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Valentine's Day


Ben knew that Valentine's Day was approaching and he had to get something for her, but what? He wanted to get her something more than just chocolate and a card, but he wasn't sure.

Walking around the mall, he passed a store, stopped, and a smile curved his face as an idea came to him. He would have to work up to it though.

Ben continued walking, picked up some flowers, and then left the mall.

On the way home, Ben stopped by her house and gave her the flowers.

"Thank you Ben. But what are these for?" Sarah asked him.

"They are for my beautiful Valentine."

"Valentine's Day is still a few weeks off. Shouldn't you have waited till then to give me flowers?"

"Who says that I can't give them to you now. It is just a way to say that I love you, and that I am always thinking of you."

Tears started to flow from Sarah's eyes, knowing that she finally had someone who loved her unconditionally, and he wasn't scared to show it. She drew Ben to her, gave him a deep loving kiss, and a huge bear hug.

"Come on in. Dinner is almost ready." Sarah told him as she brought him into the kitchen to hunt for a vase for the flowers.

Both of them ate, cleaned the dishes and kitchen, and then sat down to an after dinner drink. They talked of their day, asked how everything went for the past week, and just basically caught up on things. Ben knew that he had to get home, so he left before it got too late.

Through the next week, Ben could do nothing but think of what he wanted to do with Sarah. He called her a few times during the week, never letting her on to what he had planned, and worked as he normally did.

They following weekend, Ben picked up a box of Godiva Chocolate's before he left for Sarah's house.

"Wow! Flowers last week, and chocolates this week. What is a girl suppose to do? But don't expect me to ride through the street naked like Lady Godiva did."

"Hmmmm, not that is a thought."

Sarah playfully hit Ben, and then brought him inside for their weekend ritual.

The following week Ben went back to the mall and to the store where he got his idea. He bought what he wanted, and then went to a few other places, purchasing a few extra items.

"Get dress up real nice, I am taking you out for dinner tonight for Valentine's Day."

"Casual dress, or knock me out drag me home dress," she said laughing.

"What ever you would like. It is my treat tonight."

Sarah had a smile on her face as she left to get dressed.

An hour later Sarah walked back in the room, and this time it was Ben's turn to smile.

Sarah had on a cocktail dress that was slit down the middle, just enough to show enough cleavage, but not overly so. A string of pearls that Ben had given for her birthday hung around her neck, and Sarah had on high heels and stockings to show off her shapely legs.

"You look as beautiful as ever," Ben told her whistling.

"Why thank you my dear. A lady has to look good for her master, and I want to show everyone that I am all yours."

Ben bowed, and swept his arm towards the door. "Shall we go my lady? Your chariot awaits."

Sarah took his arm, and followed him outside.

When they pulled up in front of the restaurant, Sarah had to hold her breath for a second. Ben had picked an exquisite, if not the most expensive, place in town. A valet opened her door, another person helped her out, and a carhop took the keys to park the car.

Inside, Ben gave his name, and they were promptly shown to a table. As they walked through, both men and women looked their way.

Sarah could tell that they were by far the youngest couple there, and that they were dressed far better than anyone else.

When they got to the table, Ben held out the chair for Sarah, and then he had a seat. After the wine was ordered, Sarah turned to Ben and whispered, "What are we doing here? You know that neither one of us can afford a place like this, and did you see how everyone was looking at us?"

"Relax, I closed a big deal at work, and I have been asked to move up another position. This is my way of saying thank you for being there for me, so enjoy. The only reason that everyone was looking was because they saw that I am with the most beautiful person here."

Sarah reached across the table, took Ben's hand, and softly squeezed. Both of them ordered their dinner, and talked of their week until the food arrived. When the both of them were done, they went to the attached lounge for an after dinner cocktail and to dance. After a few more hours, they decided to call it a night and returned to Sarah's house.

When they got there, Ben retrieved a bag from the trunk that had the gift for Sarah he had bought.

"What do you have?" Sarah asked as they walked in.

"A gift for Valentine's Day."

"The dinner was enough, you don't need to give me anything else."

"I think you will enjoy this." Ben told her as he handed over the bag.

Sarah looked in, and pulled out three wrapped boxes. With a puzzled look on her face, she looked at Ben.

"Go upstairs and open them." He told her.

