Valentine's Day Divorce


"Let's go, sexy," she teased as she stood up.

"But Cassie, I haven't even gotten the bill or given my credit card," he objected.

"My treat, honey," she answered as she pulled a couple of $100 bills out of her purse and dropped them on the table him. She then took his hand and led him away.

He began to object as he knew that the bill couldn't have been anywhere near that, but he thought better of it and decided to keep walking with her. As they left the restaurant, they emerged on a busy city street. Cassie turned into his arms and gave a fiery, passionate kiss.

Upon completing the kiss, she whispered, "Baby tonight is going to blow your mind, but I do need to confess something to you."

"What?" he muttered, still aroused beyond belief and having no idea where this was headed. Everything so far was unexpected and new to him.

She stayed tightly against him, letting her breasts push into him as she answered, "I have invited my baby sister to come stay with us for a little while, dear, just a short time while she goes through a nasty divorce. That's okay, isn't it, dear?"

She nodded at him as she spoke which in turn led to his nodding without even realizing it. At the first sign of his nod she grinned and exclaimed, "Oh, thank you, baby, you are so, so good to me," while initiating another kiss.

"Sister?" he managed to utter after the kiss. He knew he was tipsy, but he had no recollection of his wife even having a sister.

Cassie was prepared though. "Half, actually," she answered matter of factly. My dad's other daughter from another marriage, haven't seen her in years."

Not wanting him to spend any time thinking on this, as there would surely be a hole in her pretend story, she leaned back in for several kisses this time. She then took his hand and led him to the street where her rented limo had just pulled up. As they approached, the driver opened the door for them. Hubby glanced at Cassie who just smiled and waved him into the car.

Taking a seat in the back, he did a double take as he thought for a moment that Cassie had somehow beaten him into the car. Looking back at the open door, he saw Cassie climbing in, so he looked back at the woman already in the car. Before he could speak, the women moved and he found himself sitting in the middle of the car with a different beautiful woman nestling into each of his sides as he felt the car pulling away.

"How drunk am I?" He thought to himself. "These girls are practically identical, even dressed exactly the same," his thoughts continued.

"This is my sister, Mary, baby," Cassie finally spoke, "She's going to help me tonight."

"What do you mean?" he asked, daring not to dream what he hoped it meant.

"I think you know exactly what she means," Mary whispered into his ear while handing him a full champagne glass. With that she reached up and turned his head toward her and gave him a light, feathery kiss on his lips.

As he closed his eyes during the kiss, Mary's eyes went to Cassie who mouthed silently to her, "He just ate the crushed Cialis; we need about 30 minutes for it to take effect."

Mary was following Cassie's lips, but she held up a hand and signaled a "3" then an "0" just to be sure. Cassie nodded, and Mary broke the kiss

"You're a bit overdressed, honey," Cassie said, and she and Mary began easing hubby's suit coat off of his shoulders. Mary eventually had it completely removed and placed it on the other side of her as Cassie pulled her husband to her for another kiss. While hubby was facing Cassie, Mary reached into the coat's inside pocket, removed the cell phone and turned it off. She then placed the phone exactly back where it had been.

In the meantime, Cassie had unbuttoned hubby's shirt and was skillfully moving her fingers all over his chest. Mary took the opportunity to do the same while kissing and gently biting his neck.

For the next few minutes, hubby was in absolute heaven as the two women kissed his neck and ears, rubbed their stocking covered legs against his and took turns kissing him. Each kiss was feeling better than the last. Between every few kisses, one of the girls would gently push his glass toward his mouth and we sip the champagne. When the glass got low whichever girl he wasn't kissing would discretely fill his glass back up.

He was in such a content state that he wasn't even trying to cum. His arousal seemed to have peaked, and he was relaxed between the two women enjoying the teasing. His arousal skyrocketed to a new level though when one of the women began unbuckling his belt. Involuntary thrusts began as the belt was pulled away, the pants were unbuttoned and his cock sprang free. Making matters extremely frustrating for him, Mary had closed her fingers around his now free cock but was moving them in unison with his thrusts. This allowed him no time to build any resistance, and he couldn't move any closer to orgasm.

