tagExhibitionist & VoyeurValentine's Day at Wunderclub

Valentine's Day at Wunderclub


This story was written as an exhibitionists escalation for a friend; sort of a how far would you go in real life. Enjoy.


Derek was away for a conference and was joined by his long-time girlfriend Lisa for a bit of a vacation. The conference was over and they had a few days to let loose before going home. Derek was six foot one, 180 pounds with dark wavy hair. He wasn't a model but went to the gym regularly. What Lisa loved the most about him were his abs and touched his butt whenever she could. Lisa was five foot seven, a hundred and fifteen pounds, with straight dark brown hair that just touched her shoulders. Years of Pilates and an occasional booty boot camp kept her stomach flat. She was very proud of that. Derek loved her C cup breasts and often though about the way they bounced as they made love.

Derek had forgotten that it was Valentine's Day and hadn't booked anything. He asked around and was told about a great club by one of the people he had met at the conference. It sounded perfect for really cutting loose. He told Lisa about it and they decided to go that night. Lisa wore a stretchy ribbed jersey knit dress that clung to her curves, hugging her thighs and ending just above the knee. Its cream colour and scoop neck emphasised her flawless skin and slight tan. Derek had chosen that one earlier in the day, as they went shopping after her having modelled a bunch. Derek was wearing dark wool pants that fit his ass snugly and a button down shirt. A slim cut blazer complimented and highlighted his broad shoulders.

They arrived much too early. It was modelled after a German techno club. There was a small stage at the end building and small raised dance platform in the middle. A bar extended then length of one side and booths and raised bar tables were scattered about. They were the first ones there and chose a booth next to the bar. An attractive waitress served them Prosecco and they ordered appetizers. Derek admired the way the dress fit her. He told her and she blushed at the compliment. A few other couples came in as they talked. Derek reminded her of how good their lovemaking had been the previous night. Lisa blushed further as he whispered across the table all sorts of naughty things that he wanted to do to her.

Music started and a woman started dancing on stage. She was wearing a glittery full support bra and matching thong. Her moves were obviously professional as she pranced and moved around the stage. They watched in silence for while admiring the attractive woman. It wasn't a lewd dance more of something that you would see at a dance club. Derek told Lisa that she should be up there shaking her booty, dressed similarly. She playfully slapped his arm, and then rested her hand on his. He looked at the lines of her bra and boy shorts through her dress and imagined Lisa up there. Lisa had tried on several set of undergarments earlier in the day but settled on her favourite lace trimmed matching set in white. There were other that were less visible and had seriously considered a thong but she liked the way her ass looked better in these.

The bar started to fill in a bit. The lights dimmed a bit changing from dinner mode to club mode. The atmosphere was electric. A couple of more professional dancers had done their thing on stage. There was no clothing removed and it added to the air of anticipation. The current girl was very good and Lisa and Derek stopped saying naughty things to one another to watch. She enticed the audience with suggestive moves that still exuded class. She wore a gold thong with blue trim and matching top.

Derek beckoned Lisa close and whispered into her ear, "If go to the washroom and remove your bra and panties, I'll buy you champagne." She looked shocked at his suggestion. His chiseled jaw and lustful eyes made her brash.

"I will, if you will." He ordered the champagne and went to the bathroom. His white cotton boxer briefs were folded and put in the pocket of his blazer. Damn he was partially hard. He looked at his image in the mirror. The tight thin fabric outlined his engorging cock. Thank god it was dark.

He returned to his seat. Lisa giggled at the outline in his pants and he gulped the last of his Prosecco as he sat down. She had a twinkle in her eye. He gestured to her with a slight nod to the bathroom. She licked her lips, stood up and sashayed to the bathroom. Derek noticed several couples watched her as she walked the length of the bar. One couple got up from their booth and stood at the bar next to Derek and Lisa's table. Derek nodded politely at the couple. Lisa returned looking very self-conscious and she held the hem of her dress walking nervously. She sat quickly finishing her glass of prosecco in three gulps.

Derek admired the outline of her figure through the material. Her nipples were trying to bore through the material, the outline of her breasts clearly visible. "You look very hot."

