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Good morning baby and Happy Valentines Day. Another year slips by and I still love waking up next to you. In fact, I learn to love you more and more as time goes by which is something I have never experienced before. Never in my life have I fallen deeper and deeper in love with someone, but I guess you already know that considering the rings on our left hands. How do you think we got so lucky? How on Earth did we learn to love one another as openly as we do? I am fascinated by your love and openness. I am constantly surprised by your ability to support my ideas and I'm doing my utmost to return the favour. You deserve my every attention and too often I forget that. I owe you so many great ideas, I owe you so many more clean dishes, I owe you my time, my love and my undivided lust... but first of all, I owe you some breakfast so lay back and enjoy this little piece of audio romance I recorded especially for you, my sweetest and most precious love.

Valentines Day

A day too often filled with thoughtless cards
Flowers that die
And love that never lasts.

Too often she says "I love you"
Too often he says "Let's fuck"
Not often enough does he tell you how you make him feel.

You make me feel like the fucking King
The King of your world
The King of your body
The focus of your lust

By the way you move your body
By the sweet murmurs and noises you whimper
By the way I make you come
I know that I am the one that helps steer your ship

Our life together is unrivaled
Our life together is epic
Everything you offer to me is pure and clean
While everything I offer I hope is unexpected

For that is what I wish to give to you
An element of surprise
An experience unimaginable
A reality completely fabricated
Leave nothing up to luck

For luck does not exist my love
As quite often we discuss
And that is one thing I am grateful of
Our tendency to contemplate the world that we create
Our tendency to contemplate the difference between
Destiny and Fate

How awesome it is for me to know
That I can always be myself
Constantly naked in the house
Considering what next avenue to take

The awareness we behold must surely be our secret
Always ready to converse
Always willing to grow
Only ever closing the door
On issues that have found a happy home
With a definite conclusion

I am yours
You are mine
I give you unwavering ownership
I will listen to your every command
I cannot promise perfection
But I assure you that I can make you feel loved

I swear I love you like no other
This generic holiday aside
This promise lasts forever
Or at least until we die

Hmmmm.... that was sweet I'm sure, but let's face it, romantic little poems have nothing on what I have in store for you today. I have big plans and they all involve you and me in uncompromising positions. But before we go anywhere you must eat your breakfast, and I'm still cooking, so while I continue to do my thing in the kitchen, I have an idea for what you should do here in the bedroom.

Take your panties off quickly and start rubbing your vagina, I have a quick little audio delight for you to get off to and I want to hear you come so I know it's safe for me to return. I wouldn't want to walk in on you just as you were about to come, I want to give you your own time and your own space to enjoy yourself, as a little present from me to you. Now, here we go...

My beautiful girl
You sexy thing
Your perfect vagina
Your sensitive breasts
Your cute smiling face
Your pink wet lips
Kissing you
Running my fingers through your hair
Sometimes when I masturbate
I hold your panties over my face
Consuming your scent
Dreaming about your pussy
Smothering my face
Your nipples are excited
Your clit is swollen and wet
Breath deeply for me baby
Squeeze your pussy tight
You have the cutest fucking face
The sweetest, loving eyes
Your tongue smooth and hot
Our mouths consume one another
I love our sixty-nine
Somehow we have perfected coming together
Our timing is impeccable
Is it too soon for me to come just yet
I'm longing to fill your mouth
Licking at your pussy
Tasting nothing but your hole
Come for me darling
Come for me sweetheart
Come for me baby
Come for me lover
Sweetness, Baby Girl, Beautiful Woman,
Come for me as I come for you... ah.

Relax, lay back and catch your breath. I love you baby. Breakfast is on the way so be sure to eat well, you're going to need all the energy you can get to keep up with me today... kisses lover.

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