The car suddenly stopped, and he glanced out the window and saw his house. He smiled and began to reach for his pants, no doubt thinking that they were all going inside.

"No, no, baby," Cassie said in his ear. "We have the limo for a while longer. Since you are practically nude, you stay here with Mary while I run inside and grab a few items. And, when I get back, we'll even out the clothing situation."

Any possible objection immediately left his head as Cassie hopped out of the car and he turned to Mary as she was letting her dress slip off her top. The combination of the silk bra and her perfect body was almost too much. His cock was so hard it almost hurt. Of course, by now the Cialis had kicked in but he had no idea about that. He just knew that he had never been this hard or this turned on before tonight.

While Mary continued mercilessly teasing the poor guy, Cassie opened the door to her home with the new key. She went to the home phone, called hubby's cell, which, of course, was now turned off and left a message stating what time it was and asking if he was coming home. She then went to the living room, turned on the television and quickly ordered a pay-per-view movie. When she was heading back outside, she paused in her office and turned on her computer and logged onto the internet. Arriving again at the back door, she waved the limo driver over and had him put the six pieces of packed luggage (which was all waiting right there) into the trunk. She then made one last call from the home phone to hubby's cell and left a message saying that she couldn't believe that he didn't come home on Valentine's Day and that she was going to rent a movie then go to bed. She then hung up and hurried back to the car.

Catching the limo driver's attention as she reached the car, she told him to go straight to the Hilton. He nodded and opened her door allowing her back in.

By the time the limo had left the driveway, hubby was horizontal on one of the seats. His pants had been removed and he was enjoying the sexy feeling of Mary (who had long since lost her dress) rubbing those incredible stockings against his bare legs. His hands were rubbing the stockings slowly, as if trying to memorize the touch of each and every portion of them.

Mary was lying beside him, kissing him while performing all of the magic with her legs, so Cassie sat on the floor beside them and began letting her fingers manipulate hubby's cock. She did this so lightly, and it was so sexy that the cock had no choice but to stay at maximum hardness, but she didn't pump it or even give it quite enough pressure to allow hubby to try to thrust for relieve.

A few minutes passed and Cassie informed Mary that it was time to switch. As Mary sat up, hubby's eyes grew again as he saw his wife in nothing but her bra, garter belt and stockings. He wondered how on earth he had not realized that his wife had a body like that. He remembered that he already had her panties so his eyes moved to her pussy. It was shaved, and he knew that he had never seen that before.

"Your pussy," he stammered.

"My pussy, baby?" she teased back at him while moving her hand around it and even into it, knowing that he was too shocked by her acting this way, the Cialis, the champagne and Mary's presence to be able to get out a coherent thought. That was, of course, the point. She needed him well outside of his comfort zone with everything that he was experiencing being new, unusual and edgy. That way the items she needed for the hearing would present themselves without him ever even noticing.

"You like this pussy, honey?" she continued stroking it while moving closer to him.

She teased him long enough to allow Mary to get dressed, unnoticed by their prey, and then moved completely to him. She straddled him and lowered her pussy onto his mouth.

"I'll let you taste my pussy, honey. Is that what you were going to say?" she said.

She knew that it wasn't, that he was probably just going to comment on it being shaved, but she was having fun.

"Long, slow licks, baby, and push that tongue in as deep as you can. Oh, baby, mmmm, oh yes, that's the way I like it. Mmmm, yes. Keep going please, baby, please." Her juices were in abundance as he pleased her, and he felt her sexual release instantly.

While Cassie kept her husband focused on her pussy, Mary slowly and gently pulled his pants back onto him. She was able to start and stop hand jobs which led to him moving about, raising and lowering his body trying to get relief. Each time he lifted his body she would pull the pants a bit further up and before long, they were almost all the way up. They simply needed to be zipped and buttoned at this point.

The car stopped, and the driver announced Hilton over the intercom.

"Let's get to our room," Cassie said, as she finally climbed off of her husband. "Oh no," she continued, "I'm completely naked. Tell you what; you two go make sure they still have our room, check in, and I'll join you as soon as I'm dressed."

Without a thought, hubby finished his pants, put on shoes and a shirt and hopped out of the car with Mary. They walked to the desk, and Mary asked for his reservation.