"Thank you." She leaned into him. "I'm so turned on right now."

The waitress arrived with their Champagne and was fiddling with the cork. Lisa and Derek were admiring the dancer in gold and blue who had just finished her performance. She stopped nearby and wiped the perspiration from her brow with a towel. The subtle pop drew their attention to the waitress.

"Natasha has a very nice ass doesn't she? I could stare at it all day." The waitress said nodding her head to the dancer in gold a blue.

"I agree, it's the second best ass in the club," Derek smiled looking at Lisa.

"Would you like to meet her? Natasha, would you mind joining us." Natasha glided to their table still breathing heavily and patting her face. Sweat glistened from all of her exposed skin. She sat down beside Lisa. "Natasha this is Derek and Lisa."

"I am pleased to meet you." Natasha oozed in a mild Russian accent.

"And you. We were admiring your ass. You have fantastic moves up there." Derek said.

"One feeds the other. The more I dance the better it looks. Do you mind if I have a sip of your champagne? I am very thirsty."

"Have a glass, this is our second bottle of bubbles tonight and we won't be able to finish it." Derek invited. "I was mentioning that you have the second best ass here." Derek smiled as he gestured to Lisa. Lisa was blushing a crimson hue that extended from her hairline to toes.

"Stand up, let me see." said Natasha. Lisa stood nervously. Natasha leaned back admiring Lisa up close. "Yes that may be true." Lisa sat down again quickly. "Did you want a tour of the private area upstairs? It's the reason most people come to the club."

Lisa's curiosity was piqued, "What happens upstairs?"

"It is easier if I show you. Give me five minutes to get permission and I will return for you."

Lisa was animated and she wondered why permission would be required. They were discussing possibilities when Natasha returned. "Come. Leave your things. This table is reserved for you." Natasha held a substantial looking key which opened a sturdy looking door. A narrow stairway led upstairs.

"I am the floor manager for the second floor and I control all that goes on up here. Cover charge is $60 per person. My word is law and you will be removed very rapidly if you break the rules. This is the change area, women on the left men on the right. There are cubbies for your personal effect and you have the only key, although most prefer to leave their keys with me for safekeeping. Rule one, no one is allowed past this area wearing more than their undergarments." Natasha eyed Lisa up and down noticing the lack of panty lines. "Less if they prefer." Lisa blushed again.

"Rule two, you only get one towel so keep it with you at all times. If you lose it or it gets soiled you will not get another. Rule three, everything is consensual. If I even get a hint that something isn't right you will be removed. We tend to discourage rough play because it's too difficult to tell"

Lisa looked puzzled, "Wait people have sex here?"

"Yes, again no one does anything that they don't want to do but people couple here every night. This is our wooden cross, which is quite popular. You can lean on it forwards, backwards and hold the leather loops pretending that you are restrained." Natasha performed the positions as she talked. "This is our swing which is also very popular. It has loops for the arms, legs and back and can be used in all sorts of way. I won't demonstrate but you get the idea."

Lisa was in shock. She didn't realize these places existed. She found herself getting warm as Natasha described their use. Late this evening someone would be mostly naked or even entirely naked in that swing.

Derek was becoming uncomfortable hard. Natasha was describing plainly and very matter of fact, hot sex.

"This raised area is also one of the favourites. Watch your step." Natasha motioned for them to follow her up the five steps. A huge bed was on a platform surrounded by walls to the ceiling on the side and headboard. The side walls were mirrored and snug against the bed and the only way on to it was the platform that they were standing on. "Later at night this is the most popular spot. You can watch yourself in the mirror or as you can see it is one way glass and other can watch you form the viewing areas."

Natasha descended the steps. Lisa's mouth was formed in a large 'O' in surprise. The bed was quite clear through the viewing area. Natasha continued. "This area is our glory hole area. Men are on the left. Women are on the right."

"Wait." Derek interrupted. He was fully hard and breathing heavily. "How does the woman glory hole work? The guys obviously stick their cock through the hole and chick suck on it from the other side. What about the women?"

"Come in let me show you, the women lie on their backs on this padded bench. They put their feet up against the wall put their pussy next to the hole. Then the men or women can finger or lick them from the other side. I won't demonstrate but you understand now?"

