tagBDSMValerie Ch. 01

Valerie Ch. 01


Chapter One


"This has been the week from hell," Valerie thought to herself. All week she had been working ten to twelve hour days, desperately trying to get the Hopkins account finished on time. "At least the account is done and the presentation went off without a hitch. Now I can relax, at least until Monday." She knew just what she wanted tonight. Nothing would relax and unwind her like a night on the town, getting picked up and letting some hunk fuck her brains out.

She made it home by 6:00 and took a long, hot bath. About the time the water was feeling cool, her tense muscles had loosened up a bit. She toweled off and took a moment to check out her 5' 8" body. While not possessing a super-model figure, she had managed to keep the excess fat off and her breasts and ass firm. All that time in the gym working out was still paying excellent dividends. She donned a sheer, red pair of panties, just large enough to cover the important parts, but not leaving much to the imagination of whoever got that far. A matching lace bra said, "fuck me," in eloquent style.

She decided to go for a casual outer look. The dark blue blouse up top and knee high skirt in a lighter shade of blue below. With freshly shaved legs, she could dispense with stockings of any kind, though going for the garter look was tempting. Her silver pair of low heels would finish the outfit. Looking in the mirror again, she was pleased with what she saw. Just a hint of red showed in her cleavage, a tempting promise of what might be to come. With her hair loose to just below the back of her shoulders, she knew she was ready.

"I should just get to The Gotham Club by 9:00," she thought to herself. The club had great dancing and music and attracted a large mix of hot men and women. Even if she did not get picked up (perish the thought), she would have fun.

The cab delivered her there by 8:55. A discrete and tidy tip at the door got her to the head of the line waiting to get in. As she moved into the club, she could hear the sounds of some smooth jazz from tonight's band. The dance floor was about half full with couples doing a slow dance. "I can still turn heads, I see," she smiled to herself. Once at the bar, she ordered a whiskey sour and took a visible position at one corner.

It didn't take long for the dance invitations to come. While the first couple where decent dancers, she noticed that both had left other women alone to ask her, so she limited them to just one dance before moving on. The last thing she needed was to have some angry girlfriend cause a scene. That would not lead to relaxing and unwinding.

It was 45 minutes and another whisky sour later when he caught her eye. Val knew very few men that had the confidence to wear silk to the club scene, especially blue silk shirt and pants. He looked right at her while she was checking him out and smiled. Smiling back, she felt a rush of heat, as her body told her, "you go, girl!"

He walked up and, with a small bow, asked, "May I have the pleasure of this dance, madam?"

Smooth and polite! A rare find. "Why yes, I would be delighted, sir."

The band had started a sprightly tune and he led her expertly around the floor. She could see others looking on in admiration at their combined skill on the floor (Valerie had always been a good dancer, but rarely able to show off for lack of an equally skilled partner). By the time the song finished, she was feeling winded and asked, "Would you like to sit one out while a lady catches her breath?"

"I would be honored by your company, provided you allow me the pleasure of buying the next drink."

"I would no sooner deny such a gallant offer, than deny myself breath."

She ordered a margarita this time, while he got a screwdriver. They talked, mostly about her, while they drank. He seemed genuinely interested in her and her life. When she asked about him, he was open, but always seemed to turn the conversation back to her. He was an investment broker and his name was Charles Vanquil. Unmarried, with no sign of a missing ring, he was just hoping to have a good time and maybe meet an interesting person or two, a goal that had already been met. She told him about working at the agency and how much stress the last week had been.

When a slow number started, he asked her to dance again and she let him lead her out onto the floor. He held her close as they moved slowly across the floor. A couple of minutes into the dance, he let his hands drift down to her rear end and began to slowly and softly knead her ass. When she made no move to push him away, he began to caress her back with one hand and kept up the kneading with the other.

"Just what kind of unwinding where you hoping for?" he whispered.

"Something more than what you're doing now. Something that needs a little more privacy than a dance floor."

"You must be clearer than this. I like it when a woman tells me exactly what she wants, in no uncertain terms. I can dance all night, but if you want more, be explicit."