"And your relationship to him?" the agent asked.

Mary laughed and turned to hubby, "What am I dear? Is girlfriend an okay word to use?"

"Sure, Mary, works for me?" he replied, not moving his hand from her silk dress.

The clerk did not seem amused, but she stated that they had a suite on the 7th floor, basically it was two rooms, 719 and 721.

He handed over his credit card and signed the registration. Mary took the two keys, and they headed to the elevators.

Cassie had gotten dressed, but she had removed her wig and was now blonde again. She instructed the bellmen to take the luggage to room 719 and asked them to move all the boxes that had been delivered earlier to 721. There was some grumbling, as there were many boxes, but another $100 tip ended all complaints.

Mary & hubby reached room 719 and picked up where they had left off in the limo. In seconds, Mary was down to her lingerie and hubby had lost his shirt. They were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Ooh, get the door, I'm sure it's Cassie," Mary said as she lounged back on the bed.

Hubby hustled to the door, but when he opened it, he was met with cameras and lights. "What the hell?" he asked.

"Sorry, sir, wrong room," one of the photographers said, but he continued clicking. "We were told there was a celebrity here."

"Well, not in here, there's not." He replied, shutting the door.

Eventually Cassie made it to the room, and the luggage was delivered. Hubby did make a brief mention of wanting to look and see why they had so many pieces of luggage, but Mary, who was on him teasing at the time of his comment, chose that second to finally allow his cock to slip into her. His face was a mixture of excitement and relief as Mary began to slowly move up and down on his shaft. She kept moving slowly so that he couldn't reach ejaculation, and Cassie was actually holding his hips down so that he couldn't even get a great thrust.

At one point she eased completely off and hubby let out a primal groan, "Nooooo."

Cassie asked to get on for a while and rode him gently at first, still slowly, but she was much more in rhythm than Mary had been. And at just the right moment, after only 15 or 20 pumps, she lowered herself all the way and tightened her pussy muscles, leading hubby to explode inside of her with the most satisfying orgasm that he had ever had.

After allowing him to cum as much as he possibly could, the girls began soothingly rubbing him and stayed with him until he fell fast asleep. When they were certain he was out, they got up, got dressed and slipped out of the room, leaving a pre-typed note behind.

They then hurried to the lobby, as Cassie had prearranged to be meeting some people there, and Mary was headed to the limo to go home.

As Mary left, Cassie began meeting people who came in and handed her folders in exchange for cash. She met with three of four of these gentlemen and then went to a different Hilton room and went to bed.


Cassie woke up the next morning, showered, had a nice breakfast and headed to a conference room in the hotel.

Hubby woke up alone, with a headache and was not quite sure where he was. Looking around the room, he saw his luggage but no sign of anyone else.

"What the hell?" he thought, "Was all that a dream? No, it couldn't be; I'm here and the room is just like I remember."

He then remembered the suite and opened the connecting door. He saw some plain boxes stacked up but no Cassie or Mary. He walked into the bathroom and saw a typed note that read, "Urgent: Conference Room B at 8:00."

He saw that it was 7:45, so he ducked into the shower briefly and got dressed. When he opened the luggage, he thought that it was odd that he appeared to have so many clothes for an overnight, but he was in a hurry and didn't think about it much.

He was approaching the conference room at about 8:05 when he heard someone shout his name from the lobby. He turned and saw a friend from college, Gene, who had been his lawyer from time to time over the years.

"Good to see you, Gene," he said.

"Yes, yes, you too, now let's get in there; you can't keep an arbitrator waiting," Gene replied.


"Come on? Someone called me from your office yesterday and said to be here at 8:00; now, let's get in there," Gene explained as they hustled into the conference room.

Hubby smiled seeing Cassie there, looking as beautiful as ever, but then he noticed that the man next to her wasn't smiling and the man at the end of the table certainly was not smiling.

"Thank you for joining us," the man on the end said, "Need I remind you that 8:00 usually means 8:00 in court proceedings."

"No sir," Gene answered, "We're sorry."

"What is this?" hubby asked, but Gene shot him a look that shut him up.

