tagRomanceValentine's Day Ch. 2

Valentine's Day Ch. 2

bySean Matthews©

Your mind began to race. Candles burning as you entered the cabin, despite the long car trip up. Music playing in the background even though neither of us had been in the cabin after our race to the lake. Now extra towels appearing from nowhere.

"Sean, where did these towels come from? They weren't here a few minutes ago."

"Don't be silly babe. I guess I brought out extras when I got these." You looked at me skeptically and pulled your towel up to conceal your luscious body. Standing up, you look around and find no one looking at you. You look down at me to see any signs of conspiracy in my eyes and find none. Wrapping the towel under your arms, you go into the cabin and stand by the roaring fire in the brick fireplace to warm up.

You can't suppress a smile as you notice pictures of you and I on the mantle. A picture of us dancing. A picture of you as an infant in the oh so cliché bare butt on a bear skin pose. Scanning further, you see the limo we took on an anniversary ride and ... Oh My Gawd!, the glass elevator where we made love the first time! You wrap your arms around yourself in a hugging manner, feeling nostalgic, but at the same time, focused on the present time.

The pictures took your mind off the fact that we had not built a fire before our swim. As you stand there, reminiscing, you feel my arms around your waist and my breath on your neck. "Happy Valentine's Day. Will you be my Valentine?" I say in a low, sexy voice, so close to your ear you can feel the warm breath coming from my lips as I ask my question. Initially, you lean back against me, putting your head against my face, fighting against the ticklish feeling from my mouth. Then you turn, your towel dropping from your body, and looked deep into my eyes.

"Of course I will, Sean. Now will you shut up and fuck me again?" You see a huge smile grow across my face.

"No, no, babe. Not yet. I have another surprise for you." I take your hand and bring you into the bathroom. The bathtub resembled a small Jacuzzi with easily enough space for two lovers. You see the room begin to fog lightly as I turn on the hot water. I temper the hot with just enough cool water to make the water tolerable and pour a touch of lavender scent under the stream. When the water reaches halfway, I help you into the tub and leave the room for just one moment. You close your eyes to relax in the warmth and fragrances soothing your senses.

When you feel little ripples in the water, you look up to see rose petals raining down on your body. I step into the opposite side of the bath, never taking my eyes from you. You close your eyes once again, feeling me devour your body with mine. I take your feet into my hands and begin to softly massage them. You sigh at the feeling of being completely pampered. Enveloped in warmth from my ministrations as well as from the hot water. Your breasts bob lazily in the water, rocking ever so gently in concert with the motion of your foot massage.

You wake with a start; not realizing you had drifted off. You bring your fingers out of the water and notice they have begun to wrinkle. As you wonder how long you have been napping, You look over to see me out of the tub and dressed in the flannel pajama pants you gave me for Christmas and nothing else. "Well, welcome back to the world of the living, Gorgeous. I was wondering if you were going to join me in front of the fire."

You manage a weak smile and stand up, rose petals caressing your breasts, stomach and legs as they descend down your body. I wrap a towel around you and pull you from the tub. I don't allow you to get dressed, but take you to the fireplace. I lay you down stomach first on the fur rug and take the towel from you. I drink in this vision, the small droplets on your body catching the red and orange flames from the fireplace. Taking the picture of you as an infant from the mantelpiece, I put the picture at arms length, put up the thumb of the other hand and stick out my tongue in a mock artist pose. "You seem to have changed just a touch. One thing hasn't changed, though. You still have a GREAT ass."

I am determined to take my time, unlike earlier. I replace the picture and lay beside you. As we lay side by side we face each other and begin a long, slow kiss. This kiss is the exact opposite of the one on the couch and is punctuated by many breaks. During the breaks we look into each other's eyes until one of us initiates another kiss. Our whole universe seems to concentrate in our faces. Finally, I break our kiss and return you to your stomach.

I get the oil I had gently warming in the kitchen. You take this opportunity to look around the room for unwelcome visitors, but find none. As soon as you hear me returning, you put your face in the fur, just like nothing was changed. You feel a stream of warmed liquid stream down your spine and can't keep yourself from arching your back to meet it. A trail of the oil runs down the crease in your back to the crack of your ass. Once there, the oil begins its arduous journey between your tight ass cheeks and to your most intimate spot..

You can feel other parts of the oil spilling over your spine and running over your ribs and waist. I capture those stray trails of oil and lightly rub them into your skin. My hands move in a pattern designed to moisten your entire back before I begin the massage in earnest. Straddling your nude ass, my hands start at the back of your neck and make their slow descent over your shoulders, down your ribs, over your waist and up your spine. Once my hands reach the back of your neck, I repeat the pattern. Over your shoulders, down your ribs, over your waist and up your spine. My fingers change their pressure on your body from gentle to firm and back again.

Over and over, my hands repeat the pattern until you become aware of music in the background. You shoot up to your elbows and look around quickly. The only think your senses pick up is the song "Only You" by the Platters playing softly. I take this opportunity to get more oil and pour it down the length of each thigh. When my hands moisten the backs of your thighs, you return to virtually the same position you were in before you noticed the music. The difference being spreading your thighs to accommodate my kneeling body between them.

