This is my first attempt at writing an incest/taboo story. So any feedback is welcome.



Lisa was very angry. So angry that she wanted to hit someone or something. Preferably her ex-boy-friend. She couldn't believe that he was so insensitive that he would break up with her a week before Valentine's day. She hated the idea of being alone for the lover's holiday. Pushing her red hair behind her ears, she sat down behind her computer and logged on. When she was angry she always sat down and emailed her best friend and cousin Alex. He would surely understand. She had missed him desperately since he had gone out of state for college. She knew that he wanted to better himself. Given the fact that both of his parents had been high school drop outs she could totally understand that. They had struggled to make ends meet for as long as she could remember. And Alex wanted a better life for himself.

When her email came up, she was happy to see an email waiting from him. Getting ready to open it, she received an instant message from him. She couldn't help but smile.

How's my fave cousin...he typed.

You don't want to know....she typed back

What's wrong?....he prompted.

Got dumped again....she typed.

What! He's a moron....he returned.

How's school going?....she asked.

Not to bad....miss seeing u....he typed.

I know....miss u too....when u coming home?..she


Didn't u get my e-mail?...he prompted.

U attacked me as soon as I got on....she protested.

I did not....waited 10 seconds before I attacked u....he laughed.

Men...just a sec...brb.....she typed.

Lisa clicked over to his email with a laugh. He never changed. Maybe that's why he was her best friend. While she waited for it to open, she shrugged out of her sweat shirt. When it finally opened, she read it quickly. He hadn't typed much but there was a link attached to the email. Clicking on it, she was surprised when it took her to an airline site. When she read it, she nearly screamed. Clicking back over to her IM, she typed furiously.

U sent me a ticket!....she exclaimed.

Yep...bring your sweet ass out here for Valentines Day....he typed back.

U shouldn't have spent the money....she protested.

Just come and see me....he typed.

Let me guess u have meet someone special?....she asked.

Hmmm...could be....he teased.

Alex!...quite teasing me....she exclaimed.

Come out and see....he coaxed.

I'm gonna kick u ass....she returned.

Gotta come here to do that....he typed.

Alex laughed as he teased his best friend. His roommate looked up from his homework.

"Teasing some hot lady over there?" He asked.

"You could say that." Alex joked. "I'm trying to get her to come here."

"Oh, man." His roommate sighed. "The one in the picture?" He asked.

"Yep. I even sent her a ticket."

"Man that's one hot lady you have. I'll make sure I'm scarce when she gets here. I can just

imagine you want to jump all over that."

"Dude," Alex protested. "You are seriously warped. She's my cousin."

"I thought you said she was your lady?"

"She is." Alex said before turning back to the computer.

"Well, cousin or not, I 'd still jump all over that." his roommate stated.

Don't I wish, Alex thought before returning to the task of sweet talking Lisa into visiting him.

* * * * *

Alex opened his email to find an e-card. Frowning he clicked on it. When the file opened, he saw that it was a valentine day card. Frowning he tried to think who would be sending him a card. He was currently between girl-friends. So who had sent him the card? As he read the message he became intrigued. The e-mail address wasn't one that he recognized. A flush started up his neck, the sender was promising him all kinds of naughty things, if only he'd be hers. She had signed it Valentina. Typing a reply to the email address that it was attached he smiled. He had a good idea who it was. And if he was lucky it was her.

* * * * *

Lisa logged in and pulled up her email account. She wondered if Alex had received his card yet. She was surprised when she saw an email in response to her card. She hadn't expected a response that fast. Opening it she started to read it.


You must be a rather naughty girl to want to do all those things to me. But how naughty are you? Naughty enough to chat with me?Or even naughtier to make good on your promises?


Lisa gasped. Oh, he was so in for it, she thought. Typing out a reply, she sent it to him. In it she included the her other im address. The one that he didn't already have.

* * * * *

Alex smiled when he saw Lisa's other im address. He knew it. But did his cousin know that he knew? He had ran across it the last time he had been home. He had stopped to visit her and found her computer still running. And she had a different im up. And the things that she had typed were enough to get him hot and bothered. At the time he had thought that it was her boyfriend that she had been Iming. But he now realized that it was her alter ego, that loved to tease guys. And it obviously didn't matter that he was her cousin. He smiled wickedly. Oh the fun that he was going to have with her. And, he decided, when she came down to see him, all bets were off.

