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Valentine's Day Ritual


Valentine's Day is our favorite day of the year. Perhaps it is because it was on Valentine's Day sixteen years ago that we first had sex. Or, perhaps it is because it is the one day each year that my wife Marie and I have no rules to bind us. That's right, we "suspend" our marital vows to forsake all others each Valentine's Day. Since our first Valentine's together, we have set aside this day each year to spend with each other, but with the goal of having sex with other people. You might think that this day should be a special day between a man and wife. We actually have taken the opposite approach. 364 days each year are for us to live in a monogamous relationship as a married couple. This one day is for anything we desire.

Let me go back to the beginning. I'm Robert and my wife is Marie. We met 20 years ago during our freshman year in college at the University of Florida. She was in a Sorority and was a little sister at our Fraternity. I'd known her for four years and although we often flirted with each other, we'd never hooked up; although, I knew she'd been with several of my brothers and she was very popular around the house, not only because she was sexy, but because she was always fun and in a great mood. She was just the kind of person everyone wanted to be around. Leading up to Valentine's that year - our Senior year -- she had just broken up with her boyfriend and I didn't have a girlfriend at the time either. We'd agreed to go out together that night and then hang out at the Frat house with some others who didn't have Valentine's day plans as well.

I picked Marie up at her apartment and I was blown away by how great she looked. She'd clearly put some effort into looking good that night...and I'd noticed. She was wearing a summer dress (the benefit of living in Florida) that showed off her 5'4'' frame and perky tits. Her dirty blond hair was in a pony tail and her blue eyes lit up as she jumped into my car and noticed that I'd brought her some flowers.

"Hey I know this is not a date, but I thought the least I could do was make sure you got flowers on Valentine's Day," I said.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get lucky," she said with a smile.

The banter continued throughout our dinner and we were both having a great time. We were both drinking and the conversation that had been flowing had taken a turn into a sexual territory. I'd asked her why she'd broken up with her boyfriend. She confessed that he'd actually broken up with her because, as he'd put it, he didn't like having sex with her. I found that hard to believe and told her that. I could tell she appreciated the compliment, but I could also tell that he'd really hurt her with these comments. I suggested that she should seek a second opinion and she stopped in her tracks and looked at me. After what seemed like five minutes, she finally laughed and then said, "You are on."

I think I must have sped back to the Frat house where I was living at the time in the top floor suite. I had the best room, a top floor suite because I was the president that year. We went in and noticed a small party of about 12 or 15 people all drinking beer. There were probably 3 guys to every girl. We said our hellos, but quickly went upstairs to my room. After closing the door, I grabbed her tightly and kissed her. We started to tear each other's clothes off to get down to business as fast as we could. She was beautiful standing in front of me naked. She was petite with lovely breast and a fantastic ass. We kissed for a few more minutes while standing there holding each other. I then remembered why we were there. She'd wanted a second opinion.

"Well I guess I need to grade you on your sex skills so I can give you a proper second opinion." With that, I broke away and went to my desk. "I'll need a score sheet to give you a grade. Lets see I can already give you an A on your kissing skills."

Marie was laughing now and getting into the spirit of the endeavor. "So glad you liked."

"And, I'll need to assess your blow job technique and hand job abilities."

"And you should definitely grade my flexibility and enthusiasm," she added doing a turn.

"Perfect. And then the final exam will of course grade you on your fucking prowess in a variety of positions," I said laughing again. I then put down the list I'd compiled, and pulled her into my bed where kissed her and touched her pussy, rubbing her outer lips and clit until she started making soft moaning noises that told me she was quite turned on. I then positioned my cock by her mouth and told her to suck me.

Marie looked up at me and opened her mouth, taking me in while never breaking eye contact. She started slowly at first and then picked up speed and started bobbing her head, taking in more of me each time. I started acting like I was taking notes and grading her as we went. Unfortunately for me this caused her to start laughing which caused her teeth to graze my cock. "Ouch," I said. "Looks like I'm going to have to take off for excessive use of teeth." We laughed some more and then, not wanting to deny myself any longer, I climbed on top of her and rubbed my head against her slit for a few minutes until she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. The combination of the buzz I had and what was now about 3 hours of foreplay had me ready to blow. I only fucked her for about three minutes until I blew my wad and grunted to conclusion. She smiled and held me tight for a bit.

"So, what is my grade?" she asked.

"I'm not quite sure. Because of the teeth issue, you failed the BJ portion, but you rebounded on the sex part. Overall, I think you get a B minus."

"What?!" she yelled. "I'm much better than a B minus."

"No. A B minus is about right. But I'm a tough grader."

"B.S. I need a third opinion," she said expressing her mock displeasure at her grade.

I told her that could be arranged and slipped on some shorts and walked toward the door as if I was going to get one of my friends to help us out. I stopped at the door and looked back at her to see if she'd call my bluff. Instead she just sat up, exposing her breast to me and gave me a head nod that said go ahead. I left the room, closed then door and waited a minute. I then poked my head back in and asked her if she was serious. An affirmative shake was all I got.

I have to admit that I was a bit torn as I was really starting to like her and yet I was still horny as hell and thought that watching her fuck might be fun as well. I went downstairs and found three of my friends hanging out in the kitchen drinking beer. I told them that I need their help and after I explained what I needed, they were all quite happy to oblige.

