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Valentine's Day with Work Wife


Several years ago I had an opportunity to go out of town with my 'work wife'. She was a woman in my department that I was very close to, and we spent a lot of time together on projects. We always playfully flirted and joked, but there was never a hint of any type of deeper involvement.

Then she was supposed to go to Minnesota for a week-long computer class with another guy in my department. At the last minute, he had a family conflict, and my boss asked if I could go in his place.

It was over Valentine's Day week, but that wasn't a very big deal with my wife. We had been gradually drifting apart, with her spending all of her time with our kids and her part time job, she wasn't interested in me except as a friend. We hadn't had sex in over a year, and despite my best efforts, she really didn't seem to care.

My wife said to have fun, and didn't really even ask who I was going with. So I quickly packed a suitcase for a week, and on Sunday morning I left to pick up Gina for the 6 hour drive to Minnesota.

Gina's husband Frank didn't mind that she would be gone over Valentine's Day either. They had been cool in the bedroom for a very long time, each focusing on their own lives.

We had a fun drive, listening to music and just chatting about all kinds of things that we usually didn't get to do at work.

We got to the hotel, a nice 3-story building in the industrial park near where our class was to be held. We checked in and went to our rooms to freshen up before going out for dinner that night. I hung up my pants and dress shirts in the closet, and noticed that I had not packed any underwear. I specifically remember taking a week's worth out of my dresser drawer, but in the rush to pack, I must have left them on top of the dresser.

I called Gina and said I was going to run over to the nearby Target store to pick up a few things, and would call her as soon as I got done. She said she wanted to come along to get a chance to walk around after the long ride. I was hoping to go alone, but thought I could still be discrete.

We got to the store and I suggested we split up and meet back in the front of the store in 10 minutes. Gina was puzzled as to why I was being so evasive.

"Are you picking up something personal like hemorrhoid cream or something?" she teased.

"No," I laughed, "I forgot to bring underwear."

Gina thought that was pretty funny. "What's the big deal? I have seen men's underwear before. I buy it for Frank all the time. Come on, I'll help you pick something out"

She led me to the men' department.

"What kind do you like to wear? Don't tell me you're a tighty-whitey guy? That's all Frank will wear. I've tried buying him more modern styles, but he won't wear them."

"I usually wear boxers. Mary buys me white or blue. Hanes or Fruit of the Loom or whatever is on sale."

"Hmmm, boxers are sexy, but we have to spice up your wardrobe a bit. Let's see if we can find something more fun than plain colors."

Gina started looking through the packages in my size. She dug around and pulled out a 3-pack or boxers with bright colors in circles and triangles. Here, how about these? They look modern."

"Hmmm...when Mary sees them, she'll know I didn't pick them out."

"Who cares? You're a grown man -- you can pick out your own underwear. Maybe that's all the store had, or maybe you want to try something new?"

"Yeah, you're right. It's time for me to be a little bolder. Pick out another package, I have to get enough for all week."

Gina found another 3-pack with bright stripes and other designs.

"Now when I see you all week, I'm going to wonder which pair you're wearing. I'll guess and you can tell me if I'm right," she suggested.

As we walked to the checkout, we came across an end display of Valentine underwear. They had men's briefs and boxers in various reds and whites.

"Hey, look at this! You have to get a pair of these!" Gina held up a pair of white boxers with little red hearts all over them. "These would look so cute on you!"

"I definitely can't buy those! Mary would never believe that I bought them. Besides, I already have 6 pairs of new boxers, why would I pay more for a single pair?"

"Ugh! You men are so cheap sometimes... I'll buy the for you as a Valentine's Day present, You just have to promise me that you'll wear them on Tuesday. You can throw them away instead of taking them home after that if you want."

"Well, I don't know..."

"Come on! You just said you want to be a little bolder. Besides, I'd like to imagine you wearing these on Tuesday."

"Oh, all right. You win. Just like my wife. You know, she calls you my 'work wife', because I talk about you a lot at home."

Gina grabbed the heart boxers and we started walking to the checkout.

"That's funny. As your 'work wife', are you going to buy me any flowers or candy for Valentine's Day?"

"Maybe I should buy you some sexy lingerie? It's been a long time since I've bought anything like that."

Gina laughed, "It's been a very long time since I've worn anything like that!"

