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Vala (Solo)


Fingers gently traced over the shape of her clit, lazily teasing the sensitive numb of skin as she began to awake from her slumber, her body craving the stimulus she was all too willing to give. Vala had parted her legs, fingers exploring further, delving into her pussy and coming out slick, prodding and exploring in search of her sweet spot. She gasped, body slowly arching off the sheets as her hips began to move, circling her fingers in one smooth, languid motion, her free hand lifting the shirt she had worn to bed that night to cup her breast, gently teasing her nipple as her arousal grew. She could feel her pussy clench around her fingers, craving something that had a bit more substance to it than just those digits.

She removed her fingers, giving her clit a few more strokes before retrieving the vibrator she kept by her bed, the tip teasing the entrance to her pussy, gently slipping in to repeatedly stretch her hole, the repeated action bringing a low moan from deep within her throat, body turning to leave her ass in the air, shoulders pressed against the sheets as she turned the vibe on, slipping the shaft inside her cunt while the bullet at the base began to hum against her clit.

Her lips parted in a moan, fingers of her free hand gripping the sheets as the toy began the fuck her body, the wet sound of her pussy moving around her toy mixing in with her soft, breathy moans, hips pressing down to drive the toy in deeper.

Being the tease she was, she retrieved a second toy from her nightstand, giving it a nice coating of lube before the plug was slipped into her ass, slowly letting her body stretch around the toy while she continued to fuck herself with the vibe inside her pussy, the two stretching holes only serving to further her arousal, her juices now running down her legs and staining the sheets underneath. Every so often, the toy would be removed to slap the tip of the fake cock against her clit, the sensation making her thighs tremble, pussy clenching to push out more of the juices that would soon collect on the sheets beneath her knees.

She was drooling, could feel her saliva gathering on the pillow beneath her face, lips hanging open as pleasure began to overwhelm her body, hips now shamelessly fucking themselves down on the toy she loved, her sopping wet pussy clenching around the toy as she began to feel that familiar pressure of her orgasm building in her stomach. She squealed, jolting forward when she let the toy slip from her pussy, hips fucking themselves down on an empty hand.

Her head rose from where it had been, lifting herself up to take her pillow, placing it between her legs, toy now firmly placed inside her cunt as she began to grind down on the pillow, hands tightly gripping the cover to keep it in place while she let the fabric work against her clit, shamelessly chasing after her lost orgasm with lewd groans, her juices soaking through the sheets to join her saliva.

She quivered, her pussy clenching as she reached back and began to fuck herself with the toy that had been shoved up her ass, the double penetration sending her right over the edge and into a trembling heap as her orgasm took hold, once again falling onto the sheets as she reached back to claim her toy, fucking both the plug and the vibe into her body until she came a second time, letting the toy slip out, disgarding it to one side as she began to finger her pussy, letting them curl to hit just the right spot, taking mere seconds before she was pulling out, her fingers continuing to tease her clit as she began to squirt, the juices flowing from her pussy staining the sheets beneath her, knees giving way to leave her flat on the bed, eyes shut tight, body reeling over the strength of her orgasm.

It took her longer than she had thought to recover, having actually managed to fall back asleep from how intense her orgasm had been.

When she awoke, her eyes widened when she felt the lapping tongue at her sensitive pussy, her hips arching to present herself to the woman that was now pleasuring her. She knew exactly who it was, she was the only woman she had ever given her apartment key to for this very reason.

She turned her head, meeting the gaze of her redheaded lover with a pleased little smile.

Her hips swayed teasingly before she rolled over, pulling the girl up onto her nude body and into a kiss, her tongue instantly parting her lips to pull her into a fight for dominance, hands slipping down her curves and tucking under her shorts to rub her fingers against her clit. She was greeted with what had to be music to her ears; the soft moans of her girlfriend.

She was always quick to turn on, and with Vala's fingers slipping between her lips and into her pussy, it wasn't long before she came back wet, a sultry little grin colouring Vala's lips as she brought her hand away to lick her lover's juices from her fingers.

"You always taste so good."

She beamed at her lover, using her hold on her hips to flip their bodies over, repositioning them to leave her nude body pressed flat against her own clothed form, pulling back just long enough to remove what little clothing she had left on, pulling the shorts and panties from her body before doing away with the t-shirt she wore.

It took moments before Vala's lips were pressed flush against her inner thighs, kissing their way up from her knees until she was met with the sweet taste of her pussy, tongue lapping at her juices before she began to tease her clit, her fingers reentering her cunt to explore her body, lightly pumping into her body to get more of those stunning sounds to part her lips.

She could feel her body sinking down, her back arching off the sheets as she began to give way to her pleasure and rock down on those slender fingers, thighs closing around Vala's head the moment her tongue began to motorboat against her clit, hips fucking themselves up against her mouth to urge on her building climax.

Vala stopped, leaving her Lover's legs to fall open, immediately slotting herself in between to grind down against her, their clit's rubbing against one another while their juices combined, the slick sound of skin on skin only furthering their arousal.

Vala reached down, her hands falling to her girlfriend's breasts, head dropping to lick and suck over her nipples, her own arousal getting the better of her to the point where all she could do was circle her hips down against her lover.

With her climax building, Vala pulled back just enough to slip her fingers inside her girlfriend, the redhead doing to same for both to abuse the other, forcing their fingers up against the sweet spot just inches inside their cunts, the result being a simultaneous gushing of their juices.

She collapsed on top of her lover, fingers still abusing her spot until she came not only once, but twice more, the warm puddle of her juices staining the sheets bringing a pleased little sigh from Vala, who was more than happy to slip her fingers back inside her own body, toying with her spot until she gushed over her girlfriend's stomach, allowing her body to relax for a few seconds before she let herself release right there on top of her, the light yellow urine cascading down her smooth stomach and between her legs to add to the ever growing puddle beneath them.

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