tagIncest/TabooValentine's Secrets

Valentine's Secrets


This short story was an entry in the Valentine's Day Contest in 2009. It didn't win anything, but did have some good reader comments. Please enjoy it, and if it's near that special day, then Happy Valentine's Day.


Tina, my wife's sister, was single, attractive, and in her mid-thirties. I'd often told my wife I might have married the wrong sister, but only in a playful way. Sometimes she told me she wished I had so that she could be the sister-in-law that jumped my bones, but didn't have to put up with whatever my bad habit of the day was. Kim, my wife, is equally pretty and sports a trim body, great looking legs, and breasts that I love to sink my face into when we make love. Both Kim and Tina still have the same gorgeous physique!

Kim and I drove to Tina's for the long Valentine's Day weekend. After we got our luggage inside, I volunteered to make myself useful by doing a project or two around her condo while she and my wife talked. Tina assigned me the task of installing some new shelves in her closet. She had tools and shelving, all the things needed for the installation. I accepted the assignment and then shooed Tina and my wife away to 'catch up' and enjoy each other while I worked.

The first part of my task was to empty the closet where the shelves were to go. I piled the clothing up on Tina's bed, and then started to move some old shoeboxes from the closet to a temporary location.

As I did, one of the boxes fell apart revealing an assortment of sex toys. I studied my find for a minute: mink encrusted handcuffs, a two-headed dildo, a large vibrator, a butterfly with a remote control, some KY jelly, an egg with a remote control, and a couple of anal plugs. Just for kicks I turned on the remote for the egg; the device came to life and rattled away in the box. I turned it off and tried unsuccessfully to repair the box, finally setting it carefully aside on the bed so it wouldn't disintegrate further.

The shelving took me a couple of hours to custom fit to the odd shape of the closet. When I finished, however, the new shelves provided more surface to store things on and everything would be easier to find. With two closet rods where there had been one, no hanging space had been lost either yet there was still plenty of room for Tina's boxes, shoes, and boots.

As I started to put things back in the closet, I decided to be a little more organized and put like things near like things. The clothes were easy then I started to peek into the shoeboxes trying to decide which shelf to put them on.

Shoe boxes with shoes in them went back on the floor. Several boxes contained computer cables and printer supplies; things like that went on the bottom shelf. The next shelf up contained some tax records and receipts.

Then I found a box with sexy thongs, edible underwear, a couple of porn DVDs, a microscopic bikini and another vibrator of gigantic proportions. Apparently, my sister-in-law had more of a sex life than my wife and I gave her credit for.

I put the box I'd just found with the box I'd found earlier on the fourth shelf, right about chest level.

I carefully arranged the other things she wanted in the closet and then stood back and marveled at my work.

About that time Kim and Tina came back into the bedroom to see my progress.

"Oh, fantastic," Tina exclaimed. "You've finished, and you've put everything I wanted in there. Will I find things when I need them?" She poked at the lower shelf, then the next shelf up and then the next, and then ...

Suddenly, I could see her neck redden as she realized I'd found the two boxes with her sex toys and clothing.

"Oops," she said to no one in particular. Over her shoulder she said, "You weren't supposed to find those. I forgot to hide them before you worked in here. The fact I forgot is a commentary on how bad that part of my life has been."

"Forgot about what?" Kim asked ignorant of what the boxes contained.

After a long silence, I answered; "Tina has a couple of boxes of sex toys and related stuff I wasn't supposed to see."

Kim said, "Oh, I want to see. Bring them out." She was insistent and with reluctance Tina brought out the two boxes. I explained how one box had fallen apart on me as I'd touched it.

"That's because I used to use it all the time," Tina said candidly in an embarrassed tone and with a continued blush.

"ALL the time?" I questioned in a tease.

"Yea, pretty much. Single life is not all it's cooked up to be. Right now, I'm like an eunuch."

"What's this?" Kim asked, holding up the butterfly.

"It's a butterfly," Tina told her.

"How do you use it? What's it do?" my wife asked.

Tina explained how to wear it and that part of it rested against your clitoris and vibrated when you worked the remote control.

"Cool," Kim said. She held up the egg and asked, "Is this the same kind of thing?"

"Yes," Tina said getting used to the fact we were pawing through her private things. "Except with the egg, you slip it inside you and then use the remote."

I picked up the remote and turned the unit on again. The small purple egg started to hop around in Kim's hand.

"Could I try one?" Kim asked cautiously, shooting me a glance for acceptance. I nodded enthusiastically to her.

"Slide this into your vagina," Tina said handing her the egg. She discretely disappeared into the bathroom off the bedroom and returned in sixty seconds.

"It's in there," she said. "Now what?

