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Valentine's Day Divorce



Cassie sat in her lawyer's office. She was patiently waiting as he scanned a copy of her prenuptial agreement.

"I'm afraid that there's just not a lot to work with here, Cassie," he calmly said upon finishing his review. "It's a fairly ironclad agreement."

"So, if I get a divorce," she started to say.

"Well," he answered, anticipating her question. "You would be entitled to probably some cash and your car, all of your personal belongings, jewelry, clothing, things of that nature, but, there would be no huge settlement. He would probably get the house; you wouldn't get alimony, and, of course, there would be no child support, seeing as how you have no children."

"No alimony, at all?" Cassie replied.

"Never say never, but doubtful," the attorney replied. "Your husband is in his mid-40's, and you're, I'm guessing, much younger."

"28," Cassie interjected while smiling.

"28," the attorney repeated, "Most of the time the courts will assume that, rightly or wrongly, you are simply a gold-digger. You will be viewed as someone who is about to get on with her life, someone who hasn't been harmed by the marriage, financially at least. You're still young enough to have your own career or, though you're probably not thinking about it now, get married again."

Seeing her disappointment, he continued, "We could probably get a few months support, or maybe if there is a vocation that you wish to train for or a college degree that you want to earn, we could ask for that. I believe most courts would see that as reasonable."

Cassie looked up at the lawyer and gave a sweet smile while answering, "Thanks so much for looking over this, sir, I'll get back to you if I decide to do anything. I'm just not sure it's worth leaving the marriage with so little. I was hoping for a 50/50 split which would give me a place to live and monthly payments while I decide what to do with the rest of my life."

The reply was professional yet sympathetic, "I understand, but leaving a marriage out of boredom simply isn't going to get you much in the court's eyes. Now, if you had proof that he had abused you, cheated on you or had abandoned you, well, that would be different. Any of those things would void your agreement. Truly, that's the best thing about your prenuptial agreement, Cassie; most of these don't contain a 'No Adultery' clause."

"I know," Cassie answered while leaving the office, "But he hasn't done any of that. He works late; he plays golf; that's it. We've just fallen into a cycle that's boring. I want to travel, to do things, and he just wants to go through daily, mundane life, and, about once a month, make love to me."

The lawyer found that incredibly hard to believe; he knew that if he had a 28 year old wife who looked like that, well, he would want sex every night that she would let him.

"I'm sorry to hear that, but unless you can prove one of those things to a judge or mediator, your agreement will stand," he replied.

As Cassie drove home, those words kept echoing in her mind, "Prove it to a judge; prove it to a judge; prove it to a judge."

Suddenly, she had an epiphany; he didn't have to have actually cheated on her; she only needed to have proof that he had. Actually, she only needed to get enough items to show a judge so that it would appear that he had been unfaithful. She knew that she felt like a bitch, but better to be a bitch and get on with her life than be stuck in this marriage, and, if she was going to be a bitch, might as well be a real bitch and get as much as she can out of the marriage.

She went home and looked at her calendar. It was January 8th. They had made love, if you could call it that, on New Year's Eve; granted, it was more of a quickie since they had been out and come home late, but, regardless, he had been sexually relieved. As she scanned ahead on the calendar, her eyes stopped on Valentine's Day. That was perfect. That would be about five weeks out, and she had noticed that after three to four weeks, her hubby began to get both needy and frisky. Sometimes she would let him have sex with her right away, mainly to get it over with, but other times she would delay letting him have her, really just to play with him. She would make sure they had house guests or schedule a weekend away with friends or just act tired. She knew that she could get him to February 14th without relief easily and that he would be putty in her hands that day.

She then began putting her plans into effect. The first part was easy. Some insurance documents had recently come that needed his signature. She hid them away and, after having an attorney prepare a petition for divorce and request for immediate arbitration form, waited a few days until he was running late one morning.

As he was hurrying to his car, Cassie was waiting for him by the door.

"Sweetie, please sign those insurance forms before you leave," she said, waving toward the table, "I'm supposed to drop them by the agent's office today."

