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Valentine's Day Massage


WARNING: The following story is intended only for adult reading. It portrays the actions of consenting adults. Those under the age of 18, those bothered by sexually explicit language or depiction of sexual events, or those who live in areas where the reading of this material is illegal should not continue.

* * * * *

I wanted to get my beautiful wife something special for Valentines Day. She certainly deserved it. Not only is my little Natalie drop-dead gorgeous (in a girl next door sort of way): 5'-2"; soft, long honey-colored hair; blazing blue eyes; and killer smile, but she is also a terrific lover for me and a great mother for our two kids. Even at 30, Nat has worked hard to keep the same firm figure she had when she was a cheerleader in college.

She puts up with a lot. I'm very career oriented right now with my own startup business. Even though I travel all the time and am gone at all hours, Natalie never hassles or nags at me. It's been an ideal marriage and a big time case of mutual lust since the first time we laid eyes on each other. We've always been faithful to each other and I'm certain Nat has been happy -- especially in the bedroom where we both work hard to keep each other satisfied.

So one day I'm playing golf with my buddy, Dave, and I mention the Valentines present. Dave is a successful businessman in his own right. He owns quite a few businesses and some commercial real estate ventures.

"I got the perfect thing," he said. "You should get her a gift certificate for a massage at one of my spas! Women go crazy for those things. They love to be pampered and treated special for a day."

Then Dave cracked this wicked grin as he looked at me. "And some of these women get so hot they can't stand it. The full body massage gets 'em so worked up they either go off right there on the table or run all the way home to jump the old man's bones!" he laughed.

"How the hell do you know?" I smirked.

"Security cameras! They're installed in all the massage rooms. I've got big color TVs in a back room, and the rooms are wired for sound. Sometimes I sit back there to make sure, you know. . .there aren't any problems with the therapists."

"Isn't that illegal?"

Dave just laughed. "I'm just protecting my ass-ets, buddy boy! I roll video tape on the massages to make sure that if anything goes too far and somebody complains. . .I know what happened and can show it to my attorney. But, so far. . .we've certainly had no complaints," he chuckled.

I liked the idea of the massage for Natalie. She had mentioned several times how she wanted to spend a day at one of those spas. But I didn't know what to think about the idea of it making her hot and horny. Somehow I doubted it would or could happen.

Natalie is no prude. She can get pretty wild when we are behind closed doors. . .but she is also fairly modest about everything else. My wife always dresses pretty and smart -- never sleazy or slutty. She came from a strict, religious family; and although she does have a wicked side. . .I was pretty sure I was the only one who had ever seen it.

Still, I couldn't help think about what Dave had said. And the more I thought about it. . .the more I fixated on it. Hell, I have fantasies just like the next guy. But this was the first time I ever thought about my wife getting turned on without me throwing the switch. Part of me felt guilty about even thinking of such a thing. Another part of me was convinced that Natalie would never let anything happen.

But I couldn't help but get a growing thrill from the idea of my little Nat getting seduced and stroked into submission by some faceless stud. I walked around with a major league hard-on for the rest of the day.

That night I nearly attacked my poor wife when she came to bed. I couldn't get the images of her thrashing around on the massage table out of my head. She seemed surprised at my aggressiveness, but matched me stroke for stroke. It almost became an athletic event as I tried to see how many times I could make her cum. After her third trembling climax, I felt reassured that my hands were indeed as magic as any massage guy's.

Finally, exhausted. . .we fell asleep tangled up together. I had a big smile on my face I as held her warm body against mine. Jealousy was no longer a part of my new fantasy.

"What got into you last night?" Natalie grinned at me over her coffee cup the next morning.

"I dunno. . .just getting geared up for Valentines Day!" I said truthfully.

"Well....if that's just a preview. . .I can hardly wait for the main event!" she laughed.

I swept her into my arms and kissed her deeply before I headed out the door. "Gotta go! Got all kinds of big plans to make." I winked at her as I left.

I finally tracked down Dave on his cell phone about mid- morning. "Hey, remember that thing about the massage gift certificate?"

"Yeah. . .she'll love you forever, man."

"No doubt. But I've got some questions."

"Go for it," he said.

