tagNovels and NovellasVacation Time Ch. 01

Vacation Time Ch. 01


Sighing happily as I stepped onto the dock, I glanced around, feeling the sun bake my cool skin in my low-cut dress as the cool breeze fluttered it around the tops of my thighs and my long black hair whispered around my waist. I was glad that I had decided on my bright pink flip-flops as the dock swayed slightly. My lips curved as I surveyed the women around me, my competition, I felt like a goddess at that moment. Plump women in their 40's with sagging tits and no embarrassment of their aging flesh as they moved around in their skimpy bathing suits. Then there was little 'ole me barely in my 20's with my luscious breasts still perky and full on a slim and toned body that I kept hidden behind my thin dress.

Women really should leave some things to the imagination, I thought to myself as I began to stroll up the ramp towards the ship, my hips rolling invitingly, knowing that all those men's eyes were on my firm ass that I worked so hard to maintain, while their wives were glaring as I pretended that my laugh was for the little sea otter splashing under the dock before I reached the ship, instantly surrounded by attendants that were barely able to keep their eyes off of my teasing cleavage. I picked one that was tall and broad of shoulder with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes; even that horrid red and blue uniform looked good on that body of his. I licked my lips as my eyes drifted from his bottom to his left hand. Not my type after all, letting my eyes shift to the sparkling blue water, anxious now to get to my room and luggage to change.

My eyes caught the site of a man and a woman into a room up ahead, the woman was homely and I didn't look at her twice, but that man was worth a look. My attendant, Scott I think his name was, stopped at the door next to the couple, I smiled briefly at him and went to step in the door, pausing to look as if I had just noticed the two others near me. I pasted a friendly smile on my face, making sure that my body would be outlined nicely in the sun, my dress would be sheer to their eyes and my body would be outlined perfectly.

"Why hello there!" As they turned towards me, my smile widened just a bit more as I got to see that face all angles and hard planes with deep brown eyes bordering on black, a cleft chin, and that shadow of a beard that just spoke of a bad, bad man that needed to be pleased. My eyes drifted quickly over the body, noticing that he must be well built by the strain across the shoulders of his shirt, the slimness of his waist and the tightness through the thighs of his jeans. Very nice indeed, a wicked little voice spoke inside of me as I strengthened my southern drawl making sure that my smile looked like it was for both of them, "Y'all must be as excited as I am to finally be getting this cruise under way!"

I saw the woman's mouth pucker slightly as she saw me, obviously the sun was doing its job, before she pasted on a fake smile, "Yes, of course we are, and we'd better get changed if we want a spot on that sun deck..."

Her message was obvious, but I still kept my warm and friendly attitude in place, "Of course, of course, I didn't mean to delay you! Y'all have fun and I'll catch ya around some time!"

The wife, judging from the large rock on her finger, gave a sniff and headed inside, the husband started inside and paused just long enough to rake his eyes over me before meeting my eyes, "It was nice meeting you..."

I nodded to him, not wanting to push things but in my head, I was beaming. I had my first target and this was going to be so much fun. Stepping into my room, I surveyed my surroundings. Large open floor plan, a plush king bed next to the side that led to the private balcony, my flip flops sinking into the soft white carpet as I noticed the door to the bathroom. As I opened the door, my smile grew yet again as I imagined all the naughty things to be had in this suite, my eyes taking in the large glass shower that was next to an small hot tub meant for two. So much fun indeed, I slipped the dress up over my head as I turned towards the floor length mirror, allowing me to see my nude body.

Squeezing my nipples, I brought them to hard little peaks where I planned to keep them, running a hand down my firm stomach to my bare pussy, making sure it was still as soft as a Georgia peach. I smiled at myself before I walked back out into the room, not bothering to close any of the blinds, if someone saw me I would just act overwhelmed and claim that I had forgotten... until then, anyone who saw me could watch me as long as they were able to. I opened my suitcase, searching for that black suit that wrapped around my neck, crossed over my nipples and around my back before the two piece were stitched together to barely cover my ass and pussy as it reached back up and connected sparingly to the cross under my breasts.

