Valentine Fantasy Contest


Now Dominica has a tiny pixy face with a dark complexion, being from her Italian or Mediterranean heritage. All of her features are tiny, small mouth, dark eyes and lips that are painted red making them look bigger then they really are. Her jet black hair is glossy and hanging down ending just at her breasts.

As for their bodies, again like night and day. Even their choice of clothes sets them apart. Whereas Brianna was wearing a black velveteen floor length dress which hugged her every curve, Dominica was wearing a white satin like dress with a scooped neckline temping every man in the restaurant with her dark skinned upper chest and straining breasts. From where I was sitting I could see her slim legs in black stockings, the dress ending at mid to upper thigh. Bob's hand was already sliding up and down those gorgeous legs making it hard for Dominica to sit still. Dominica's body was very petite, her tiny waist you could put your hands around it and they would nearly meet. Her breasts were incredibly large for someone so small. I would say they were a large B or small C which for her tiny frame looked huge.

Brianna was a different story, her lush body was made for riding either on top or doggy would be fantastic. Her ample hips were made for child bearing, or even better fucking. Her legs looked full and solid, even though they were hidden under the ankle length gown. The sleeves on her black dress were to her wrists making her look very elegant. The high neck accented her huge breasts that nearly rivaled Robin's, but not quite. Her gorgeous blonde hair shined against the black of her dress and her full red glossy lips begged to be kissed.

Robin nudged me, leaning over she whispered; "John, you can quit staring at any time."

I chuckled and whispered back; "I was just noticing just how different the two of them were. Bob will be a lucky man tonight, but nowhere was lucky as I am. Look around Robin; you put every woman in the place to shame!"

She smiled and squeezed my leg; "Nice save John, but thanks anyways."

"No, no Robin, really look around, sure there are many gorgeous woman here, but none that hold a candle to you."

She smiled at me and saw I was genuine in my complement and her eyes sparkled as she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

We all ate and drank at a leisurely pace, Bob continued feeding his two companions glass after glass of wine and by the end of our meal both Dominica and Brianna were feeling no pain.

Bob stood up and took both of their hands; "How about the three of us head back to my place. Robin has a hot tub on her balcony and we can watch the snow fall and take in the skaters in Central Park?"

They both jumped at the offer and Dominica swayed around as she stood.

Brianna looked at me with those dark blue sparkling eyes; "I hope to see you back at the hotel later John."

"I'm sure you will Brianna, have fun Bob."

He laughed as he pulled Dominica to his side; "Oh don't worry about me John, I will, just take good care of my Robin."

"Will do Bob, will do!"

I took Robin's hand and she rose from her chair; "Shall we head back Robin?"

"Oh John, I don't know, it's been such a fantastic day, I don't want it to end yet."

"Don't worry Robin, it's just begun, lets go."

We got our coats and the maitre'de headed towards me; 'Mr. Boston, your ride is waiting!"

I handed him a hundred and thanked him. When we exited the restaurant, the snow was falling softly and as I led Robin to the curb she sucked in her breath, with a wide smile on her face she cried out; "Oh my god John, is this for us?"

I hugged her to me and just nodded. Holding her hand she climbed into the horse drawn carriage that was set to take us around Central Park, Rockefeller Center and the other sites in Manhattan.

After I climbed in I told the driver to head on out. I had given him an extra hundred to take us to the sights and take his time Robin threw her arms around me; "Oh my god John, this is the perfect ending to a perfect day! I can't think of a better or more romantic way to spend my time with you here for Valentine's Day."

I chuckled; "I agree Robin, it has been a perfect Currier and Ives setting hasn't it, February in New York is magical, especially Valentine's Day, but I have a different way of looking at it."

She looked at me quizzically; "How so John?"

"Well Robin you said it was a perfect way to end a perfect day, right?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Well Robin I see it this way, it's was a perfect day, but this is the beginning of a magical and romantic evening and night. Robin, we've just begun!"

She laughed out loud and beamed from ear to year; "I never thought of that, but I guess, NO I know you're right!"

She raised her face to mine and I lowered my mouth and covered her. Our lips molded to one another's and the embrace began to heat up. Slowly I broke the kiss and she rested her head and that mass of auburn locks on my shoulder and upper chest and we snuggled and took in the sights. Every once in awhile she let out an Oooooh or an awe as she say another site she liked.

