tagGroup SexVacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 01

Vacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 01


Sean and Jennifer had been friends with Lisa and Mike for years. They got along really well and even took vacations together. Sean had always thought Lisa was attractive and loved to sneak glances at her body when she wasn't looking. Whenever they went to a place where they wore bathing suits, Lisa always wore a tiny bikini and Sean would stare at her tits. They were large and jiggled when she walked. He liked when she bent over because her tits would swing back and forth. He wanted to hold and lick them so bad! He also liked to stare at her pussy when her bathing suit was wet and the material would cling to her lips. The material was thin, and he could see that her pussy was shaved. The material would settle into the folds of her pussy lips and accentuate every detail of her lovely snatch. She may as well have been naked!

Over the years they went on several vacations together. And the entire time, Sean thought he was the only one in lust. Then, on a trip to Hawaii, he noticed that Mike was sneaking glances at his wife, Jennifer. Jennifer had a great body too. Her boobs were big and firm, and her nipples were easily aroused, always poking out. She also had nice, long legs and a great ass which guys would always stare at.

Jennifer seemed to be oblivious to all of the attention she got. But Sean saw their stares and knew they wanted to fuck her. Sean didn't mind. In fact it turned him on. He often fantasized about watching Jennifer take another man's cock into her mouth and pussy. The thought of seeing her spread her legs, while some guy slipped a big cock into her pussy, made Sean's dick hard. When he noticed that Mike was sneaking glances at Jennifer's body, he saw that Mike's dick was starting to get hard in his bathing suit. As his cock began to swell, Mike rolled over onto his stomach, but turned his head in such a way that he could stare right between Jennifer's legs at the thin piece of material covering her pussy. Sean saw this, smiled and turned his attention back to Lisa.

So, there they were, sitting by a pool in Hawaii, both girls talking to each other, apparently oblivious to the fact that their husbands were staring at each other's wife and fantasizing about fucking her.

That night, Sean and Jennifer were lying in bed when Jennifer said "Lisa has a really nice body, doesn't she?" Not sure where she was going with this, Sean merely said "Uh huh." Jennifer then rolled over on her side and pressed her boobs against Sean's back. Her tits were very warm and he could feel that her nipples were hard. He could tell that she was turned on. He knew that his wife had always wanted to be with another woman. So he began to wonder if she was hot for Lisa too.

He asked, "Do you want to touch her tits?" Jennifer voice became husky and she whispered "Yes I do. And I know that you do too."

Sean wasn't surprised she knew this. Jennifer was a very secure woman and a very cool wife. They had always been very open about their fantasies and had talked about having sex with other people.

Sean then asked "Did you notice that Mike was staring at your tits today?"

Jennifer responded, "Today, yesterday, last week, last year. He's been staring at my tits and ass since the day we met."

Sean was surprised when she said this and asked, "Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"Because it's harmless. He always does it when he thinks I'm not looking. It's kind of cute. Especially when he starts to get a hard on."

Sean just had to chuckle. All this time he thought she was unaware of guys staring at her, but she knew all along. He wondered if Lisa knew when he stared at her.

No sooner had he thought this when Jennifer said, "Lisa and I crack up at you two! You're like a couple of junior high boys sneaking peaks."

Busted! She did know! Thought Sean. He just had to laugh.

He asked, "What do you think of Mike?"

"He's nice", Jennifer responded coyly.

"That's not what I mean."

Sean and Jennifer had recently found out that a couple they knew in Colorado had tried their first swinging experience and really enjoyed it. They had even asked Sean and Jennifer if they wanted to try it with them. At first they didn't know what to think. But over time, they had warmed up to the idea and know were excited to try, but hadn't yet had the chance since they lived so far away.

Sensing what Sean was really asking, Jennifer said, "Are you asking if I'd like to fuck him?"


"Yes, I would love to suck his cock and fuck him. Would it turn you on to see that?"

"Yes, very much."

Sean then asked, "Do you ever talk about sex with Lisa?"

"Not too much. I think we both want to, but are afraid we might say the wrong thing."

Sean then asked, "Do you want to see if they'd be willing to try swinging with us?"

Jennifer thought about it and said "I don't know. We've never mentioned the subject in front of them. I really don't want to lose their friendship."

