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Vacation Time Ch. 02


*Note: I have been asked several times if this story is based on an experience that I have had. The answer is no, this is purely fiction. Thank you to everyone for your interest in Nikki and Dave. I hope you enjoy this chapter and I am already working on the next chapter...

I flashed him a flirty smile, turning as I murmured, "Of course not, just give me the rest of my time and I promise to make this robe look like an old rag... feel free to turn on the tv..."

I began shuffling through my outfits as I stepped into the closet, settling on something I figured would give me at least the a bit of control back before quietly walking back into the bathroom. Quickly sliding off the robe as I slipped into a pair of black, sheer, lacy panties that clung to my skin sliding between my ass cheeks to show off the firm, curving bottom of each. The garter belt followed, the straps dangling against my soft thighs as I bent to roll the matching, silk, thigh highs up my legs as I enjoyed the sensation of silk against my skin. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, a confident smile back on my lips, the unusual sense of helplessness gone as I slide on a clingy black dress that draped across my body from the waist down two straps connected to the waist, just wide enough to cover my firm breasts as the curved over my shoulders forming two straps on the back, a line of skin visible from neck to waist on both sides.

Standing back, I surveyed the outfit, deciding that it was the perfect mix of seduction and class. I quickly blow dried my hair; the full, heavy weight drifting around my shoulders as I flipped my head back, standing up straight. My hair has a natural soft wave to it and it lent a bit of soft, innocence to my look that I decided to keep. A quick brush of eye shadow to darken my eyes followed by a glossy red lipstick finished the look. I noticed I still had four minutes to spare as I glanced at the clock and decided to dab on a bit of vanilla body oil to my neck and wrists before I stepped out of the bathroom quietly.

I stepped across the small opening to my closet and closed a pair of strapy black stilettos around my soft pink feet, the slits of the dress traveling to just below where my stockings stopped showing off my toned legs beneath the silk as I moved. My heels were whispers against the carpet as I moved back out to the couch, picking up my clutch, walking slowly towards the door, "Coming Dave?"

I sent him a sultry smile over my shoulder as I stepped through the doorway, my hips swaying gently as I moved out onto the walkway, strolling to give him time to catch up. The sight of his slightly shocked face at seeing my backside in this dress was worth that brief moment of helplessness earlier. He was definitely hooked and I was equally in control. I heard footsteps rushing up behind me before I felt a work-roughened palm slide against my lower back, a shiver forced its way up my spine.

He leaned his head down until his mouth was only an inch from my ear, "You look delectable Nikki... did you dress just for me or is there some other man that you have those gorgeous eyes on?"

A shock passed through my mind, I had never been called out before and I wasn't sure how to handle it; my body wanted to stop in response, my mind racing, my pulse quickening. It was fight or flight and I didn't know which to do. My head turned slowly towards him, my voice dropping slightly as I met his eyes, my lower back heating from the pressure of his hand as we continued walking, "Now Dave, why would I have my sights set on such a happily married man?"

A deep, rich laugh rolled out of his tempting lips as his hand slide across my back to my elbow as we passed a darkened alcove; tightening as he spun me, pressing me back against the wall of the recessed opening, his body outlined by the light behind him as he pressed against me, his hand still on my arm as he leaned closer, "Say it."

My mouth parted, my breath caught in my chest in surprise as I felt his hard body pressing into my softness, forcing my body to yield to his. No words could firm as his free hand tipped my chin up, pinched slightly between his fingers as he forced me to meet his gaze. My eyes widening as his hand moved from my elbow towards my hip, his hands snagging lightly at the fabric before I felt the heat of his hand branding my thigh, his thumb skimming lightly over the tender skin of my inner thigh. A warm, liquid heat began forming between my thighs as I took a deep, shaky breath. I took a few more breaths, settling my out of control body as I shook my head slightly, denying him the pleasure of a response. I pressed against him, expecting him to step back, only to feel his fingers tighten on my thigh, biting roughly into my skin causing me to gasp pulling back from him as far as the wall would let me as he released his hold slightly.