I took the remote from Tina's hand before she could do anything. I flipped on the switch for ten seconds. I thought Kim would jump out of her skin.

"Oh fuck," she said. "That's one of the Seven Wonders of the World." She grinned at Tina and me. She looked at me and pleaded, "Do it again!"

I hit the switch and left it on for thirty seconds. She spasmed again. After I stopped she came and sank into my lap on the bed, "If you keep that up I'll jump your bones right here with Tina watching." We kissed passionately as Tina watched.

Tina disappeared into the bathroom for a minute and came back. As Kim sat on my lap, Tina presented me with the remote for the butterfly. Wow! What power I suddenly had in my hands.

I turned on the butterfly for ten seconds at a low intensity. Tina's eyes rolled up in her head, and she groaned as an orgasm hit her from deep within. She grabbed onto my shoulders and held on as the pleasure swept through her.

Kim got a lecherous look on her face. She suggested, "Let's wear these to dinner tonight. Jim can carry the remotes and use them at will." The sisters nodded in agreement at one another.

An hour later the three of us were in the bar at a popular seafood restaurant waiting for seats in the dining room. I had the remotes in my jacket pocket. So far, except to test them for a second, I hadn't done much with them. This scene was different.

Kim sat next to two hunky-looking guys and the trio started to talk. I hit the remote and watched her jerk erotically for a second before I let her relax again. Then I hit Tina's button, just as I put my hand on her leg. She grabbed and jerked my hand up against her pussy so I would push her butterfly into deeper contact with her clit. Before she could react fully, I shut the unit off. She moaned and gave me a look with a plea attached to it.

I hit Kim's button again and let the egg vibrate a little longer this time. She put a hand on a shoulder of one of the guys she was talking to for stability. Her eyes were rolling around in her head. He gave her a funny look, almost as though he knew she was having sexual experience.

I toyed back and forth with each woman's sex toy as the evening progressed. By watching the women while I had their sex toy in the 'on' position, I discovered that it's hard to order food when your pussy or clit is being vibrated. Further, I noted that small orgasms can be enjoyed without needing to shriek and moan like Meg Ryan during her orgasm scene in 'When Harry Met Sally'. On the other hand, it is possible to orgasm in the midst of after dinner coffee while the waiter is standing there collecting my credit card. Correspondingly, waiters notice when a customer has an orgasm in their presence. I left a generous tip.

After dinner, we drove the short distance back to Tina's condominium. I hit both remotes one last time as we walked from the parking lot. The sisters held onto each other, whispering frantically in each other's ear as they both vibrated their way to the front door. They kissed and hugged after I stopped the vibrations.

Inside the condo, Tina drew the drapes and the two sisters stood in front of me and slowly stripped their clothing from each other, often depositing some of their more delicate items into my lap. My lap, of course, sported a rising bulge from within that I couldn't hide.

"You are so going to fuck the two of us," my wife told me. "I've never been hotter in my life, and Tina said the same thing. We both want your cock."

Tina said, "This may turn out to be the best use of those toys ever. I need you in me right now." She gave her sister a glance to be sure the request was not out of line with her apparent understanding. Kim nodded enthusiastically.

The women pulled me up and stripped my clothing away. As my pants and briefs slid down my legs, Tina inhaled my tumescent penis into her mouth, sucking on me with a bouncing motion and masturbating my cock as she did. Soon, I became the consistency of a steel rod. How could I not, since I was in the presence of two beautiful nude women that wanted my services?

I watched Kim pull the little egg from her vagina and hand it to Tina. Tina licked the outside of it and turned to Kim; "You taste really good, Sis."

"My turn," Kim said. I watched my wife finger her sister and bring a nectar-coated finger to her mouth. "Oh, yummy," she exclaimed after a moment. "We both taste good." Kim turned to me and said, "James, you have two pussies to start eating right now!" She spoke with authority.

Tina and Kim lay back next to each other on the sofa as I started to eat them each, switching back and forth, their juices soon coating my face and often running down my body in odoriferous rivulets of female juice.

I love cunnilingus and reveled in how I could bring the two sisters pleasure as I shifted back and forth between them. As I did the two of them were feeling each other's pussies and breasts, as well as kissing with lots of tongue and emotion.

Kim was right. Tina tasted divine-- different, and divine just like Kim. I savored the juices emitted from both women.

Finally, as I started to shift from my wife to her sister, Kim said, "Time for you to bury that nice cock in her pussy. Do it! Do it now!"

The two of us kissed, and then I moved to Tina. I lined up my rigid cock with her wet mound and gently pushed into her, sinking just the mushroom head into her. Tina moaned. I maneuvered slowly, back and forth, with each inward stroke only incrementally longer than the last. I took well over two minutes to sink my entire rod into Tina. She moaned on every forward thrust and sighed every time I withdrew.

