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Valentines Letter


Dear David,

This Valentines Day I want you to know how much you mean to me. I have written you this letter to remind you of all the wonderful reasons we are together. With a bonus section at the end to let you know what my plans are for tonight when you get home.

You know I love to surprise you as I always have, leave you little notes in the lunches I pack for you. Lipstick on the mirror when you're in the shower, a flower with a chocolate kiss on the leather seats of your car. Finally, being together after all these years and able to do all of the things I often thought about, to cook for you, do your laundry, take care of you as I know you take care of me.

I love all the silly times we share together doing the simple things like grocery shopping and our cart races through the isles. Hand washing the car, to see who looks better in a wet t-shirt (you always win of course with the absence of a t-shirt), to washing dishes the old fashioned way just to play with the soap bubbles, I love your smile when you have a blob of bubbles on the tip of your nose. Our 5 hour dinners were we order just one item at each restaurant and then go on the next.

Our playful spirit has been there since day one, and in the bedroom it's no different. Like racing up the stairs to our room to see who can be naked first and on the bed (which I tend to win each time since I plan ahead) to game night with strip poker and monopoly (if you can't pay, I want your underwear). If someone asked me what is the secret to a great marriage I would tell them it's to play together. Right down to role playing which I love to tease and surprise you with, from my fascination with a little domination, to naughty school girl and Professor, or let's go for a drive so I can blow you, and my all time favorite whip cream cock Sunday, that gets you so hot and sticky.

However, our romantic side is also fun to play with, I love to start a fire on those colder winter nights just before you get home, throw on my favorite silk robe (nothing else of course) prop some pillows up for a nice view of the fire, and lying on the floor, thinking of your return home while I slowly play with myself getting wet and ready for you. As you walk in on me playing to no lights but the fire and two wine glasses and wine chilling on the table. I know you love that surprise, as much as I do as I watch you striping off the layers of clothing to join me, and I love to see that not flaccid but bobbing beautiful cock greeting me. Sharing a welcome home kiss that turns to a passionate fire burning desire. Wanting you hard and inside me, taking your cock with my mouth, as you lick my already wet clit in your favorite position. We quench those desires that turn to animalistic lust as I roll on top of you to take your hard cock inside of me to feel you fill me completely as you thrust your hips up from the floor and pillows, as our bodies undulate in rhythmic union. The thrusts get harder and faster and my moans get louder and louder, as I claw my way down your chest. I lay down on top of you to kiss you, as you wrap your strong arms around me, holding me close with each movement we make until we both cum with strong intensity. We lay there in each others arms while the fire burns softly and watch the lights flicker on the walls as we talk about our day.

You have a romantic side also, I remember when out of the blue you said "lets go for a drive" on that nice summer night, and you take me along the highway to a pine tree lined walkway, were we get out and walk hand and hand through the lush forest, filled with mossy rocks, and ferns that climb. The smell of pine and wild flowers was alluring as we walked to a small clearing with a tent set up and fire ready to be started. You take my hand and lead me into the tent with the makings of fresh smore's and hot chocolate. Taking my hand you smile at me with that grin that makes my heart melt and makes me want to give myself to you. As you slowly undress me from head to toe, and kiss every inch of my body as I stand there (like you instructed), you whisper in my ear as you kiss them which brings chills to my body that turns me on. I love the romantic and passionate side of you, I love the desire you have for me and how that desire is matched with my own. As you lean down to kiss me and lower us on to the soft bed you have made. Caressing my body with your finger tips, and tickling me softly. This makes me smile uncontrollably and I bite my lower lip. You know what buttons to push, and where each of them are, as I relax with your lips kissing and sucking on my nipples, down my stomach and as you spread my legs to saver as you call it. My breathing has quickened and the moans start to form as you lash out with your tongue on my moist, soft clit and pussy. I know your preparing me for you, as you raise up to unbutton your pants and take them off, looking at me smiling with that desire in your eyes. Do you remember this well? Are you turned on yet?

