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Valentine Mom


This year my life got really strange on valentines day. I was sitting at the breakfast table eating the pancakes mom had just placed on my plate. Dad was still upstairs doing his morning shave and shower routine. Still in her robe, mom sat down next to me and crossed her long milky-white legs. She loved to sit there and watch me eat. You'd think after all these years I'd have gotten used to it, but the truth was it still made me feel a little uneasy.

"How's your breakfast?" She asked, in her sweet motherly way.

"Great." I answered.

She reached in her robe pocket and handed me an envelope.

"Here, this is for you." She said.

I took it from her.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a valentine, from me. It is valentine's day you know?" She said.

She got up and walked across the kitchen, her plump ass swaying seductively. Mom was a tall woman, but always seemed much taller by the shoes she wore. She always wore the daintiest little high-heeled slippers. They were nothing but a thin leather strap crossing her toes and a skinny 4-inch heel, which tapped lightly against the floor as she walked. Mom was a yoga instructor at the local health club, had long black hair and one hell of a body.

"Can I open it?" I asked.

She laughed as she began doing dishes.

"That is the idea." She joked.

I opened the envelope and found a card in the shape of a heart. I opened the card and somthing fell out. It was a condom, still in its unopened wrapper. The card read:

Happy Valentine's day, love!

Will you be mine?

Love, Mom

I read it over and over again, then looked at the condom curiously. What did this mean? Mom still had her back to me.

"Did you open it yet?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"And?" She said.

"What's this for?" I asked, holding up the condom.

Mom dried her hands and walked towards me with a smile. Her big boobs swayed beneath her robe.

"That's so you don't get your valentine pregnant." She said.

"But mom, I don't really have a valentine this year." I said.

She picked the card up off the table handing it to me, forcing me to take another look.

"Yes you do. You just haven't answered her yet." She said.

Again I read the card, then it struck me.

Happy Valentine's day, love!

Will you be mine?

Love, Mom

Oh my God! Was this really happening? Just then, my father walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning." He said.

"Hi dad." I said, tucking the card and condom away.

"Do you have time for breakfast, sweetie?" Mom asked him.

Dad grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl.

"No, I better eat on the road. Got to be at the office a little early today. You need a ride to school, son?" He asked.

I looked at mom to find her staring back at me, awaiting my answer.

"No...uh, that's okay dad. I'll take my bike today." I said.

"Don't be silly. I'm going right by the school. I'll drop you off." He said.

"I'm encouraging Jake to get more exersize. I think it would be good if he took his bike this morning." My mom said.

"Okay, well, I better run." He said.

Mom walked him to the door. I saw dad suddenly turn to mom as she ushered him out.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Love you, valentine." He said, giving mom a peck on the lips.

Mom gave him a quirky little smile and another quick kiss.

"You're gonna be late." She said sternly, pushing him out the door. Mom closed the door behind him and locked it. She came back into the kitchen and took a seat next to me, again crossing those amazing legs.

"Well..." She said.

"Well what? I asked.

"I never got an answer... Do you wanna be mine? Do you wanna be mom's valentine?" She asked sweetly.

"Sure." I muttered.

We stared at one another for a moment.

"But if I'm gonna take my bike, I should probably be heading to school." I said.

Mom shook her head and smiled slyly.

"I don't think so." She said.

"I'm not going to school?" I asked.

"Nope." She said.

"What...uh, what am I doing today then?" I asked.

Mom smiled warmly.

"Don't you mean, what are WE doing today?" She asked.

"Yeah...what are we doing?" I asked.

Mom got down on her knees in front of me and began to unbutton my pants and pull down my zipper.

"Stand up." She commanded.

I did so and mom yanked my pants down, then my boxers. My cock spang to attention before her face.

"Give me the condom." She said.

I did so and she ripped it open. She took the latex ring and put it in her mouth. Then she grabbed my erection and forced the engorged head of my cock between her lips. I couldn't believe this was happening. As my cock sunk into her mouth, mom used her lips to work the condom onto my cock. I watched as she swallowed every inch until the condom was completely unrolled, then she slid my pecker from her mouth and looked up into my eyes.

"Sit down, love." She said.

I did so and mom stood up and reached under her robe. I watched in disbelief as she pulled her panties off and kicked them aside. She slid her tiny feet from their slippers and opened her robe. I only got a quick look before she was on me. Her enormous, milky-white breasts rolled from side to side as mom straddled me. I looked down as her hairy muff decended upon my cock. Her sex-lips were splayed apart, like an open mouth preparing to suck. All at once I felt my dick sink into her warm, soft pouch. Deeper and deeper it sunk, until the wieght of her ass was on my lap, my balls pressed against the crack of her ass. Facing one another mom hugged me my tightly. Our chests met and the pillowy-softness of her boobs flattened out against my chest. Mom brought her lips to my ear.

"Fuck me, valentine!" She whispered. "Fuck your mother, lover."

Mom began to bounce upon my lap and I felt my dick glide up and down her amazing cunt. I started to buck my hips and soon we were off into a wild incestuous hump. Again and again, her ass beat down onto my lap, my cock pistoning in and out of her most secret place. Mom was moaning and panting, clawing my back with her nails.

"Oh God, you darling little motherfucker!" She groaned.

For a good twenty minutes mom worked her cunny up and down my rock hard pole. Up and down and up and down, then grinding my mushroom tip against the head of her cervix.

"Oh yeah...oh God, I'm gonna cum!!!" She moaned. "You're about to make your mother cum! Oh God!!!! Oh shit!!! Oh fuck!!! Oh lover!!!" She panted. "I'm cumming!!! Oh, baby, I'm cumming on you!!! AAHH!!! AAAHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! She screamed, her face contorting into a look of wicked pleasure.

I felt a stream of warm liquid run down onto my balls. Mom rode the waves of orgasm for about two full minutes, before she stopped her humping. She slid off of me and took my hand.

"My bed or yours?" She asked.

Of coarse I chose hers. Mom led me upstairs and into her bedroom. She threw off her robe and fell onto her back in the center of her bed, pulling me down between her long legs. She quickly reached down and guided my cock back into her matronly love-nest.

"Fuck me hard now, baby! I want you to let go!" She said.

Like a steam locamotive I began to piston my throbbing rod in and out of mom's quivering twat. She threw her legs back until her ankles were resting on my shoulders, my head between her pretty little feet.

"Oh God, fuck meeeee!!!! She screamed. Harder!!!! HARDER!!!!!

I humped with all my might. The room filled with the sounds of sqeaking bedsprings and the lewd repetitive slaps of my balls beating against mom's ass. Mom's big tits rolled wildy across her chest, slapping together again and again. For twenty more minutes we humped like mad. Mom was like a sex-crazed animal, grunting, licking and biting at my neck and shoulders. My nuts began to boils as mom announced her approaching climax.


I suddenly felt a torrent of sperm rocket from my cock. Again and again a surge of jism filled the latex sheath as mom and I bucked and humped. For five minutes we rode the waves of pleasure until finally, mom took her legs from my shoulders and we rested together in one big pile of naked sweaty flesh.

Mom held me against her bussoms.

"Did you enjoy your valentine, love?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said, catching my breath.

"Good, cause I've decided after that second orgasm that from now on, you'll be more than mom's valentine." She said.

"I will?" I asked.

"Yep. From here on out, after your father leaves for work, you'll take his place in my bed. From now on your more than just my son..." She said.

Mom looked into my eyes and licked her lips seductively.

"You're my lover. Mom's darling little motherfucker." She said.

Once again our bodies came together. We were now one again, just like long ago and not a day went by that mom and I were not bathing in our wicked incestual love.

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