"Well, for starters, what kind of guys do you have doing these massages. I mean, do they really know what they're doing? And. . .how far do they go?"

He laughed that wicked laugh again. "Oh yeah. . .they know what they're doing all right. They are all licensed massage therapists. But some are better than others -- especially with women. . .if ya know what I mean. I've got a couple working for me that look like those guys on the covers of romance novels. . .and they can send a lady to Mars!"

"As to how far they go. . .that's up to the client. Sometimes they get shut down when they test the waters and it ends there. Then its strictly a professional massage But if they get the green light. . .watch out. . .anything goes!"

I shut my eyes tight as I started to get visions of my wife on the table again. My cock was already fighting for more room in my pants.

"OK. . .sounds good," I heard myself say. "But what if I want to watch? Ya know, just to make sure everything is cool?"

Dave busted up big time on the other end. "Man. . .you just want to get your rocks off with her, don't ya? I've seen it a million times. . .dudes love to see if the wifey can get her buttons pushed by someone else. "Don't worry. . .it's no problem. Like I said, I've got the whole room wired. You'll have a ringside seat, and she won't even know you're there!"

Several days later Natalie sat opening her Valentines presents. I'd sprung for the obligatory flowers, some nice jewelry, some goodies from Victoria's Secret, and some other little pricey trinkets I though she'd like. She seemed genuinely delighted with all the stuff and gave me a big kiss after she opened it.

My plan was to take her to dinner at our favorite restaurant and give her the bonus gift -- the massage certificate. The meal and the mood was perfect. As we sat sipping our champagne and staring into each others eyes, I slipped the envelope out of my jacket and slid it over to her.

Nat's eyes lit up as she opened the card. She smiled warmly and teared up a little as she read the flowery words from the card maker, then my hand-written message of devotion. She never looked more beautiful as she blew me a kiss and mouthed the words. . ."I love you."

Then she noticed the extra piece of paper attached to the card. Surprised, she carefully read the certificate giving her the unlimited full-day pass at the spa. Suddenly she squealed with delight and pulled me across the table shower me with kisses.

"How did you know?" she breathed into my ear. "I've always wanted to do this! Oh, I can hardly wait! When can I go?"

I laughed and held her tight. "You can go whenever you want. Dave said he was going to make sure you got the total VIP treatment. Why don't you see if you can get your Mom to watch the kids and go early next week?"

This time it was me who got attacked when we got home that night. I think Natalie really liked her present.

The appointment was set for Tuesday. Nat made arrangements for the kids. . .and I made sure I cleared my schedule for the day so I could be in the secret room at the spa.

Dave told me to get there ahead of my wife to avoid any chance of running into her after she arrived, so I left early that morning. Before I took off I gave Nat a big kiss and a hug, making her promise to "really relax and enjoy herself." I hoped she didn't notice that I was already sporting a tent pole in my pants.

When I got to the spa, Dave showed me around. It was pretty impressive. The spa offered all kinds of fitness and health options. There were pools, steam rooms, weight rooms, tanning beds, special herbal wrap areas, mud baths, and almost anything else you could think of to pamper a body.

Finally we made our way to the massage area. There were four or five private rooms -- all with the same subdued, pleasant color schemes. There was a large table in the middle of each room covered with sheets. Each table had a hole near the head where the client placed their face during the massage. A table nearby held all kinds of oils and liquids used for the massage. All the room were clean and comfortable. I was beginning to think I might enjoy a massage myself.

Employees were just starting to check in to work when I noticed a big young stud in his mid-twenties come in dressed all in white.. Dave had told the truth. . .this guy looked like a coverboy straight of a romance novel. Long, perfect hair, tan complexion, square jaw, piercing eyes and dazzling smile. . .the guy was built. There was no doubt he was a bodybuilder. Every move he made caused his T-shirt to ripple and flex.

Dave noticed him and smiled. "Ah...here's your guy. Come on over. . .I want you to meet the man who's going to be working with Nat."

He got bigger as he got closer. Dave patted him on his massive shoulder and gestured toward me. "Vince, I want you to meet the husband of one of our VIPs today. You're going to be her massage therapist later. I told Mike here that you are the best and will give his wife the ultimate treatment."