Sean had an idea which might work. He suggested that the next time they were together and had had a few drinks, he would tell them about their swinger friends in Colorado (who Lisa and Mike didn't know). He and Jennifer would then wait for their reaction. If they immediately condemned it, they would know not to go any further. However, if they seemed open to it and wanted to know more, he and Jennifer would see how far they could push it. Jennifer thought it might work. So they agreed to try it.

The next night, they went out to dinner and had a few drinks. Afterward, they all went back to Sean and Jennifer's room and were sitting around talking. The conversation turned to stories about other friends and Sean mentioned the names of their friends in Colorado. To which Jennifer said, "Oh you mean our swinger friends?" Then she and Sean waited for the reaction.

Lisa looked at Jennifer and said "You have swinger friends?"

Jennifer responded, "Yes, we just found out last month."

Lisa then asked "How do you feel about that?"

Jennifer replied "I have no problem with it. If it makes them happy, more power to them!"

She then asked Lisa, "What do you think about that?"

Lisa replied, "I feel the same way."

She and Mike then started asking all kinds of questions: "Who do they swing with?" "Do they ever get jealous?" What have they done with other people?"

It was then that Sean and Jennifer knew that they may just be able to pull this off.

Sean talked about their friends and how they were very secure in their relationship and had always talked about their fantasies, one of which was watching each other with someone else. He explained that their friends met some swingers who introduced them to the lifestyle and how they had gone to their house and swapped partners.

Mike and Lisa were fascinated and wanted to know every detail. How was it the first time? How many times had they done this? Did the girls touch each other? The boys? Did the girls try two at once? Jennifer answered all of the questions in detail.

Finally, after Lisa and Mike had stopped asking questions, Jennifer dropped the final bomb. She said, "They asked us if we wanted to try it the next time we visited them." Lisa's mouth dropped open and she whispered, "Are you going to do it?"

Now, they were at the point of no return. Should she and Sean admit they were willing to try it? Mike and Lisa's seemed open to it and interest and the hadn't said anything negative.

Jennifer decided to take the leap and said "Yes." Then she held her breath.

Mike and Lisa looked at each other, then Lisa said, "We've always talked about wanting to try it too. But never knew anyone we trusted enough." Now Sean and Jennifer knew they were close.

Jennifer said, "We were in the same boat. We didn't like the idea of total strangers. And we didn't know anyone who had tried it until our friends. But they're having such a good time with it. And we're very comfortable around them. So, we thought it was the perfect situation to try it out."

Lisa looked at Mike who looked back at her and nodded slightly. She then looked down at her lap and asked shyly, "Would you be willing to try it with anyone else?"

To which Jennifer asked, "Who did you have in mind?"

Lisa responded, "How about us?"

Bingo! Thought Jennifer. Then she said, "Absolutely."

As soon as Jennifer said "Absolutely", there was a moment of awkward silence. No one seemed to know what to do next. Sean wasn't sure they would get this far, but had come up with a plan in case they had.

He looked at Jennifer and asked, "Do you want to play the 5 minute game?" Jennifer had no idea what he was talking about, but knew it had something to do with their plan. So she said, "Sounds good!"

Lisa asked, "What's the 5 minute game?"

Sean explained: "Before you start the 5 minute game, everyone picks someone in the group who gets to decide who does what to whom. This person is the master of the game for one hour. Then, he or she asks everyone what is off-limits for them. For example, Jennifer may say 'No anal sex'. Lisa may say 'No spanking', etc. This goes on until everyone knows each other's boundaries. This part of the game is important because if someone doesn't list something as off-limits during that period, later in the game, they have to do whatever the master says that's not on their list for at least five minutes. Those are the rules, and everyone has to abide by them or else the game won't work."

Sean could tell that everyone's mind was racing with the possibilities of where this could lead. He looked around and asked, "Do you want to try it?"

Mike nodded, now openly staring at Jennifer's tits.

Lisa licked her lips and whispered "Yes."

Jennifer looked down at the bulge in MIke's pants and said "Let's do it!"

Lisa asked, "Ok, how do we pick the first master of the game?"

Sean replied, "We can elect someone or pick names out of a hat."