It was handmade for me, as were all of my suits, meant to tantalize but never reveal anything important though it could easily be yanked off by anyone with a hard tug. I had lost so many amazing swimsuits that way, but the pleasure of feeling the silk rip off of my soft, tender skin was definitely worth it. Siding it on, I turned to another mirror on the wall, making sure that everything was properly covered to just the right degree before pulling open my suitcase of shoes, selected a pair of wood high heel flip-flops that added a good 4 inches to my slight 5'4" height, the black leather thongs complimenting my bright pink polish on my toe nails. Giggling, I brushed out my long black hair, dropping the brush on the bed as I grabbed my pre-packed beach bag, slipping my room card inside before stepping out, shutting the door behind me.

I turned my face to the sun, closing my eyes in a moment of pure pleasure as I heard the door click next to me and this deep, firm voice drifted over to me, "Enjoying the sun, Miss...?"

Opening my eyes, I turned my head to find that voice belong to the equally amazing husband-next-door, "Nikki... and you are?" I smiled up at him as I turned my body towards him, giving him full access to roam my full figure with his eyes.

A cough behind him interrupted us and I peeked around his shoulder, "Hi again, Nikki here, I was just walkin' out when I ran into your husband here, I was just about to head up to the sun deck to relax until we set sail, how about you guys?"

I got my first view of her, covered in a long t-shirt, hair pulled back in a sloppy ponytail, thick cheap sunglasses perched on her nose, I grinned at her as she spoke, "I believe we were heading in the same direction...".

She glanced at her husband as if unsure, I saw her fingers nervously tugging at the bottom of her t-shirt. I clapped my hands, emphasizing the difference in our ages, my breasts swaying gently with my enthusiasm, "Perfect! Why don't we all walk together? My boyfriend and I broke up and I just couldn't force myself not to come on the trip so I don't know a single person here! But don't worry, I'm not needy or clingy or anything, I know everyone's on their own vacation!"

The woman surprised me with a laugh, "Well come along then and I'm Jenny, this is my husband Dave... we're here on our honeymoon."

Jenny moved between us and the three of us turned to head up to the sun deck, "That is amazing, how long have you guys been married?"

That deep voice came again, sending a shiver down my spine, my eyes shooting over his wife's head to his own, "Since we were 18... so 22 years this Friday..." He broke the eye contact with me as he smiled down into his wife's upturned face, kissing her softly. It was obvious they loved each other, which would only make this whole thing that much sweeter.

"That is wonderful you guys, you're an inspiration to us all!" I smiled to each of them as we reached the sun deck, "And here is where we part company, y'all enjoy your honeymoon and maybe we'll bump into each other again sometimes!" I waved and walked away before they could respond, carefully making my way around the pool as I pulled my sunglasses out of my bag, slipping them on my face as I saw them settle into a couple of lounge chairs. I purposely chose a chair almost directly across from them, pulling out my ear buds, my sun block, and towel. Laying the towel out, I settled down, before pouring some lotion into my hand, starting at my feet, massaging it into my own skin, slowly working my way up.

My fingers slipping just under my swimsuit under each cut making sure my delicate skin won't burn before my entire front is covered well, setting the lotion down before putting in my ear buds and settling back with a sigh, closing my eyes as country music floods through me. My body perfectly positioned with my legs just slightly spread so Dave will be able to see my suit pressed against my pussy if he looks, my breasts firm, the muscles of my stomach flexed enough to show, my full coated lips parted slightly. The only part hidden was my eyes, which I raised enough to keep an eye on the loving couple.

I watched as Dave stripped off his shirt revealing a tanned, hard body, with those wonderful cuts at his hips that led down until they disappeared into his trunks that fell to his knees. Jenny kept her shirt on rubbing lotion on to her arms and legs as Dave applied his own lotion to his body, his eyes flicking to me repeatedly. I don't think that Jenny and Dave realized I had led them to the topless sun deck, but I stretched, reaching up to untie the knot at my neck, letting my top slowly slide down over my breasts, noticing that Dave's eyes had locked onto me at this point, as I unwrapped the suit so I would only have tan lines on the bottom of me.

