch. You wanna come along?"

Jerry replied in agreement. He and Linda followed Jim and Hannah upstairs. As Jim turned up the staircase he saw that Roger and Angie were not far behind. Jerry unlocked the door and walked into the cool air-conditioned room. The beads of sweat on his neck and back instantly cooled and sent a chill through his body. Buzzing pretty good from the alcohol and lack of food he jumped right into a bag of chips. Hannah began preparing sandwiches while Jerry and Linda sat and snuggled on the couch.

Always the more open of the three couples Jerry and Linda were very sexual and didn't care who knew it. Playful wrestling, necking, ear nibbling, and subtle groping were not out of the ordinary. Jim snuck a peek at the two just as Jerry had landed a series of kisses on Linda's neck. He whispered something into her ear and she blushed. As she shied away, Jerry took her ear lobe into his mouth and nibbled. Linda replied with an audible moan. She was very sensitive in those areas. Jerry knew that and exploited it. Jim was fixated on the situation. He had developed a voyeuristic fetish sometime ago but due to Hannah's conservative attitude in the bedroom he was unable to engage in it. He watched has Jerry slipped a hand into Linda's bathing suit. She playfully slapped him away and kissed him again.

"Sandwiches are ready," Linda said piercing the silence of the room.

Startled, Jim jumped a bit. He glanced quickly at his wife to see if she had noticed his peeking at the show on the couch and she had not. Immediately following, Roger and Angie came in. Everyone sat at the table in the dining area and began eating. The conversation revolved around the events of the trip and plans for the day. They debated on whether to take in some local sites and shops, continuing lying by the pool or something else.

"I have an idea," Jerry offered. "Why don't we stay in?"

"Come on dude," Roger protested. "You're in Mexico on vacation. Let's go see something we've never seen before."

"Why can't we see that here?" Jerry replied mischievously.

The others looked at him with curiosity.

"Come on," he said. "We've been friends for a while. We've been here all week running around in our bathing suits. You girls have had your tits hanging out all week and we guys have been practically showing off our packages in these swim trunks. Let's have some fun."

The others, mouths agape, stared way in embarrassment. Collectively they all wondered, I wonder what he's gonna do? Jerry reached for the nearest napkin and a pen. He tore it into three pieces. On each he wrote the names of all the guys in the room and placed them into a bowl.

"Alright here's the deal," Jerry offered. "On each of these is the name of one of us boys. Each of you girls will draw a name and he's your partner. You can do whatever you want but you have to do it in the living room in front of everyone else. Deal?"

Linda was the first to respond. "I'm in!"

"Hell, why not," Angie agreed.

Jim looked at Hannah. Blushing she looked down.

"Well, I guess," she replied.

"Great!" exclaimed Jerry. "You boys okay with this?"

Roger and Jim nodded in agreement.

"Alright then, Angie you're first."

Angie reached into the bowl, pulled a slip of napkin out, opened it and smile.

"I got Jerry," she said blushing.

"You haven't yet," he said smiling coyly. "Hannah, have at it!"

Hannah got up and walked nervously around the table. Hands shaking she reached into the bowl. She clasped her slip tightly and walked back to her seat. She sat down and whispered to her husband Jim.

"I hope I get you," she said quietly.

Still shaking, her hands opened the napkin and found Roger's name inside.

"Well looks like I get Roger," she said disappointedly. Hannah had never been with another man and this was far out of her comfort zone. She had wanted her husband but was somewhat curious about others. She took a look at Roger. He was short but stocky. He had a very well defined upper body and judging by the way his shorts clung to his package, he appeared to be adequately endowed.

"Okay," Jim said. "Looks like it's me and Linda then," he said winking in her direction. "I'm gonna pour everyone some drinks to loosen us up. Babe," he said to Hannah, "you wanna queue up a naughty movie? It might help."

"Sure," she replied.