"My God!" she thought to herself, "Does he want me to ask for a fucking, right here on the dance floor?" Out loud, she responded, "You know, something long, hard and getting to all the right places."

Charles stopped caressing and kneading her, though he kept dancing. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean, Valerie. You'll have to do much better than that."

Frustrated, she tried to rub against his hands herself, but he held her firmly enough that she could not pull it off. She realized that he was not going to make any move whatsoever unless she asked for it specifically. She would never forgive herself if she allowed him to get away. "Charles," she whispered into his ear, "I want you to take me home with you and fuck me all night long."

"You have only but to ask, my dear. Shall we retire to my car?"

She let herself be led outside. A valet took his ticket and returned with a blue Mercedes. He opened the passenger door for her, then got in and drove away from the club. While he drove, he let his right hand reach over and caress her leg softly. He seemed to have magic fingers, as his every touch excited her. As they pulled onto the freeway, he deftly unbuttoned a couple more buttons on her blouse, revealing her red lace bra. His hand drifted into her blouse and lightly caressed her breasts. She responded immediately with erect nipples and increased warmth.

When she started to reach over to return the caresses, he placed her hand back on her lap. "Mustn't distract the driver, my dear."

There was another 15 minutes of this one sided foreplay until they reached his house. Actually, it was more mansion than house. He parked the car outside the front door. He got out and opened her door for her. Once she was out, he kissed her softly on the lips and re-buttoned the ones he had undone. "Patience, darling, we have all night." By the hand, he led her in the door as she wondered just how this was going to work out. She had never had a lover re-dress her after starting foreplay.

"Charles must be a very good broker," she thought to herself as Val admired the plush entryway that led to a living room based around a black slate fireplace. The sofa he sat her on was an unusual combination of plush and firm. Once seated, he began to caress her again through her clothes this time. The beginnings of arousal from the car that had faded grew anew. She responded by reaching out to return his touch, but he stopped her hands, gently pushing them behind her and holding them with one hand.

"Let me make love to you. I want to make you feel special. You'll have plenty of opportunity to return my affections."

While she could have freed her hands with ease (he only held them loosely), she allowed herself to be restrained, feeling unaccountably wanton as a result. His free hand continued to caress her, never straying inside her blouse or under her skirt. She thought it odd that he did not seem to want to go any further. His touches however, did not fail to arouse her. The feeling of restraint seemed to heighten the feelings. She could feel her skin flushing as her excitement grew. Her nipples were stiffening in erection and she could feel her pussy lubricating in anticipation of more focused attention.

That focused attention was not coming, however. Charles continued to caress her body without reaching inside her clothes. The only skin he touched was that not covered by clothing in the first place. As her excitement reached new levels, she began to squirm under his ministrations. He responded by holding her hands more tightly and pulling her firmly against the sofa, limiting her movement. His caresses began to feel relentless, as he forced her arousal to higher and higher levels, but leaving her unable to respond to it as she wished.

"Please fuck me. I need your cock in my cunt."

"You're not ready yet," he whispered. "I want you unable to even beg for it. Just lie back and enjoy the ride, love."

Valerie moaned in frustration. She tried to free her hands, but they were now held tightly and she could not get loose. "The ride" was exciting, frustrating, and powerful all at the same time. She begged and pleaded with him to tear her clothes off and fuck her, over and over again. He ignored her pleas and just continued the torturously gentle assault on her body. She lost all track of time (in reality, she was deliciously tortured for 30 minutes), as she reached a state of incoherence, unable to even vocalize her needs.

"Do you want to cum, my dear?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"What will you do for an orgasm?"

"Anything! Just fuck me!"

"Me first. I want you to fuck me with your mouth."

"What? I don't understand."

"If you want to cum, you will fuck me with just your mouth. And you will swallow every drop. If you don't, I'll stop and have a cab take you home. It's up to you."

Valerie was confused and desperate. Her pussy was screaming to be filled and ravished. If he wanted a blowjob, why had he not asked earlier? "Yes, I'll blow you!" she screamed.