Mike said, "You seem to know the most. Why don't you be the first master?" Both girls agreed with this.

"O.k, I'll be the first master. Now I will ask if there is anything that is off-limits. Lisa, you first."

Lisa could barley speak. She was so turned on! Her pussy was already very wet. She loved the idea of surrendering herself to someone else, the complete lack of control. Now she could be made to do things that she had always wanted to, but dared not admit, all under the rules of the game!

She looked into Sean's eyes and slowly shook her head. Nothing was off-limits.

Sean knew what this meant. Lisa was completely his and willing to do anything! His dick was now so hard it hurt.

He looked at Mike. "How about you?"

Mike said, "None that I can think of."

Sean then looked at his wife. Wondering what she would say. Jennifer looked at him and said. "No limits here."

Out of the corner of his eye, Sean could see Mike unconsciously rubbing his dick.

Jennifer then asked Sean, "How about you?"

Sean thought about this for a moment. Everyone else had left themselves at the mercy of the master, so he might as well do the same. He replied "I'm all in too." Lisa and Jennifer smiled at this double entendre.

Sean then said, "Ok then, let's get started."

"Lisa and Jennifer, take off each other's tops."

The men could see the looks on their wives' faces and could see that they were very turned on by this.

The girls stood up and faced each other. Both were nervous. Jennifer's hands trembled as she reached over and pulled up Lisa's blouse. Lisa was not wearing a bra and her boobs fell free. Lisa's nipples were hard, and her breathing was rapid and shallow.

Both men watched, mesmerized. Neither could remember seeing their wives so utterly turned on. Lisa closed her eyes and moaned softly. She was topless in front of her friends and knew that everyone was staring at her breasts. This really turned her on!

Then Sean said three words which made the girls' heart race: "Suck them, Jennifer"

Jennifer almost had an orgasm right then! She had always wanted to do this, and now she could without a care. After all, she had to follow the rules, didn't she?

Jennifer reached out and held Lisa's warm breasts in her hands. They were so soft! She gently squeezed them and rubbed her fingers over Lisa's nipples. She then started to lightly kiss them, slowly working her way toward the nipples. When her lips touched one of Lisa's nipples, she felt her quiver. Jennifer opened her mouth and took Lisa's nipple inside. The skin was warm and soft. She sucked it and rolled the nipple along her tongue. Lisa began to gyrate her hips a little.

Jennifer continued to suck and feel Lisa's tits for some time. Lisa was totally into it. She was moaning and pushing Jennifer's head into her boobs. Both girls were so lost in the moment, they didn't even hear Sean when he said their five minutes was up. He finally had to tap Jennifer on the shoulder and whisper into her ear, "Lisa's turn."

When Jennifer stopped, Lisa opened her eyes halfway and looked like she had come out of a trance. She had a sleepy, dreamy look. Mike had never seen that look in her eyes. She had really gotten into it!

Jennifer stood up and Lisa stepped toward her. Lisa slowly pulled Jennifer's top up. She wasn't wearing a bra either, and her breasts just kind of spilled out and bounced on her chest. She was very proud of them. They were real beauties, large and full, but still firm and nicely shaped. She saw both men staring at them and felt her nipples grow hard. Lisa stepped closer and rubbed her tits against Jennifer's. They could feel their nipples rubbing together, then the warm, silky skin of their breasts. They did this for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation.

Lisa didn't have to wait for the master to tell her what to do. She immediately went to work on Jennifer's nipples.

Jennifer couldn't believe how different it was having a woman suck and feel her tits. It was much softer and more sensual. Lisa's hands and mouth were soft and gentle. She knew just how much pressure and suction to apply and knew where to lick and how to flick her tongue against Jennifer's nipples. She also knew where to slide her hands and stroke along the sides of Jennifer's boobs. Jennifer felt her excitement rising and knew she was going to have an orgasm. She felt the familiar feeling that was like rushing toward the edge of a waterfall, then felt herself go over the edge and surrendered herself to the sensation. She felt waves of warmth surging through her body as the muscles deep inside of her contracted with the powerful orgasm. Her pussy was dripping wet and she moaned loudly as Lisa continued to suck her nipple deeply into her mouth.

The men just stared. It was almost too much. Seeing each other's wives' tits was exciting. But seeing their wives sucking and feeling each other's tits was incredible!