The couples went to the spacious living room of the condo they had rented for the weekend. Somewhat nervous, each person sat next to their spouse. Linda returned and put a DVD into the player and sat next to Jim.

Minutes passed and the liquor flowed. As time wore on, the alcohol took its affect and inhibitions with it. Jim's mind wandered to an ex-girlfriend. Thinking that she was the last girl he'd been with since his wife, he became intrigued by the thought of experimenting with Linda. It had been so long since he'd tasted or smelled another woman. It had been well over a decade since he'd felt another woman's moisture surround his cock. He looked at each of his friends in the room. Eyes turned to the television he saw the man and woman on film. Wrapped in a passionate embrace Jim saw the man take her into his mouth. Kissing her lips with the highest of respect, he moved up and down paying attention to every inch of her. He plunged his tongue inside of her to her delight. With long strokes he ran his tongue up and down her now completely wet pussy. The man in the video stopped to focus on her clit. Short fervent licks brought her to orgasm. Her screams of pleasure brought Jim back to the real world and he had decided it was time.

Jim got up from his seat and walked towards Linda. His heart pounding in his chest, he felt the white hot stares of his wife and his friends. He held out his hand to help her up from her seat next to her husband Jerry. She glanced at Jerry for a brief moment to ask for permission. His smile conveyed approval and she took Jim's hand with a smile. Taking his cue, Jerry looked to Angie and waved her in his direction. She got up from her seat and moved next to Jerry. Hannah took in the scene around her. Her husband was holding another woman, Jerry was kissing Angie, and Roger stared at her longingly. Finally her curiosity overrode her nerves and she walked in Roger's direction. Anxiously she sat down.

"I'm nervous," she confessed. "I've never been with another man."

"No worries about that. We'll take it slow," Roger reassured. "Besides, look at the fun they're having!"

Jim and Linda were standing. Jim pulled her onto him and rested his chest against her breasts. He smiled as he felt her chest heave with each breath. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her onto his mouth. Linda's eyes closed as their lips met forcefully and they kissed. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue to explore. Obliging her request, Jim darted his tongue into her mouth and found her own. They tangled into a passionate knot. He could feel her warm breath escaping. His hands wandered around her body. He rubbed his hands up and down her exposed back. Her two piece bathing suit left little to the imagination and that little was about to be known. Running his fingertips up and down the length of her back he continued kissing her. He pulled away from her mouth and planted wet open-mouthed kisses up and down her neck. He reached the top and went for the ears. He nibbled Linda's earlobes and she responded with a moan and a shiver.

Feeling his nibble and hearing his breath forced the warmth to her pubic region. The pressure built and she moistened. Very sensitive to this touch she pulled him closer. She could feel his hardness pressing against her and took his cock into her hands. Many times she had imagined it but only now had she held it. Jim gasped with surprise. They met eyes and smiled. Going back in for a kiss he reached inside the top of her bathing suit and found her breasts. Gently cupping them he felt the goosebumps spread over her body. He tweaked her nipple and watched as her knees buckled. He caught her in his arms before she fell. He untied the strings of her top from around her neck and her breasts spilled out in front of him. Wasting no time he took one into his mouth. He sucked hard to erect the nipple. Jim flicked it with his tongue and alternated sucks and nibbles.

"Boy you're good at that," Linda said breathlessly. "I'm so hot right now. I wanna fuck you so badly."

"Well," Jim replied between sucks, "we'll get to that shortly. Before that, I want your mouth on my cock."

As Jim continued to fondle and nip on Linda's breasts Jerry and Angie had progressed even further. Angie had removed his trunks and sat him on the couch. She reached in and kissed him while taking his engorged manhood into her hand. Jerry moaned as she stroked him up and down. She squeezed tightly as she kissed him and teased his tongue with her own. He pace quickened and he hardened. She smiled mischievously as Jerry closed his eyes in pleasure.

"Can I suck it," she asked. "I've imagined running my lips down it all week. I have to have you in my mouth."

