tagErotic CouplingsValentine's Day for Lilla

Valentine's Day for Lilla


Lilla and I had been friends for the past three years. We had met at the apartment pool and teased each other with humor. From there we had built a great friendship. Whenever both of us weren't dating someone we would go out with each other. Frankly I had more fun with Lilla than with any of my dates.

The pressure wasn't there like it was with the dates. There wasn't the constant judgment that goes on with dating. Instead there was fun, great conversation and genuine friendship. This was a great relationship, just not a romantic or physical one.

One night we were watching a movie together at my apartment. This was a typical John Wayne western. Lilla even likes the same types of movies I enjoy. We had been talking about the silly people we meet on a daily basis and how they would fit into movies, when I looked over at her and it struck me hard. I Love this woman. Isn't that interesting, I Love this woman.

Of course I didn't say anything nor do anything about this right away. Hell I haven't committed to anything or risked anything for a number of years in the relationship department. Just because I realized I Loved Lilla doesn't mean I was going to jump until I had totally thought this through.

It was a week later after my thoughtful revelation that I made my decision. I needed to let Lilla know how I felt about her. Kind of strange that I've known her for three years and I hadn't made any moves on her, now after just a week I knew what I wanted to do. The hard part was how was I going to do this.

Now I'm not Mr. Romantic or anything. Really I'm not. However, I think that this will require a romantic act to show Lilla how I feel. If I'm going to make a fool out of myself I might as well go all the way. Well I'm a great planner, just not always the best at carrying out the plan.

I was real lucky; it was the month of February, right at Valentine's Day. This was a perfect time to implement my plan. My God even in my mind it sounds like I'm putting in action the plan for a War front.

I called Lilla up on Valentine's Day at about 2:00 in the afternoon. "Lilla, this is Stan. How are you doing?"

"Well I'm ok," said Lilla. She sounded a little down!

"What's the matter? You really don't sound too happy." Oh my God please don't let her have problems with a new boyfriend or something.

Lilla took a deep breath and said; "I always seem to get a little down on Valentine's day. I'm not really sure why I just do."

"Well how about coming over to my place tonight. We'll order a pizza and watch a little tube." How's that for sounding bland I thought.

"I guess that will be fine. I hate being alone on Valentine's."

"All right then I'll see you when you get off of work." I hung up the phone and almost screamed YES!

I was ready at about 5:00. Unfortunately Lilla wouldn't be here until 6:00. That's ok I would be ready for her.

At about 5:45 I started lighting candles. I might have overdone the whole thing because it took almost 15 full minutes to light all of them. It sounds silly but I know Lilla really likes candles. She goes to those candle parties quite often.

Right on time Lilla hit the door. I love it when a woman is on time. Those fashionably late people I want to strangle.

I opened the door and Lilla came inside wearing her work clothes still. She has to wear nice clothes to work so she was looking rather nice in her black dress. I just wish her hemline were a little higher up but what the hell.

"Hello," I told Lilla when she came in. "You look absolutely marvelous tonight." I reached for her jacket to take it off of her.

"Uh Thank You and hi." Lilla kind of looked at me funny. I guess I haven't been that complementary towards her in the past and the marvelous comment caught her by surprise.

I touched her shoulder and guided her towards the living room after hanging her jacket on the coat tree. "Come on in."

As we walked into the living room Lilla's eye's widened. "What is all this about?" She turned to me and then looked back into the room at all the candles.

"I wanted to set a mood. I want to tell you how I feel about you." With that I reached out and touched the side of her face. My hand went to the back of her neck and I pulled her towards me. My mouth went to hers and I hugged her tightly kissing her deeply.

Slowly her arms went around my neck with her hand weaving it's way into the hair at the back of my head. Our lips parted and she looked up at me. "What brought all this on" she asked me.

"I wanted to tell you that I Love you. Heck I needed to tell you I Love you." I kissed her again and had it returned. "I'm not really sure when our friendship changed but I've fallen for you."

I broke our embrace and took Lilla's hand. We walked over to the couch and sat down while still holding her hands. "Lilla, how do you feel about this? I don't want to make you uncomfortable if you don't want this like I do."

Lilla leaned over and kissed me gently. "I've wanted this for a long time. At least two years anyway." She smiled at this. "I knew that you were not ready and I wanted you to be sure. I didn't want to scare you away."

We kissed and hugged for a while and then Lilla stood up and took my hand. She led me into my own bedroom guiding me to the bed. Then she stepped away from me and blew me a kiss. Lilla turned around and said; "unzip me please."

I pulled the zipper down and her dress fell away from her. She had a very beautiful back and sexy hips. My Lilla doesn't have a model's figure. She's a healthy girl. I think her size is a 16 or an 18. However, numbers don't matter. Her sexiness does. Lilla hadn't moved. She turned her head around and said; "Aren't you going to unhook my bra?"

Okay I have to admit my smile went pretty big at this point "Oh hell yeah." I unhooked the bra and it fell forward as well. Lilla turned around and I saw her beautiful breast and the rest of her body. "Oh my you are so sexy. I've fantasized about this for some time."