Sean then said, "Ok girls, take off the rest of your clothes."

Both girls didn't hesitate. Jennifer stepped in front of the men and pulled off her jeans to reveal a white thong, which was dripping wet with her juices. She slowly pulled it down to reveal her nice little shaved pussy. As she slipped the thong off, she kicked it away and stood with her legs apart so that the men could get a good view. Her pussy lips were open slightly and wet with juice. Her skin was smooth and totally hairless. Having her friends stare at her naked body in front of her husband thrilled her.

Lisa was wearing tight jeans which really showed off her legs. As she pulled them down, her legs were slowly revealed in all of their glory. They were long, tan, and slender. She stepped out of her pants and knew that everyone was waiting for her to show her pussy. It made her nervous and excited at the same time. She slowly pulled down her thong and revealed her shaved pussy. Once she was totally naked, she sat down on the couch, facing the others, and spread her legs so that they could see everything! Her pussy was so wet, the juices were dripping from her lips.

Sean told Jennifer to go and sit next to Lisa. She nervously walked over and sat next to her friend. Lisa draped her leg over Jennifer's. Sean then told them to rub their pussies. Both girls were so nervous, they thought their hearts were going to beat right out of their chests! They started to finger their clits and rub their pussies.

Sean then told them to kiss.

The girls looked at each other, closed their eyes and leaned in . . .

Neither of them had ever been so excited in their lives. As soon as they touched tongues, it felt like a jolt of electricity shot through their bodies. The feeling was indescribable. Here they were, totally naked in front of their husbands, touching and kissing each other. It was almost too much to handle.

Lisa started to rub Jennifer's pussy, and Sean now knew they were ready for anything.

He told Lisa, "I want you to lick Jennifer's pussy."

Lisa hesitated for a moment and looked at Jennifer. Jennifer knew she was nervous so she crooked her finger, beckoning Lisa. Lisa dropped to her hands and knees and crawled between Jennifer's legs. As she moved, Sean stared at her tits as they swung back and forth. He could hardly wait to touch them.

When Lisa face was inches from Jennifer's pussy, she looked up. Jennifer nodded, closed her eyes, and leaned her head back.

Lisa had never done anything like this before! So she wasn't sure what to do. She leaned in and gently kissed the inside of Jennifer's thighs, then slowly worked her way closer and closer to Jennifer's pussy. When she got there, she lightly kissed her pussy lips. Jennifer moaned. Lisa then started to lick the lips ever so lightly, and worked her tongue into Jennifer's slit. Jennifer's juices tasted good.

She slipped her tongue in deeper and deeper until it was all the way inside of Jennifer. Lisa could not believe she had her tongue inside of another woman!

Both men stared at this scene. Here was Jennfer, naked and spread-eagled on the couch with Lisa kneeling between her legs and eating out her pussy. Jennifer started to moan and Lisa felt her pussy begin to squeeze her probing tongue. When she came, her juices flowed onto Lisa's tongue. Lisa kept licking Jennifer's clit and pussy, making Jennifer's orgasm go on and on.

When it was over, Jennifer looked down at Lisa and caressed her hair. She had never felt oral sex like that before. There was definitely something about a woman's touch. She knew that she wanted to do this again. Sean surely wouldn't mind!

Sean told Jennifer that it was her turn to get Lisa off. So, they switched positions. Jennifer didn't hesitate for a second and immediately went down on Lisa.

Lisa could not believe how soft Jennifer's tongue felt. It was like a feather lightly flicking against her pussy. It felt so good! The feeling of having her girlfriend eat her pussy while their husbands stared at their naked bodies was incredible.

Jennifer licked and kissed Lisa's clit and pussy lips, then slipped her tongue inside. The inside of Lisa's pussy was so warm and soft. The skin inside felt like silk.

As Jennifer was licking Lisa's pussy, both men sat there with huge hardons, staring with disbelief. Here were their wives, totally naked, with Lisa spread-eagle on the couch and Jennifer kneeling between her legs, eating out her pussy.

Jennifer's ass and pussy were directly in front of the men, and they had a great view of them both. Her pussy lips were slightly parted and glistening with her juices.

To be continued . . .

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