"You can as long as I get to fuck you afterwards," Jerry replied. "I want that pussy of yours."

Angie stood in front of him and removed her bathing suit. Her small and tight body in front of him, Jerry's dick sprung to life. Already as hard as he could be his cock jumped trying desperately to grow larger. Marveling at his size, Angie thought that she couldn't wait to feel him inside her. She imagined it filling her and rubbing the inside of her soaking wet pussy as she rode up and down the shaft. She imagined feeling the head pushing against her g-spot. Her pussy pulsed at the thought and she felt warm moisture trickle from her pussy. Never had she been more aroused.

Jerry took in the sight of his imagination fulfilled. He'd fantasized many times about his wife's friend but now he knew. It was better than he could imagine and she was about to suck his dick. Wasting no time, Angie kissed the tip of his cock. Rimming the head with her tongue she sent Jerry into a spiral of pleasure that could only end in cumming. His cock jumped again as she took him into her mouth. Undeterred by his larger than average length she took the entirety of him. Jerry's eyes widened in surprise. He felt her warm breath around him and her moist lips moving up and down his shaft. She quickened her pace and shortened her depth. She squeezed the remaining length of his shaft and continued to suck. She sucked hard creating pressure between his cock and her mouth.

"Oh yeah," Jerry responded. "Keep doing that. I'm gonna cum!"

Jerry's cock exploded with ecstasy. He pulsed over and over as Angie continued stroking. She felt his warm load spurt into her mouth. She slowed her pace and took in his cum. As he finished she pulled away and swallowed. She licked each drop as it dribbled from his cock and smiled. Jerry panted as he came down from his pleasure high and looked around him.

Roger and Hannah had moved into different territory. Jerry saw Roger's head between Hannah's legs as he pleasured her orally while she sat on the loveseat. Hannah's head tilted back and she bucked against Roger's face. She pressed herself into him as he explored her opening with his tongue. He traced around the outside and ever so often pushed inside of her. Her legs, now on his shoulders bent and twisted in ecstasy. She felt every lick up and down her slit. She loved the feel of his flat and wide tongue as it trod a path from bottom to top. Roger stopped and paid special attention to her clit. Pulling back the hood with his fingers he laid his tongue right on top of it and pressed. Shockwaves of pleasure burst through her clit and traveled through her body. Her back arched as she came and she shouted.

"Fuuuuuck!" she exclaimed. "Oh god that's amazing."

As Roger lapped up the rewards of his work Jim and Linda had started work of their own. Linda sat on the couch Jim facing here. She fondled his testicles a bit licking a sucking on each side of his shaven sack. She took each on into her mouth while stroking up and down his now fully erect cock. She licked from his testicles all the way to the tip and back down again. Over and over again she licked the length of his shaft teasing. Finally she reached the top and took only his head into her mouth. Inside, she ran her tongue around the ridges and gently sucked.

"Oh come on," Jim begged. "Just suck it. Come on. I need to be in your mouth. I need you. Please!"

Hearing him beg was nearly enough to send her over the edge but she gathered herself and lowered her lips down his cock. He pulsed as he entered her mouth. Her warm mouth surrounded him and he let himself go. He gave into her and she continued to take him. She bobbed up and down on as much of his cock as she could take. Her nails dug into his legs as she grasped for something on which to brace herself. Jim's body retreated in shock but returned in pleasure. He'd always liked a little pain with pleasure. His breathing increased as he neared an eminent orgasm. His muscles clenched until finally he ignited into a series of eruptions. He emptied himself into her as she continued to stroke up and down his manhood. She milked every drop from him and pulled. She smiled, looked him in the eye, and swallowed every bit of what he had given her. Linda had worked hard for it and wasn't about to give up an of it.

Having been lost in his own pleasure Jim was surprised to look across the room and see his wife Hannah's ass in the air. Bent over the back of the loveseat, she wiggled her ass in the air and smiled at Roger seductively. Now comfortable with the situation she wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity to experience someone else.