"Fuck me. Fuck me, Jim," Tina said as she looked up at me with big doe eyes. She reached up and stroked my face and chest. Using subtle motions to urge me into her. I felt a special affection in our relationship that I'd never felt before.

I thrust into her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. I'd pause occasionally and lean in and suck on one of her erect nipples. I found the feel of her erect nips against my lips and tongue an exciting sensation.

Kim must have thought so too, for soon she leaned over and took the nearest breast in her mouth, licking and sucking at the breast, areola and nipple. The erotic Sapphic scene with my wife almost brought me to an instant climax. Tina moaned in synch with our attentions.

I whispered to Kim, "Where should I cum?"

She replied in a soft voice, "In her cunt, silly. Where else?"

I sped up my pounding; Tina's legs locked behind my back, affording me deep penetration of her velvet cunt. She took the opportunity to urge me to thrust faster and deeper into her lithe body.

We came together; a remarkable fact given this was our first time having intercourse. We jammed our bodies into each other and froze as the waves of pleasure swept through us, and the jets of my cum splashed into her vagina.

Then I collapsed onto Tina, smothering her with kisses and rubbing her body all over. Kim was right in there helping.

Tina asked Kim in a whisper, "Can I use the 'L' word with him?" Kim nodded. She turned to me and said, "Jim, I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a wonderful lover and eat pussy better than anyone I've every known, and I repeat, I love you, I really do." Tina hugged me to her and I hugged back.

I felt all warm and comfortable in my relation with Tina and my wife. I pulled Kim into a three-way kiss; our nude bodies pressed together as my cock remained imbedded in Tina's body. What a Valentine's Day this was turning out to be.

I turned to Kim and said, "I love you. Thank you for understanding our needs to join."

Kim kissed me back. She said, "You too can use the 'L' word too if you want. I love the two of you with such an expansive heart and, of course, I always will." She hugged us to her body.

I told Tina I loved her and we ground our groins together, a maneuver that wiggled my cock inside her pussy. Tina liked that and responded in kind.

Eventually, I pulled out of Tina. Kim was on me in an instant, sucking the juices from my flaccid penis. As she finished she moved to her sister and lapped at the rivulet of cum oozing from the gaping vagina exposed to her ministrations. Tina moaned a few times as Kim's tongue hit just the right place.

After we lay together cooing and whispering to each other, Tina went down on me and brought me to the 'ready' state again. This time she steered me to Kim's warm love tunnel and helped aim me into my wife.

"Sit on my face, Tina," Kim told her. Tina moved up over her face and gently lowered her pussy onto her lips as I gently thrust into her body. Soon, Kim had an orgasm and then another. Finally, I reached that plateau from where there is no retreat. I could feel the pump deep within my body switch into gear and the semen race towards my exit. I sent jet after jet of cum deep into Kim. I know she came, for I could feel the muscles of her cunt having spasms around my cock.

After we lay and smoothed each other for a while, Tina pulled us all to her large bed. I cuddled the two of them to me, and we drifted off to sleep.

Early the next morning, I rose just a few minutes before the two of them and found a few things I needed in my suitcase. I made some adjustments and wrote a bit then wormed my way back between the two naked women in the warm bed.

Tina eventually got up; closely followed by Kim. I could tell when they found the Valentine's Day cards I'd left for each of them because I heard them reading not only the sentiments printed in the cards, but also the longer notes of love and adoration I'd written for each of them. I'd also gotten each of them mood rings just so there were some kind of 'presents' to accompany the card. I didn't realize they'd have such significance when I bought them.

Tina and Kim both rejoined me in bed, showing me their rings and proclaiming their love for me. I think I'd created a ceremony. Soon, Tina mounted me and we fucked as Kim rode my tongue. The three of us spent most of the day in bed, as well as the evening. We did make brief forays for food and drink.

My two Valentines have remained in my life ever since. We love each other dearly. Two years after that weekend, Tina relocated and moved in with us. I upgraded the mood rings in a ceremony that just the three of us shared a year later; after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Those that know us have often questioned how the three of us can live and love together and remain so happy. "Aren't you jealous of each other?" is a common question. If we are jealous of anything, it is our time together as a threesome. We are not jealous of any 'one,' just of time, and how little of it we have to spend together. We are sensitive to each other's needs and make sure the other's bucket is always filled.

I am so in love with Kim and Tina. I recall a comment Tina made once that went something like 'I must have lived in hell in some other life because now I am in heaven.' My heaven is being with these two fascinating creatures and the fact that we share our entire lives together. I could not ask for more.

Happy Valentine's Day, My Darlings.

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