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Valentine Dreaming


The mall seethed with the hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers. Valentine’s Day was almost the busiest holiday of the year. Lovers of all ages wanted that special something to give to the person of their dreams. The smallest kindergartner to the oldest couple, they shopped, bought, and baked for the one they loved.

Evelyn watched the world pass by as she finished another handmade romantic card for a customer. Each of her cards included a personalized poem for the special person in the customer’s life.

She shouldn’t complain, she knew that, thanks to today, “Evelyn’s Romantic Creations” could pay its bills for another month maybe two. This holiday was almost bigger than Christmas.

Evelyn had sold all her hand dipped chocolates, seven of her original Victorian style Valentines with personalized poetry, and four of the most expensive teddies in the store. It had been a deliciously good but tiring day.

She looked up at the clock. Almost time to lock up and go home. She smiled at the thought of the hot bubble bath waiting her there, dinner in the crockpot, and a nice glass of Chablis.

Thank God, for crock pots and hot tub timers. She giggled thinking only a naked man would make it any better, just as the door opened and a large well-groomed man entered.

“That sounded deliciously wicked ma’am, I do hate to interrupt, but I thought you might want to know your prettiest manikin has suffered a slight accident.” Adam Martin admired the look of the busy shop girl as he delivered his news. She was lean, obviously fit with an old-fashioned lace dress on with a big white sailor collar. The red dress and white color accentuated her big gray sparkling eyes and bee stung mouth.

“My manikin?”

She looked toward the display, and started to laugh. The straps had slid down off her shoulders and instead of looking incredibly sexy she was just plain naked from the waist up.

“Cheeky little thing isn’t she?” She grinned at him.

Now it was his turn, and she thought he has an incredible laugh. She found herself looking him over from his feet to the top of his curly blond head and changed her mind; he was just flat incredible.

The man had quit laughing but hadn’t moved. “You sell gifts for Valentines Day right?” She managed not to smile as she silently nodded her head yes.

“I need something for my mother. What do you suggest?”

She moved to the counter closest to him and pulled out several selections, from the least expensive to the costliest. That way she could give him a choice. He looked over several and settled on a gold necklace with a small lacy heart centered with a small diamond. She reached over and showed him how it opened to hold a photo.

“This is just beautiful and something she would greatly admire. She is a dynamo wrapped up in an old fashioned package. My parents were married forty-seven years ago tonight. I will take it and he handed her his credit card.”

Evelyn had to swallow hard with a quick silent prayer to the God of shopkeepers. This one item was worth more then everything she had sold today.

“Good choice, she looked at the card. Mr. Martin, you don’t mind if I see some other identification do you?”

He smiled widely and said, “Not at all, I am impressed with your care of my money.” He produced a license and another credit card both with pictures proving he was indeed Adam Martin.

She reached below the counter and produced a beautiful red silk box she had made to contain the necklace when she first purchased it. It fit perfectly and made the gift that much more elegant. Placing it in one of her trademark bags and including one of her chocolates as a Thank you, she handed it to him. The electric shock when she touched his hand made her drop it and only his quickness kept it from hitting the floor.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know what happened.” She said to him as she rubbed her hand. Mrs. Wellington, an elderly regular customer who had entered as this was happening started to laugh.

“Watch out you two, I think St. Valentine is trying to tell you something.”

Evelyn blushed, and Adam thinking how charming she looked all bright rosy pink thought, why not I have taken stock flyers on less.

“Why don’t we find out Evelyn, what time do you get off tonight?”

“Dumbfounded and unable to answer, Mrs. Wellington looked at the door and answered for her “seven p.m. and be on time she hates tardy people.” Adam picked up his package, bent over and lightly kissed the old ladies palm and smiled on his way out the door, “saying dinner at DaVinci’s, I will meet you here."

Several minutes passed before Evelyn could say, "Mrs. Wellington what have you done. I will just have to explain to him tonight that it is impossible. I don’t even know the man.”

Mrs. Wellington said, “I do, dearie, and its to dinner you will be going in one of these creations you usually sell to other people. Its time the world found out Cinderella was a beauty.”

Evelyn sat down and threw up her hands. “Maybe your right I was praying for a miracle, well actually a naked man in my hot tub, but dinner might be nice.”

Bertie Wellington was a happy woman, and she adored the charming English girl who worked her heart out making a go of her little shop and never seemed to have time for fun. She walked around the counter edge. “Get my kiddies candy out before I forget, and then I am going to fix your hair, and your going to show me what you’re wearing tonight.”

Evelyn stood, and produced the candy from under the counter, took out the bill and marked it paid. “That’s what you get for being a meddling busybody.” The old lady just laughed.

Evelyn went into the back and returned with a deep red velvet skirt, paired with a rose-red lace camisole with matching jacket. “I have been trying to figure out a good reason I could buy this, now thanks to you I have one."

Bertie approved the choice and Evelyn went into the back again and changed. She had to take off her bra, and change into a garter belt to do the dress justice but when she was done and she had added the matching high hells she looked completely different.