As we entered Central Park the driver handed me a large thermos and two mugs; "You two may want to try some of this, it's my special concoction, I'm sure you'll love it, enjoy!"

I handed Robin the mugs and opening the thermos, steaming hot toddy came pouring out. Closing the thermos I took one of the mugs and made a toast; "To an evening you'll remember for the rest of your life, to the woman I adore, Robin Meade."

She smiled and gave me a tiny peck on my nose, taking a sip of the hot chocolate her eyes went wide when she tasted the Peppermint Schnapps in the chocolate; "Mmmmm, my complements to the bartender."

When she pulled the cup away her upper lip was covered with chocolate foam. I leaned in and whispered; "Robin, you have a little chocolate foam on your lip."

She raised an eyebrow; "Well I guess it's up to you to clean it up, what do you think?"

I didn't answer I just leaned in and licked around her full red lips. All of a sudden we were locked again in a long heated kiss. When we broke we were both out of breath. We finished our hot toddies and cuddled as we pulled out of Central Park.

Back at the hotel Bob opened the door to his room and ushered the tipsy Dominica and Brianna into his suite. The two women flopped down on the sofa and Bob went to the mini bar to make they some drinks. When he turned back to the women they were locked in an embrace. Placing the drinks down on the coffee table Bob sat down in an overstuffed chair across from them and unbuttoning his pants pulled his cock out and began stroking it slowly as the scene before him started heating up.

Dominica was all over Brianna kissing her with mouth open and Bob watched their tongues dueling with one another's

Brianna looked over Dominica's shoulder with those bright blue dreamy eyes and stared at Bob's huge cock. It grew larger as he stroked it and Brianna tore her eyes from it and tried to concentrate on the woman lying on top of her.

Dominica's hand traveled down Brianna's back and the long zipper went along with her hand. Dominica drew back slightly and pulled the dress down to her waist, but her arms were caught in the dress seeing it had full length sleeves. With her arms trapped Dominica began ravishing Brianna's full lush body, without a bra on Brianna's huge tits swayed from side to side as Dominica began kissing her exposed neck, shoulders and upper chest.

She leaned back again and Brianna could see the lust in her eyes and it made her smile, freeing herself from the dress she cupped her own large tits and running her thumbs over the huge half dollar sized bright pink aureoles she moaned and tugged on her dark red erect nipples she offered them up to Dominica.

Teasing her Dominica slowly lowered her head to her huge tits, swaying her head back and forth she ran her glossy long black tresses across Brianna's tits causing Brianna to let out a loud groan. Dominica lowered her head and ran her tongue slowly around and around the bright pink and red tip of one tit.

Brianna couldn't take any more of this and gripped Dominica by the hair and crushed her face to her tit.

Dominica let out a giggle and began sucking and licking on the tit harder. When she lifted her face the large orb was covered in her saliva. She moved to the other tit and did the same.

Brianna's head flopped back on the sofa and her mouth was wide open and her eyes were closed. She rolled her head from side to side taking in the exquisite feeling that was coursing through her body.

Bob got up and walked around behind the sofa, he was now totally naked and he gripped his cock and laid it across Brianna's full red lips. Pushing slightly it slid easily into her open mouth.

Her eyes shot open and was startled at first, but once she realized what she had she gripped it with her long fingers and stroked it's length and turning her head further to one side took about six inched of his foot long cock into her mouth.

Bob gripped her lush blonde hair and guided his cock in and out of her mouth. He picked up the pace and was now fucking her mouth like a large pussy. Obscene noises were coming from her mouth and throat as she gargled and swallowed her saliva as he drove further and further down her throat.

Dominica moved lower and began kissing the underside of Brianna's huge tits. Nibbling on her belly she slipped to the floor and gripping the dress around her waist she started tugging at it.

Brianna stopping sucking on Bob's cock briefly to arch her back, this allowed Dominica to slid the dress from her lower body. Left with thigh high black stocking, a tiny black thong and high heels, Brianna returned to sucking diligently on Bob's cock she let out a groan around his cock as Dominica began kissing her exposed thighs.