I kept my lips in a relaxed, natural pose by force of will alone as I saw him lick his lips. Jenny was stretched out and she must have had her eyes closed to miss out on Dave's sudden fascination. I picked up the lotion again, pouring a bit of lotion on both of my tits, knowing that it would look like cum on my tits as I used my fingers to rub it into my tits, my nipples slipping between each of my fingers. I opened my eyes to look around, noticing the eyes drawn to my young, pliant, rosy-tipped breasts.

I set down the bottle, stretching once more before snuggling into my seat. It wasn't long after that, I felt the warmth of the sun working its magic on my body, a shine coating me. I know I couldn't stay like that for long, so I turned the timer on my phone so that it would interrupt the music in an hour. With a quick glance at Dave through my dark lenses, I decided there was nothing more I could do and took a cat nap.

A buzzing in my ears woke me up, and I mentally ran through how I looked, sure enough, my body had maintained my pose while I slept and I casually sat up, twisting slightly to stretch and also to check to see if Jenny and Dave were still here. I saw Jenny, but Dave wasn't next to her, frowning I let my eyes trail over the pool area and found him swimming in deep end, not too far from the end of my lounger, though he was still facing Jenny.

Turning, I found a young man about my own age sitting next to me, obviously looking at my tits. I gave him a charming smile, "Um, hi... I'm sorry to bother you... but I can't reach my back, would you mind?"

As I offered him the bottle, he blushed, he was one of those late blooming nerds and probably wasn't used to anyone talking to him that he didn't know, but I needed help. I saw his adam's apple bob as he swallowed and just before he spoke, I heard Dave's gravelly voice speak up, "Now Nikki, here I thought we were friends..."

Laughing, I turned to look at him, a teasing note to my voice, "Well I just figured your wife would appreciate me asking you and this young man looked perfectly capable..."

"Ahhhh..." The water slide over his gorgeous body as he pulled himself up from the pool, muscles rippling in a way that made my mouth water, "but Jenny wouldn't mind, she knows she's the love of my life..."

He moved behind me, squatting down so that his knees were on either side of my narrow hips, I glanced at Jenny noticing that her sunglasses were gone and she appeared to be sound asleep. Dave leaned forward to take the bottle from my hands, he quickly and firmly rubbed the lotion into the underside of my arms, my shoulders, down my back and I could have sworn his thumbs slide into the bottom of my suit, teasing my cheeks with a quick caress, but the butterflies in my stomach were distracting me and I could be sure.

I smiled at him over my shoulder as he finished up, turning so that I knelt on the lounger as I took the bottle from him, setting it back in my bag, my tits were at the level of his face and he quickly stood up with a sharp breath, I thanked him and lowered my body slowly to the lounge again, my face towards him, knowing my bottom had ridden up slightly and that the newly exposed parts would burn a bit since those were the only parts that didn't get any sunblock.

I saw Dave shifting on his feet, obviously staring down at me and then I heard him take a couple steps before splashing back into the pool. This one wouldn't be a hard one to break, I thought with a grin. Turning the timer back on my phone and slipping off to sleep. Thoughts of naked, naughty, husbands playing through my head, an almost imperceptible moan slipping between my parted lips...

I woke up to a shadow standing over me, judging from the legs, this was not the man I had been fantasizing about. I slowly rolled over, letting me look further up, my eyes running into the edge of a long t-shirt, before I was completely turned over and looking up into Jenny's eyes, "Hey there... you startled me!"

Jenny smiled, sitting on the empty lounger next to me, "Sorry, I had just gotten over here and was going to wake you up since you're starting to look a little pink. Plus they just blew the horn so I figured you might want to watch as we set out."

She looked so genuinely sweet that for a moment I almost felt bad for what I was going to do to her, but I shrugged it off, quickly reaching down to do up my bathing suit, "Oh thanks, you are such a doll!"

I gathered my things and looped my arm in hers, bringing her close against my almost naked, sun-baked, skin as we approached her husband, knowing that his mind wouldn't be able to help but compare us, "So you guys already got a view picked out, because it looks like there's a bench right there at the front of the ship that we could grab that would make for an awesome view!"