We were approaching the women's department, so I called her bluff, and turned in by the bras, looking for sexy underthings. There was an end display with bras, panties and camisoles.

"Hey, look at these! I think I should buy you something here. What size do you wear?"

"Oh no, I'm not sharing my clothes size with you. I'll look through and see if they have anything in my size."

"How about one of those silky red camisoles? That would look sexy on you!"

Gina looked through the rack. "You're in luck, they have one left."

"I'll buy it for you. See if they having matching red panties, too"

"Why do you guys call them panties? Women just call them underwear."

I grinned, "Panties just sound so naughty..."

Gina laughed, and looked through the rack. "Yup, they have the 'panties' in my size too."

"Good, I'll take them. Let's go."

We walked through the checkout. The clerk was very friendly, and chatted a bit about our purchases, assuming we were married. Gina was a little embarrassed, but played along.

When we got outside, we burst out laughing.

"Well, that was fun, Mr. Miller!"

"Yes, thanks for going shopping with me, Mrs. Miller! Let's go somewhere to eat, I'm starved."

We found a nearby sports bar, and had a few beers and a sandwich. It was really fun flirting away from the gang at the office, and we talked about all kinds of things.

"You know whenever I see you now, I'm going to wonder which boxers you're wearing...."

I grinned. "and I'm going to imagine you in that red outfit!"

We finished the meal and went back to the hotel. We said goodnight, and went to our rooms. I opened the shopping bag and looked through the boxers. I was surprised to notice that I had a hard-on from all of the flirting and underwear talk. I opened the packages and tried on the white ones with red hearts. The new material felt great on my throbbing dick. I took them off to save them for Tuesday, and lay down on the bed and jacked off, thinking of Gina in that red silky camisole and panties.


Monday morning, Gina and I met in the lobby for a quick breakfast at the hotel buffet. We grabbed a table and sat down.

"Well, my guess is that you're wearing the boxers with the red and blue triangles, right?"

"Nope, guess again."

It took two more tries before she guessed the white with green stripes.

"And you? I have no idea what kind of lingerie you're wearing. All I know is your red outfit."

"That's my secret," she smiled. She leaned toward me and whispered, but if you would have guessed light blue bra and panties, you would have been right...."

Wow! I could feel that dick start to twitch already.

We sat through class all day, breaking for a quick on site lunch with the other students. During a break, I asked Gina what she wanted to do at night.

"How about a movie? Frank will never take me out."

"Sure, let's see if there is a nearby theater, and what's on."

We checked the Internet, and found a theater not too far away. There were playing a romantic comedy that started at 7.

After class, we grabbed a quick dinner then went to the show.

"Wow, dinner and a movie! You really know how to treat a girl on a date."

"A date? Is that what this is?" I teased.

"Of course. You're taking me out to dinner, then a movie, then to a hotel. That sounds like a big night to me."

I laughed. "Think I'll get to first base?"

"We'll see how good you are tonight," she replied coyly.

The movie was light and fun, just the right amount of comedy and romance. In the dark theater, it really did seem like a date. Toward the middle, Gina laid her head on my shoulder. I struggled with myself about putting my arm around her for about a half hour, then thought, what the hell, why not?

Gina curled up closer to me as I put my arm around her. It was just like high school all over again.

The movie finished, and she looked up at me smiling. We walked to the car and I drove back to the hotel.

"Want to stop for a drink?" Gina hesitated, then replied, "No, we should get home, it's late."

She seemed like she was thinking about what might have happened if we did.

I walked Gina to her hotel room, and we turned to say good night. She leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you so much. That was the nicest date I've had in ages. You're a great guy."

"Thank you. That was the nicest date I've had in forever too. We should do this more often."

"Good night. And don't forget to wear your Valentine's Day gift tomorrow." She winked at me.

"I will. You don't forget either."

"Oh I won't. Good night!" Gina went into her room and shut the door.

Oh man, I could feel my hard-on again....


Tuesday was Valentine's Day. I dressed in the new heart boxers under my dress pants and shirt.

Gina and I met in the lobby again, and got out breakfast buffet and found a table.

"So, are you wearing my gift?"

"Yes I am! Are you?"

Gina smiled and discretely looked around the room. She started to scratch her neck, and pulled away the collar of her dress shirt, exposing the red spaghetti strap of the camisole.