A few minutes later we all entered my room. Marie was still in bed naked when we entered. I don't think she was expecting me to bring anyone, let lone three. I told her that my friend Jake had volunteered to fuck her and give a grade while the rest of us would judge her - Olympic Judge style. She licked her lips, and motioned for Jake to join her. The rest of us pulled up chairs to the bed as Jake quickly got undressed. His large cock was already standing straight up as he pulled the sheet back and climbed into bed with her.

My memory of their fucking is a bit of a blur, but I do remember that Jake fucked her doggy style with her looking at the three of us. She was quite vocal and began talking dirty to him and to us while he banged her. I think they fucked in several other positions, but I mainly remember her getting three 10's from the Judges and an "11 and a half" from Jake!

After the "event" was over, Marie spent the night with me in my room. When we woke up the next morning, I fixed her a cup of coffee and we talked a while before she had to leave for class. She was embarrassed and didn't want me to think she was a slut. I told her I'd really enjoyed the evening and found her sexuality to be an amazing attribute and one that I found attractive, not repulsive. She seemed reassured and we agreed to meet up later.

Well, that night led us to becoming inseparable and we started dating. Nothing like that happened again until the next Valentine's day came around. We'd graduated and moved in together in Atlanta following college. We weren't yet engaged, but I'd been looking at rings and I planned on popping the question soon. About a week before that next Valentine's, while over dinner and wine, we relived our first crazy night together. It was clear that we were both hoping for some sort of repeat. She told me she'd take care of things this year and I was happy to see what she would come up with.

Valentine's Day that year was a Friday night and I came home early from work to get ready. Marie hadn't given me any more details, but told me to be ready to go by 6 p.m. I showered and dressed in my best night out attire. She arrived right at 6 and was already dressed and read to go. "Wow you look great. When did you get ready," I asked.

"Well, I've been at Brittney's house getting ready. We were both getting ready," she said emphasizing the word both. I knew immediately that I was in for quite a night. We went to pick Brittney up at her apartment and then on to dinner.

Marie had booked a reservation at one of the city's finest restaurants. They were having a Valentine's Day special catering to couples. The Maitre d' looked a bit confused when I walked in with two beautiful women in sexy dresses. Every other table in the place had couples. We were certainly getting some looks from the men and the women, albeit for different reasons I imagine.

We had a lovely dinner and the conversation was quite flirtatious. Brittney was a stunning brunette with bluish green eyes. The topic of a threesome had not been brought up, but we were all clearly contemplating what would happen after dinner. After paying the check, I asked, "So, what's next?"

"Well, we thought about going to a club to dance, but we think we'd rather just go on home. I hope you are not disappointed by that," Marie said.

"And I certainly don't want to mess up your Valentine's Day," Brittney added with a smile indicating that she was going to do no such thing. I drove on the way home and Brittney jumped in the front seat with me. Right after we pulled out of the parking lot, Marie leaned over from he back seat and started whispering into my ear. "You want her don't you? She's hot isn't she? I want to watch you with her."

As Marie was whispering to me, Brittney had leaned back on her door and had allowed her skirt to ride up her legs. She was just watching the two of us and grinning. We couldn't get home soon enough. Once we got back to Brittney's place, Marie said she'd pour us some wine and that Brittney and I should go on up to the bedroom. She said she'd be up in a bit.

Well, I didn't waste any time and we started making out and undressing each other. "I'm so glad that you joined us tonight," I told her. "Don't worry, I've been looking forward to this since Marie asked me to join you both. And she said she'd help me with a favor," she added.

I only gave this comment a moment's thought as she kneeled down and started sucking on my cock. I then sat down on the bed as she continued to give me a fantastic blow job. As she looked up at me, I noticed Marie standing in the door way watching us. I stood up and moved Brittney into a position where she was standing, but leaning over with her hands on the bed. I got behind her and played with her pussy, confirming that she was extremely wet and ready. "Are you ready for me to fuck her?" I asked.

"Mmm. Yes I am," Marie said.

I moved slowly into Brittney's shaved slit and then picked up speed. I was holding onto her breast as I thrusted rhythmically into her. I maintained eye contact with Marie while fucking her friend. I knew then for sure that we were sexual soul mates and should live our lives together. A bit unconventional I confess.

We spent the next four hours experiencing a wonderful threesome. I fucked Brittney twice and Marie once and got to enjoy watching the two of them together in a glorious mass of womanly flesh. Our second Valentine's Day was everything I'd hoped it would be.

I don't have the time or the memory I'm afraid to detail the exploits of all of our Valentine's Days together, but we've had some wild times. One of my all time favorites was the year we were in the Caribbean with two other couples. They were not swingers and hadn't played outside of their marriages. We actively seduced all of them and wound up having quite the little orgy on Valentine's Day in our hotel suite

Marie's favorite may have been when were in our early 30s. We arranged to have Jake and one of my Frat brothers come over for a repeat of our college experience. It was clear we'd all thought about that first time and the repeat was fantastic. And this time she got straight As!

I can't wait to see what my lovely wife has in store for this year. I know that we will be at the Ritz in Aspen, but beyond that, I can only imagine. And I have quite the imagination.

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