tagNovels and NovellasVacation Time Ch. 05

Vacation Time Ch. 05


My lip trembles as I gaze up at him, the conflict raging inside of me reflected in my eyes before I drop my gaze. I study the floor as I take a few deep breaths, feeling my breasts swaying softly as I clench and unclench my fingers. A wall crumbling inside of me as I fall to my knees, tears slipping down my cheeks, head bowed in surrender as my knees part and I rest my upraised palms on my thighs. Not a whisper of sound moves in the room as I hold my positions.

In the periphery of my vision, I catch a glimpse of movement. Heat radiates against my back as my stockings slide before my eyes. Dave's voice rumbles through my body on a deep wave, "Open."

I open my mouth without a trace of hesitation, feeling the silken material tied tight around the back of my head. The touch of cool metal against my neck follows, as I feel it drift down to my breasts, circling my nipple. I have to force myself not to look down. A muffled groan pushes my lips further apart as the sharp bite of a clamp settles against my left nipple with a brush of knuckle against the right nipple.

It feels like hours before the connected clamp pinches onto my other nipple, the chain swaying between my breasts as I work to keep still, grunting as the twin peaks of pain course straight down to the throbbing, need between my thighs.

Droplets of water falling from my chin to splash against my breasts, the cool paths tracing their way down my body with each bat of my lashes. The urge to squirm, to beg, to look at him is nearly overwhelming. I remain still, knowing that I have lost and that I am at his mercy now.

It doesn't take long before I feel the coarseness of rope sliding around my upper arm, being knotted, sliding across my back to curl around my other arm. Another knot and back to my other arm until my hands are tied, palms together, just above the curve of my bottom.


Rising not-to-gracefully to my feet, keeping my head lowered, I wait patiently for his next command. The chain swing as my breasts bounce and sway with my movements. Making my tears cascade down my cheeks faster, my whimper muffled by the stockings tied between my lips. My excitement coating my upper thighs as I press them against each other, unable to help my response as he renders me helpless.

Then I feel another rope sliding around the top of my thigh and minutes later my legs are bound tightly together. I can't move my arms or legs, can't speak, and can't see him. I've never been so excited in my life and it pulls a shiver that sets my nipples to flaring with heat once more.

I stand there and the silence fills the room. Fear begins to sink in, not about what he is going to do, but that he isn't going to do anything. And then there's a shove to my upper back that spins me and bounces me face-first against the bed.

My scream of pain as the clamps tug and get caught under me is muted by the gag and the bed. Then I'm squirming, trying to get some of the weight off my nipples, but it only makes it worse. My sobs and tears are soaking the bed below me and I fight to hold myself as still as possible. There's laughter from behind me and the sound of a zipper lowering.

Then those rough fingers on my hips, yanking me so my feet brace against the floor, my upper body flesh with the bed. Stars dance behind my eyes as the clamps roll and squish my nipples beneath me. My lips stretch on a soundless scream even as my pussy clenches hungrily behind me. I know my pussy is exposed to him, my back arched, making it an invitation. I can't help it. I want him, I need him. Now.

I get him, just not where I was expecting. Lightening pain shoots up my back as his cock slams into my ass in one hard thrust. Blackness threatens as the pain overwhelms all the pleasure that had been building. A large hand pressing against my upper back, pressing my face into the bed. I can hardly breath and the fire between my cheeks is like an inferno.

Over and over, he fills me and leaves me. My body is wracked with sobs, trembling from head to toe as he grunts and fucks the tight little hole that had been withheld from all until now. Then the slaps begin to rain down on my ass, making me clench tighter around him with every blow, body jerking in response.

My mind is lost to the intense pain flaring in sharp waves through me. Drooling from behind the gag of my stockings, eyes glazed as I struggle even to take a breath. His palms light a fire from my ass to my shoulders. Rough fingers curling against my cheek, yanking the gag from between my lips and turning my head to the side in one swift tug. The sound of his flesh slapping against mine and my sobs fill the room.

Then his deep voice is filling my ear, "Now tell me who you belong to little girl."

My voice is weak and broken between sobs, "I belong to you Sir."

"Such a good little slut..." He mumbles as his cock leaves my ass an aching, empty mess. Fingers curling into my hair, pulling me off the bed and dropping me unceremoniously to my knees before pinching my nose shut.

Then he's in my mouth, fucking my face as I gag. Drool sliding down my chin. Face one shining, wet catastrophe as his grunts increase above me. The taste of my ass forced into my mouth as he uses me. Each thrust of his hips setting the chain to swinging, tugging my nipples as I gurgle around his thickness.

A slap rings against my cheek and I swallow hard in reflex as his cock stretches my throat. Then I feel the pulse just before his cum erupts in my throat. I swallow rapidly, trying to keep it from spilling, but losing the battle as it runs down my chin to splash against my breasts.

Fingers cup my chin as he finally finishes, lifting my gaze up to his. I've been broken and his smile confirms it. We both know I have no more fight left in me, I am his to be used however he pleases.

With that, he gives a hard tug on the chain, freeing both nipples at once. My scream is cut short as I faint into a spent and used heap at his feet, my own orgasm trailing into the darkness as I descend.

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