He released her hands and opened his pants as she got down on her knees in front of him. When she brought her hands up, he caught them and ordered her, "No. I want you to fuck my cock with just your mouth, not with your hands. Keep your hands behind you. And remember, you need to swallow everything if you want to cum."

Freed from his pants, his cock stood straight up, rock hard and leaking pre-cum. She wasted no time taking him into her mouth. If he wanted to be fucked, that was what she would do. She bobbed her head up and down; moving his cock in and out like her mouth was a pussy he was fucking. She could taste his pre-cum, mixing with her saliva and making his cock slippery. "His control must be phenomenal," she thought. He did not thrust against her face for several minutes, just sitting there as she sucked and bobbed and tongued him for all she was worth.

Her arousal began to fade a little now that he was no longer touching her. She moaned with frustration as those intensely glorious feelings began to fade. At last, she could feel his cock tensing over and over again, as he sought to put off his orgasm as long as possible. Suddenly, he grabbed her head and held it against his crotch. Holding her breath, she felt the first hot loads of cum splatter against the inside of her mouth. She tried to swallow, but her mouth was so filled with cock, that she could not make her throat work properly. Try as she might, she could not hold his load and his cock at the same time, and some of his cum leaked out and dripped down her chin and on to the carpet below her.

He finally released her head and she was able to pull back enough to swallow what was left in her mouth. As he stopped spurting, she used her lips to milk the rest out of his cock, swallowing all she could. Done milking him, she lifted her head and begged, "Please, Charles, fuck me. I need to be fucked."

She despaired at his reply. "But Valerie, you did not do as you were told. You've let some of my cum go to waste." He brought his finger down to her chin and scooped up what was there, holding his fingers for her to lick. She did, in a desperate attempt to satisfy his demands. It did no good.

"If you can't even do this one thing for me, why should I do anything for you?"

"I'll do anything, Charles, just fuck me. Give me an orgasm."

"Well, first, finish eating what you let spill. We can't let that go to waste."

Her revulsion at licking cum off the carpet was not as strong as her craving for a filled and ravished pussy. She bent down and used her fingers to scoop the globs of cum that had dripped down to the carpet into her mouth. When she was finished, he said, "Now I want your panties and bra. Not just for now, but permanently. Agree that they are mine."

"Yes, you can have them."

She quickly took her blouse off, popping two buttons in the process. She removed the bra and then dropped her skirt and tore her panties off. Giving both to him, she begged again, "Please fuck me now."

"I'm afraid that I can't fuck you. My cock has gone soft. I did agree to let you have an orgasm, though. Climb up on the sofa and lie down over the arm."

Moaning, she did as he said. He began caressing her again, as he had before, this time unhampered by clothes. Still well aroused, she reached the previous heights quickly. He brought her hands to the small of her back again and held them there with one hand while the other reached down and attacked her pussy (finally!). Holding her tightly against the sofa arm, he prevented her from thrusting back against his hand. He was maddeningly slow and gentle. Over and over, his hand rubbed her pussy lips gently, never touching her clit or penetrating her. She could feel pussy juice being spread all over the front of herself.

"Please. Go faster. Fuck me with your hand. I need to be fucked."

"Call me Sir," he ordered.

"Please, Sir, fuck me with your hand. Rub my clit, I'm begging you."

With that, he reached underneath and shoved two fingers into her pussy. In and out they went, faster and faster. She cried out in ecstasy, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" As she became unable to put words together again, he took his fingers out and plunged in his thumb, letting the fingers finally reach her clit, sending her over the edge.

She cried out something vaguely like, "Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Yes!" as her body shuddered in climax. She orgasmed for over a minute until her body collapsed under his hands.

"You know that you're lovely when you're cumming."

"My God! I've never felt like that before. That was incredible. I never thought a hand could bring so much pleasure."

"This is just a taste of what you can have, Valerie. I can show you heights that you have never dreamed of. Would you like to go there with me?"