Derek just nodded. Lisa's pussy was now soaked as she imagined herself on her back as unknown strangers licked her most sensitive areas.

Natasha continued "This area is my favourite. The raised bed is surrounded by short vertical bars on three sides. You can grab onto the bars for support and other can watch easily." Natasha kicked off her shoes, and climbed on the bed on all fours. She held the bars and rocked as if she were being fucked hard doggie style. Natasha shivered slightly obviously re-living some past experience. She got down and put her shoes back on. "Yes definitely one of my favourites." She smiled.

Lisa was amazed at the woman's confidence. She's obviously spent a lot of time here as a patron to have favourites. This place was real. She found herself wanting something. She wanted more. She was anxious to see what is next.

"These are a series of private rooms. There is always a fairly long line up to these rooms as a lot of couples prefer to be private bout some things." Natasha smiled at the couple. "Lastly is the wet area. These glass showers can be fun while you hose one anther down while being watched by others. This large area is the common shower which is always a lot of fun. See there are multiple shower heads that you can use to spray at someone on the opposite side. All shower heads are equipped with pulse, jet, stream and everyone's favourite massage."

"Lastly on the tour is our large Jacuzzi tub. It can hold 14 people and has adjustable jets and bubbles. For health reasons you may not have sex in here. I will warn you only once." Natasha paused. "Did you have any questions?"

Lisa was numb, not trusting herself to speak. Derek spoke first, "How do I know this place isn't filled with disgusting perverts."

"Good question. There are no unaccompanied males allowed. We have a few regulars that we have known for years that only watch, but they are the exception. Also I try very hard to maintain an environment of respect. You get in by my invitation only and I interview every couple before being allowed in. You two are invited this evening if you would like. When you pay you will get a pink wrist band that allows you free reign of this floor and allows in and out privileges, but you probably won't need to. "

Lisa swallowed hard. Her head was swimming. Her body was hot all over. Natasha looked at her. "Lisa did you have any questions?" Lisa could only shake her head, no although her body was saying yes. "Well that concludes our tour. If you have any additional questions just have your waitress call for me and I will be happy to answer them. I will leave your names with the maître if you would like to join us. The doors open at 11 pm and the club stays open to 5 AM."

As they were headed back Derek noticed a door. "What's in there?"

"That leads upstairs to our special room." Natasha was uncharacteristically tight lipped. "I hope you enjoyed your tour and that will join us later."

Derek and Lisa sat back at their table and both gulped their champagne. Lisa was shaking with nervous tension. The club had filled in since they departed. Almost everyone was in couples. There was a group of girls dancing on the dance floor and several of the professional dancers were on stage, on the bar counter and on a platform in a corner. The atmosphere was ramping up. Everyone was gook looking and well dressed. Derek noticed that the couple that had followed Lisa were still leaning against the bar next to their booth. It was less obvious as others had crowded around. The man raised his glass to Derek.

Lisa finally had the nerve to speak, "This place is crazy. I'm so horny right now, I'm probably leaving a spot on my seat." She giggled nervously.

"Ya that was pretty hot. Can you believe that all of these people will be upstairs fucking in an hour?"

"Do you think so?"

"Yes, Natasha said that is the reason everyone comes, right."

Lisa looked around all of the couples seemed to be eying one another with interest. She noticed that there seemed to be a lot of touching going on. "I can't believe we're in a place like this."

Derek pulled her to sit next to him like most of the other couples were. He laughed. "We'll have something to tell our grandchildren."

She looked at him with interest, it was the first time he' every used that phase and all that it implied. "I'm not telling anyone anything." She smiled at him.

"It's not like we did anything. We went to an interesting bar and were forced on a tour."

"We were hardly forced, I saw you looking at Natasha's ass. You would have followed her to the kitchen and washed dishes for an hour just to keep looking at it and I know how much you hate to do dishes." she chided while smiling at him.

"I plead guilty, but she did have a very nice ass. Yours is still better though."

"Thank you. Compliments like that will get you first hand up close viewing." He raised his eyebrow at her and she winked at him.