He glanced at the kitchen table and saw that Cassie had laid out the forms on the table and highlighted each signature spot. He looked back at Cassie as she handed him a pen. Without thinking, he grabbed the pen and signed the five or six forms without looking at more than the actual insurance forms on top. He then hustled out the door to his car as Cassie smiled and walked over to the forms. She pulled out the bottom forms which were the ones for her divorce attorney, quickly added her signature. Later that day, those agreements were delivered to her lawyer's office who assured Cassie that he would handle everything.

Sure enough, she noticed around the first week of February, that hubby was starting to want sex. He watched her a little closer when she was changing clothes in the mornings and in the evenings, and he began paying a little more attention to her when he got home from work, rather than just eating dinner, watching television and going to sleep.

She stilled needed a week though, so her diversion tactics were used. One night, she was already sleeping when he got home; another she simply remained in the home office until he fell asleep. She was also very careful not to be seen nude or dressing as that could really get him going. She was only seen around the house in oversized, baggy clothing. Finally, Valentine's Day was upon them, and she was ready (he was too; he just didn't know it)


She pretended to stay sleeping as he got up, got dressed, and went to work.

"He actually forgot Valentine's Day," she thought to herself, "I'm so glad I'll be out of this marriage soon."

As soon as she heard his car take pull away, she jumped up and began moving full speed. She pulled some boxes inside that she had been hiding in the garage, and she retrieved his luggage. Over the next couple of hours, she packed up everything in the home that was exclusively his. This included his clothes, his computer, his photos, books, stereo, cd's, etc. She smiled as she packed because she knew that she would be keeping everything else.

Around noon, her phone finally rang. It was her dear husband, inviting her to dinner that evening for Valentine's Day. She knew that he had completely forgotten it; he probably had just noticed that the women in his office were receiving flowers and balloons, but this was what she had expected, and it played into her plans beautifully.

"Oh, yes, that would be wonderful," she sweetly told him. "I've always wanted to try Phillipe's that new place by your office, can we go there please?"

She really could care less where she ate her last supper with him, but she knew that he would whine about both the cost and the location, and he did not disappoint as he immediately brought both of those things up.

She let him go on and on until he finally got to the point she was waiting for, "Cassie, in order to go there I'll have to drive all the way home to get you, then it's another 45 minutes back downtown."

"I know, sweetie," she replied, "I don't want you to have to do that. Tell you what, dear, I'm heading downtown anyway, why don't we just meet there, say 7:00?"

"What are you heading downtown for?" he asked, immediately forgetting all of his previous points.

"It's a surprise, honey," she replied, "Something I promise you will never forget."

Taken aback by the thoughts that her last comment caused in his brain, he quickly agreed to be at Phillipe's at 7:00 and hung up the phone.

Meanwhile a van pulled into her driveway and all of the boxes, approximately a dozen, were loaded into it. The van was instructed to deliver the boxes to the downtown Hilton and inform the staff to hold the boxes until check in.

As the van left, a locksmith arrived and promptly changed all of the locks at the house.

Cassie went to her room and took a nap, followed by a long, luxurious bath.

She then prepared herself for the evening. She had a brand new silk bra and matching panties from Victoria's Secret. The bra might have been just a size to small, just enough to allow her creamy 36C cup-sized boobs to strain and try as they might to pop free of their confinement. She allowed her hands to squeeze and stroke the boobs, partly because it felt good and partly because she wanted to make sure that, despite appearances, they wouldn't actually pop free.

She then slid her hand down her rock hard abs and began to position the panties. This was fairly quick, though there was a brief pause while she slipped her hand in the panties for a second. As she had suspected, the preparation for the night's activities was already getting her wet.

She then rolled stockings on her legs and gently, almost lovingly attached them to her new garter belt. Hubby loved this stuff, but she rarely let him see her in it or fuck her in it. Not out of meanness, mainly just because it was a lot of trouble. He usually got treated to lingerie like this every July on their anniversary, and that was about it.

