Valentine's Day at Wunderclub


She laughed and accepted the offer champagne flute. They looked around the room trying to take it all in. "I sort of expected everyone to be fucking right off the bat. I was afraid that there would be a massive orgy going on right away." She looked down at his straining cock. "Although it looks like you wish there was a massive orgy going on."

"Well not everyone has your libido." he joked. "I never imagined so many different styles of underwear." He looked down at his white boxers. "We are so Vanilla." She laughed looking down at herself.

They walked over to the cross where a chesty woman was holding onto the leather handholds. Several guys were tickling her and she was laughing almost hysterically begging them to stop. One gave her a playful slap on the ass. There was a line up waiting to be tickled, apparently. Another woman was trying to figure out the swing as her partner was helping out. "Where do I put my legs?" she said as she flopped backwards accidentally putting her feet high in the air.

A group had gathered in front of the see through window. Lisa and Derek joined them. A couple had climbed on the bed and the guy was asking for direction from the crowd on what to do with her. Strip her was universal response. She protested playfully saying no, no, as he tried to grab for her clothes while squealing with laughter.

Several couples were on the bed that had the bars, testing different potential sexual positions. Everyone below was making wildly outrageous and impossible positions. One couple started mock sex doggy style similarly to what Natasha had showed earlier. They were screaming wildly and moaning in an exaggerated fashion. The woman screamed a wild loud piercing wail and they stopped laughing hard while looked towards an embarrassed but smiling Natasha.

Derek looked at Lisa. "This isn't so bad?"

"I was ready to bolt, but this could be a lot of fun. Hey look at the couple already in line for one of the private rooms." Derek followed her gaze to a couple in a passionate kiss. His hand was behind her neck while the other was openly kneading her ass over her undergarments. Hers were wrapped around his waist and had slipped inside his waistband.

The door was unlocked for them and they stumbled in closing the door behind them. Derek saw a flash of skin before the door closed.

"Well I guess when you have got an itch that has to be scratched." Derek paused for a moment. "Let's go back to the front." They made their way against the flow of people and found that there was a room beside the raised bed. They opened the door entered and closed the door behind them. They were all alone. They had a perfect view of the action on the bed through the one way glass. There were two couples on the bed and they were wrestling. They were banging into the glass and it was difficult to see what the point was. The one of the men yelled 'Aha!' and came out of the scrum with a bra. A woman squealed and then was pinned with her naked breasts pressing into their glass.

Lisa swallowed hard. "They have no idea we are here do they."

A hand appeared between the woman's legs and started rubbing her through her panties vigorously. She looked shocked and sank into the hand for a moment before spinning and pounding on the man's chest saying that's not fair. He looked apologetic and asked for forgiveness puckering for a kiss. The woman took her chance and yanked his underwear down exposing his cock.

"Hmmm. Circumcised." She patted Derek's bulge. "Just like you." He moved behind her and started massaging her shoulder. She leaned back into him as they watched the play fight on the big bed. Derek started to massage Lisa's breasts over her bra trailing his hand to rest over her mound. She breathed deeply. "Stop. What if someone were to walk in? We're here to watch." She looked down at her empty champagne glass. "Let's get another drink."

Natasha filled their glasses silently. They stood there awkwardly. Natasha looked at them "Why don't you hang out in the hot tub for a while. It's a great place to just hang out and absorb everything."

"Great idea." said Derek. They walked over to the unoccupied hot tub. Derek pressed the button for the jets and the bubbles and had his leg over the side to get it.

"Wait! What about your underwear? Won't they get wet?" Lisa said alarmed.

Derek looked around at all of the people milling around. "Well I'm not taking them off, if that is what you mean." He climbed into the mass of foamy bubbles. "Oh this is heavenly. Come join me." Lisa looked to the sides nervously then entered the tub.

"Oh this is nice. I can see getting all wrinkled in here."

"And no one can see under the bubbles." He lunged at her grabbing for her midsection. They started to wrestle a bit, laughing as each tried to gain an advantage.

"Enough. Enough. I want to drink my champagne." He pulled away reaching for his own glass but resting his hand high on her thigh under the bubbles.

They watch for a while in silence. A few women had lots their tops but most were still fully clothed. Many people were just talking and drinking. Natasha came up to them holding their champagne. "Top up?"

