Though she would never had admitted it to anyone, Laura knew that she was probably not the smartest or prettiest girl in the Franklin Roosevelt High school.

Close, sure, definitely top 10, but not the top. The title of smartest girl may well have gone to the girl in the back seat though, Emily Ratner, and that was what tonight was all about, her big juicy brain and how it was standing in Laura's way. She would never sell her sell herself short of course. She was a dangerous combination of beauty, brains, and a ruthless understanding of how to use both to get what she wanted wrapped up in a tall, lithe, raven haired girl.

When all these traits combined into a woman entering the home stretch of her senior year of school, well - don't get between her and what she wants. Nothing else need be said. And sometimes what you want can take a fairly circuitous rout, she reflected idlily. Like being on a date with a guy you have no interest in, for instance. A date that was going nowhere fast, or according to plan, depending on who you asked.

While her date was on the phone outside the car she stole a glance in the rear-view mirror and checked out the competition. The contrast between Laura and Emily couldn't have been more exaggerated. Emily was fair, curvy, and looked completely innocent as she nestled against her boyfriend Robert's chest, engrossed in the movie. Her glasses and ill-fitting vintage chic clothing down played her feminine charms, but there was no hiding what a natural beauty Emily was.

Laura wasn't entirely sure what movie they had actually come to see. She thought it was probably one of those super hero movies that were all the rage these days, but it didn't matter, she wasn't here for the film. She was here because Emily was, and that's all that mattered.

It had taken a lot of work for Laura to set this up, she thought as she looked outside and watched her date pace while talking on his cellphone. She'd had to find a friend of Emily's boyfriend who had a car and a job, which in this case turned out to be a loser named Jeff.

Once she'd found the right date, shed had to practically wear a sign, providing enough excuses to be around him and signals for a blind man until he worked up the courage to ask her out. And all of that so that when she told him her parents wouldn't allow them to go to the drive-in unless it was a double date. She was sure he would go to Robert and beg him to bring Emily. That was the great thing about Jeff - Robert was his only friend with a girl - it would have spoiled the whole night if he had brought someone else.

She stifled a laugh at the thought of her parents. Her mom wouldn't give a shit where she was as long as she was home before midnight, and who knew which country her father was for work this week. As long as she brought home A's, and they never actually saw her drunk or high, they didn't give a shit what she did with her time.

Sadly though, even after all that work Jeff still wouldn't be getting his dick wet. Sure, she knew she seemed like a sure thing, and truth be told, she usually was, but once the date had been locked in, Laura had seduced his assistant manager with some topless pictures and the promise of a hand job to call Jeff up and make him come into work for an emergency shortly after the date started. Laura had really rubbed in this injustice too, by leaving a hickey on Jeff's neck between kisses and letting him feel how wet her panties were underneath her skirt. She wasn't wet for Jeff though, she was excited about what was going to happen after he had to leave.

When she saw him hang up, head hung in resignation, she knew she had won. A moment later he popped back into the car.

"Work called," he started, as he turned down the movie soundtrack on the radio, "and they are really slammed, so I'm going to need to go help them out."

Laura tried to maintain a disappointed look, but with her sense of victory shining through it came out somewhat sardonic.

"Aww, Jeff, that's too bad," she started.

"But I want you three to stay and have a good time." Jeff interrupted, trying to preserve his dignity and hopes for a second date. It wouldn't work. Laura would block his number by the end of the night if everything went well. "Robert, just drive my car to your place after you drop the girls off and I'll pick it up at the end of the night."

"How late do you need to stay, bro" Robert asked, trying to be a good friend, "We could pick you up after this and go chill somewhere."

"They're going to need me to close," Jeff said with a heavy sigh.

"That sucks," Emily said sympathetically. Laura echoed her words somewhat more hollowly. "Yeah, totally"

"Let me at least walk you to the gate," Laura said opening her door as she shrugged on her coat. "I need to use the ladies room any way."

Jeff wasn't about to protest that, and soon enough they were walking arm in arm as Laura kept up the charade. Jeff wasn't a bad guy she reflected, he just lacked ambition. He probably deserved better than this, but all is fair in love and war.