Over the lingerie, Cassie slipped on a simple silk dress, albeit one with a plunging neckline and a high slit up her thighs. She then expertly added makeup, and a dark, brunette wig over her natural blonde hair. She had only worn wigs a few times so it took her a while, but this wig was very expensive and when she was finally done looked extremely natural.

Cassie then went to her husband's office and found his attorney's business card. She dialed the office number and casually asked for Gene. When the lawyer picked up the phone, Cassie stated that she was simply confirming that he would be attending or sending a representative to the arbitration hearing the following day.

Gene stated that he did not know what she was talking about and Cassie replied that she was afraid of that, and that was why she was confirming the appointment.

She placed all of the related forms on the fax machine and began sending them to the fax number on the business card as she said, "Well, the original forms were delivered to your office several weeks ago, but I can't decipher the name on here that signed for them. I'm faxing copies to your office now. Will that be ok or should I call the judge to reschedule?"

Knowing that it would be embarrassing to have to tell a judge that he had misplaced paperwork and that the judge had certainly already appointed an arbitrator to be there, Gene agreed that the faxes would work and that he would be at the location the next day.

Very soon after she finished her preparations, there was a honk in the driveway. She hurried outside to an awaiting limousine. As the driver opened the door for her, she entered and took a seat. She was amazed at who was sitting across from her.

"You can call me Mary," the woman said, "Nice to finally meet you in person."

"Cassie," Cassie replied, "likewise. Is everything alright?" Cassie had been online a while ago and found an escort that matched her proportions and had dark hair, but she didn't expect this. They could have really been sisters. There were certainly different facial features, but that was about it. The look was enhanced by the fact that Mary was wearing the exact same items that Cassie was; Cassie had sent them to her about a week ago, and Mary was a tad taller.

"Perfect, I paid cash to the limo driver and used an out of state company. It was a few hundred dollars more, but he'll more than likely never be found again. " Mary replied, "Everything still a go on your end?"

"Oh yes. Everything has been taken care of." Cassie answered, and the two ladies used the 45 minute drive into the city to go over the plans one more time.

Arriving at the restaurant about 7:15, Cassie entered and made her way to the maître d stand. Even though it was Valentine's Day and most, if not all of the men present were with their wives or girlfriends, Cassie could feel that she was getting considerable attention. Of course, that was the plan.

"May I help you, Miss?" the maître d asked.

Acting nervous and partially embarrassed, she replied, "I'm not sure. I'm supposed to meet someone here but I've never met him."

"Not a problem, Miss," he answered. As he was male, he was now checking her out, wondering what lucky guy was about to get this for Valentine's Day.

Cassie stood while his eyes fully absorbed her, though she kept her face somewhat turned away and looking downward. She allowed him an "inadvertent" peek down her dress and a quick shot of her stocking tops, to make sure that those features were remembered more so than her face.

After describing her "date," the man directed her to the center of the restaurant where she saw her husband sitting alone.

She began to cross the room and, with some amusement, she noticed her husband watching her, but not recognizing her. When she reached the table and sat, his eyes widened, shocked as the realization hit him that this was his wife.

To be fair, she had not let him see her like this for probably the past three years of their five year marriage. She had let herself go a bit, never really made herself up, and never dressed like this. Additionally, he had absolutely no idea that since January 8th when she had made her decision, she had been working out like crazy. Her 5'5" body was now in perfect condition, toned, tight and with practically no fat. Her incredible body was easy to take in with the way that she was dressed in the restaurant, but he had been used to coming home and seeing her in bulky fleece shirts and oversized pajamas.

"Hey sexy," she purred while sitting across from him. "Sorry I'm late."

Still not recovered, her husband didn't reply.

A waiter quickly appeared and, before hubby could speak, Cassie ordered a bottle of champagne.

"I told you I had a surprise, dear," Cassie spoke as the waiter walked away.

"Your hair," hubby finally managed to get a thought out.

"Yes, love, my hair, but, oh, so much more," she replied slowly while winking.

She slipped one of her heels off and began stroking her husband's leg with it under the table, just up to his knee and back down to his foot for now.

The waiter returned; he poured two glasses of champagne and asked for their orders.