* * * * *

Lisa smiled in anticipation. She could barely wait for him to im her. Looking at the clock, she noticed that it was only a few minutes to go til their prearranged time for meeting. She waited impatiently for him to im her. She was prepared for him. She had everything that she needed to make it memorable for her. She knew that she was being naughty but she had to work him out of her system. Her last boy-friend had dumped her because she had called her cousin's name out the last time they had made love. He hadn't taken very kindly to that. Hence the reason for their break up. So until she worked Alex out of her system she couldn't seriously start dating again. She just had to get him out. She sighed with anticipation as her im dinged letting her know that he was waiting.

Can Valentina come out and play....he typed.

Oh she can more than play.....Lisa responded.

Really...how would Valentina like to play tonite?...he queried.

Hmmm...as down and dirty as possible...she typed back.

Oh, I can provide the down part...if u can provide the dirty....he assured her.

Hmmm, I sure hope so....she typed.

I definitely can deliver, baby....he warned her.

Promises, promises.....she dared.

Not promises baby....warning of my intentions....I'm gonna drive u crazy tonite....he promised her.

We'll see....she typed, hoping that he would deliver on his promises.

No seeing about it, baby, guaranteed....he boasted.

Really....whatcha got....she prompted.

Hmmm rather sassy tonite. I'll fix that.....I'll just tie you're sexy ass down, then we see how frisky u are....he typed.

Then what u gonna do?...she asked. Lisa groaned softly as desire lickedthrough her veins.

Whatever you'll let me do....he typed back.

Damn, I let u doing anything u want, Alex....she assured him.

If u give me free reign...I'll take it and use it against u...he told her.

Promise?....she typed back. Lisa bit her lip and waited for his response.

I think after I tie u up, I'm gonna start by running my tongue all over your naked body....he typed.

Better be careful, Alex...might find some real ticklish spots....she joked.

No, looking for all your hot buttons...then gonna push them all...repeatedly...gonna make u cum like no other.....he promised.

Oh u such a bad boy....she gasped.

And u don't even know the half of it....he told her.

So are u gonna tell me where u liked to be licked? Or do I go exploring?

Oh, damn...I shouldn't tell but I'm gonna....I loved to be licked everywhere ....from my toes to my ears.....makes me wet just thinkin bout it.

Then I guess I'll start by nibbling on you toes, and work my way north...damn, I love legs...tell me baby, are yours long?

Yes....love to wear high heels and tease all the boys.

I'm gonna do the teasing here....remember u tied down....spread eagle in fact....gonna run my tongue across your toes, up your calves and linger behind your knees...are u sensitive there?

Yes...she groaned.

Good, maybe I'll nibble there a bit before I head farther north....run my tongue across your quivering thighs...are u gettin wet?

Soaked....she promised.

Good just the way I want u....bet u delicious to eat....oh, damn baby...gotta run....my roommate just came back.


Hmmm, but if u as naughty as u say u are...maybe u call me....bye, baby.

* * * * *

Lisa sat there in disbelief. How dare he leave her hanging like that, she fumed. She had a good mind to call him and read him the riot act. But he wouldn't know why she was so angry, unless she came clean about the card. No maybe, she thought, it was time for payback. Smiling mischievously, she pulled opened another window and started to hammer out an email to him. Time to fight fire with fire.

* * * * *

Alex smiled and turned back to his roommate, Neil. He hadn't told Neil who he thought Valentina was. His friend knew about the valentine of course but had no idea that it was Alex's sexy cousin, Lisa.

"Talking to Valentina?" Neil asked as he dropped his bag of books on the floor next to the computer.

"I was." Alex said as he quickly shut down the im window. He didn't want Neil to have any inkling of what he and Lisa had been talking about.

"Damn, your one lucky dude. Not only do you have that sexy cousin of yours at your beck and call, now you have some babe on the internet who wants to jump your bones. Some guys have all the luck." Neil said with a sad shake of his head.