After she left Jeff with one last kiss for the road, Laura walked back slowly. She made a brief stop at the lady's room to remove her panties, and then strolled through the darkened drive-in lot observing the other patrons, or more specifically, their cars. The movie was approaching the half way point, so many of the cars that weren't exactly there for the movie had started to reveal their true motivations for showing up. Whether it was the slight bounce of suspensions, or fogged up windows, about half the cars she passed showed the subtle signs of passion taking place in their darkened interiors. At first glance, Jeff's used Prius wouldn't have revealed anything similar, to the casual observer. Its windows were clean, and its chassis was immobile, but there was just one subtle problem that made

Laura smile her Cheshire smile: you could only see one head in the window, and judging from the height, that would-be Robert.

Laura smirked as she thought about sweet little Emily giving head to the man she loved in the back seat. She had hoped they would try to use this little window of time to explore their passions, it would have been much more challenging if Emily had maintained a prim and proper demeanor. As long as the couple in the front seat was making out every bit as much as the couple in the backseat, but now that she was the third wheel, it would become a drag pretty quick. Well, normally it would.

Laura strode over to the car with all the confidence in the world and casually opened the rear passenger door on Robert's side.

"Okay guys, here's the... Well, hello," Laura said, feigning surprise. As suspected she had caught them both red handed.

Emily had lost her glasses at some point, and had found herself a dick instead. When the car door burst open and the dome light came on she froze with one hand wrapped around the base of Robert's not unimpressive cock and its head still deep in her mouth. The smell of sex and aroused cunt wafted out almost immediately, even though they had only been at it for a few minutes at most. How were they expecting to hide that when Laura had gotten back, she wondered?

Emily's expression of horror was marred by her mouth being full. If she'd wanted blackmail this would have been the moment to laugh and snap a few pictures, but since she was after somewhat bigger game, she smiled wickedly and hopped into the back seat before they could protest, and shut the door behind her.

Obviously, the young couple was pretty surprised by that turn of events, so Laura decided to press her advantage by kissing Robert deeply before he could protest. At first his mouth was slack against hers, but within moments his tongue was writhing against hers. He was a good kisser. Laura could see what Emily saw in him.

"Ahhem," Emily said, as she stopped inhaling her boyfriend's dick long enough to object to what was happening, or more precisely what was getting ready to. "Laura, what do you think you're..."

This was the critical moment, Laura thought as she broke off the kiss long enough to meet Emily's eye. Her level gaze, lusty and intense, made Emily trail off, and for a moment, there was silence. Laura broke the silence by reaching out to wrap her hand around Emily's. The hand that was still wrapped around her boyfriend's dick. Emily's eyes flashed down for a moment, and she flushed bright red for a moment as she took in the erotic sight in the half light of the distant movie screen. When she brought her eyes back up to meet

Laura's, she licked her lips unconsciously, and in that moment, Laura knew that she had her.

Laura closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss Emily, and Emily just let it happen. This wasn't the first girl that Laura ever kissed, and it certainly wouldn't be the last, but the same couldn't be said for poor innocent Emily. Robert was the only the second boy she had ever kissed and the only one she had gone further than that with. Her studies and religious upbringing didn't allow for anything more than that, so when she tasted this forbidden fruit she melted completely into it. She didn't put up a fight either when Laura started running her hand up and down her boyfriend's spit slick cock for her either.

Once Emily's hand was keeping Robert happy and engaged, she used both hands to fish around under Emily's sweater and undo the clasp to her straining bra. To say that her shapeless clothes were hiding her beauty would be an understatement. Laura knew that she had pretty big tits, but had not been expecting the double D's she found. She groped both of the orbs gently before finding the nipples and tweaking them hard, making Emily moan into her mouth. Emily may be able to breeze through AP calculus and English lit effortlessly, but Laura could read people in their weaknesses with equal ease.

