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Valentine's Kiss


On my way home from the Valentine party our company threw for all the employees down at the sawmill. I took the long way home to avoid the cops that are always out patrolling the main streets and highways during holiday's to gain a few brownie points and a chance to decline a few arrests in exchange for sex or an ounce or so of pot.

I didn't want to fall in those categories. So I decided to take my chances on the slow and narrow back roads, snowy roads that seems sloppier as the night went on and I was due home for my son's 15th birthday. Avoiding any chances of being sited for a D.U.I, reckless operation, when all of a sudden, three miles from home, I saw through the rear-view-mirror a series of flashing blue and red lights. Realizing I'd been had, for something I'd tried to avoid as I pull over carefully to the side of the country road to await the cop and read me my rights or ask for some dope that I never involved myself with. Knowing I was already an hour late Timmy's 15th anniversary party before being pulled over.

Waiting impatiently for the cop to radio in to headquarters before stepping up to my window that was frosted up, smeared badly. Recognizing quickly that the person dressed in a blue uniform was a lady, young petite thing with a set of knockers that looks though they could bust a button or two.

"Do you know your tail-light is out?"


"Guess I'm going to have to site you. Unless you cooperate with me and follow me back to my place." Brushing away her long brown bangs from her beautiful hazel eyes.

"But I'm due home, miss."

But realizing quickly that my personal problem wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear coming out of my mouth. Then agreeing on her terms, as I allow my emotions getting the best of me even though I had been drinking. Watching through my side mirror the mere texture of her firm buttock and the grin she wore when I hesitate my decision of following the black and white car, cruiser that had pulled ahead of me.

The young lady officer was so sympothic that she didn't ask me to step outside, walk the chalk, or ask how my day was going. Not knowing exactly where I was headed since the police station was back in the other direction. But rather then causing a scene, I informed the pretty cop with shoulder length brown hair that I would follow her, with a brief nod. Totally distorted by the way her breast's fit the uniform and the tiny ass I watched leave. Realizing how embarrassed I'd be if some friends down at headquarters saw me in the shape I'm in.

Tailing her for better than five miles down the lonely stretch of winding curves, few hills and finally down a long stretch of stones that lead to a small cabin in the woods. Knowing a few miles back, Tammy and Timmy awaits my arrival. So as the snow continues to fall quickly on my broad body, I came to the conclusion I wasn't in Kansas, or would I make it back for my son's birthday celebration. Gasping for air when I suddenly saw that familiar look, gleam that I see often in my wife's eye when she wants something so badly. Appearing before her blessed body, atop the second step of the porch and announcing boldly to me that I must enter with her and accompany her in a drink.

Thinking back to where I just was and the cruiser I seem to recall parked out front of the 'Elks' lodge. It was if the cop was gunning for someone that I'd hoped wasn't me, that I had to get home for my son's birthday party. Forgetting the fun I had with the guys of watching the red and white heart shaped balloons, streamers, falling from the rafters of the very old tavern where you were. Catching the obstacles falling slowly from the ceiling in a red low-cut dress that continues to weaken my weary eyes and vastly ticking heart. Then you were gone, missing out on all the food and drinks.

My entire soul was captivated, distraught, and enticed by the way she sways her young ass inside the humble cottage. Focusing on my deep swelling as I try to shield with both hands and avoid this friction we both share once inside, which sends mix signals to my sensitive membranes that my body was indeed going to be seduced and fondled with utmost care.

"You know I could have taken you downtown, don't you?" she said, shedding the heavy blue coat.

"Yes, I do know that," I reply, studying the nature of my crime through her weary and weaken eyes that were focusing on one thing...me!

"You know," she says with a pause. "I have been soul searching for a very long time and after our briefs chats online, I decided you were the one for me." Then she leaves the room to fresh- en up or something in the bathroom.

Suddenly my heart pounds, skips a beat, when I suddenly realize that she was the one I tried so desperately to seduce. Someone that needs nourished, someone that I had yearn to witness in the shower that once suggested I spend more time with her during a brief conversation online. Knowing now that she was just as excited about making-love as I was. Skipping the drink she promised from the start and lured me to her bedroom where I face a difficult task, one, which requires a whole lot of imagination and a stern rudder.

"I am sorry that you won't be attending your son's birthday party, but a promise is a promise," she said, stalking me from the side of the bed. Heart shaped velvet headboard that gave me this feeling of abnormal behavior and hives.

Knowing my chances were slim to none of actually seeing this young sexual predator that knows my every move, my sexual desires, and the magical sifting I accidentally spout off to her that I enjoy doing to a woman. Making this fantasy a reality. This hoax, bondage, and the satisfactions she would endure was drawing a vision inside me that would certainly wet my appetite and deliver what I had said and promised online of a night she will never forget. Burden of proof that refuses to go untamed, unannounced, and even fear the wrath of my mighty sword that I begin to expose while I watch her undress slowly. Captivated by extreme pressures, extreme pleasures, of a near nude woman that begins to control me.

"I do pride myself on satisfying your naked body, baby!" I said, examining thoroughly the young woman's skimpy red heart shaped panty and matching bra.

"Mum, really?"

"Oh yeah...I do." Inspired by the way you look, way you enhance my wild stallion, and the thrill you bring to the bed once were in each other's arms. Lying nearly naked on the red satin sheets and headboard in the shape of a delicate heart that I had once planed to visit and share intimate vibes within.

Announcing quickly, proudly, that the party was a drag without you there. Sensing a look-see to my manhood when I saw where your eyes were curiously staring and the drama you bring as my hunger worsens. Wanting to devour you whole, destroy the one you love, and to spoil you with flowers and luscious licks upon the valley I so long for and deserve to see with large amounts of fabric of jet-black.

"Mum, you indeed know how to lick!" she cries, squirming to stray from my taste buds that were sifting between your broad creamy legs. Attacking and nurturing the dampness between your wet walls of such a weak and wide cavity.

"You want more?" I ask.

"Yes! Yes I do need your swelling to penetrate my hot cum!" you roar back, rendering both nude breast's that I begin to reach up and alter. Crying out, bucking, and brushing back my short scalp with bellowing cries of shear passion and pleasure.

Learning quickly that you were the one, one that I sent candy to just the other day without my wife Tammy knowing. The cards that I constantly e-mailed you which must had struck a nerve and an obvious hunger in your mind and pretty body. Sharing these emotions in bed that we might not have gotten to share, while we mate in the middle of the bed and count how many hearts and cupids were circling our heated body. Punishing thrusts at a glance and the hunger in our eye that made me crave more of what you have to offer. Tossing and turning in a heated affair, honoring each other's wealth and fire that slides evenly in and out, to the point of getting a thrill from a bold kiss we share equally as one.

It wasn't that I didn't want to dance with you back at the lodge. But what other's would think or say if we had enjoyed the moment too much. What my wife would say if she had walked in on our hungry eyes, drinking together, and spending time in the coatroom, which would have been wrong in the first place.

But now facing an even more difficult task as we exchange positions often that weakens one another's bold hearts that felt so good inside. Realizing this moment would last a lifetime and the fear of getting trapped between to women wasn't an issue anymore. Knowing the Valentine e-card was a special one, one which stole your heart and continues to beat vastly as we lay inside each other's bare arms and pray this night will never end.

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