"You know how it tastes," She said seductively. "Now how about you sink that big rod of yours into this pussy?"

Smiling in agreement Roger took his cock into his hand and inserted only the head to tease. He wiggled against the inside of her and marveled at her moisture.

"Don't tease it, fuck it!" Hannah begged.

Without further production Roger plunged into her. He sank all nine of his inches into her.

"Uh!" Hannah shouted. "You're so big! I wasn't expecting that. Now I'm dyin' for it. Give it to me!"

Roger obliged. He braced himself using the arm of the loveseat and pulled out of Hannah his entire length and sunk himself in again. Hannah moaned as his length rubbed her inside. She had never felt such a full sensation and she loved it. Growing warmer and wetter by the second she lost herself in the pleasure. With each entry she anticipated fullness and was granted the feeling over and over again. Roger was amazed at how wet Hannah was. She felt good. Almost like the first time he fucked at all. Her warmth surrounded his cock. Her smoothness engulfed him and sent shivers of pleasure up his cock, through his pubic bone, and up his spine. He leaned forward to get a more direct angle and continued forcing himself into Hannah's wet and aching hole. As he leaned forward into her ear he whispered.

"You like my cock? Are you gonna cum for me?" he asked.

"You keep fucking me like that and I'll cum for sure!" Hannah exclaimed.

Roger quickened his pace. Still taking long strokes, he moved in and out of her with great speed. Surprised, Hannah gasped. She reached underneath herself and found her amply engorged clit. She pressed on it and moaned in pleasure. She pressed again and began rubbing. Her clit spasmed in reaction and her pussy contracted around Roger's incoming cock. She kept rubbing as Roger pounded in and out of her. She grew warm from the waste down and began growing what felt like the largest orgasm ever. Rubbing faster and faster, she felt tightness within that had never been there before. Finally her release drew near. The pressure built behind her clit and moved to her pussy. Roger, still pounding away felt her contractions begin. Over and over again they griped his cock with a mighty force. He began his own orgasm and griped his hands into her side as he shot jets of hot cum into her. Hannah felt the rush and screamed in ecstasy.

"Oh yes!" She shouted. "fuck me, fuck me!"

As she began cumming Roger pulled out of her and watched as the muscles of her pussy clinched again and again. Then it happened. Hannah's body flashed and a white hot heat penetrated her throughout. A contraction like none other squeezed her pussy so tightly that a fountain of liquid sprayed from deep inside. Roger gazed in amazement at what he had created.

"A squirter!" he thought. "Never been there before."

Hannah just as surprised sank into the loveseat with her mouth agape. Embarrassed, she hid her face in her hands.

"That's never happened before," she mumbled between her fingers.

Roger smiled. "Sure is hot though, nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, look at Jerry and Angie," he said pointing.

Angie had mounted Jerry facing him. She rocked her hips back and forth grinding herself onto his rock-hard cock. Jerry responded by fondling her tight and perky breasts and kissing them. Angie leaned backwards to get more momentum and increase her speed. She rubbed up against him feeling the friction of his cock on her clit. She threw her head back in ecstasy.

"Oh yeah!" she shouted. "That feels soooo good."

Jerry nodded in agreement and said, "It sure does but let's switch!"

Using his strength he pulled Angie off of him and placed her on the couch next to him. Placing his arm behind her back, he pulled her to the edge and entered her. Going deeper that they had before, Angie smiled in excitement. Jerry pulled her even close and began moving in and out of her. Passionately he kissed her. Angie's pussy throbbed as she felt both his tongue in her mouth and his cock fucking her. She clinched her self around him as he pulled out and released as he came in. Over and over again he buried himself inside of her. He felt her warmth envelope him. He smiled as he thought of all the times he'd imagined this. His imagination, however, didn't feel nearly as good. He broke away from his thoughts and glanced towards his wife and Jim.

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