She started at one foot, pulling the shoe off; she slid her long nails along the silk covered leg. When her hands reached the top of the stocking she hooked her fingers under the band and slowly slid it off, once again her nails slid across the bare flesh of Brianna's exposed leg. She did the same to the other leg and now Brianna could not keep her lower body still. She wiggled around, arching her back as Dominica began kissing her way up her bare legs to the dripping thong that barely covered her wet cunt. Wisps of blonde hair, now dark with her cunt juices were peaking out around the thong. Dominica grabbed a hold of the thong and tore it from the wiggling body beneath her.

Once again Dominica began traveling up Brianna's squirming legs, but this time at a slower pace, teasing her as she went upward. She licked, nipped and sucked on the tender flesh of Brianna's full white thighs.

Brianna was drooling around Bob's cock as he fucked her mouth. She was going insane from the double teaming Bob and Dominica were administering on her naked body.

As Bob fucked her mouth his hands were now on the back of her head as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper down her throat.

Her eyes went wide as he entered her throat and Dominica reached her dripping cunt. Her saliva ran in streams down her chin and onto her swaying tits. She arched her back and was now moaning constantly as Dominica found her stiff clit.

Brianna's entire lower body was covered in Dominica's raven hair; Bob nearly lost it when he looked down at that erotic sight. She used both hands to spread open the tight lips of Brianna's weeping pussy. When she did this she let a river of juice begin to flow from her pussy. Dominica quickly lapped away at the sticky nectar that flowed from her pussy. She tongue fucked Brianna's pussy as her hands wormed their way under Brianna's ample ass. She raised her ass up as if to offer Dominica her pussy up to feast on and that she did.

Brianna was breathing faster and louder now as a huge orgasm was building deep in her loins. She sucked wildly on Bob's cock and he fucked her faster and faster. Suddenly she stiffened and let out a loud groan and started cumming all over Dominica's face, at the same time Bob's cock popped out of her mouth.

Bob was so close to cumming, he stroked is slimy cock faster and faster and stopped and aiming it at Brianna he started cumming. He covered her face, chin, neck and tits with his hot pearly white cum. Shot after shot came out, her face was covered in his man frosting, her hair was dripping with his cum and when he finally finished he swiped his cock back and forth across her face. He stumbled to the couch and flopped down next to her.

Dominic looked up and let out a high pitched squeal and moved up her body and began licking the pearly juices from Brianna's tits, once clean she moved up to her neck and face. They kissed wildly as Dominic swapped the cum she licked up with Brianna and Brianna wrapped her in her naked body.

Once they calmed down Bob stood up and took Dominic by the hand; "Why are you still fully clothed while Brianna and I are naked? Come on, let's go to the bedroom and remedy that!"

He swooped Dominica up in his strong arms and carried her to the bedroom. Just before he got there he turned to Brianna who looked amazing, her large lush body, covered in a thin film of sweat and still covered with his cum, her hair all tussled about and looking well fucked; "Brianna are you cumming?"

She laughed; "I already did, but give me a minute to recover and I'll be joining you two. I owe Dominica a payback."

Back on the cold streets of New York City the horse drawn carriage pulled up in front of their hotel. The driver opened the carriage door and I jumped out. Robin stood to climb out, but I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her out. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I could feel her lush body, even through her heavy cape. I reluctantly placed her on her feet, but she refused to let go. Letting out a laugh I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the hotel, through the lobby and into the elevator.

Once the doors closed she turned my head and kissed my tenderly, breaking the kiss she whispered; "Please put me down John, I want to feel your body against mine while we kiss."

I lowered her to her feet and she once again wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a more passionate kiss on my lips. As the elevator rose, so did my cock and she rotated her hips feeling it she broke the kiss. "See that's why I wanted to stand, I had to feel that gorgeous tool of yours rubbing against me."

We resumed kissing, but all too soon the elevator stopped and we were at our floor. Breaking the kiss reluctantly we walked quickly, hell we nearly ran to her room.

I took the keycard and opened the door. Once in I slammed the door shut and taking her by the shoulders spun her around and finding the clasp at the neck of her cape popped it open and slid the long garment that was hiding Robin's treasures from me, off her shoulders and it fell in a heap around her ankles. I took a step back and took in her gorgeous body. Stepping back to her I placed my index finger in the bottom of her chin and raising her mouth, I lowered mine to hers.

