tagIncest/TabooValentine's Gift of Sex

Valentine's Gift of Sex


Sex is what we want for Valentine's Day.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I will bang your sister,
While you bang my brother, too.

What do you buy a woman who is lactose intolerant and cannot have milk chocolates and who is allergic to the fragrance of flowers? Sure, you can buy her jewelry and more Vicky Secrets underwear, but our choice, my wife and I, at Valentine's Day have always been and will always be sex, sex, and more sex. Ah, the gift of sex, an erotic and seductive pleasure that one cannot put a price on, that is, unless you are a prostitute.

"So, how much for a trip around the world?"

"Five hundred."

Just kidding, I digress.

So, I asked my wife.

"Honey, it's nearly Valentine's Day, do you have any suggestions what I can get you this year?"


"And what about you, Sweetie? What can I get you this year?"


See? Whether you are a desirable woman or a horny man, sex is always the appropriate Valentine's gift, that is, so long as you are over the age of consent and are not a close relative, sometimes, well, mother-in-laws,father-in-laws, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, aunts, and uncles are okay, but not with my mother, father, sister or brother, I don't.

Valentine's Day is and has always been a very special day for my wife and me. Each year, we try and top what we did the previous year. Usually, it is a surprise but last year it was different because our Valentine's Day present to one another was a joint gift, as is our gift to one another this year.

Last year, she agreed to allow me to have sex with her best friend, Cheryl, a tall, leggy beauty, with curly dark hair, and who I have lusted over for years. Of course, Cheryl agreed to party with us, too. I discovered that Cheryl has a thing for sucking cock, she devoured me and I nearly cam prematurely.

"Geez, Cheryl, wait, no, stop, I don't want to cum, yet. I want to fuck you, first."

"Sorry, Freddie, it's just that it has been a while for me, nearly a week, since I have had sex."

Oh, my God, I said to myself. I had better strap myself in for this beauty because she is taking me for a wild ride of passion.

Fair is fair and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, so last year, I agreed to set up my wife with my best friend, Dave, a blonde surfer type dude, totally different from me, a white collar, if I may say so myself, handsome stud.

Later, my wife confessed to me that Dave had the biggest dick she has ever seen on a white guy. On a white guy, I thought to myself.

"Uhm, Honey, so for you to determine that Dave has the biggest dick you have ever seen on a white guy means that you have seen a black cock, more than one black cock?"

"I thought I told you that I was on the basketball cheerleading squad in college and every time we won a game we would, you know, celebrate."

"I see. So, just out of curiosity, how many games did your team win?"

"Well, that year, we won the national championship."

Damn, that is a lot of black cocks, er, I mean celebrating.

Anyway, Cheryl and I, and Dave and my wife, started out in separate rooms but as the evening progressed we swapped partners back and forth until we were all in the same bed. It was the best, most memorable Valentine's Day we have ever experienced. Cheryl was such a generous lover.

"Freddie, do you think you can cum again if I blew you, again?"

"Cheryl, three times is all that I can cum. If you blow me again, it may fall off."

Then, when Dave arrived with an obvious erection, he had a hard time containing his enthusiasm that he was about to have sex with my wife and, after seeing Cheryl, with her, too.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Honey, you remember Dave, don't you?"

"Of course, I remember Dave." My wife gave him a soulful kiss and Cheryl felt his erection through his pants. "I just love a horny man."

"Well, Dave is going to bone you tonight, Honey, while I go around the world with sexy Cheryl. Then, later, the four of us get all get together."

Dave could and did go all night long humping and sucking. He is a wonder to watch.

"Going back for sloppy thirds, fourths, and fifths, are you, Dave?"

"You know me, Freddie, I never waste a good opportunity when one is presented. Just let me have a sip of your beer. My throat is dry. Okay, girls, here I cum, again!"

It all started when the seven year itch began scratching our lust for other partners. We, of course, love one another and always want to be together but we were at a place where we wanted to spice up our marriage and, at that point, swinging was not, yet, an option. We were just in the teasing and flirting stages of our sexual experimentation.

It so happened that we used Valentine's Day as a lover's opportunity to do something outrageous to heat our libido and, then, go home to relive our experiences while having hot sex. The mall was our first playground. We drove to a distant mall in another city, so as not to bump into co-workers, friends, and/or relatives. Donna, my wife, would wear her sexiest outfit, which to me, included white cotton, bikini panties and a sheer low cut or unbuttoned top without a bra. She has perky little tits and really does not need to wear a bra. I do not know what it is but there is something erotic about seeing a surprise flash of white cotton panty. Man that turns me on like nothing else. To me, I would rather see a woman in her bra and panty then to see a woman naked, that is, unless she is naked in bed beside me (lol).

As soon as we entered the mall, we would separate so that I could watch her antics from a distance without anyone suspecting we were together. She started by selecting who she wanted to flash and hopped on the escalator ahead of them. Of course, once they saw her short skirt, they insisted she go ahead of them and, near the top, she would bend at the waist to scratch an itch or fix her shoe. Of course, I was always on the escalator behind the men she wanted to flash so that I could see her exposing herself and watch their reaction as they were being flashed so that I could tell her about it later in bed. Most times, the younger men, those in their 20's and 30's, giggled like school girls nudging one another and pointing. Older men, in their 40's and 50's would just stare. We would do that about a half dozen times before looking for a shoe store with salesmen.