Laura pulled back from the kiss for a moment to pull off her shirt - she hadn't bother to wear a bra, and her nipples had been obvious in the cold for most of the evening. She was a well-proportioned B cup, but she looked flat next to Emily.

"Well," Laura asked expectantly, "Aren't you going to show us what you got?"

Emily paused a moment, biting her lip before reaching down the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Laura took that moment to straddle Robert's lap, presumably to get closer to Emily. He took the opportunity to suck greedily on Laura's left nipple as she took the opportunity to pull Emily to her in another kiss. Neither of them realized the real purpose was to get Laura closer to Roberts cock until Laura rested her full weight on his lap, pushing her hot wet slit against his dick.

Laura could tell that he felt it too by the way he bucked his hips involuntarily. At this angle that wouldn't do anything but slide his dick up and down her lips, which while exquisite, was not her primary goal. While Laura's hands and mouth roamed Emily's body, distracting her entirely from everything else going on, she raised her hips and twisted her pelvis forward, and the next time Robert bucked, his cock slid up and the head lodged in her pussy without effort.

As Laura sank down on his cock, she used her left hand to hold his head to her breast so he couldn't object or give Emily any indication of what was going on. She had to admit it to herself, Emily had chosen a good man here. Though not quite seven inches, she could feel the girth stretch her slightly leaving her pussy eager, and aching to be fucked. She probably wouldn't get that tonight though. When she had been working out this plan, she had heard through the grapevine that Robert and Emily had had sex a couple times, but only with condoms, so Laura doubted he would last more than a minute or so in her tight, raw, little pussy.

If she needed some relief after all this, Laura thought, she could always swing by Mr. Anderson's for some extra credit on the way home, she noted whistfully. His wife worked nights at the hospital, and he was never one to refuse a student in need of personal tutoring in the middle of the night.

As Robert started to get the confidence to saw his dick in and out of her in slow, clit grinding, rocking motions, Laura reached into Emily's waistband to see how she was enjoying tonight's unexpected events. It was no surprise that she was practically dripping, soaking her cotton panties to uselessness. Emily sighed into Laura's mouth again as soon as Laura touched her, and once she got started on her clit in earnest, Emily buried her face into Laura's breast and let out a series of breathy mewling sounds that quickly escalated into low moans.

Robert's thrusts were coming faster now, and his breathing was getting more labored. He definitely had a nice dick, but he didn't have enough practice with it in a real horny girl to be much good with it yet, all the same it scratched the itch, as much as it incited it, and made Laura work to suppress the moans that were starting to rise from deep within her. When she felt his motions get shorter and more desperate, Laura turned and kissed him hard, meeting his gaze with intensity. As soon as he met her gaze, his whole body stiffened as he came in a real woman instead of a plastic-coated pussy for the first time in his life. When the moment was over, Laura turned to Emily, who she had kept finger fucking throughout her boyfriend's orgasm. She was entirely oblivious as wave after wave of sinful and forbidden pleasure washed over her.

When Laura took her hands out of Emily's pants before she had a chance to cum, Emily finally opened her eyes, somewhat disappointed. When Laura started to tug at Emily's waist band though, it took a few moments for the idea that Laura wanted her to take them off to penetrate the fog of lust she had generated in Emily's normally sharp mind, and Laura could see the hesitation in her pretty but dazed face, but her well-practiced pout was more than enough to change her mind.

Well Emily wriggled out of her hand me down jeans and her white cotton panties, Laura turned her attention back to Robert. The lust warring with worry was plain on his face, though she couldn't be sure if he was worried that he had just fucked another woman in front of Emily and she might find out or he might have just knocked her up and ruined his life. Laura lifted her ass to hover over Robert's cock as she leaned forward to kiss him. She immediately missed the feeling of fullness as his semi-soft cock slipped out of her.

"Don't worry big boy she said," pausing to kiss him deeply, "everyone here is having a great time."

"I'm not complaining Laura, but what's gotten into you tonight?" he asked, not noticing his double entendre. 'You did, silly' was the obvious answer, but it would spoil the game.

"I just came her to watch the movie Robert," she said in a playful tone, as she felt his sperm slowly drip out of her and on to his cock.