Bertie whistled when she reentered the shop, and patting the stool said, “Now for makeup and a new hairdo and you will be the sexiest woman at dinner.

Evelyn had pools of tears in her eyes and Bertie handed her a tissue. “Get used to it woman, your gorgeous and its about time you and the local lummoxes recognized it.” She didn’t tell Evelyn that Adam Martin, was a local boy made good. Worth more money then most people ever saw in their lifetimes. That at thirty-five he had left several women at the altar but Bertie thought that was smart because none of them could have handled him. She knew Evelyn was his equal and could tame him if she so desired.

When Bertie finished with Evelyn, she was gorgeous, merely pretty before had become sophisticated woman. She had brushed her hair and curled it into a windswept loose French twist. She had applied heavier makeup then Evelyn usually used, her dark luscious hair gleamed from the brush, her deep gray eyes sparkled from under thick lashes, and her cheeks blushed from her excitement and makeup.

It was almost six only one more hour to closing. Bertie kissed her lightly picked up her candy, and whistled all the way out the door.

The last hour was busy with customers and Evelyn jumped to lock the door the minute her clock showed seven o’clock. She had just turned the store lights down, when a light tap made her look. Adam was waiting outside the door. She grabbed her coat swallowed hard and with a quickening heartbeat ducked under the chain link security door and whispered “Hello”

Adam stood with his mouth agape. He had noticed the storeowner earlier, had thought it was a giggle to take the poor thing out to dinner, after the little old lady had interfered, but this was a totally different creature. She had a drop-dead figure, gorgeous hair and incredible eyes. How had he missed all that beauty under the shopkeeper wrapping? He would have half the restaurant drooling over his luck at finding her.

He managed a hello, as he pulled her into his arms and lowering his head kissed her breathless. He felt a sharp jolt of electricity down his spine. He pulled back and looked deep into her incredible gray eyes.

“Did you feel that?”

She nodded. “Could we try that kiss again and see what happens?” She heard herself say, and couldn’t believe her audacity, immediately her hand covered her mouth.

He smiled, pulled her hand down and held it tightly as he whispered, “sounds like a plan to me.” He then claimed her mouth again. This time they both had to sit on a close by bench to catch their breath.

When he could talk again, He pulled her close. “Either there is a lot of static electricity in this place, or woman we have a big problem here.”

She looked up into his deep blue eyes and just nodded her head. Finally she smiled and said; "I never had that happen in the whole time I have been dating. Could you kiss me again?”

He stood. “No, or we will never get to dinner, and I want to know all about you. Evelyn of such incredible chocolates, presents and electricity.”

She stood and he wrapped her coat around her drew her close to his body and pointed out the direction of the restaurant. Evelyn blithely followed along thinking it was the first time in months her date had been taller than her it was a nice feeling. She couldn't help noticing that the arm he had curled around her waist was strong. She liked a man who felt like a man, she peeked up under her lashes to see a strong jaw and a Roman nose, and reaching for his hand to hold noticed hers almost disappeared inside it. She sighed softly; this was starting out to be a great evening.

Adam who usually dated short petite women was thinking as they walked it was nice to be of a height that he could kiss her without breaking his back if he desired. He loved the smell of her. Most women he knew used too many scent she smelled of apple orchids and something deeper that stirred his blood and made him want to lock her away safe somewhere in a tower. He startled “Yeah gods, this was getting serious.”

Luckily, they reached the restaurant before either was required to speak. The walk had been companionably quiet. They entered and the maitre “d” seated them front and center so passerby’s could observe the beautiful couple eating and enjoying their evening. He poured and brought them complimentary champagne.

They drank the champagne, with a soft clicking of glasses and good wishes after giving him their order. Before the food arrived, both had gotten a short run down on how life had been for each of them. Relaxing into the friendliness of knowledge and the certainty they liked each other they had more champagne and talked of business and life in general. She found herself loving his parents because of all the rollicking stories he told and missing her mum twice as bad as she was far away in London England.

Adam found that he was more relaxed then he had been in months. He also noticed a rising feeling of sexual excitement having to adjust his trousers twice to be more comfortable. Flirting with Evelyn he noticed she was slightly sweating and he reached and picking up her hand licked from the palm to wrist. First the right and then the left. He felt her tremble under his tongue and the quickening of her heartbeat, and heard her soft moan. He smiled up at her.

“Evelyn dinner has been wonderful and the night is young. Do you want to go night clubbing or take me home to your place? Normally I wouldn’t be so fast but we have I think something extraordinary going on here and I don’t want it to end.”

Chapter 2: Adam goes Home

She leaned over so he could kiss her mouth. She was beginning to love those kisses.

“Nor do I, sweet Adam. Please take me home. The champagne has set my head awhirl and my body sings out for the feel of you and many more of those kisses.”

He called for the bill, never losing touch with her until he had to sign the credit card receipt. Holding each other close, they hurried to the exit and to his waiting car. He took time after he had turned the motor on, to sweep her into his arms and holding her tight kiss her breathless again. He was starting to love the taste and the feel of this woman. She fit him like a designer glove. Adam had a history of women behind him, none had ever pulled forth the feeling this one had in one day. Perhaps his mother was correct after all. She always used to tell him when yet another romance failed, “Somewhere is your other half my darling son, the missing part of you, and when she arrives you will know it."