Hubby began to order a steak, but Cassie interrupted. "Dear, are you sure about that?"

"Of course, why?" he responded, puzzled.

"Well," she giggled after taking a sip of champagne and, when she was sure her husband was watching, slowly licking her lips, "Steaks just take a while to cook."

"I was thinking, more like hoping really, that we could get pasta and salad or something a little quicker, so we can get out of here and get on with your surprise," she continued while finally moving her stocking covered foot up hubby's thigh and letting her toes softly stroke his cock.

Both hubby and the waiter were frozen by the pure sex that this woman was oozing. Amazingly, hubby pulled it together enough to tell the waiter to bring two pastas and two salads; he even added that he would double the tip if the meal was there in five minutes.

During the next few minutes, Cassie slowly stroked getting her husband hotter and hotter, and after every few strokes, she would pick up and hand him his champagne to drink. Without realizing it, hubby drank practically the entire bottle, while Cassie barely sipped on one glass.

Cassie then excused herself, walked around the table and kissed her husband, briefly letting her tongue flicker across his lips.

Upon her return to the table, she noticed that the food had arrived, and hubby had settled down a bit and had begun eating. As he watched, she smoothly moved her plate next to his and pulled her chair around the small table so that it was positioned next to his, not across.

"I'm not sure you're supposed to do that, honey," hubby said as she took her seat next to him, "The room is set up a certain way."

"I don't think they'll say anything, sweetie," she answered, "I just want to be close to my lover."

Her hand had now found its way under the table and was moving gently around his thigh; this sensation had, not surprisingly, ended his objections regarding the seating arrangements.

Trying to converse somewhat normally, hubby asked if she could tell him about his surprise.

"I'll give you part of it right now, baby," Cassie whispered in his ear, ending with a light flick of the tongue.

As she spoke, one of her hands pulled his hand into her lap while she placed something soft and moist into his hand. She kept hold of his hand, gently massaging it, so that he couldn't pull his hand up to look at what had been placed in it.

"What is this?" he asked, genuinely puzzled, "It feels wet."

Cassie smiled and moved her lips back to his ear, "Damn right they're wet, baby," she barely breathed, "Those are the panties that I had on until just a moment ago."

She playfully bit his ear as she finished speaking and placed his hand back in his own lap, barely applying pressure to his crotch, mainly just to make sure that it was rock hard, though she really didn't have any doubt.

"Now, be a good little boy and run to the restroom for a minute," she playfully added while she pulled her hands and foot away from his body.

He leaned toward her and asked why.

"Well, we're about to leave, honey, as soon as you finish eating, and, not to ruin the surprise, but there won't be a restroom available for a while," she answered as she helped ease him up. Subconsciously, his body felt her pressuring him up, and he stood and walked away.

As he disappeared from view, Cassie removed a very small container from her purse. She opened it and, after buttering a roll on the table, discretely poured the powdered substance from the container onto the now buttered roll, spreading it evenly about and then closing the roll back up. She then moved some of her untouched pasta onto hubby's plate so that he wouldn't notice that she hadn't eaten anything. (She had eaten earlier since she knew that she needed to be 100% focused on hubby while in the restaurant.)

As he returned to the table, Cassie pretended to be eating her meal so he took another bite, never realizing that his portion was now back to its original size. Cassie's touches began again and before long he was back on edge.

"Cassie, I'm stuffed," he finally said glancing at his plate, "Are you ready to go?"

"Oh yes, baby," she answered with a mischievous grin, "But, if you're not going to finish your pasta, at least eat your roll. I don't want my baby to get hungry later."

He opened his mouth, maybe to object, but before he could speak Cassie had moved the roll to his mouth and was playfully pushing it in. As he took a bite, he realized that Cassie' other hand was giving firm yet gentle squeezes to his cock, albeit through his pants. He also realized that the squeezes seemed to be in conjunction with his chewing, so he sped up his chewing in order to get the squeezes going faster. There was extreme disappointment when he realized that he had eaten the entire roll and that the squeezing had stopped.

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