I gulped and felt my dick twitch again. "Very nice", I grinned.

On the way out, Gina went back to her room for a minute, and I stopped by the hotel front desk.

"Is there anywhere around here to go for a nice romantic dinner n Valentine's Day? I'm sure it's too late for reservations...."

"Actually, there is a small local Italian restaurant nearby. They don't take reservations, but since this is kind of an industrial area, I don't think they would be too busy tonight. They mainly cater to out of town businessmen." He gave me the directions.

I wouldn't tell Gina where I was taking her on our 'date' tonight, despite her badgering me all day. Class seemed to go on forever.

Finally class was over, and we drove to the small storefront in a strip mall. From the outside it didn't look too special. Inside, however, was another story.

The atmosphere was dark, with lots of small private table areas, sheltered by walls and plants. There was soft music playing and unfortunately, lots of people.

The wait was about an hour, but there was a small open table at the bar. We ordered a bottle of red wine, and chatted while we waited. We both loved the atmosphere. Gina was very pleased that I 'found' this place and kept it a secret all day.

As the wine took hold, we flirted more. We recalled our shopping trip, buying underwear for each other.

"So tell me, do your red camisole and panties look as good on you as I am imagining?"

Gina laughed. "Ha, even better than you can imagine!"

"Hmmm, I don't know...I can imagine a lot..."

"Maybe if you play your cards right, I'll give you a little peek..."

Dick twinge.

"I like the sound of that. I suppose, you'll show me yours if I show you mine?"

"Exactly...", she grinned.

The waiter took us to our table, and we ordered. Gina had chicken parmesan, and I had lasagna, And we split another bottle of wine.

We were sitting adjacent to each other at a small table in an alcove, sheltered from most other customers. Gina leaned toward me and whispered, "How do you like them?"

I looked at her, then saw that she was lifting the hem of his suit skirt all the way to show me the side of her red underwear.

I gulped and looked around -- no one else saw anything. "Awesome! You are so hot!"

She giggled. "Thanks for the sexy underwear. You are so sweet."

"You're welcome. And thanks for your gift too. No one ever buys me sexy stuff."

"Let's go back to the hotel. I want to see you wearing those cute heart boxers!"

"Check please!"


We got back to Gina's room, and she invited me in. We took off our coats, and she leaned into me for a big kiss. Our lips tasted each other, tongues darting in and out, as we hugged. I ran my hands up and down her back, pulling her closer to me.

"I want to see your underwear!" Gina was a little tipsy, and having quite a bit of fun. She started unbuttoning my my dress shirt and pulling it off my shoulders. She pulled my a-shirt out of my pants and over my head.

I tried undressing her, but she was determined to undress me first. She grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled me close, then kissed me as she undid my belt and opened my dress pants. She let my pants drop around my ankles, then stepped back to check out my new heart boxers.

"Very sexy! Dance for me! Woo-hoo!"

I did a little dance in my boxers as I kicked off my pants and took off my socks and shoes.

"Now your turn. I want to see your whole outfit."

I pulled Gina to me and kissed her, as I took off her suit jacket. I caressed her neck and unbuttoned her dress shirt, exposing the silky red camisole. I kissed her neck, then undid her skirt as I kneeled down and slipped it off her.

"You are so sexy! You should wear pretty things like this more often. Although, I won't get to see them," I frowned.

I helped her take off her shoes and pulled back the bed covers.

I laid Gina on her back on the bed, her dark red lingerie contrasting against the clean white sheets. I turned off the light and opened the window shades, letting in the streetlight.

"Come over here and make love to me!"

I climbed up on her right side, kissing her, and stroking her hair and neck. We cuddled and caressed each other, laughing and kissing. Whenever I did something Gina really liked, she would give off a little deep moan, and that was like radar to me as I tried to please her.

My hands slid across the silky fabric as I explored the curves of her body. Gina's nipples felt like hard pencil erasers and she groaned when I lightly pinched them through the material. I unbuttoned her camisole and slid my hand inside, feeling the warmth of her full breast. Gina bit my lip when I twirled her erect nipple between my fingers.