I love that strong and commanding demure you seem to project that I am man you are woman look in that moment. As you raise my hips off of the bed and place my legs on your shoulders and dive your tongue once again into my pussy, in and out with your tongue, it feels so wonderful making me so close to cumming. Then lowering my hips a little more, as I can see your beautiful hard and waiting cock as you guide it slowly inside of me. With my legs up you can fill me completely as you thrust against my cervix.

Holding my legs with each thrust, all I can think of is that I want more of you. Faster and harder, you don't stop; my moans have turned to screams of passion taking me over the edge. I look up at your sweat covered face; your eyes closed tightly, your nose wrinkled up in concentration. You are beautiful, and all I want is more of you. Our orgasms surprise us so quickly as I feel your warm cum spilling out of me and my own muscle tighten around you to drain every last drop. You stay there on your knees still inside of me, smiling down as our breathing returns to normal.

We hear an animal outside against the trees and start to laugh a little forgetting we were outside in a tent. The air inside the tent is the sexy musky scent of sex I love that smell. Pulling you closer to me you wrap your arms around me, making ourselves comfortable inside the bed you made. When we are together like this nothing else exists.

God, I remember how fun that was, and I am sure you do too. However, my love I have something else in store for you this Valentines night. I wanted to write a note that would drive you insane with desire, as you eat your lunch today. I wanted you to feel yourself get hard and for the desire to come home to me to grow as you read on and on.

Did it work, are you hard? When you come home tonight, I will be wearing that black silk lacey nighty that you love. I will meet you at the door, I will have made a nice candlelight dinner for us, the table will be set and your dinner will already be served. I am making you tiger prawns with a fresh ginger Thai dipping sauce, with a beet and goat cheese salad, with avocado/cilantro gazpacho. Does that sound good?.

For dessert I have set up the fondue pot in our bedroom with some dark chocolate, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and some surprises. What is Valentines Day with out a little chocolate?. I am going to watch you eat as I tease you with my body, but not allowing you to touch me. Only the occasional kiss. I want to hand feed you while straddling your lap, so you can feel how wet I am getting, and I can feel how excited you are. I want to undress you with my teeth as you eat your dinner slowly distracted. God you make me so hot, when I can tease and turn you on.

After you have had your fill, and honey, you must taste everything that I have prepared for you. Tonight my Valentines Day present to you is the fun in the teasing and anticipation of what is to come later. I will lead your half naked body upstairs to were our bed has been striped of everything except the bottom sheet, I will have a table cloth spread out with a cutting board and the fondue pot on top. The tray next to that has the berries and treats. I will lead you in front of the bed, and with my hands trace down your body (your shirt, socks and shoes have all been removed downstairs), I will slowly unbuckle your pants and lower them down with me as I lower myself to my knees.

Using my mouth I will tease your hardening cock through your underwear, biting slightly and sucking at your balls. Then using my teeth again, I will pull your underwear down allowing your hardening cock to pop out of them as I slowly lower them to the floor, asking you to step out of your cloths and tossing them aside. My attention then will return to your cock, as I lean over to the tray of chocolate fondue and taking a strawberry, dipping it in the chocolate. Then using that strawberry to trace your cock and draw on you like a chocolate pen.

I will enjoy looking up at you while placing the strawberry in my mouth, "mmmmm" so good. Then placing my lips on your cock and sliding your chocolate covered hardness up and down inside my throat. A few times sliding you in and out, "mmmmm" so good. Then standing up slowly kissing your chest, using my tongue to outline your tattoo and circle your nipples. "Let's play a game" I will say and I will hand you two wooden dice. You will look down at the dice I have made you and notice words written on all sides. I know you will smile at me as you read them. I will lie on one side of the tray in the middle of the bed and ask you to throw the dice. (The dice I have made you have words like berry, banana, marshmallow, pretzel, chocolate, etc on one dice and the other has, your choice, clit, mouth, kiss, nipple, cock etc). "You want to play" I will say again. How we play this game all depends on how you roll that dice my love. Remember I will be waiting for you in that black night gown. Ready to tease and please you're every desire. I can't wait for tonight. I can't wait for our Valentines Day fun, can you?

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