"Say it Nikki." That smile that I found so attractive was tinged with a hint of darkness that called to me, demanding that I give in, allow myself to be controlled. I knew I shouldn't, that this would give him the permission to continue that he was obviously seeking yet I knew that I would anyways, that this was what that fleeting feeling of helplessness had hinted at earlier. My body was obviously reacting to him, to the domineering attitude he was displaying even as my mind screamed for me to return to my room, alone.

"Yes Dave, it was for you..." My eyes lowered of their own accord, as I held my breath, his thumb caressing again before he chucked me under the chin like a child, stepping back, a smile parting around his white teeth.

"Good girl, now that we've got that out of the way, shall we?" He held out his elbow waiting for me to hook my arm through it. My body felt a bit shaky as I stepped forward, running my hands over my dress to make sure I was presentable before I slide my hand to the crook of his arm hesitatingly, carefully keeping my eyes averted as I tried to figure out where I had gone wrong with this one.

"Stop thinking Nikki, we are going to have dinner and will have a wonderful time, so smile already!" There was a teasing look on his face as I glanced up, nothing in his voice or character to even suggest that anything had just happened. I felt frustrated, unsure of where I stood as I forced a smile, walking with him towards the dining hall.


As we stood in the door, I took in the plush room, all the walls were lined with small booths meant for two with plush leather seats, the tables draped with what looked like a thick black cloth that hung to the floor, highlighting the bright silver of the plates and utensils. Each table had a unique and exotic bouquet set at the center of the table and the room smelled like a floral jungle. The center of the room held a raised circular platform with a band playing soft and low as the platform turned, a wide wooden dance floor fell between the band and the tables, a few couples swaying against each other with the music.

"Hi, my name is Mandy; will it just be the two of you?" A tall, leggy blonde, smiled pleasantly at us as she waited.

"Yes..." His voice trailed up as I glanced up at him, finding his eyes riveted on me, making me a bit nervous with his intensity as the hostess led us to a table in the corner with dim lighting. Dave smoothly stepped around me, his hands transferring on my back as he maneuvered me in to the booth on the side that adjoined the partition between our table and the one next to us, effectively trapping me to his side. I felt a delicious chill work across my skin, small goose bumps rising in response as I shifted on the seat, getting comfortable.

As Dave settled in next to me, his side pressed to mine, I felt a disarming heat flow into me causing me to relax against him as a waiter stepped up to our table. As the waiter began listing off the menu, I felt Dave's hand slip under the slit of my dress, pressing in between my crossed legs until it was trapped there, his thumb brushing lightly against my stockings causing a blush to rise to my cheeks. I didn't hear a word the waiter said, but Dave must have responded as the waiter soon left us.

"So I'm curious Nikki... what is going on in that head of yours?" His lips brushed my ear as his hand tilted, causing my legs to uncross before his roughened palm began to slide back and forth along my silk encased thigh, scrapping lightly, letting me feel every snag and catch between his palm and the silk. My body was receiving a rush of inputs and I was having difficulty thinking, my brain couldn't even think up a lie to help ease the tension inside of me.

"I honestly don't know, I seem to be confused and... well, this is a very unusual situation for me..." I felt my blush deepen; causing me to shift uncomfortable under his attentions as I could not remember the last time a man had the power to make me blush.

I felt his thumb brush against the clasp at the top of my stockings before his hand shifted and the closure snapped open quietly, a startled gasp falling from my parted lips as I quickly glanced around to make sure we were not drawing attention as his nimble fingers teased the edge of my stocking towards the second clasp. That warm, deep liquid centering once more between my legs as I felt him continue to tease my skin just under the silk as he worked all four clasps open, feeling the metal dangling against my thigh as we sat there, his hand slowly working the top of my stocking down my thigh. I could feel it rolling against my skin under his hand, my breath quickening as I turned my head to look up at him, just as the waiter returned with our drinks.

He set them down, I could feel his eyes on us before he quickly departed, but my focus was on the man next to me, on the fact that he was slowly undressing me while we sat there, basically in the open. I knew that the table cloth would hide what was going on, but I'm sure my face was a reflection of the wantonness building inside of me, making me ache with his still innocent touches.