Robin let out a tiny moan as our lips met, slowly the kiss intensified and we were both clutching at each other and our tongue slipped out to duel with one another's. Robin was the first to break the kiss, panting loudly she slipped her hands under my suit coat and slipped it from my shoulders. It fell to the floor and she began working at the buttons on my shirt. I yanked off my tie and she now had my shirt open, tugging it from my pants she slipped that from my body. She slowly ran her fingertips across my pecs and rubbed her thumbs across my nipples, they hardened instantly. Her hands went to my belt buckle as she leaned in and rolled her tongue around and around my nipples. She unzipped my pants and tugged at them and they pooled around my feet.

I kicked them away along with my shoes. I stood there in my Valentine Day boxers with hearts on them and black socks, I looked like a leading man in a cheap porno, but I stood in front of one of the most gorgeous women on TV and my cock began to tent out my boxers.

She pulled up slightly on her skirt and slowly knelt down in front of me. Lifting a foot she pulled off my sock and licked each toe before placing my foot back down on the carpeted floor. By now my cock was rock hard and it bumped her forehead as she reached for my other foot. She did the same to that one and swayed her head back and forth across my boxer covered cock. Kissing her way up from my knee she reached my boxers and looking up smiled; "Cute John, real cute, I just love your boxers."

I laughed; "If you take them off you can keep them."

She laughed her patented throaty laugh and licked my cock through the shorts; "I guess I'm going to own a new pair of shorts!"

"Robin, you better pull them off soon, or you'll have to wash some serious stains out them."

Again she laughed, but the laugh quickly dissipated when she tugged them off and she knelt there staring at my stiff fat cock. "Oh my god John, I love it!" She squealed; "There is nothing I love better then the feel of a stiff hard fat cock in my hand, mouth, pussy and yes John my ass!. It's just the kind I love, thick with large veins and bumps on it. When I suck on it or have it sliding in and out of my juicy pussy these gorgeous bumps work just like a dildo with all those tiny bumps on it, the difference this monster is attached to a hot blooded man who I can't wait to fuck!"

Robin tipped her head to one side and her long thick auburn hair flowed over her face and tickled my thigh. She ran her hot wet tongue back and forth along the length of my cock. She moaned as she wet down the entire surface of my cock.

She looked up at me and I nearly came as she smiled at me, those dark eyes sparkled as she resumed licking back and forth, her long hair swayed from side to side causing my cock to get even harder, if that was possible. Letting out a loud groan she poised over the large mushroomed head and took inch by inch into her hot mouth.

I never had anyone take me so slow or so sensually. The excitement was excruciating as more and more of my cock disappeared in her mouth, her full red lips straining to capture all of my cock flesh. Finally her nose was buried in my pubic hair and all nine inches of my cock was buried in her mouth and throat. I was sent to heaven when her tongue rolled around my cock and slipped out and lapped at my nut sack with my cock still imbedded in her mouth.

I couldn't take it any longer and I ran my hands through her gorgeous locks, she looked up at me with lust in her eyes and that was it, I started cumming. She pulled halfway off my cock and started swallowing as I spurted what seemed like a gallon on cum. Slipping over she pulled it from her mouth and stroked it hard as I continued to cum. One shot hit her on the forehead and into her hair. Pointing it lower she aimed it at her chin and throat and it dripped down between her deep cleavage.

I nearly collapsed looking at the erotic sight before me. Seeing Robin Meade daily on TV fantasizing about this and now standing over her, my cum dripping from her face was just too much to comprehend.

I pulled her to her feet and she was leaning again me on wobbly legs. We kissed passionately as I tasted my cum on her lips and tongue.

Robin rested her head on my shoulder; "Wow that was incredible. I never had a man cum so much at one time. I hope there is more where that came from?"

"Oh don't you worry Robin that was just a taste of what's to come."

"Mmmmm and very tasty if I may say so myself."

"Robin, why am I the only one standing here naked? I already came and you are still fully dressed."

She giggled; "Why John, I think it's up to you to remedy that, don't you think?"

Back in Bob's suite he dropped Dominica to the bed and she bounce and rolled over onto her back. Her dress slipped from one shoulder and one very firm tit popped out. They were no larger then oranges, but firm and very high on her chest. The aureoles were the size of a nickel and very dark. The nipple was even darker, nearly black and just as stiff as a pencil eraser, but twice the size.

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