Before Alex could respond to his friend's comment, the computer behind him dinged. Sighing he turned back around, easily dismissing his friend from his mind. He had just received another e-mail. Clicking on it, he was not surprised to see it was from Valentina.


That was quite mean of you. To leave me tied up and wanting. But you know what, lover? I have a vivid imagination. I can easily fill in the blanks and finish this by myself. Is that what you really wanted? To have me fantasizing about what you were going to do and making myself come without you? Or would you rather be the one that drives me over the edge?

Do you realize what I was hoping for tonight? I was looking forward to kissing every inch of your flesh. Starting at those ears of yours, that I know are so sensitive. Then working my way down you neck until I find that special spot on your shoulder that drives you insane when your woman bites it as she explodes all over you. I know all your hots spots, lover and I'm just waiting to explore them. I know how ticklish your navel is but how you love to have it sucked on.

And dare I mention about that one spot on the inside of your thigh that will drive you over the edge if I were to suckle on it? No, I don't think

I did. Just remember next time that you're ready to leave me hanging I'll return the favor in spades. I'll tease you til your ready to explode and then simply disappear.


Alex swore softly under his breath. Now, his cock was rock hard. And she hadn't even gone into detail about what she was going to do to him. Just eluded to the fact that she knew all his secret desires. Damn, his cousin, his valentine, knew him well enough to drive him out of his mind. And all it took was the thought of her fulfilling his every secret desire. Even if he hadn't known for sure that it was her playing his valentine, her inside knowledge of his body would be more than enough to give it away.

He smiled as he remembered the conversation that they had about what turned them on the most. And who had done it. Lisa was playing dirty pool, and he wasn't going to let it go unanswered. All he had to do was back her into a corner and seduce her. An idea suddenly struck him. It was doable as long as he could get his roommate to cooperate.

* * * * *

Brrrrinnnggg! Brrrrrinnng!

Lisa lifted her head off the pillow and groped for her phone.

"Ello?" She mumbled. Looking over at the clock she groaned. What asshole called at five in the morning?

"Morning, Lisa." Alex whispered.

"Alex?" She asked groggily.

"I need a favor, Lisa." he whispered as if he were trying to not wake some one.

"What? You call me at five am to ask for a favor?" She growled.

"Shh...keep it down. I need you to come down here."

"What?" Lisa asked as she struggled to sit up.

"I need you to come down here. I screwed up."

"What did you do now?" She asked.

"I was playing basketball with Neil and well...needless to say I ended up with a concussion."

"Are you gonna be okay?"

"I think so. But the doctor said I need some one to stay with me for the next forty-eight hours.

Please, Lisa." He asked.

"Okay, Alex." she said.

Alex smiled as he got off the phone. Who said he had to play fair? She definitely wasn't. He had bribed Neil, with his two tickets to the Dallas game, to leave for the weekend. His roommate was staying with his off again, on again girl-friend. He had everything planned. He had already sent out his email to Valentina before calling Lisa and waking her. He would like to see how she planned on keeping their on line date when they were sharing an apartment.

* * * * *

Lisa sighed as she grabbed her overnight bag before she got ready to disembark the plane. She had made sure to bring her cell phone. Thank goodness for modern technology. She could still make her im with out Alex being aware. She wanted to make sure that she showed for their date but knew that with a concussion that he wouldn't be on.

When her cab finally dropped her off at Alex's apartment, she approached the door with a mixture of excitement and dread. Yes, she looked forward to seeing Alex. She had sure as hell missed him and it had been to long since their last visit.

The dread was from the task before her. She hadn't actually spent day and night with him since before he had left for college. How was she going to control herself? She wanted him in the worse way and she loved him on top of it. She would just have to control herself.

* * * * *

Alex stood in front of the window. He watched as Lisa got out of the yellow taxi cab. Excitement was already racing though his veins. His cock was half hard with the expectancy of seducing his cousin. In truth he didn't care anymore that there were any familial ties between them. He was in love with her and had been for the last two years. He had kept telling himself that it wasn't right. Had even moved out of state to go to school, to get away from the temptation of her alluring body and dynamite personality.