"I think you can do better than that Nikki..." The stocking was now rolled around my knee, his free hand sliding and lifting my thigh from the slit so his hand could continue rolling the stocking down until he felt the clasp of my shoe. His fingers flicking, opening it, sliding it off my foot before he set it on his lap and finished rolling the stocking free, the air cool against my exposed skin.

"I... don't know... what you mean..." I knew without being able to see that my eyes had darkened with my desire, my lips would be fuller, just as my nipples were now hard against the straps of the dress. If I looked down, I'm sure I would be able to see them clearly against the material. The knowledge that anyone looking at me would be able to tell this, turned me on even more as his hand trailed back up my calf to my knee, settling my leg back down on the bench until his fingers were on my inner thigh.

I jumped, tears stinging my eyes as I felt a sharp pinch against my skin his breath against my neck as he whispered to me, "Now I am sure that is a lie..."

Purposefully, I paid attention to my breathing, calming it even as I knew my skin would be bruised from his fingers, attempting to ignore the feel of him against me. My mind began thinking faster, making connections, a wicked smile crossing my lips as I realized that two could easily play his game. I shifted on the bench, angling myself more towards him, my lips softened to give him a placating smile as I looked up at him; laying a hand on his thigh, my fingers squeezing lightly as they trailed upwards, avoiding any contact with his cock which was clearly outlined through the pants of his tux when I glanced down.

"Why Dave, I just don't know what you mean?" The honey flowing through my words was strong enough to do all of the Southern belles justice. My lower lip slide out a bit in a feigned pout as my pinkie applied the smallest amount of pressure against his balls so that it would appear an accident.

His laugh rolled through me again as I felt his hand leave my thigh, his fingers encircling my small wrist, pressure building to the point I tried to pull back as he easily held me there, leaning towards me, pressing a kiss to my neck, his words muffled by against my skin, "I do believe someone needs to teach you a lesson little girl."

A flash of alarm set off deep inside of me at the demeaning name, I may be short of stature, but I was not a little girl in any stretch of the imagination and his grip on my wrist was beginning to hit the point of pain so I relaxed my arm to try to ease the discomfort. As soon as he felt me relax against him, his hold loosened and blood returned to my hand, causing a slight burning sensation as he continued, "And you'll soon learn that fighting me won't help one bit..."

I nodded shallowly as my brain tried to find a way out of this, but we were in the open ocean and from what I understood, it was a full ship so I wouldn't be able to change rooms. Even if I could, he would more than likely find me since we were all trapped here together, though there was supposed to be a docking coming up in a couple of days, so if I could just stall him... maybe I could catch a flight back to the States and return to my life, the one that happened on my terms.

During my thoughts, my head had drifted down, my hair drifting to conceal my face though that was short lived as he raised my eyes to his own, his lips a scant breath away as he studied my eyes. Slowly the distance between us closed and his hot lips melded into mine, his tongue sliding between my lips scorching my own, claiming me for himself. My breath was caught; I couldn't breathe or think as I tried to press myself unconsciously closer to him. I heard the sound of plates being set down in the distance and a faint cough before I felt him pulling back from me, a whimper coming from somewhere nearby.

I was blinking rapidly as I came back to myself, realizing that my hands were crushing the material of his lapels. His hands slide down my arms to my hands, freeing him from my clutches before he placed my hands in my lap, a hand on my waist turning me towards the table to find that our food had arrived and a bemused waiter stood in front of us. Shame heated my cheeks as I realized that the whimper had come from me, witnessed by our waiter, causing me to duck my head to hide my embarrassment.

I heard a deep chuckle next to me before the waiter disappeared again and Dave began eating his meal, a bloody steak and a baked potato. My own was a chicken salad of some sort and I realized that Dave was used to being in charge without questions from the one that he was with. It made me wonder if Jenny was really sick in their room or if he controlled her to the point that he could leave her to go to dinner with another woman. My stomach twisted as my nervousness increased to the point that I was shaking slightly.

Then there was the thought of that kiss...

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