Vince took my hand in his huge paw and smiled warmly. "Great to meet you, Mike. I'm really looking forward to working with your wife. I hear she's amazing!"

Yep,.that was a good word for her. . .amazing. Suddenly I was not so sure about my resolve to not let any jealousy be a part of this. . . uh, what. . .experiment?

Vince must have noticed the shadow cross my face. "Yo, Mike. . .don't worry," he said. "You will probably enjoy this as much as she will. Relax. . .I 'll take very good care of her. I won't do anything she doesn't want to do."

I smiled weakly back at him. "It's cool, Vince. I just want her to really have a good experience here. . .what happens along the way is up to her."

Vince laughed and clapped me on the back, "That's what we're here for. . .we aim to please our customers!"

"We better get going," Dave interrupted. "She's going to be here any minute."

He led me back to a door marked 'Private - Employees Only'. After unlocking the door, Dave led me inside. The room was not really what I expected. There was a big desk or table set against a wall with five 27-inch color TVs aligned neatly together. In front of the monitors were mounted several small, expensive looking speakers. A box with a row of knobs and several lighted switches sat on the table in front of two big leather executive chairs. The room had no windows, but there was some soft track lighting with dimmer switches that could be adjusted. The only other noticeable objects were several Hi-Fi VCR's stacked together in a rack with little green and red lights softly glowing. It looked like something out of a spy movie.

Dave settled into one of the chairs and directed me to the other. He flipped a few switches and the TV monitors came to life. I now had an amazing view of the massage rooms. The clarity of the signal was impressive and the cameras were mounted in the perfect position to see anything in the rooms.

Soon one of the spa workers came into to one of the rooms to light some candles. "Let's check the sound," Dave said." He turned up a volume knob and through the speakers in front of the TV I could clearly hear the attendant rustling around. Then she turned on a small CD player in the room and we all heard some pleasant new age music. "All the better to massage you by," I thought to myself.

Dave turned to me and said, "We may have to wait a while. Nat's probably going to want to take advantage of some of the other areas of the spa before she gets her massage. Wait here. I'll go check on her progress and let you know when things are about to get started."

While I was waiting, several customers came into the rooms for their massages. I had a bird's-eye-view of some fairly plump, middle-aged housewives getting patted and rubbed with all kinds of techniques -- mostly by female therapists. Although I got a couple of good falshes ot tit and ass, nothing very exciting happened. There was some chit-chat and some pretty contented sighs from the women clients that I could hear perfectly, but that was about it. No wandering hands or sexual innuendo. . .just professional rubdowns with all the vital areas covered by the sheet for the most part.

The sessions lasted about an hour, and the women all seemed very relaxed and refreshed when it was over. I was beginning to think Dave had overhyped this thing when the door opened and he came in.

"She's just finishing up with the mud bath. She should be here in a few minutes after the shower."

My stomach suddenly was doing flip-flops. I hadn't expected to get so keyed up so soon, but my mouth was dry and my cock was already stirring when I saw Vince walk into one of the rooms and start to make some preparations.

He seemed very casual and self-confident, and I couldn't help but think again what a stud this guy was. Suddenly he turned and looked right at us through the camera and gave a big thumbs-up sign. I jumped when he said loudly, "Showtime!"

Vince left the room and only moments later Natalie came in and closed the door. My breath caught in my throat. She was every man's wet dream. Dressed in a big terrycloth robe, her hair was done up with a clip and her skin seemed to be glowing. She had that flushed look of someone who just got out of the shower, and even on the TV she looked unbelievable.

I watched as she glided over to the table and undid the tie on her robe. She slid it off her shoulders and Dave and I stared at the screen as she slowly revealed her magnificent body: World Class breasts -- not too big, but just right for her small frame -- topped with small pink nipples that already looked like they were at attention.

As she dropped the robe and pulled back the top sheet on the table, we both admired her firm features. I noticed that she had trimmed the downy triangle of honey-colored hair between her legs. She gracefully pulled herself up on the table and laid on her stomach. . .then reached back and pulled the sheet back over almost to her neck. She was modestly covered, but the sheet left little to the imagination -- molding itself to every curve and valley including the twin globes of her perfect ass.