Lilla's smile was huge. She kneeled down in front of me while I sat on the bed. She started unbuttoning my shirt. Really slow. After my shirt was unbuttoned to my waste her hand went into my shirt and touched my nipple. Her hands were warm and an electric shock went through my body with her touch.

She pulled my shirt down off my shoulders. She leaned forward and placed her mouth on my left nipple and started licking, flicking, flicking.

I reached around and touched the back of her head and hummed a little bit. "Lilla baby that feels fantastic. Oh my God that feels so good."

Lilla stood up and motioned for me to stand up. I did and she undid my belt and pants. Then she unzipped them. They fell to the floor around my ankles. Then Lilla kneeled down again and reached up putting her hands in the elastic of my underwear and with one motion pulled them all the way down leaving them in a pile with my trousers.

My cock was already ready standing proud and tall. I'm not a huge man in the cock department, hell I'm probably average. I've never taken a look at others. The only ones I've really seen is on porno movies and those are usually huge. Lilla though seemed to like the look of it because she quickly licked the underside from the base of the balls to the tip of the head.

She looked up at me, smiled and said; "hmmmm pre-cum. You were ready for me before I even walked in the door."

I laughed and said, "yes, I've been thinking about you all day."

At that point Lilla deep throated me shoving me all the way into her mouth. "I've been thinking about doing this to you for a very long time," she said after coming up for air. "I've been reading and practicing on doing that so I could see your face when it was time to do that for you." With that she pushed me down onto the bed and I leaned back. She started slowly sucking me taking long strokes with her mouth. I'm not sure which was more pleasurable, the up stroke or the down stroke.

I sat up and said "Lilla slow down lover. It's time for me to get to know you was well as you've gotten to know me because if you keep that up I'm not going to have anything left over to make love to you." I stood up and kicked the pants off my ankles with my underwear. I grabbed Lilla by the hips and moved her to the bed on her back. I hooked her panties with my fingers and pulled them off.

"You are so lovely Lilla." I also realized that Lilla dyes her hair a little bit. That's okay. For me though she would be beautiful no matter what color her hair would be. Then I laid down between her legs. I touched her beautiful soft pussy hair. Leaning forward I planted a very deep kiss right on her lower lips. While kissing her I stuck my tongue deep between her lips. Her taste was wonderful. "Baby you taste fantastic."

Lilla started moaning in a very low volume. I reached my hands underneath her legs and lifted her sexy behind up cupping those wonderful cheeks. As I cupped those cheeks I kept my tongue working over her nub. Soon she started bucking and moving in a jerking motion. Her thighs enveloped my head as she reached her climax.

For a few moments we just were motionless. Finally Lilla's breathing slowed. "Lover, that was fantastic. I'm not sure I can even move right now," she breathed in a low voice. I took a final kiss of her pussy lips. She quivered and I laughed.

I moved up face to face with her. I looked down at her and kissed her deeply. "Lilla, I want to make love to you. I want you very badly." I whispered. I kind of laughed at this.

Lilla asked, "why are you laughing? Is it something I did?"

"Not at all. I just realized for some reason I was whispering. Almost like this was a reverent moment." This is kind of funny.

Lilla laughed also. "You're right. It is funny. I never thought about it but when people are passionate they do whisper." Lilla reached over and kissed me. "Lover are you ever going to fuck me?"

Things are looking up. I reached my hand down to her pussy and felt her soaking wet lips. I looked deep into her eyes and asked "Lilla I want to make love to you without a rubber."

"Do you have any here?" Lilla looked over at my nightstand and raised her eyebrows.

I nodded my head yes. I had been prepared if Lilla didn't want to go natural. If I had gotten this far.

"Well guess what? I don't want to use them either. With you it's skin on skin. Let's go"!

With that I quickly positioned myself over my Lover. I then entered her very easily. Lilla was very wet. Once I was inside her we kissed for a few moments and then I started moving in and out of her with very long strokes. Within a few minutes Lilla was moaning and squirming again. I'm not sure but I believe I would rather make Lilla have an orgasm than allow myself to have one. I want to give to her so much more than receiving.

I felt myself about ready to shoot. I sped up to push Lilla over the top. I did well because Lilla sang out "I'm there, I'm cumming." Her arched back lifted us both up and moved us around.

With that moving around I started to shoot. In my fantasy I've shot off inside my Lover. So I went with that. I groaned out load "oh God Lover" and then continued with the groan.

Lilla reached up and started kissing me and deeply hugging me. After that I rolled off of her and laid on my back. I then reached over and pulled Lilla towards me and held her in the crook of my arm. "Lilla, that was incredible. I can't begin to describe how much I wanted to make love to you." I kissed the top of her head and held her tightly.

Lilla then placed her hand on my chest and lifted herself up so she could look into my eyes and said; "That was the best Valentine's Day gift I've ever had. I've always hated this day because I've never been with a man I care for during it. Now I know why this day makes women so happy." With that she leaned over and started kissing me again. Then she looked at me again. "Do you think we could again?"

"Of course I told her. Happy Valentine's Day Lilla."

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