"Yes please." Lisa said holding up her glass. "Hey Natasha, does it always start like this? People are sort of just standing around talking."

"It is almost always like this. Everyone wants to mingle and get to know what each other may enjoy, trying to find a compatible match for later. And a few of the regulars already know what they are going to do with whom so they are just getting caught up. I have to go, but I will check up on you later."

Mark and Jolene entered the tub opposite Derek and Lisa and introduced themselves. "Is this your first time?"

"Is it that obvious?" Derek smirked.

Jolene laughed. "We all sort of know one another so anyone new is sort obvious. Well that and your virgin whites."

Mark interjected, "A bit of advice, since you are the new meat, a few couples will try and claim you. You will be all hot and heavy and then oops something will slip. If you are into that sort of thing, then fuck the shit out them. If not then just make sure there can be no misunderstanding."

Lisa smiled at them, "Are you one of the predators? Your performance in the bar was something."

Mark laughed. "Oh yes absolutely."

"Derek, you have a marvelous ass." Jolene said abruptly.

Lisa tensed, "But it's all mine." She said as she wrapped her arms around him possessively.

Jolene laughed, "I didn't mean that I wanted it, well at least not without permission but we use compliments to figure out what each other may want. It's much better than 'Derek, your well-muscled ass looks like it could pound my pussy for hours. Wanna fuck?'"

Lisa laughed. "Ok I get it... I think." She released her grip allowing her hand to side down his side. "So being an experienced couple what are you going to do this evening. We're looking for ideas." She said playfully.

Mark laughed. "The direct approach is so refreshing. Do you want us do a show for you? We loved your reactions in the bar."

"Right now?" Derek couldn't hide the excitement in his voice. Mark responded by turning to Jolene and whispering in her ear. She put her hands behind her head and leaned back using her hands as a pillow on the edge of the hot tub. Marks hands disappeared under the bubbles as he caressed Jolene's breasts through her top. She pushed her chest into his hands raising them above the bubbles. Marks other hand reached down between her legs. It was impossible to determine what he was doing but Jolene was enjoying it. Lisa felt Derek's hand slide between her thighs. She opened them allowing him easier access.

Jolene took one hand and slipped it under the bubbles towards Marks's crotch. Mark grunted. Lisa slipped her hand from Derek's side put it on his thigh allowing the back of her pinky to rest against his balls. Mark and Jolene were getting into it caressing and touching one another in ways that they knew would bring pleasure.

Mark looked at them, "Did you want to see more." Lisa nodded her head. She didn't notice if Derek did as well as she was too mesmerized by the show. Mark moved behind Jolene and pulled her top over her head exposing her west shiny breasts. Jolene's nipples were extended. Derek's cock twitched against Lisa's finger. She cupped his cock in her hands. Mark caressed and rubbed Jolene's exposed mounds playing and teasing. He took her nipples and rolled and pinched them between his fingers. Jolene reacted with deep moans.

Mark stood. Jolene's hand was around his cock behind his underwear. He slid Jolene in the water supporting her head and back. Jolene floated with her eyes closed, but didn't let go of her grip. Mark pulled the floating Jolene so that he was beside Lisa, pulling Jolene's head to his chest. She tilted her head back and supported herself with her free hand. Mark reached down and grabbing the waistband pulled Jolene's underwear to her knees. Derek leaned forward over Lisa to get a better look. Jolene had a thin strip of trimmed pubic hair. Lisa squeezed Derek's cock playfully.

Mark allowed his hands to move all over Jolene's naked body. Every time his hands would go near her waist, her legs would widen reflexively. Mark's hand cupped her mound, making Jolene man loudly. He kept it there working his middle finger in her slit. Lisa felt Derek's hand slide deep between her legs. She bit her lip. Another couple was standing behind Lisa watching the action. She looked down nervous that the new voyeurs could see what was happening underwater. The bubbles hid everything.

"No coming in the pool you two" Natasha said politely.

"Yes, Mam." said Mark. He sat on the side of the pool with one leg in the water and the other hanging over the edge. He pulled Jolene's head onto his thigh and she lifted her torso so that her back lay on edge of the hot tub with each leg straddling the pool. Her pussy was facing Lisa and Derek. Lisa was openly stroking Derek's cock. Derek was rubbing Lisa though her underwear.