When I begin to massage your thighs, you begin a self-dialogue in your mind. "Who is doing all this? I haven't seen anyone but Sean and me all day. But this is the second time I have heard music. Who lit all the candles when we first got here? And what was the deal with the extra towels? Damn, Sean's hands feel good. I wonder if this mystery person is watching us? Is it a he or a she? Did he or she see me cum? Oh, Gawd, Sean, I love when you tease my inner thighs like that. Did our mystery person play while we played? Does Sean know this person? I wonder if he planned it? Sean, stop circling my pussy lips and put your finger in my pussy NOW. Damn you! You know hate it and love it when you tease me like that! I kind of like the idea of being watched. Obviously whoever is watching is coming back."

My finger enters your pussy and breaks your train of thought. Your ass raises and your back lowers, pressing your stomach into the fur beneath you. I gently move my finger in and out of your pussy and my thumb comes into contact with your clit on each penetration. I move my finger in and out, but make sure I touch all parts of your soaking pussy. Pressing my finger gently against the inside of your pussy on the right side, down to the bottom, to the left and up to the top. You decide you don't care audience or no audience, you are going to enjoy yourself.Now you begin to rock your hips back and forth to meet my finger. All things surrounding you become meaningless as you concentrate on the pleasures of the flesh you are enjoying. Your right hand goes to your breast as you support your weight on your left arm. Your fingers tease the puckered nipple of your left breast. I pull my finger from your body and turn you over. The look of ecstasy on your face is worth all the attention you are getting now.

Your eyes droop sleepily and the corners of your mouth turn slightly upward as you bite your bottom lip. I make my way down to your pussy, putting my mouth over your entire slit and giving it a sloppy, wet, French kiss. Slowly and gently, I move my lips and tongue over your pussy. Up and down the length of your wet slit, reaching your clit. I flick my tongue to the very tip. Your hips move up to meet my tongue and I begin to suck your clit tenderly. As you begin to rotate your hips seductively, I suck harder, using my teeth just enough to send ripples of pleasure through your body. I let you set the tempo. You chose slow and sensual at first, but the lust in your loins becomes more insistent so you begin to fuck my face. Pushing your hips up to meet my tongue just doesn't seem to be enough as you begin to cum, so you pull my face even closer and wrap your thighs around my head. Pushing and thrusting up again and again, your orgasm takes you even higher than it had earlier tonight.

Earlier had been a sustained pleasure. This one was sharper, more acute. Finally you lay back and release my head. From experience, I was prepared to hold my breath for a while when you grabbed the back of my head. I raise my head to watch you bask in the afterglow. Your hand barely moving over your breasts. Your head tilted to one side as if you don't have the energy to move it.

Once you regain your strength, you move me to the couch and take off my pajama bottoms. You sit me on the couch and set about to return the favor. You kiss the head of my cock and take the length into your hand. The length of my shaft is longer than your small hand, so you begin to stroke it softly. Looking up into my eyes, you push my cock forward and lick the sensitive underside of the shaft, reveling in the power you have at your fingertips.

My eyes close and my hips move forward. You move your tongue to one side, then the other in an effort to get my entire cock wet. Once this is done, you stroke the now lubricated shaft more vigorously, keeping your eyes locked on mine. You place just the head of my cock in your mouth and continue to run your fist up and down my shaft. My moans spur you on. Your mouth descends down the crown to the shaft and down further still. You pause after each inch to adjust to the feeling, but continue on until you have my entire cock in your mouth. You pull back and descend again, this time the adjustment comes quickly. You put your hand at the base of my shaft and stroke my shaft with your hand as you continue to slide your mouth up and down. Either your mouth or your hand covers my cock at all times.

Somewhere in the background, beyond the music and my moans of pleasure, you hear a muffled hum. Not bothering to look up, you decide to put on a show. Your cock sucking becomes hotter as the prospect of being watched excites you even more. Your hand not only strokes me up and down, but you turn your wrist side to side to stimulate all parts of cock. Your mouth ventures down to my balls, sucking each one into your mouth; then return your mouth to my cock. You keep stroking and sucking until you see the tell tale signs of my impending orgasm. Just as it seems I will explode into your mouth, you grip the base of my cock tightly until I seem to ease back into the couch. With your eyes closed to keep the mystery just that, you ascend my body and straddle my hips. You guide my cock into heaven and slide down slowly. I look up at your gorgeous body and you put your hands on my shoulders to get some leverage for the fuck I am about to receive.

"Sean, just sit back and relax. I am going to give you the ride of your life." And damn, you sure do. My cock, nestled deeply in your pussy, grows to proportions I had never known to this point. You move back and forth on my lap. Your breasts dance for me, leaving a trail of lavender scent in their wake. As you near another orgasm, you put my face on your left breast and I capture the nipple in my lips. Faster and faster you rock back and forth. My teeth gently bite your nipple and that sends you over the edge. I feel your pussy spasm over my cock, squeezing it in its grip, leaving it defenseless. I begin to cum long and hard, holding your hips tightly over mine. Pushing up deeper into your tight pussy.

You collapse, nuzzling into my shoulder and sinking into the state between wake and sleep when you feel a light blanket being pulled over our bodies. You hear the gentle strains of a woman's voice saying, "Don't worry, Sweetie.. I'll keep the home fires burning."

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