Once in the shoe store, she quickly took a seat and pointed to, what else, boots. Boots are the most difficult footwear item to fit while pretending to maintain modesty in a short skirt. Of course, the skirt that she chose, even when she sat with her legs together, still gave a clear view of a triangular patch of white panty over her thighs. Sure, I have read stories where women expose themselves in shoe stores by not wearing panties, but we did not want to be obvious and we wanted to be more classy and erotic about our exhibitionism. Moreover, she would engage the salesmen in conversation to show that she was embarrassed exposing herself to him and uncomfortable with him leering at her.

"Oh, my, I should have worn pants today. It's just that I saw those boots in the window and I hope you cannot see my underwear. I am really trying to keep my legs closed but..."

"It's okay, ma'am, we are professional shoe salesmen. We do this for a living and have seen so many panties that, much like a doctor, it does not affect us."

Yeah, right buddy, tell that to the mirror when you are home in your bathroom jerking off over the image of my wife's panties while you are trying to fit her with boots.

When the shoe salesmen saw my wife enter the store in such an abbreviated skirt, they stumbled over themselves to give her the very best of hands-on, personal service. Usually, she had two attentive salesmen helping her with her footwear selection. Sure enough, unlike the story of Cinderella and the Prince with the glass slipper, once the salesman tried fitting that tight fitting boot on my wife's dainty foot, she would have to separate her thighs and raise her leg high enough for the salesman to angle that boot upon her foot. By the time that boot and the other boot was fitted on her feet, her skirt was nearly waist high with her soft camel-toed, panty clad mound fully exposed. Every salesman had the same triple reaction, a red flushed face, a wide-eyed, drop jawed look, and a visible bulge in his pants. We performed the same show at 2 or 3 shoe stores before heading off for a store that had curtains in their dressing room.

Dressing rooms with curtains are nearly as extinct as white Buffalo but we managed to find one store that still had curtains. Unfortunately, for my wife but fortunately for me, all the customers in the store were women. I positioned my wife by the rack that had the best view while watching women undress behind curtains that never quite closed all the way. One woman, who spotted her opportunity to flash me, took 3 bras in to try on while I stood not 10 feet away eye balling her shapely tits as she posed and turned looking at herself in the dressing room mirror and, every once in a while, making eye contact with me to see if I was enjoying the show.

"Hell, yeah, lady, nice tits!" I wanted to shout out but didn't.

By the time, Donna and I returned home, we were plenty horny, but we were still not done. We planned on setting up scenarios in our home where we could expose ourselves. Donna's friends, Linda and Debbie, were always visiting. So, I devised a plan with my wife that I would walk out of the shower naked pretending not to know that they were visiting. With my head down towel drying my hair, I walked in the kitchen with nothing on but my horniness and brazen personality.

"Honey, what did you do with the hair dryer?"

My wife told me later that their eyes never left my semi-erect cock.

Since I exposed myself to her friends, Linda and Debbie, have exposed themselves to me on more than one occasion, especially whenever we all get together for a drunken pool party. Last summer I got to feel up both Linda and Debbie in the dark end of the pool. I even sucked Linda's tits and at another pool party finger fucked Debbie until she nearly cam. All the while she had her hand down my trunks wrapped around my cock, while her husband was staring at my wife's tits when he dared her to go topless in the back yard. Like that is a dare that she would turn down.

"Okay, Brian, I'll take my top off if you remove your bathing trunks."

Brian had his swim suit off before Donna could untie her bikini top.

Of course, that morning, before we left for the mall, she did the same thing for the mailman, UPS driver, and the paperboy. Donna love walking around the house naked and it thrilled her to have men see as much of her as possible. She enjoyed opening the door to retrieve the mail or the newspaper with an open bathrobe, with nothing on underneath, just as the mailman or the paperboy was approaching the front steps. Before we retired to the bedroom to relive our activities of the day, we decided to end our Valentine's Day gifts to one another by ordering Chinese food. Albeit a bit nervous, pretending to be drunk, my wife answered the door naked fishing through her purse for the money and giving him a generous view with his tip. I wish I had photographed the look on the drivers face when he turned and nearly fell down the front steps at the sight of Donna's shapely A/B cup tits, shaved pussy, and round ass when she turned to walk in the house with the food order.

Certainly, it is going to be difficult to top last year's Valentine's Day presents to one another so that is why we decided, this year, to involve her sister and my brother in the action. My brother, after hearing me talk about our sexual escapades, more than once, has wondered how Donna was in bed. Since, high school, he always thought she was hot. He has already seen her, accidentally on purpose, in all manner of undress and has lusted over her for years and I the same with Donna's sister, Gloria. With firm C cup tits, Gloria is younger and slimmer, and because of her engaging personality, I have always wanted to take her to bed with me.

I cannot wait the two weeks until Valentine's Day when I get to bang Gloria and watch my brother bang my wife, Donna. It is going to be a fun filled day of sex, sex, and more sex.

Although this year is certainly going to be a very exciting Valentine's Day, we already have plans for next year. Next year, we have arranged to visit Twinsburg, Ohio. I have always had a fantasy of going to bed with twins and she has had that same fantasy, too. Although, they have the gathering of thousands of twins in the summer, there are always twins visiting the city. We found two sets of twins, Chad and Brad, and Eva and Ida who agreed to show us more than the sights of the city, if you know what I mean.

"Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your Valentine's Day is as exciting as ours has been and promises to be."

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