Marks palm cupped Jolene's mound sticking his finger deep inside her. Jolene groaned loudly. She turned her head and took Mark's cock in her mouth. Lisa and Derek were leaning forward trying to get as close to the action as they could. Mark's fingers worked Jolene's clit expertly. Jolene's hips squirmed and writhed while maintaining her lips around his cock; sucking and bobbing furiously.

Mark's body stiffened and he pushed his cock deep into Jolene's mouth filling it with his hot sticky fluid. Jolene grunted and her body started to shiver uncontrollably. Her back flexed off the edge of the tub. The both slumped breathing heavily. Despite being in the water Lisa's mouth was dry. Derek's cock was straining to burst through his underwear under the bubbles

"You guys are adorable," Mark said looking at their obvious arousal. "Thank you."

Jolene was looking at them, her legs still spread wide. "I'll give you a bit of advice from the experienced couple. Go to one of the private rooms and take care of business. They get very busy later." Lisa and Derek looked at one another. Their body language indicated that getting busy in private was an excellent idea.

Jolene reached for her panties which were floating on the water's surface. Derek picked them up and handed to her. Lisa started to stand up and froze. She looked down at her chest and realized that her nipples were visible through her bra. The fabric must have gotten wet without her noticing. Her face turned beet red.

"Derek I can't get out of the tub. My bra and panties have turned see through. Derek looked down and quickly submerged his lower half.

"Mine too."

Mark and Jolene laughed. "You guys are too cutee." Mark said still chuckling as he stood up. His cock was softening and his underwear was in his hands. "Hey everyone! Lisa and Derek's junk is on display." he bellowed.

"Hooray!" came back from the crowd loudly.

"See no one cares." Mark said still chuckling. Derek stood up first. His engorged cock was clearly visible through the fabric as were his ball. He turned away from the crowd facing Lisa and adjusted himself pulling the fabric away from his body. He let the waistband snap. His cock was still completely exposed. He shrugged.

Lisa turned away from the crowd and stood up. Derek walked to face her. He could clearly see her erect nipples and the pink rings of her areola. The line of neatly trimmed hair was plastered to the wet fabric. "How bad is it?" she asked innocently.

"You can hardly see a thing." he said with a grin. "Let me fix it for you." He slipped his hand under the fabric of her bra cupping her breasts. Lisa moaned. He let the fabric of her bra slowly just touch her skin as he removed his hands. There was no difference. "Better." Let me do the bottoms. He slipped his hand down the front of her panties pulling the fabric away from her skin. As he pulled the fabric he slipped his finger between the lips of her wet pussy. Lisa gasped as her hips thrust forward into his hand. He slowly removed his hand allowing the fabric to stick to her skin once more. His attempt actually made it worse as her puffy lips were more prominently displayed. "You're fine"

Derek looked into her eyes with a smouldering passion that was retuned with equal intensity. He took her hand and led her to the one of the private rooms. "Have fun folks" said Jolene as they departed.

They were next in line and could hear the moans, groans and grunts of those inside. Derek had his arm around Lisa's waist. She had her hand on his arm. There was nothing to do put stew. As people walked by they smiled. There was only one reason to be in this line. It was to fuck. Everyone knew it. The outside of the room was lined with mirrors. Lisa saw her reflection. "I'm fine? Really?" she said playfully. He turned showing his cock straining against the fabric in the mirrors reflection.

Derek and Lisa could hear the increased intensity from inside their room punctuated by deep guttural moan then silence. Another couple lined up behind then and were kissing passionately removing one another's clothes. Lisa and Derek could just stand and watch as the couple undressed on another.

At last their room became free as a blond and large black made left. She definitely had a just been fucked look. He walked with a swagger. Derek and Lisa were about to enter when a member of the staff put her arm up. "Give me a minute or two to clean."

The couple behind them had their underclothes around their ankles and were openly fondling one another. Another couple joined the queue. Derek turned Lisa to face him and kissed her deeply. Lisa melted into him, her mouth open.