"We're here today to hear an emergency petition regarding the imminent divorce of you two. Now I understand that the wife is asking for the home, half of the cash in all accounts, her clothing, jewelry, personal items and the home furnishings, as well as $4000 per month in alimony. I suppose that you aren't going to just agree to that so we can go, are you?"

"Well, no sir, I have here a copy of a prenuptial agreement between the parties." Gene answered.

Hubby's head was pounding; he could hear these words, but they made no sense. "You want a divorce?" He said to his wife.

"Oh lord," the arbitrator said, "Yes, that's obviously why we're all here, sir. You signed the divorce petition and request for arbitration several weeks ago; I have the originals right here."

"Do you have copies?" he asked looking at hubby's lawyer.

Looking through the faxes from the day before, he saw the paperwork.

"We do, sir." He answered.

"Very well, now kindly allow your attorney to handle the arguments, will you?" the arbitrator said to hubby.

The man next to Cassie spoke, "We asked that the prenuptial agreement be set aside due to adultery sir."

"Very well, do you have any proof of the alleged adultery?" the lawyer was asked.

"Yes sir, please look at the packet in front of you, you as well," Cassie's lawyer said that last part while looking at Gene.

He continued, "My client has suspected unfaithfulness for quite some time, so when her husband went to work yesterday without so much as mentioning that it was Valentine's Day, she suspected that something was up. She hired a few private investigators to follow him. As you can see from the following photographs, her husband entered Phillipe's Restaurant just before 7:00 last night. At approximately 7:15, this woman entered the restaurant, spoke to the maître d and then sat with him."

"That was my wife!" hubby interjected.

"You'll get your chance, sir, now, silence!" the arbitrator said angrily. "Please continue," he said to Cassie's attorney.

"Yes, sir, well, aside from the obvious physical differences in the photographs, sir, we have a signed statement from the maître d; it states that this woman entered the restaurant and asked for a man she didn't know; eventually they deduced that it was this gentleman, and she was seated with him. They ate their meal and left the restaurant then entered a waiting limo. Sometime later, they entered the Hilton Hotel. Note that our men at the Hilton were in far better position and closer than those in the restaurant so the pictures were closer and clearer. This clearly was not my client. Plus, they jokingly introduced her as a 'Girlfriend' at the front desk. Next, we have several photos actually taken in his hotel room. He answered the door for our photographers, expecting his luggage, and we got shots of him half-dressed and this woman on the bed in nothing but lingerie." "Very well, now your turn," the arbitrator turned to Gene.

Gene looked at his client who at this point angrily exploded, "This is ridiculous. That was Cassie in the restaurant; she was just wearing a wig."

"A wig?" the arbitrator asked, glancing at Cassie."

Cassie rolled her eyes which sent hubby into more of a rage, "It was." He was now gritting his teeth.

"Ok, Ok, settle down," he said trying to calm him down, "What about these other pictures? This woman isn't your wife, right?"

"No," he answered, "That's her sister." He grinned as though he had explained it.

"Her sister?" the arbitrator asked, "You do realize that doesn't really help your case? Adultery is adultery even if it was with your wife's sister; in fact, that is actually much worse, sir."

"I don't have a sister, judge." Cassie quietly added.

The arbitrator looked back at the husband as he said, "I didn't think you did," to his wife.

"What? Well, you just told me... Never mind. Ok, it's not her sister; can you explain how you got into the limo with your wife in a wig and got out a short time later with her sister, or not her sister, whatever," the arbitrator asked.

"Sure, we had to get out because my wife wasn't dressed," hubby replied.

"So your story is that your wife was in the limo the whole time?" he asked.

"Yes," was his reply.

The next question came quickly, "And why was she nude?"

"Well, we all had been, I guess she was just slow getting dressed." He replied.

Another follow up, "Ok, well where did the second woman come from? This one who was apparently wearing the exact same dress shoes and hairstyle, judging from these pictures?"

"She was waiting when we entered the limo, sir." He answered.

"I've heard enough," the arbitrator said. "I cannot accept that your wife met you on Valentine's Day, in disguise no less, took you to a limo where there was a lookalike waiting in her exact ensemble, then got undressed and allowed you and this other woman to go to a hotel room."

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