"You and you and your sexy girlfriend are the ones who upped the ante in all this."

"Emily," Laura said, turning to face the girlfriend who was entirely clueless about the subtext of the conversation up until now. "I think your man is jealous of all the attention I've been paying to you," she slid off of Robert's lap on the center seat, and back onto her own side of the car. "Why don't you make he feel wanted and needed?"

She didn't have to be told twice. She was on his lap straddling his legs in no time locking lips with her one true love. Laura had to admit that they made a cute couple. If anything, what she was doing was going to keep them together. Laura noticed that Emily was grinding her bare pussy against Roberts rapidly hardening cock. She also noticed that Emily was careful not to let it go inside of her as Laura had, and that Robert was careful not to tell her about all of the sperm she was currently grinding against.

That suited Laura just find as she reached down to finger her own pussy while she adjusted her position to better help Emily out. To the casual observer this might have looked like she was just enjoying the show of two passionate young lovers, recently come of age. What she was really doing though was making sure she had as much of Robert's slick sperm as possible on her slender fingers before she reached between the two lovers and started to finger Emily.

Robert opened his eyes briefly to give Laura a look, and for a moment she thought he might spoil everything, but teenage hormones won out, and he stuck to kissing instead of talking. For her part, Emily never missed a bit, rutting and grinding harder than ever as Laura slipped two fingers inside her needy little cunt. She was close to cumming and starting to get louder - the couple in the next car over probably could have told you that.

That was too bad for her - every orgasm she had tonight upped the chances that she would conceive little Robert or Emily jr whether she wanted to or not. Emily thought of herself as careful, sure, but at this point her pussy was wet with the sexual fluids of everyone in this car, and there had to be a few hundred thousand swimmers searching for her egg even now. To be fair, there were a few million still in

Laura's pussy too, but they were unlikely to be successful.

Careful research ahead of time both through the gossip grape vine and observation in gym class had revealed that not only was Emily not on birth control but that tonight was her most fertile time of her cycle. Laura by contrast had a diaphragm and had just finished her period.

It was a bad time to take chances - Laura wouldn't have made the same decision of course, she was a thoughtful and deliberate woman.

Robert was likely to knock up one of them tonight, just not the one he was expecting.

As Laura mused about all this, her fingers flew on auto pilot, playing with Emily's clit and scooping up sperm to finger into her by turns, bringing the young girl to one wracking orgasm after another. Before long Laura could see that Emily was so turned on that Robert could have fucked her if he had wanted to, condom be damned. Whether it was because he was too inexperienced to notice, or he had a desire to do the right thing the moment passed, and as the credits started to roll, Emily's frantic bucking subsided, as she looked down soulfully at her partner.

"Aww, poor boy, Laura and I have had all the fun and here you are just waiting," She looked mischievously at Laura as she dismounted her man and his cock once again stood at attention. "I'll be the two of us can figure out something to help you. With that Emily bent down to suck his cock once again, and Laura saw no reason not to follow suit. Together they didn't suck his dick so much as French kiss around it, while it was in both their mouths. Even Laura had to admit it was incredibly hot - after all this she would need someone to fuck her right later - her pussy was steaming with need after this strange three-way, and the taste of all their aroused juices mixed together like this was definitely an aphrodisiac.

Even though he had already cum once this evening, Robert didn't last long. After just over a minute of this intense double oral action, he exploded, fountaining his sperm into both their mouths. If Emily noticed that the taste was a familiar one, present since they had started sucking his cock, she said nothing.

After that there was only the sound of heavy breathing, so Laura wiped away some of the condensation from the closest window, and saw an empty lot, and a dark screen to go with the silent radio.

"Umm, guys, I think we're the last ones here," she said, trying to sound nervous as she attempted to wind up the evening on this high note. It wasn't a tone Laura was good at. She was rarely nervous. "I think we should get out of here before someone comes out to check to make sure we are okay." That last line set off a small flurry of activity as everyone suddenly rushed to get dressed before driving home.

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