The cleaning lady opened the door and held it as they entered, closing as she left. Derek pulled her top over her head roughly tossing it to the side. Lisa said, "Shouldn't you lock it?" gesturing to the door. He gently pushed her chest until she was on her back on the bed. "What if someone hears?" He grabbed the waist-band of her panties and pulled them to her ankles. He pulled his own down in one fluid motion. "I'm not sure about this." she said hesitantly. He grabbed her ankles, dragging her to the edge of the bed. He knelt on the floor and plunged his tongue deep in her pussy allowing his lips to rest against her clit. "Oh god" ended all of her reluctance.

Derek continued his onslaught fucking her pussy with his tongue. His fingers circled her clit. Lisa's back arched. "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh Shit, Oh shit. FUUUUUUCK!" she screamed. She collapsed to the bed.

Derek stood up and plunged his cock deep in her pussy. "Ugh" was the only sound that Lisa could manage still convulsing from her first orgasm. With deep hard thrusts he drove into her. Her body was forced deeper into the mattress with every thrust. His head was low watching his cock enter her. She bit her lip as anther orgasm grew deeply in her belly so quickly after the first. She turned her head to the side. She could see the people outside very clearly. She froze in panic then realized that it was one way glass. It was like fucking in front of an audience. Derek continued with long deep thrusts, finishing with his hips mashed against hers.

"Oh God" she moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Oh God." It felt so good. She shut her eyes tightly. Her legs snapped apart as wide as they could go. Her toes pointed, her calves tensed. He grabbed under her ass and lifted her off the bed driving deeper than he had ever before. She could feel his surging fluid fill her up deep inside. "OH GOD!" She screamed again as the second intense orgasm washed over her.

They lay together panting heavily. "Hurry up in there, It's our turn." came a voice from the doorway. Lisa would barely be able to stand. She pushed him off her sitting still gasping for breath.

"Get up." she said reaching for her clothes. He flopped an arm patting the bed for his boxers. Reluctantly they got dressed. The garments were still plastered to her skin revealing everything but now her pussy lips were engorged and she had gallons of his spunk leaking from her pussy. They left the room to be followed by the cleaning lady who smiled at them sweetly.

Lisa caught a look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess. She had 'Just Been Fucked' signs written all over her. They were largely ignored other than a glancing smile in their direction.

"Can't you two keep it down?" Mark startled them from behind, laughing. Jolene had her arm over his shoulder, her other around his waist. Lisa blushed and lowered her eyes which were immediately drawn to Mark's cock. Derek licked his lips as he admired Jolene's naked form. They weren't the only naked couple wandering around but there weren't many. "Here is another free tip for the newbies, why don't you try the shower now? That will give your underwear a change to dry for the rest of the night."

Derek looked at Lisa who was biting her lower lip. "Hey baby, want to shower with me?" he said in the corniest voice he could muster.

Lisa laughed, "Come on you goof ball." She said taking his hand. The smaller shower was occupied by at least four people maybe six. All of the bodies were mashed together and between the skin against the glass, the water cascading down and the steam, determining whose limb belonged to who made it difficult to count. They watched for a while but it was difficult to find anything tantalizing.

The big shower was free and they mutually agreed to start in different corners. Derek was fiddling with the controls when a blast of cold water hit him in the ass. He squealed like a little girl. Lisa was giggling as she continued to shower him with icy cold water. He finally got the controls figured out while dodging her attempts to soak him from head to toe.

Lisa screamed. "Ahhhh that's cold!" jumping out of the way as Derek hit her with a blast of icy water of his own. After a few minutes they were both shivering and giggling uncontrollably. "Get over hear and warm me up you beast."

He turned off his water and as he was taking the last step to her she hit him with another blast of icy cold water. "Aaarg." He yelled wrestling the shower head from her grasp. He turned the water to hot and hugged her, placing the shower head raining on them both. They let the water fall on their heads and cascade over their bodies as they held their embrace. They stayed like that for several minutes warming up. Hot steam filled the room surrounding them in their own little world. Lisa's head was on Derek's chest. She looked up at his bedraggled hair and goofy boyish grin.

"Are you having a good evening?" he asked looking down at her. Her hair was plastered to her face, rivulets of water running down her cheeks.

"So so." she responded with in infectious grin. She stood on tip toes opened her mouth to kiss him. He closed his eyes leaning into her. She bit his lip.

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