The soft knock on his door alerted him to her presence. Straightening he walked over to the door to let her in. As she drifted by him, he inhaled her sweet scent. Damn, his lady smelled good. And she was definitely his lady. Even through her boy-friends and the girls that he had dated, trying to forget her, she had always been his lady.

"How's your head, Alex?" Lisa asked softly as she dropped her bag by the overstuffed couch.

"Fine." Alex said as he placed his hands on her shoulders. Lisa almost jumped out of her skin when she realized that he had snuck up behind her.

"Are you sure?" She asked as she turned to face him. Looking up, she was surprised at the heat she saw in his eyes. "Are you alright?" she asked huskily. "You look like you might be running a fever."

"If I have a fever, Lisa, it's because of you." Alex told her as he nuzzled the top of her auburn hair.

"What?" she asked.

Lisa was already starting to feel the flames of desire lick through her. His closeness wasn't helping. She tried to step back and realized that he had neatly cornered her between the couch and the wall.

"Alex, are you sure you shouldn't be laying down?" She croaked.

"Only if you lay down with me." He said as he worked his way to her ear and blew softly into it.

"Alex, what are you doing?" She asked on a gasp as he traced the inside of her ear with his tongue.

"Seducing my valentine." He growled as he lifted her chin. Leaning down he gave her time to avoid his kiss.

"How did you know?" She whispered just before his lips captured hers. As his tongue slowly thrust against hers, she forgot all about her question and abandoned herself to his warm kiss. When he finally lifted his head, they were both breathing a bit raggedly. Bending down he lifted her and headed down the hallway to his bedroom.

Entering the cool room, he paused long enough to hit the light switch with his elbow. Then he tossed her gently on to the bed, before covering her sprawled body with his. Bracing himself on his arms, he fitted himself against her before leaning down to capture her lips once again. Just before he sealed their mouths together, he paused.

"Is this what you want, Valentina? Be sure because once this starts I won't be able to stop." He growled.

"Oh yes, I know it's wrong but I want it." she said before dragging his head down to hers.

"And I'm gonna give it to you." he promised before sealing their lips together.

Lisa couldn't recall where their clothes had went to or when. All she knew was that they were finally pressed together, skin to skin. As he attacked her hard nipples, she buried her hands in his tousled hair.

"Love to have your nipples teased, right?" he whispered before tugging gently on them with his teeth.

"Oh, yes." she groaned. As his hand slowly explored her moist flesh, she arched up and lightly nipped his earlobe.

"Naughty little girl." He said affectionately as he spread her thighs wide and settled between them. As he placed the erect head of his cock against her opening, she arched up against him. He groaned and met her halfway, sinking almost to the root inside of her moist folds.

"Damn." She panted. "Do I get a chance to explore?"

"Maybe next time," Alex growled as he started to thrust in and out of her welcoming body.

"Oh, I'll take you up on that." She gasped as she felt the coil inside of her wind tighter.

"Hmmm, and the time after that I'm gonna tie this sweet ass to my bed and love you eight ways from straight." He whispered as he squeezed her butt and sank deeper inside of her.

"Promises, promises." she gasped as she felt the coil start to snap.

"No just letting you know of my intentions." He growled as he buried his face against her throat as he continued to move slowly against her. This first loving was going to be slow and deep. Or at least as slow as he could manage, he thought as he started to move faster inside of her. She was tight and wet, so he knew that it wouldn't be long til, he pushed both of them off the edge.

"Alex!" she gasped as the pleasure surged through her.

"Damn it." He growled. "I can feel your pussy squeezing me tight. I wanted this to last."

"Come on, Alex. Fill my pussy full of come." She goaded him as she wrapped her legs around him tight. She was going to enjoy this as much as she could. It might just be her one and only time.

"Like hell. I'm not gonna let you go, Lisa. You're my lady!" He growled as he slammed deeper inside of her. She realized then that she must have voiced her thoughts.

"But you're my cousin." She gasped as the coil sprung tight again.

"And you're letting me fuck the hell out of you. I'm not giving this up. Not anytime soon. I've waited two years for this and I won't let you end us before we've even begun." he hissed, just before he spilled his seed deep inside of her.

"Yes!" she gasped as she convulsed in his arms again.

to be continued...

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