tagRomanceValentine's Day

Valentine's Day

bySean Matthews©

As we arrive, you can't suppress a giggle as you see a big red ribbon hanging across the doorway. I lean across your body, not so subtlety brushing up against your breast and taking in the cologne you have sprayed lightly in your cleavage, to get a pair of scissors from the glove compartment. On my way back up, I pause and put my hands to your face. Looking deeply into your eyes, I simply say, "Happy Valentines Day", and kiss your nose. I pull my face back, look into your eyes again and pull your face to mine. Our lips meet and our lips part. I kiss you only long enough to relay a promise for more later.

I jump out of the car and before you have a chance to get out of the car, I run to your side and open the door, just like I used to when we first met. Then I hand you the scissors and stick out the crook of my elbow for you to take. "M'lady, may I escort you to your castle?" You giggle again and take my arm, following me to the door. When we get there, you make a big production in the ribbon cutting ceremony, doing your best Vanna White impression in presenting the scissors and cutting the fabric. Without any warning, I put one arm behind your back and scoop the other under your firm thighs. As I pull your body close to my chest, you let out a shocked scream and nuzzle your face into my neck.

I open the door and you get your first look at your domicile for the next three days. You are amazed to see candles flickering and flowers placed strategically throughout the cabin. I see your face question how I got all this set up, but you decide not to ask and just enjoy that it happened. I put you down to explore while I go to get our luggage. Surprisingly, there wasn't a speck of dust in the place, not a hint of stale air. Obviously the place had been taken care of recently.

I arrived in the bedroom just seconds after you and threw the luggage on the bed. "Race you to get ready and into the lake." I start puling off my hunter green polo shirt even before you understand the message, so you are well behind me in our race. You pull your light sweater over your shoulders and I pause to enjoy the light jiggle your breasts are doing before remembering our challenge. By this time, you have wriggled from your skirt and have opened your suitcase, looking for your bikini. The frantic exertion make your breasts strain to stay encased within the flimsy lace bra you chose for our trip. Finding your top, you immediately unclasp your bra and give me a peek and your large, firm, unfettered breasts until you were able to put on your tiny flower print top. By this time, I have my jeans off and decide to distract you. I pull off my boxers and you hear an audible slap and my hard cock springs up and hits my hard stomach. I proceed to look through my luggage to find my suit, leaving my cock out, bobbing in time with my efforts to find a cover for it.

It's obvious that my "throw everything in the suitcase and I'll sort it out later" packing method is not as efficient as your meticulous "put everything in it's place" method, as you find your bottoms much faster than I do mine. You pull of your panties and pull on your bikini bottoms and rush for the door just as I spy my trunks. I decided that since there wouldn't be anyone near the lake at this time, I am going to catch you one way or another. I tear off after you with my trunks in my hand and run past you, bare assed nekkid, to claim the victory. You stop in stunned silence. Finally, you scream, "Oh, My Gawd, Sean! What the hell are you doing?!?" I bob on one foot in the cold, chest high water, trying to put on my trunks. "Hey, I won, didn't I?"

I finish pulling on my shorts and come out of the water, putting on my best monster face and begin to stalk my prey. Getting the hint, you scream your best melodramatic scream and begin to run in slow motion. Finding a convenient rock, you "trip" and fall gently to the ground just as I get to you. I pull you up to your feet and throw you over my shoulder. You play the helpless victim until I begin to wade into the lake. The frigid water touched your toes and you decide getting wet is just not in your best interest right now. You begin to struggle against me, trying to climb up my body as I make my inexorable trek deeper into the water. I stop as you sit on top of my shoulders, shivering, as water soaks into your swim suit bottom. I turn around, much to your relief, and begin to walk back to shore. "Thank you, Sean. That water was just too…" Suddenly I threw myself back into the water, completely immersing you in the icy depths.

Your face barely emerges from the water before you release a string of curses more playful than serious. As you stand, I notice some very obvious effects the cold water has had on your anatomy. You top is slightly askew, but could not expose your breast completely because the edge of the material was caught on your very hard nipple. You jump up as high as you can, trying to get some leverage to dunk my head into the water. Your futile attempt only brings your quivering breasts to my face.

I grab your body and pull you close to me while you continue to try to get me underwater. I voluntarily lower myself slowly, but I begin to nuzzle the treats nature has given you. I completely submerge myself without putting your face in the water. Holding my breath, I use my lips to move your top over enough to bring out your fully extended nipple. I pull your body to me even closer and begin my ministrations on your body. I once again stand and begin to walk towards the shore. Lost in the moment, you don't realize that your breast is only covered by mouth for the trip back to shore. As we arrive on dry land, I put you down and kiss your mouth. Now you realize we are still outside and push me back so you can straighten your suit.