Evelyn curled up with her head nestled in the pocket of where his arm met his shoulder feeling for the first time in her life safe with a man. It was something that she would have to think about later, right now however; she only wanted to feel.

She gave him the address to her garden apartment. It was only about five miles from the mall. She smiled to herself thinking that the tub would still be warm and the house would smell delicious from the food.

It started to snow as they exited his car, and she stopped and stuck out her tongue to catch a flake.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Tasting joy,” She replied.

She went on to explain as they unlocked her door and entered that her dad always told her snowflakes were the angels way of giving joy to the world. He thought it the nicest thing he had ever heard. Stepping into the hall, he sniffed.

“What in the world is that beautiful aroma?”

She giggled “My dinner, which you interrupted and outside that door is a hot tub would you like to join me?”

He looked at her seriously, “I don’t have a suit.”

She grinned “Then I won’t wear one either. Meet you in the tub and I will bring the towels and the wine.”

He quickly shucked his coat, and ambled out to the tub where he disrobed and slipped into the steaming water. It felt marvelous and the steam smelled of apples. He would have to ask her about that odor.

Evelyn left her hair up, took her makeup off and shivering from excitement undressed. She put on a short robe. Grabbing two towels, she opened the French doors off her bedroom and entered behind Adam so that she was in the tub before he could turn and see her.

“Neat trick but I was looking forward to seeing you as God made you.”

She held out a hand to him and he moved closer. The feel of her slick body curved to his excited him at once, and her soft moan of appreciation had him bending his head and nuzzling out a nipple to suckle. Her hands went around his head and she gently ruffled his hair as she moaned her approval. His hands busy on their own worked their way up to the opposite nipple and breast and started to make love to that side of her body. He opened his eyes as he picked her up and sat her on the hot tub railing; he wanted to concentrate on all her womanly wonders.

Noticing her hair was still up he reached and pulled out several pins. He grinned as it cascaded down around his hands almost to her ass. He loved long hair and very few women wanted the trouble of maintaining it any more.

He left his hands to caress her breasts and his mouth nuzzled down her belly with small intimate bites until his tongue found her belly button and attacked it. Once she was pushing harder against him and he could hear the growl of her passion he picked her legs up, wrapped them around his neck and worked his way up her left leg, down her right and back again. The heady odor of her arousal and her passionate cries were heading him toward full union.

“Evelyn, I have to ask, do I need a moment to fetch some protection or are you on the pill. She smiled and showed him her arm.

Evelyn, who was extremely picky about men, never the less didn’t want any surprises so had an implant that guaranteed her safety for six months at a time. She figured even once was worth the price.

He held her back and looking deep into her eyes, asked with a strange look. “Get a lot of use out of this?”

So engrossed in his lovemaking she really didn’t understand the question. She laughed, as she answered. “Haven’t needed it in the last five months, to picky I guess.”

Adam smiled, He was tired of sluts, and this woman was not only smart she was confident enough of herself to be meticulous about sharing her body. He began to understand what a privilege she had granted him tonight. He lowered his head and his tongue found her deepest secrets.

Soon Evelyn was going wild with a passion no one had ever generated in any of her few nights of sex. Even her one live in affair had only generated warmth and caring never raw passion with his kisses and love making. She was beside herself in her lust. She wanted him deep in her body and wanted him there now, she just didn't understand why. Somehow she managed to say so, and Adam more then ready and very willing slid up and buried his ready member deep inside her wet body.

“Yes, that’s what I wanted” she said as she opened her eyes and looked deep into his, “I don’t understand these feelings but I need you to make love to me now please?”

Adam on the edge of an orgasm was trying his best to hold off. She was as tight as a virgin, hot, wet, and she fit him like a second skin. He could feel her every muscle twitch whenever she moved. The liquid wetness of her covered him as he slid back and forth and he lowered a hand to play with her button of passion as he held her securely on the edge of the tub.

Lowering his head to add more voltage to their lovemaking he sucked her nipples and murmured, “Come for me beautiful lady.” At the same time he pulled and twisted her clit gently. She screamed aloud, and he had to use both his hands to hold her there and him upright as he filled her with his juices and she covered him with hers. It was the most intense climax he had ever had, and in the far recesses of his mind, he knew he was in trouble. No woman had ever caused him to come, so hard.

Recovered he pulled himself out of the tub and helped her to stand up. He wrapped her in a towel, them himself and sweeping her into his arms carried her through the French doors she had left open and into the bedroom depositing her softly on her large bed.

“Woman,” he smiled, “you’re enough to kill a man.” He gently lowered himself down next to her and pulled her close. “Is it permissible to sleep for awhile?” He asked laughing, “I could sure use the energy.” He didn’t get an answer and looked down to see Evelyn eyes closed mouth slightly open sleeping already. He reached and turned off the night lamp on the close by table and closing his eyes dreamed.

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