"Oh yes! I would give anything to feel this again and more."

"I know you would, and you will give anything and everything."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't think about that now. We've done enough tonight. You should go home and rest. Go ahead and get dressed while I call you a cab."

When he left, she realized that she was too spent to do more tonight anyway. Looking for her bra and panties, she realized that he had taken them with him. "I guess he was serious about keeping them," she thought out loud. Putting her blouse and skirt back on, she realized that she smelled strongly of sex. He returned and she asked, "May I clean up before I leave."

"No, I don't think so, my dear. I want everyone you meet on the way home tonight to know you've been well and truly fucked. If you want to explore even greater heights of pleasure, return to the club tomorrow by 8:00. I want you to wear something more revealing this time. Let the world know that you're there looking for a fucking. And don't wear any under things. You agreed that those are mine from now on."

He led her to the front door to find the cab already there. With the two missing buttons and no bra, her breasts were all but exposed to anyone who could see her. He gave the cab far more than was needed to get her home and sent her on her way.

Inside the cab, she could smell her sexual aroma filling the car. The cabbie looked at her repeatedly with raw lust in his eyes. She could tell he was taking an indirect route to her apartment, but was loathe to speak to him, not sure just how her voice would sound. She did not want to give him any wrong impressions.

Eventually, they arrived at her place and she quickly exited the cab and went inside. She felt fortunate that she met no one on the trip to her flat. Once inside, she took a hot shower, cleaning the remains of her arousal and orgasm from her body. Once she was dry, she climbed into bed and fell asleep in minutes.


Valerie woke up late Saturday morning. "That was the strangest and most intense sexual experience I have ever had. I can't believe how worked up Charles had me last night. If there is even more to be had, I just have to get it." She spent the morning and afternoon taking care of various household chores that the previous week's hectic schedule had let go by the way side. A good part of that time was spent mildly aroused, as she found her thoughts turning repeatedly towards the possibilities tonight.

She started getting ready for the night's excitement around 4:00, figuring early would be better than late. She wasn't sure how serious Charles had been about punctuality. Based on last night, Val was sure that he would be unpredictable. A bubble bath, followed by careful attention to her makeup brought out the gorgeous in her that she could not afford to let out at work. She had never gone out without underwear before, so felt understandably nervous about the process. She opted for a dark red dress this time. The upper half consisted of two interlocking straps that crossed her breasts and back, covering what needed to be covered and supporting her breasts in place of a bra, while leaving a good portion of her back and front deliciously visible. At her hips, the straps joined forces to form a short skirt that stopped mid-thigh. With no panties, she would have to be careful how she sat, unless she wanted to give onlookers a show to remember. Topping off her, "on the prowl," look were sheer stockings and a garter belt that was just hidden by the dress. Black three-inch heels finished the look, extending the apparent length of her legs.

She was out the door by 6:30. She figured a cab was called for, as she was expecting to go to his place again tonight. The cab had her at The Gotham Club by 7:00. The line was terrible, normal for a Saturday night. Valerie was shocked when the doorman refused her bribe and made her go to the end of the line. Even her concern at how long it would take to get inside did not prevent her from enjoying the looks and stares she got from the others in line. She looked hot and plenty of men (and women) let her know it in one way or the other.

The line moved in fits and stops. She had not expected to be standing in these heels for this long. She had hoped to spend the hour before 8:00 sitting inside and enjoying another whiskey sour. By 8:00, she was still 25 people back. She could not see any sign of Charles outside. She hoped he was waiting inside and understood the difficulties of getting in on a Saturday night.

At 8:15, she had advanced to only ten back, when Charles came out of the club, looking upset. He strode purposely towards his car, she assumed, and did not even notice her. The noise from inside was too loud to shout over, so she left the line (drawing a few confused looks) and hurried after him.

"Charles", she called out, "wait up. I've been here since 7:00."

He turned towards her, his face angry. "Why are you bothering me? I told you to be at the club at 8:00. If you can't have the courtesy to be on time, why should I bother with you?"

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