Dave turned, offering an arm to both of us, Jenny didn't hesitate, so I accepted moved up to put my arm through his, knowing the side of my breast was now pressed firmly against his arm as the three of us strolled towards the bench. I sighed in pleasure as we reached the point, feeling like the "king of the world" as we stood at the front of the ship on the uppermost level, able to see the last-minute scurrying below and all the people gathering on the decks under us, the wind blowing against our bodies, the ocean beckoning for us to come play as I whispered to the wind, "...this is... perfection..."

Jenny had turned and was leaning over the rail to the left, Dave was still next to me, he slipped his arm from mine before placing his hand very low on my back, guiding me to the rail next to him and Jenny, his hand disappeared as soon as I was there and his focus returned to Jenny. I was beginning to think he was playing with me as much as he was Jenny... but that just wasn't possible. Two people in love, on their honeymoon, the man would never be able to seduce another girl while maintaining the rest. I shook my head, discarding the thought as a group of dolphins leapt in the bay, sunlight glittering off their skin like tiny diamonds a smile stretching my lips.

The boat horn sounded and I knew felt a tiny jolt beneath my feet as the ship pulled away from the dock, water slapping against the massive hull to sounds of people cheering, "Bon voyage!" We stood there watching until the land was just a dark smudge on the horizon anyone spoke a word, a wonderful hush seemed to have settled over the ship. Then the lively island music began pouring quietly from the speakers and I couldn't contain my laugh, which set off Jenny and Dave. We were all laughing so hard, for apparently no reason, that we ended up clinging to each other as we fell into the bench. It took awhile for me to realize what was happening and I tried to remove myself from Dave's arms as naturally as possible as our laughter began to die down, but I still saw that flash of concern in Jenny's eyes as she noticed that Dave was looking at me and not her.

I immediately stood, smiling to them both, "Well thank you two for sharing this time for me, I think I'm going to go wash all this lotion and sweat off me before I head down to for dinner..."

Dave stood with my, pulling Jenny up and into his side under his arm, "Please... why don't you join us? It can't be fun eating by yourself..."

I glanced at Jenny and she smiled a bit late, but it was a smile, "Sure, see you guys in about an hour then?"

"Sounds great, we'll see you then," he had pulled Jenny in front of him as if to dance with her, her head on his chest, his eyes on mine over her head as his hand ran down her back. I smiled sweetly at him, turning around, my hips waving to him as I walked away, refusing to look back to see if he noticed, though I'm sure he did.

I was giddy by the time I got back to my room, twirling around it, singing quietly to myself. I am so freakin' good! Someone had been in my room and had hung all my clothes, laying out my shoes, putting my bathroom items in the there, it was absolutely fantastic every way I looked at it. The door to Jenny and Dave's room open and shut next door, so I hurried into the shower, knowing I only had an hour to shower before I would meet back up with them.

As I stepped out of the shower, I was a bit surprised to hear a knock at my door, I glanced at the clock, I still had 30 minutes and there was no way they could be ready. I quickly slipped on the short, plush robe the ship offered and walked to the door, my long wet hair stretching down my back as I opened the door, looking up to find Dave standing there with a slight smile on his lips as his eyes ran over me.

"Hey... mind if I come in?" His deep voice seemed to flow into me, melting me right there with liquid warmth as he gently nudge the door further open, slipping into my room.

"Umm... hey, I'm sorry, I thought I still had 30 minutes..." It was obvious that he had already showered and slicked back his dark hair. He looked delicious in that tux and my mouth was beginning to water as I imagined him naked above me. I had to tilt my head back, to look up to his face, neither of us moving from the closeness as the door shut behind him.

"Oh take your time, Jenny's got a bad migraine and said to go without her while she takes a nap, so I figured I'd slip out while she was asleep so I wouldn't wake her up... so are you planning on going to dinner in that robe, I'm pretty sure they'd kick you out no matter how good it looks on you..." A wicked smile flashed across those lips of his as he stepped back and walked towards the couch.

I watched him, sensing that this time, I may not be the one in control. A delicious shiver worked its way down my spine at the thought.

To be continued...

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