"Sean, you are too much. I can't believe you let me stand here with my tit hanging out like that."

"Baby, there is NO ONE here but us. C'mon. Let's sit on the deck." We get to the deck and towel ourselves off. Just as you begin to warm up, you begin to wonder how those towels got on the deck. You look around quickly, but decide this is another mystery.

I pull you down to the chair swing close to me. Putting my arm around you, I start to whisper how your body is affecting me. The sun is beginning to set over the lake and you realize you are hearing mood music softly in the background. "What the hell?" You think, "I am on vacation."

My mouth meets your ear and I begin to kiss it softly. My hand travels to your face and I start to stroke it softly. "mmmmmmm" you moan and my mouth travels down to your neck. I grab your shoulder and turn you slightly so I can really get to your neck. The water has not washed away the scent of your cologne. The taste of your flesh and the smell of your welling excitement combined with that cologne spur me on to pleasure you more. My teeth nip at the juncture of your neck and collarbone. My hands travel down your rib cage. My lips move to your voice box as you tilt your head back. My short fingernails find your nearly fully exposed back and lightly begin to scratch up and down. My mouth goes to your chin. My hands unclasp your top. As my lips touch yours, my hands free your breasts from your bikini without so much as a whimper of protest from you. At this point, the only whimpers you are making are from the feel of my body on yours.

Our kiss becomes more intimate. Our tongues dance as if choreographed in our mouths. My hands move to your hair and I pull your mouth even closer to mine. I kneel in front of you on the swing without stopping the kiss. You move to the very edge of the swing so your breasts can touch my chest. The soft hair tickles your nipples as you continue to press your lips to mine.

I break off the kiss after minutes of just kissing and holding. When I do, my mouth kisses back down your neck and to your breasts. I lick and kiss all around your nipples without touching them. You move your breasts in an effort to get my mouth onto your nipples, but I am able to dodge your hard points and continue to kiss and lick around them.

My hands massage your back from your neck to the crack of your ass. My hips tickle your sensitive inner thighs. I continue this until finally I capture your nipple in my mouth and tongue the very tip. Your hands grip the back of my head and pull me closer. With my mouth firmly enclosing your nipple, my tongue dances around and around. Tantalizing you.

My hand finds the juncture of your thighs and breach the frail covering that offers protection from prying eyes. Your pussy is virtually soaked with passion. Your hips jut forward in an effort to meet my invading fingers. I rub your slit up and down and rest two fingers on your clit as I take your other nipple into my mouth.

I pull my fingers from paradise and rub your juice to your nipple before returning my mouth to your breast. Having just a taste of you is just impossible. I must drink from the fountain.

I pull your skimpy bottoms from your hips and lick the smooth, shaved skin just above your clit. Your juice has traveled up this far, fueling my appetite even further. I pull you even further forward and you lean back to give me more access to your heavenly pussy. I playfully lick the outer lips, spreading them with just my tongue. Your legs move into the air, and I assume you are holding your ankles. As you do, your pussy lips spread gloriously. My tongue moves forward and penetrates your wet hole. In and out. You feel my mustache tickle your clit as I tongue fuck you. Your stifled sighs become more and more pronounced. My hands run up and down the backs of your thighs and my lips encircle your clit. Sucking and humming, licking and nibbling, my mouth is driving you so close to orgasm.

You begin to bite your bottom lip in an effort to fend off the impending cum. When that doesn't work, you bite your finger. That works for a few minutes and you congratulate yourself on your control. Just then, I pull your hood from your clit and flick my tongue wildly against it. Just then the floodgates open and you begin to cum hard. Your hips buck wildly and just as you reach to grab the back of my head, my face is gone from your pussy. Within seconds, I have my trunks down and my cock at the entrance of your pussy. My initial thrust meets absolutely no resistance and I growl, "Play with your clit!"

Your hand descends to your clit quickly as you continue to cum. My hips ram forcefully into the backs of your thighs and your ass. Faster and faster, harder and harder, my cock penetrates the innermost depths of your pussy. You can tell from my breathing, I will not last long at this pace, but it feels so good, you can't ask me to stop. Instead of multiple orgasms, you experience an orgasm that doesn't seem to end. Waves of lust ripple over your body as my cock repeatedly violates your slit. My hips start moving erratically and I grab your thighs.

I plunge in as far as possible and stay there, quivering. The feeling of jets of my cum flooding your pussy puts the exclamation point on this wonderful orgasm you are experiencing. We catch our breath in each other's arms and you reach for another, dry towel. "What the hell? Where did THIS one come from? There was only two towels here earlier."

Do you really want to know? You have to tell me if you like this story and want me to continue it.

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