"Damn. . ." I heard Dave mutter beside me. I couldn't have agreed more.

My wife shifted around and settled on the table, placing her face in the opening and resting her arms and hands up above her head. I heard her give one of those contented sighs, then there was a light tapping at the door. Natalie raised her head slightly and said, "All set....come in!"

Vince came into the room and quietly closed and locked the door. He walked over to the CD player and turned down the volume of the lazy music a little, then walked over to the table and gently placed a giant hand on Nat's sheet-covered back. She looked like a little girl compared to his size.

"Hi, my name is Vince, and I'll be your massage therapist today. How are we treating you so far, Natalie?"

"Heavenly. . ." I heard Nat's voice, somewhat muffled between her arms. "I could really get used to this!"

Vince chuckled pleasantly as he moved over to the table with the oils. "Hey, the best is yet to come."

There was a full-length mirror on one wall of the room. While Vince had his back turned to my wife, I saw her raise her head slightly and quite obviously look him over in the reflection. Her eyes widened noticeably, and I detected a slight smile play across her pretty lips as she rested her head back down. I'm pretty sure Vince knew very well that he was being checked out too. When he turned around he had a big grin on his chiseled face while he rubbed some warm oil on his palms. For the first time I also noticed the sizeable bulge in the front of Vince's white shorts.

"So is there anything special that you want me to work on today. . .any areas that have been bothering you?"

Natalie sighed again and said, "Nope. . .I've never really had a massage before. You're the expert. . .I'll leave it in your hands." Then she giggled at her own bad pun.

"OK. . .you just relax and leave everything to the expert," Vince laughed as folded the sheet down to expose her lovely back. . .keeping her ass modestly covered. He moved to the side of the table and began applying firm strokes with both hands up and down the full length of her back. Occasionally he would vary the length or the pressure, then he would use his fingers to works specific areas that felt tense.

This went on for quite a while. Vince worked her entire upper torso including her neck, shoulders, and arms. Nothing much was said between them and I was beginning to think Nat had gone to sleep. The only thing that really kept me on the edge of my seat was a couple of times when I noticed Vince's fingers stray to the sides of her breasts which were mashed underneath her. But she made no movement to protest or stop him, so everything was cool.

After some time, Vince pulled the sheet back up on her back and moved back around to the side of the table. Reaching down to her feet, he slowly pulled the sheet up and folded it just below her buttocks. I was not surprised to see that Nat held her legs closely together. As she stirred a little and shifted on the table, I wondered what was going through her mind as this handsome stranger worked on her. Just an inch or so more, and the guy would have pretty good view.

Vince poured some more oil on his hands and then started to work on her feet -- one of Nat's most sensitive areas. She loves a good foot massage and there have been many times when we have started there and moved to nights of heated passion.

As he worked her tiny feet, Nat made the first sound I had heard in a while. It was a mix between a soft coo and a moan. She raised her head again and whispered softly, "Oh, you certainly are good at this.. ."

Vince smiled and I could see that he was slowly moving her legs apart as he worked her feet. By the time he started to move his stokes up to her calves, her legs were almost to the edge of the table. But he was still working mostly from the side, and I didn't think he could see much under the dark shadow of the sheet from his angle.

Gradually he moved his way up her legs, kneading and stroking every inch -- past her delicate inner-knees, up to the backs of her thighs. His large hands almost went around her entire leg as he worked the oil into her skin. As he moved upward, his hands began to brush against the sheet -- moving it up little by little with each contact. Soon we could start to see the soft curves of her ass come into view.

Now he was just grazing the hint of perfect, rounded flesh visible beneath the cover. His strong movements caused her hips to move up and down beneath his grip. As he worked the tops of her inner thighs, his hands would move together in between her legs, and I was sure that he was only inches away from heaven. He stopped there, however, and moved around to the foot of the table. Using long strokes with both hands, he started at her feet and pushed up both legs until his hands came to rest just below her ass. Every stroke caused the sheet to ride up a little more, and I knew from where he was standing now he had a perfect view between her legs. . .and it was obvious that he was taking full advantage of his position.

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