When she was gone, Ben took off his jacket and tie, and walked to the bar. Waiting a respectful amount of time, he took the drinks that he made, and walked up to Sarah's room.

The door was open a little, and without knocking Ben walked in. Standing in front of her full length mirror was Sarah, looking at her reflection. She saw him walk in through the mirror, and turned around to him in her new outfit.

Sarah had on a sheer, see through red negligee. It went from her neck down to her waist, and then she had on a matching set of crotch less panties. In the middle of her chest was a heart shape opening that went from breast to breast, just missing her areola on both. She had gotten excited putting it on, and her nipples were now poking out for Ben to see. Sarah also had on a pair of fish net stockings and high heel shoes the same color of the negligee. Turning to him, she slowly and seductively walked toward him so that he could enjoy the view.

When she got in front of him, Sarah took the drinks from him, downed hers in one neat shot, and placed the glasses on her bureau. She then locked her arms around his neck, drew him to her, and kissed him deeply shoving her tongue into his mouth. Ben had his hands around her, and was kissing back. After a few minutes, he picked her up and carried her to her bed, laying her down.

With her lying there, Ben slowly undressed until all he had on was his rock hard erection. Smiling, she reached up and took his cock, slowly stroking him. Ben lay down next to Sarah, and started kissing her again. He then started to work his way down. When he got to the opening over her breasts, Ben kissed and licked her up one breast, down the valley between them, and up the next, purposely missing her areola and nipple. Slowly, he continued to kiss her down her body, the body that he loved. Ben got down to her pubic area, getting close to her labia, but not touching them, and continued down her legs. He slipped off her shoes, dropping them to the floor, and kissed his way back up again. When Ben got to her pubic area, again he moved around her labia without touching them.

By this time, Sarah was shaking in ecstasy, enjoying the tender kissing, but wanting him somewhere else. Then she felt his kisses on her labia, and moaned in pleasure. After a few kisses, Sarah felt Ben's tongue part her lips, licking her vulva and tasting the juices that were flowing. Ben's tongue then went into her vagina, and Sarah felt a climax building. When he licked her clit, she went over the edge and screamed as her orgasm hit. Sarah had her legs over Ben's shoulders, and laying on his back. When her orgasm hit, she tightened her thigh muscles, trapping his head and face in her crotch. As soon as her climax subsided, Sarah went straight into another one. When she finally calmed down, Ben moved up and kissed her. Sarah kissed back with a vengeance, tasting her own juices.

Ben then sat up, kneeling between her legs, and guided himself into her. Sarah gasped as she felt his cock slide in her, and climaxed again when he bottomed out against her cervix. Through the haze, she felt him sliding in and out. Locking her legs around Ben, Sarah started to move in rhythm with him.

Both of them continued on with this, their arms entwined with each other. Ben would bring both of them close to edge, and then slow down to build it to one last monster climax. He did this a couple of times, and then when he felt like they were ready, he kept pounding into Sarah. When she felt him speed up, Sarah started moaning and groaning, and when she couldn't hold back any longer, she tightened her vagina muscles around his cock and screamed. When Ben felt her muscles tighten around him, he buried his cock in her, and shot is cum deep inside as he screamed out her name.

When they were done, Sarah rolled them over, disengaged herself from Ben's cock, and kissed her way down taking his flaccid member into her mouth tasting a combination of both their juices. She started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth, getting him hard again. Down she would go, taking his full length in, past her throat, and back up again, running her tongue up and down the length, and around the crown when she almost had him out. Up and down, in and out, around her tongue would go. Slowly at first, and then faster, she wanted to feel his cum go down her throat. Up and down …. in and out …. faster and faster. Then she felt him tighten up, and his first shot of cum went into her mouth. Swallowing, she kept sucking him and out. Sarah swallowed as fast, and as much as she could, not wanting to waste a drop. When Ben had grown flaccid again, Sarah let him fall from her mouth, and crawled up to kiss him.

When they had calmed down, and arms wrapped around each other, Sarah told Ben. "I Love you Ben, so very much. Happy Valentine's Day."

"I Love you too mom, Happy Valentine's Day."

* * * * *

I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Anything from a kind word to what you would like to see next. I work a full time job in addition to writing and everyone who writes knows that writing stories takes a lot of time, effort, and thought. I personally do it because I love to write and the idea of people enjoying what I have written. Also, if you would be kind enough to vote, then give it a five if you enjoyed it.

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