The spaghetti strap slid off her shoulder when I pulled the camisole open and leaned down to kiss her right breast. I licked the nipple and gently sucked on it, massaging the full breast. Gina squirmed and made little humming noises as I pulled the camisole open all the way, now exposing her left breast.

I sat up and gazed at her beautiful body on the bed, warm curves in shades of gray -- dark panties, light skin, white sheets. I laid across her, our naked chests touching as we hungrily kissed and tasted each others lips.

Gina reached down and slowly stroked my erect cock through my shorts. I let out an involuntary moan as she squeezed it. I was afraid I would cum right there.

I moved my hand lower along her side, massaging and touching, until I reached her hips and thighs. My hand moved between her legs and felt the soaking wet crotch of her panties. I ran my fingers in little circles, massaging her swollen pussy lips behind the wet material. Gina arched her back and let out a little cry.

I slid down her body, licking her chest, kissing her breasts, running my mouth along her belly until it rested on her pussy. I kissed the wet panty crotch, opening and closing my mouth as if her pussy was kissing back.

My fingers reached inside the right leg opening and pulled the crotch over, exposing her swollen pussy lips. The wet pubic hair was neatly trimmed and glistened in the dim light. I took her labia lip in my mouth and gently ksucked on it, tasting the salty juices. Gina groaned with pleasure.

My tongue slowly lapped her wet pussy, darting in and out of her warm hole, tasting her slick juices. It had been so long since I my wife would let me go down on her, I could hardly remember how exciting it was. Each taste was driving me more and more. I pulled her satin panties off so I could kiss and lick her entire pubic area. The swollen labia lips trembled with my touch.

"Oh god, that feels so good!"

I let my tongue explore her raised clit, and Gina almost jumped off the bed. She cried out as I slowly ran my tongue around the tip, then sped up in little circles.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! I want you inside me!"

"Shit! I don't have a condom!"

"I don't care. My tubes are tied, and you're fixed, right? Fuck me -- NOW!"

I didn't hesitate more than a millisecond, then got up and slipped off my shorts, my cock rock hard. I climbed back on the bed, and slid my cock head back and forth across her soaking wet pussy.

Gina reached down and grabbed my cock, pulling it toward her pussy, and sliding it inside.

"Fuck me! I want you to cum inside me!"

I started pumping in and out of her pussy, grinding our pubic areas together. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in deeper. I felt her wrap her legs around my back, squeezing me as I pumped faster and faster.

"Yes, yes, YES! Oh god, that feels so good!"

My cock was in fire sliding in her hot wet pussy. Gina was so wild, pulling me and calling out. I hoped the neighbors couldn't hear. It was so exciting to be with someone we really loved this kind of intimacy.

I couldn't hold it much longer. "I'm gonna cum soon...."

"YES! Fuck me! I want your cum!"

That was all I could take. My cock exploded, bursting forth what seemed like gallons of cum -- throbbing and squirting as I pumped. I could feel Gina's pussy get even more slick and my cock slid in and out so fast.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm cumming!" Gina yelled out, and squeezed her legs tighter and pulled me to her in a bear hug.

We throbbed and rubbed our bodies together for a while, then slowed down and relaxed. Her legs slipped down to the bed.

"I want to kiss you, but your beard is all wet with my juice and you smell horrible!" Gina laughed.

I laughed, and my softening cock plopped out of her pussy, followed by a gush of cum.

"I'm leaking on the bed! Hand me my undies, will you?"

I picked up the red panties and Gina held them against her pussy. "I gotta pee."

"Can I watch?" I leered.

"You naughty boy! Of course you can watch. Come on."

She got off the bed and I followed her to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet, legs split, and I watched my cum and her juices leak out, followed by a lot of pee. That was strangely exciting and intimate too.

Gina reached over and stroked my soft and sticky cock. "You're all sticky too, Want to take a shower and clean off?"

I didn't need to be asked twice. I started the shower and helped her in. I followed and we hugged and let the hot water run down our bodies. I washed off my beard and got a little kiss.

"Sorry, but you need some mouthwash before you get more than that", she apologized. "But I want to wash off this cock in case I want a bed snack later."

She soaped up my cock, and we washed each other off. After a while, Gina shut off the shower and I got some towels for us to dry off. I rinsed my mouth out with some mouthwash and Gina got us each a bottle of water. We were so thirsty after all that activity.

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