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Valentines Day Fantasy


My lover and I have been together for 5 years now and it has thus far been one hell of a ride. I would never have believed that a loving and caring relationship could also be filled with such passion. Our first kiss actually took place on Valentines Day, thus this story is one of my presents to her. From the beginning, we have shared our fantasies with one another. We frequently discuss them and add new twists as we masturbate over the phone or play with each other when we are together. She is an incredible lover and has fulfilled every fantasy I possessed before knowing her. This story is all about my plans for fulfilling a recurring fantasy of hers with the intention using the story as her roadmap.

Valentines Day is always a special day for us. I'm a bit of a romantic and have arranged for a large bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her office. I've also worked with her receptionist to ensure that my Valentines Day card gets delivered at the same time. As she returns to her office she opens the card to find not only the beautiful sentiments, but also a hotel room key and very private and provocative note which reads:

My dearest Valentine,

As I have so often told you, you are the love of my life and have exceeded my wildest expectations as a lover and a friend. My gift to you this very special day is to submit myself to your darkest desires and allow you to experience your unfulfilled fantasy. Please use this key to join me at 4:00 so that we may begin our adventure together. Timing is very important, so please do not be late.

I can only imagine how flush her cheeks become as she reads my note and starts to anticipate what lays ahead for her. She is very responsive and I am sure that as she contemplates my plans, her nipples have hardened and her pussy has become moist.

As I quietly wait in the hotel room for the final minutes, my heart is pounding with anticipation of what I know is to come. My cock is hard and throbbing as I anxiously await the sound of the key entering the lock. At the very moment where I think I can wait no longer, I hear the lock and my heart skips a beat as I hear her enter the room.

I hear a soft moan of anticipation and desire as she first encounters the beginning stages of her unfolding fantasy.

She finds me naked kneeling on the bed over a stack of pillows. I am blindfolded with my hands tied to the bedposts and an extremely large butt plug up my ass. Along side me she finds our favorite flogger. She picks it up and gently runs it over the cheeks of my ass. She tells me that I have been a very naughty boy to have put so much energy into this elaborate little plan and begins to strike my ass. With each stroke I moan aloud. She knows full well that her fantasy has become my fantasy as well and that we are just beginning our journey towards fulfillment.

Perfectly on queue, there is a knock at the door and a shout of "room service". I hear her walk towards the door as she exclaims "Now I wonder what that could be". A very large well built black bell man is at the door with a bottle of champagne. He enters the room part way and can only see my feet on the bed. She smiles broadly as she looks him up and down. She also notices an envelope by the door labeled tip money. Then almost as if she had rehearsed the line several thousand times, she looks up at the bellman and states that he has a choice to make, he can collect a modest tip for his delivery or he can choose to stick around and help her play with her toys and also collect a very generous tip. He looks at her a bit perplexed and she goes on to explain that I am her toy and today she would very much like to share her toy with him. He remains a bit resistant, but as she fans several hundred dollar bills, he asks her what he will have to do to earn her generosity. She gently begins to stroke his cock as she whispers her fantasy into his ear. His arousal becomes quickly evident to her which causes her to shriek with delight.

I hear the door close and am yet unsure whether he has stayed or not. I hear nothing until the flogger cracks my ass. My lover is now beating my ass harder than she ever has in the past. The burn sends tingles down my spine as my ass gets redder and redder. Then as sudden as it started, the flogging stops. She begins to rake her nails over by hot burning ass. Her strokes get closer and closer to my asshole as she begins to tug at the butt plug. She slowly pulls it out leaving my asshole wide open for her. She spreads lube on her hand and begins to slowly insert it into my ass. With my ass spread so wide she easily curls her fingers into a fist and continues to shove it into my ass. She gets herself deeper into me than either of us ever thought possible. Slowly at first and then picking up speed she fucks my ass with her fist.

The pounding feels so good; I can feel my cock literally dripping pre-cum. I moan out in delight as she pounds my ass and I suddenly realize that I will achieve my objective in satisfying our mutual fantasy. As my mouth opens to moan aloud, I feel his cock brush my lips. I open wider so that I can taste my first cock. He grabs my head to steady himself and begins to slide his huge pecker into my mouth. I eagerly lick him as she continues to fist fuck my ass. She moans aloud as she watches me service him. Although I am still blindfolded, I can clearly imagine the sight of both of my holes being so severely ravaged.

She knows exactly what she wants to happen next as she extracts her hand from my ass. Crawling beneath me, she begins to take my raging cock into her mouth. She reaches up and grabs my ass cheeks. She uses the leverage to not only pull me deeper into her mouth, but to also open me up further for the grand finale of our fantasy. The moment she has craved is about to unfold before her very eyes as he extracts his cock from my hungry mouth and positions himself behind me.

She releases my cock momentarily to demand that I tell him what I want. My head is spinning so fast that my response is delayed and thus she squeezes my balls tightly and is sterner in her second attempt. I shriek out from the pleasurable pain knowing that she means business. I quickly take a deep breath, look back towards him and tell him that I want my ass fucked, I want my ass fucked hard, I want him to take my virgin ass and make me his bitch. I tell him I need to feel his hot sticky cum up my ass and I need it now. With that he presses the head of his cock against my asshole and proceeds to push himself in.

His cock feels so good as he slowly enters me. He goes deeper and deeper until I can feel his balls touch my ass. He stops momentarily allowing me to get used to the fullness he is providing. His first outward stroke is slow and easy as is his next inward stroke. I scream out for him to fuck me when he grabs my ass and begins to pound me. With each inward stroke my cock is shoved deeper and deeper into my lovers waiting mouth. She hungrily swallows me as her lust over powers any resistance her throat may have previously offered. Stroke after stroke he slams into my tight ass. As I feel his balls begin to tighten I know we are close to the culmination of our fantasy. My own balls tighten as my cock goes deeper into her throat. I scream out that I am about to cum as she thrashes beneath me experiencing the most intense orgasm I have ever seen from her. The pounding in my ass and the sight of her cumming is too much for me and I explode harder than I ever imagined. As she attempts to swallow every drop the tightening of my ass causes him to explode within me.

We all collapse in a heap as we catch our breaths. Although she is not fully recovered she is quick to disengage. She gently grabs our bellman by the arm and informs him that it is time for him to leave. She hands him his tip as he quickly dresses and departs.

As the door closes, she returns to my side. As she gently strokes my body she unties me and rolls me over onto my back. She is absolutely glowing as she mounts my still rigid cock and begins to fuck me. In very little time, she is cumming again and again. Her pussy squeezes my cock like never before. She collapses on top of me still convulsing from the power of her orgasm. As I reach may arms around her and hold her tight I begin to shake violently with her. Our fantasy, now fulfilled, intensifies the bond that we share. We continue to convulse as I once again cum inside her feeling the most intense orgasm of my life.

She sighs as she whispers thanks for her Valentines Day Present into my ear.

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