"What do you think these people are like? Take this couple." Derek nodded at the couple who had followed Lisa. It didn't seem creepy to him at all, the couple were just interested. He was a little shorter that average and solidly built with sandy coloured hair and wore jeans and a tee shirt. HE had a winsome smile. She was a little taller, had light brown hair that went down her back. She was wearing a slip dress that ended mid-calf. It was obvious that she wearing a bra because her nipples were visible hardened against the fabric. She was leaning back against with both elbows on the bar and one hand held a beer bottle looking a little bored.

"Well he's certainly good looking."

"I'll bet he's well hung." She slapped his arm at his comment. "I'll bet that you could find out later if you wanted, all it would cost you is your clothes." He said as he pointed his eyes upstairs.

The man Derek and Lisa were discussing leaned his partner and whispered in her ear. She smiled and tilted her head to him. He leaned into her and kissed her passionately, their tongues darting in and out of one another. His hand trailed down her side tracing the side of her breast. Her nipples hardened further at the touch. His hand grabbed her hip possessively. Her legs opened a bit. His fingers slid down reaching her exposed thigh and started caressing its soft smooth skin. She took a deep long breath and her hips rocked slightly forward into his hand. His fingertips slid between her thighs rubbing gentle circles against the soft flesh. Her kiss became more urgent. He slid his hand higher lifting the hem of her dress. She took a quick short intake of breath.

Derek and Lisa were frozen at the spectacle right next to them. They both watched as the woman's black lace panties peaked below her dress while the man massaged her inner thighs. His finger was just touching the fabric rubbing up and down.

"Mark! Jolene!" someone shouted. The man patted her hot spot and allowed her dress to fall as they broke their kiss. The couple greeted the intruding couple like old friends as they laughed and smiled.

Lisa and Derek were quiet for a bit lost in their own thoughts. "We'll, now we know their names." Derek said breaking the silence Lisa laughed as she sipped her champagne. The wheels were turning in her head. Derek continued, "We could only watch, you know. It's not like anyone here would ever know us." He reached behind her giving her ass a private little squeeze. "And it's not like we'll show anyone anything. It will be like wearing our bathing suits." Lisa thought about the undergarments in her purse. Although they were white, they were mostly cotton and it was true that she had bathing suits that covered less. She was curious but terrified.

Derek's hand was still resting at the top of her ass. He leaned in and pressed his lips lightly against hers. Her building passion exploded and kissed him fiercely sticking her tongue down his throat as she wrapped her hands in his hair pulling him into her. A light sweet sounding bell rung in the bar and almost everyone started heading to the stairs. Derek put his hand behind her neck and led her to a standing position while still kissing her passionately. He broke the kiss leaving them both breathless.

He took her hand and led her upstairs following the large group pausing only to pay at the entrance. At the top he paused, looking into her eyes. He put the bright pink band around her wrist and fixed one to his own wrist as well. People were already filing out of the change rooms in all sorts of undergarments. "I'll meet you back here in a moment." She was frozen in her spot. He gave her a little nudge and seeing that she was continuing, he entered the change room.

He pulled off his pants, shirt and jacket as quickly as he could stuffing them into one of the lockers. He took the key and attached it to his wrist band with the clip provided. 'Smart.' he thought. He looked at himself in the mirror provided. Oh crap. He had a huge hard on. He adjusted himself. Crap. This thing isn't going away any time soon. He looked around and almost everyone was sporting some sort of wood. He left quickly to ensure that he was waiting there for Lisa.

Derek was met outside by Natasha. "I'm glad you decided to join us, I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time. I have brought your champagne from downstairs. May I take your key?" He removed the key handing it to her as she handed him two glasses. "You have a very nice ass too." she said looking down at his posterior.

"Can you get us another bottle of Champagne? I'm sure we are going to need it."

"Certainly Derek. Any time you want a refill, just come to the desk. They will know the bottle is yours"

Lisa exited the change room. Her top looked like a white underwire sports bra but was more suited to everyday wear. It was her favourite because it was very comfortable. Her bottoms were cotton and both were trimmed with lace edging. Derek smiled at her with a jokingly obvious leer and while licking his lips exaggeratingly.

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